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January 30th Hot Stove Show

Jan 30, 2014|

Bradford and Speier are back on the Hot Stove Show. This week they play a portion of Rob's interview with David Ortiz where he clarifies his comments regarding wanting a multi-year deal with the Red Sox. Then they talk prospects with ESPNs Keith Law, who just put out his list of the top 100 prospects in baseball.

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Google. That movie. -- Israel like Matt. There -- out there. But I realize now -- In quite a week. It's been quite a week. Every day as much as any other week only more so all you just -- Dustin Pedroia podcasts David Ortiz podcasts. That's considers ball ball ball but now this all leads up to this moment Alex. This moment right here I would give you my Super Bowl pregame pep -- kept -- after -- with a hot stove -- you must protect this though -- process absolutely out rob Bradford of WEEI dot com. That's Alex spear of the exact same organization. We get to a lot of things today is is I get going to be one of those shows. That we could do for literally eight hours we could do -- hours but nobody we're gonna condense it to one leading into the great planet Mikey. And but that's right to a always say when -- get right to it during a kid because what we have coming up we're gonna have the of Ortiz. Talking about contract situation. He did so on my podcast the Bradford files podcaster the -- on WEEI dot com but in case you have not earned in case you do not have a computer in front view. -- you're gonna play the important Portland segment. From that podcast one bridge version very important one which Alex listen to that I -- listening to I've listened eagerly I'm sorry that you could have been part it would have been nice to get an invitation by then you know you know how it is Ortiz and some of us are not at Brad. While you know that did the teachers early draw tournament. Every guest on the -- profile podcast it's now Pratt for a teacher from for the team should stay for the podcast I got a you'll be wearing next weeks or -- -- Ortiz talked about his contract. Little later in the show we're gonna have one Keith law gave his. 100. Top prospects in baseball -- corrected that Alex yes and broke down the top -- for every organization and a lot of other court stuff and did you agree with most of it. Largely yeah and I saw largely -- -- okay we'll take the -- you do and agree with them. In -- passionate into a dagger which when he comes on you're -- this. I'll write him none are not our don't violence okay. -- an informational dagger which you'd just threaten him metaphorically speaking our guys aren't all first -- it to Ortiz in this is. What's coming avid David Ortiz. On the Bradford files podcast. -- yesterday he probably heard it throughout the date today. But talking about his contract talking about how he really wants a one year deal. We play this four year right now in case you haven't heard it and then we'll talk about a little bit then we're gonna get key -- right after it gave rookies. I -- appropriate. I'm not a congressperson. And I'm not a not a conservative because corporation -- like people who myself over the years. And I think terrorists are phenomenal we would read program that much so. -- quite a bit like the word article. And you know I I have priority. -- I play him. And and today's data -- that matters you know my priorities. -- sure. I get things done. You know it. Easy I think girl. We have a pretty good -- of us here. Probably a creative they're here. I don't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- It just struck me is something. They're addicting game. And are a lot of who was legitimate just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in my case I don't think of the worst predictor of America. And a terrific contribute great. When Nichols on I think from a perfect shape and and they are going -- The refs -- you know it will result in. They are very durable and what -- there on the go Berkman. -- Warren. There were -- aware of where. An outright or being. Or economic prior or who my. But it got overwhelmed and. Are there Komondor of their record. Revenues borrow. -- Centre court also whether. They're people some facts straighter romances in our what. Are wrong. If the result doesn't own book went out from me and the Pacers forward -- -- October and I recovered there. -- look what. Well there were -- but probably. You know. There's not a figure -- one but I ordered a lot of as a wrestler though -- -- Britain's. -- what we've Matta no one. It is. And how do you do what -- matter who -- -- -- quick what they view your. And or straight married younger on there. In the congress are part of the book where. No go ahead. All the talk about integrity or wherever. The different long. And down. And whether. We grow our record review of world record is very. And in my case. Then on the -- -- a lot of people move what I do. And our Spagnuolo from I think I learn -- -- a fool myself will review. In the conversations you've had the Red Sox are you optimistic. Yeah yeah I was there remains. -- here and we it. And there -- it and and one year. I have we're going to be great republika fighter the the one you're very similar. Yeah. Well that's that's what you know you you you talked about the Steve Burton and -- you did the other day. And I think it was phrase is a multi year deal so I think some people. Were confused by that words that's one of things I want to clarify that you really only looking right now for that one year beyond this year right. I got that your article of this you. Recover this year. I was looking for under current -- record yeah. So. I figure like out there -- we. We are currently. Not here. Game. I'm more comfortable created yet -- there. And at a local replace him. There aren't what they -- apartment to -- about Marco mania. Would ask what's important. -- world record certain. And they are probable -- so I don't know why -- Hartford. Bad rumors. Out there now. Gary didn't come back to the one year thing and so him. I think that's where some people were confused that they thought oh well you know he's looking for the three or four years. Is a one year just because. You were you wanna try keep playing year by year. You wanna see you know to I want continued to do this. All my health's gonna stand up you know it's not the reason for low vote just one year be honest here. Yeah yeah. Secure -- quicker or I'll local sort of abuse. And how -- end. Then. -- -- ever recorded before. -- create a better area. Amaro. Called are. So -- created these aren't here. I right. Credit when things. And beyond that. So. In all of cargo market or. There and it borders. Mean it is is it tough also. That as -- mentioned you and I think your top five and no yes men this year you one of the best hitters in the game you did what you did in the World Series. And and still what you're probably asking for is a lot less than what some other guys in the game who are are far less of production. That what you have. It is. It is that tough for you in and people say if people say oh well he's this age -- persons at age. But as you point notes this is a consistent thing year by year by year by year is that tough for you to look at. Well we're we're gonna make -- cover. Well what it won't go out and do what I do. They're all over a different sort. You know what if you're gonna start. Warren it's. Because sound cool rain or -- do. And there are no no. What I did was awarded Terry -- what are -- It and I don't really. Care what. What people might. Think. -- big big part of it. -- period. People always say -- -- primary. That I would render. -- supplement well. Contributors. Are people serve and it was it was more. It is sort of record -- But everybody's. Been out. -- out so. They -- from predictable in 01. Embrace forward Robbie. Where were terrible error so. And it occurred I know what it very. -- -- -- It and I'm a bit like America critical. You know I know that bit bit of you got to come in they have and go to -- who. I know -- up for -- and I broke -- -- literary. But I have to take me so. -- -- my mentality. As David or two New. Zealand here the entire thing on WEEI dot com right now Alex you take away. Well I thought that the clarification that it was that it was a one year extension that he's requested was significant certainly. I think there was just kind of a crossing signals when he. When he was asked by Steve Burton the other day what if they don't approach you with the long term extension I think you just. How long term deal I think you just heard what they don't approach with the deal. I am and the fact that he said yeah there's been in others being constructive conversations. Already so that would that would seem to indicate that doors are wide open with the with the what your conversation I would have to think that. You know there's there's some potential candidate to move ahead. Yeah this is the thing I think some people miss the boat on because it wanna compare to Pedro -- he had made the use that extra year ago yet cost benefits team being with Manny. In some of these other deals but it was different because these guys were looking for -- evil he deals right this -- a one year and it presumably around fifteen million dollars in. This is a better than market deal because if he were on the open market I still think that even if you're a two -- -- That he would. Or two property but yeah something like that that -- if you were to perform like that and like he did in 2013 and fourteen. Multi years would be on the table. -- more about it later in the show after the break though we're going to be -- ESPN's Keith law who'd just come out of the top 100 prospects in baseball including. The also the top ten prospects in the Red Sox farm system as well which will matte shot up against Alex's top -- will be. -- -- Duel to the death appeared oppression agreement of the depth that no no no is it exactly the same no it's not exactly this -- David. I don't know what is different after the spring. I hot stove show. Another addition we have a couple laughs. -- -- Going all the way up until February 13 right Alex I think that's what we have -- -- -- big and popular outcry insisting that reduced until the end of Doby -- crime at an open will be popular there -- that Alex -- WEEI dot com mom rob Bradford of the -- organization and we expected after you've lobbyists PA and coming up -- fresh off making that big old list. The big old list 100 top prospects and that it broke it down. You broke it down -- all the different teams Red Sox top ten Alex made his top ten list for baseball America. And there is one very very controversial difference between -- list. We are committed to -- comes on at a glance item. -- -- Now I think some gas to be differing opinions what it's all about radically of these guys at the same list it would be a very boring conversation. You just waxed poetic -- have Jim Kallis on. Oh. Well joining us Keith law ESP NT. Are you doing and I am glad Beriault are great we -- that we can't wait to dive into this list and I've been -- and -- by saying that you and Alex. Through the four most prospect. Engineers. I don't know how to Al Wallace I should put it. Prospect minors. There -- those who know prospects the best. Have had very similar list when it comes to Red Sox top ten. But there was one difference there's one key difference you know without oneness. Now which is okay well let me ask you this of the Red Sox top ten which one did you feel little uneasy about where he placed. Never wanted to get out and while there's only certain I don't know -- got into that as of that question I apologize. Which I did view. I don't know there's actually did a moment that Terry's -- on the spine. Let's give -- -- editorial asked him about it you had Zander Bogart's number one Henry on number two Jackie Bradley junior number three yards -- number four lakes lighthearted five -- -- -- six. Matt Barnes at seven Allen Webster at eight Anthony Renato at nine and -- ball. And number ten. So did does so in a world in which you did not have certainty. On the hypothetical world of course was there it was there when guy he went back and forth on the most work a couple of guys -- you found you -- Did the most difficult to define their relative rankings. That guy but that's the guy you quite certain you that now that he -- for the listeners put a list together I talked at. Dozens of people. Put together a preliminary list of centered around you pro scouting guys. On office executives just people like trot and proved to be a lot of the minor direct access to a lot of reports. And I get be back -- it a couple of cycles I will vital aspect of it around again that that are. The -- I get I would say the most inconsistent feedback on what smoky back and where. Some people that I am too low. -- actually higher than what the original. And the book that I had to high impact one person instead. Oh the war the second baseman in the rangers' system quite also like a lot what clearly above milky that's not even close one. It turned out that person you -- in the minority I don't agree with that although I like both players. But the better athlete I think he can play short if you move them over the air it was kind of separating factor for me but. At this I think he's a little bit of a polarizing player part of it is the UQ what -- super high draft pick in high but you know not a this is not a first rounder. Any sort of came a little bit out of nowhere this year his performance. I was unexpected and that I think we catch it some people by surprise them and it may take them awhile to. Adjust their thinking Jay -- that's a better player than we thought he was twelve. Before -- up before delve into some of the action let's get into the -- it's the polarized and Robby is Robby and I are fascinated by the differing you know difference of opinion between you and out of his hands on -- We have that we had the identical top three I had Bogart's Owens and Bradley when I was going through this ranking process for baseball America an infinite number four I had -- Webster and for me Webster was the most polarizing person but I hate that I encountered. In terms of the scouting feedback I had some people tell me. That he was as high as number two in the Red Sox system yeah above everyone except for Bogart's because. They had seen him you know there's there's applause that he 200 especially in spring training. When he was working in kind of mid to high ninety's that definitely -- thinking right. -- you coaching block well it wasn't just being coaches is that because at that point he mixed in. Pretty nasty spring in his changeup -- and it's spring training right so timing is out of whack. But what looked like we missed changeup for him his slider and then all of a sudden in one of his outings he busted out a twelve to six on a curve ball. And you know and it was it was very impressive so I had so there were some people who said. You know he he is evocative and in some ways of -- -- Greinke type with his up criticism and stuff and then there were others said. The make up in the inability to throw the fastball for strikes would have him almost out the top ten. And I wave wrestled with him a lot and ended up with him actually number four above the above my heart and he. Durability. At. Loud. I've always said your view -- Jays are Alex ground balls he produces ground balls with his you know he has a fastball that shouldn't your Purdue's ground balls. And get swings and misses multiple. It's a pretty good chances to release. And you're the starter he's essentially reduced to a two pit stop -- got to eat he can sink the fastball. Movement not as much as you'd expect but he does get some ground ball off him. He has very poor fastball command to try to pitch in the upper part of the zone that care how hard you throw -- -- -- The fastball up there by big league hitters even at 9899. Big league hitters can catch up to that stuff. So. His approach with a -- -- for me is not working terrible this year and changeup that would yet accurately describe him -- pitched 657 if you wanna go on the twenty -- not arguing that all. He did not have an average breaking ball -- working as a starter. Know what you described in spring training I would totally believed I think if you told him. I'm -- thirty pitches. You worst he's gonna go out there you know what he's gonna speed up his arm because he knows he can let it all out he's not try to pace himself. And I bet you both Britain must be sharper in that situation I think you've been moved into the pan am not saying they should do that right now but if they decide at some point. Either he's not a starter war we need more in the pen and we just that's where that that you don't crisis. I bet he would be nasty -- I understand keeper of the story working as a starter I still think what if I'd kept the top 100 going into the and when he spot he'd be on the air. But there's enough probably at discussion not a starter or -- -- back and starter because he can command staff on that. I did not see him as. Top seven in their system more top 100 on the -- the global right. He's lobbyist BA and joining us as the east's top 100 prospects in baseball out right now and Keith. We talked about I think it was a year ago with -- in -- Bogart's. And you're you're. Very very oh over the top you praise as a lot of people are. Has anything he dot has done over the last year or even at the end of last season changed the way you view him. For better or for worse. -- thing for batter to when he came up to the Blakely can you saw. His willingness to work the count to one deep counts to that we just worked the at bat there was a there was a plan and a patient the cause -- The -- Expression like the world heartbeat here that not panicky at the plate he gets two strikes. Would fall apart. There was no anxiety attack got a swing -- -- can't allow myself to get behind Kimmel helmet just gets two strikes. And. The fact he would be willing to do that in the post season when we saw the results aren't always there but he's done that I'm not worried about but the fact perceived to be. Patience calmness. Comes somewhat of a plan for a guy so young. -- -- -- now he's the next step for him developmentally he's going to be convert that that's great that you got that willingness to run a deep count and get yourself ahead in the count sometimes. But don't be too passive don't beat -- -- prospect who could never panned out the draw. He post 400 on base percentages and -- could he would just walk he would take walks albeit I I looked adamant about Scott got a great approach he's patient like Ohio BP's. And be able convert that prevents with a -- to say what. Back at that it was gonna throw strikes and I think -- in -- case you will make that adjustment but he's not there -- -- and -- going back to -- they choose to do that. It would be the worst in the world can damage say. We want to capitalize. Especially hitters count to get that ball he can drive in -- count even if it's borderline strike we want you attack that that's the next step for him development. Yeah it was quite interesting because there was a conscious effort on his part this here after he walked one time in the final month he spent in 2012. In Portland to show that he was going to be more selective and so it was kind of he implemented that after our after the previous here he was aggressive and very successful and double play. To -- you know part of the reason why he deserves the ranking the game is number two overall and all of the minors is precisely because. He has the aptitude to say this is a deficiency in my game. I'm going to attack hit it I'm going to apply it. And you know to me that's a remarkable separate -- for twenty. Girl that's why he's there and play trip -- big part of -- Anderson Russell is third on my list is that. One I think his hit tool had a chance to be at six or seven in the -- I think is gonna be the kind of guy and contend for a batting average title. But also. The -- question many times they get the accountants and the work ethic to make significant changes not just to -- in particular who lost. 1520 pounds between junior and senior year high school property without actually. But people called and you're too big to play shortstop and did not want to play shortstop what do I have to do well get this. Extra muscle -- okay I'll do that and kept their conditioning now for two solid years. To the point where he clearly shortstop for me in the fact that he. Took that feedback if the question to the feedback and executed that special chronic in there and typically -- to show up in the top ten they've either got amazing physical gifts. But it got really good physical get. And -- that kind of make up for that kind of aptitude. One thing that is striking about your your top 100 does that at the top of it it's all position players Indians mostly short stops. Is this way it are -- dealing with kind of by a new era of of shorts -- kind of the next iteration of the of the Jeter A-Rod. You know it Jeter A-Rod Nomar generation and if so are the offensive standards for what we expect to see -- normal short -- but it production about a change. At -- new strategy of the new money ball shortstop at every position a lot. A big part of why have a short stops are stuck up there is. Replacement level at shortstop and an average at shortstop in the big leagues right now it really well so you've got a guy who can play it would get shortstop defensively. -- hit back to be hitting for average in on base at a high clip hitting for power whatever it. Expect it to be an extremely valuable -- When -- get the big leagues as long as he can stay at the position -- these guys might move for other reasons but all the shortstop but that was in the top ten if forced to play short but the big league level. Would be able to do. The other reason I had. And -- these particular shortstop upstairs is that the new paradigm I think fourteen drafting or signing amateur shortstop and developing them. To focus that much on their defense is they get on. Their offense whereas in the ninety's and early 2000. -- such an emphasis on offense just hit for power in them that -- -- hit for power and get on base. You didn't -- team. Focusing so much on the diet shortstop -- have to really be able with defense have to be able had every range good hands. A good -- Now teams are recognizing. There's there's. A benefit to balance to -- shortstop who is at least an average defender and an above average bat or. The -- and -- seven model we've got one of the best defensive shortstop I have ever seen and a guy who just provide a little bit with the bat and it turned out. When you measure and analytically -- great -- pretty well and so those guys that got at the top they're all right well I think can legitimately play shortstop. -- I'm doing very well. And projected to be something with a back. I'll ask one last question keeps you having your top ten Henry Jones at number two you have by you -- Barnes at seven. Webster at eight we're not only nine. And conditions are guys like Brandon Workman Andrew beat toros in the Red Sox system. How much of a separate -- is the Red Sox depth right now at its starting pitcher pitching from other AL east teams. Dear well ahead -- I think all except. The Orioles the difference with the Orioles don't have definite starting pitching but they ceiling scotsman Bundy when he comes back from. Tommy John surgery and then under our people to feel old followed by an -- I wonder what their first round pick. Last year all three of those guys look like they're gonna pitch at or near the top of the big league rotation that almost nobody in baseball can match that but what the red sox' half it just leaves. A potential starting pitchers all throughout the system and that kind of -- Allows you to do you a couple of things one to sell your degree rotation to look at them up in the bullpen like Brandon Workman and end up valuable bullpen assets. Three maybe most importantly for a team that intends to be in contention as much threats are still you got to -- -- -- -- the trade assets. You got a guy who looks like he did a year away or less from plugging into a big league rotation make the minimum salary. Every team wants those guys those under control young starting pitchers are extremely valuable trade accept and I think it's that the Red Sox up to be in a very strong position. Anytime they want to get out to the trade market and go get a player who is established in the big leagues maybe two years or year and a half from free agents. Q does your rookie year this year American League nationally. The American League I honestly I think it's that are going to be taco or Brady with the White Sox assuming that they give. That they were to give him a full time job. In Chicago which seems likely at this point given the investment. David Wells is on the roster. In national league for me it's. -- more open it is not clear that any of these top top rookies is gonna get the job right out of the chute but do you think Archie Bradley if he were to come up -- may -- Would rack up the kind of strike out numbers. Very early that would probably give him a chance to be award out to compare the situation think Lewis did not have a job right now cold -- want to work he's got a job there. But -- comes up on May first I think he goes all Wellemeyer on the National League. Especially in home runs and RBIs which voters like he could win the award as well. As long as he doesn't let up -- drop on the warning track no right right those weren't as -- Keith -- great stuff -- good job littlest by the way. -- appreciate what they are a thousand but it it all paid off it was great stuff. I'm glad Eric thank our congratulations on getting through keeping -- thanks for joining us will apartment on the road. That is key Claudius PM you can Steve his entire list. One -- 100 top prospects in baseball on espn.com. Also the Red Sox top ten which Alex referenced earlier and winds up pretty much with. What Alex city although -- Webster seems to be -- polarizing figure. That was I -- -- there were almost fisticuffs thereof I'm not -- -- yeah I don't agree with the velocity -- because we both saw him in spring training and it was he anyway as well was -- it was it -- suggest 97 it was 99 with his camera changeup. But hey that's what -- -- lists are great that have those sort of debates and why they're limited yes absolutely. After the break if you -- reasons the phone calls here before you -- planet Mikey and 617. 7797937617779. 79837. We can talk about Ortiz interview which he played for before you talk about Red Sox prospects if you want. And Alex we also have an announcement about your up -- your show going through the season which is going to be a big big deal right. I would I would like to think so I will talk all about this after the break. I'd be great probably the -- series people always -- on the rest of primary. But I -- -- To supplement well contributors. Are people there but it was a workable. It is sort of a record. I'm a businessman. I'm not hypocritical. You know I know that bit bit. You got to come in -- and -- out and do a better who I don't know I'm up for here and I thought well over there right. But I have to take so. -- -- -- Joba patio -- the glass. To give up some David Ortiz -- some extra David Ortiz status from the -- piles. Piles podcast and WEEI dot com you can see it right now we played a little bit earlier. I wanna do it in every fight in an interview right now I would say the exact same thing I know almost force I Millar and a four -- really. It's like you going to be that is. Uncertain state of mind to beat us with that ops -- know before. It's funny though because of a few years ago you might recall that the conversation around David Ortiz entering into the option year was Terry Francona publicly saying. We need to force out if you're going to have no DH is a full time DH and now Ortiz like -- I'm Elliott has such a polarizing issues. Unbelievable I know that listen Gerry Callahan will right on the money with Jeremy as a baker so what he says that David Ortiz to make three million dollars next year I know he knows what he's talking about. But and I understand that guys they they are taking outside of it -- went -- wrote a column today and a BI dot com. Why you should makes and I understand that point of view. But I can't get my head around. People saying there is no argument the other way it is I think I have a perfectly legitimate argument the other way. Well and you know to be -- when when Ortiz settled his arbitration case had fourteen plus million dollars there were members of the Red Sox who said you know. The market I'd be undervalued David Ortiz in the DH position. Because if you have the opportunity to separate yourself from other clubs in terms of production. And I had a breakdown on WEEI dot com just showing ice aren't showing that distance between David Ortiz and the second most productive team in terms of DH was greater than any other position in all of Major League Baseball offensively. Then that significant to you paper. Well tell me where armour on because this is this is my argument. It all stems off of is Dave -- Ortiz willing to go to another team. And I say it why he's ingrained in Boston there is that chance because you get the 39 years old. And -- team overpaid for you or paved for you exactly what you're talking about is we are talking about any ordinary. Player or any ordinary position or any ordinary skill set. It's a very distinct one and I'll say it again the hardest thing to find in baseball right now so if he has a year like he did. And they don't sign him another team could easily -- and whatever it is two years at seventeen per twenty per whatever. You miss your opportunity to sign him. At the rate of up fifteen million dollars which is a good business decision. Right it's a one year extension and you know the Red Sox the Red Sox took the approach of extending him wake they have kind of having a lifetime agreement with Tim Wakefield. At a very advanced stage at a time when he was going to be a bargain mind you and you know you wonder if they if they might consider doing something similar. With David Ortiz but I agree I think that. Did the idea of getting certainty about locking in our -- It's some of the Red Sox have by the way it's kind of financial flexibility -- -- don't even know what they can do what all the flexibility they're going to have. I think would be no I think I think that there would be that they would that something they would at least explore. I think I just think today you you'd go past that. Eagle pass this. And it you end up there is no guarantee you end up at this scenario which I painted. But there is a possibility some team thinks that it's one player away one offensive improvements away from being able to contend for a World Series it's as damn the torpedoes. Were going to sign the all of the the old DH -- I think this is. -- who has a history of producing -- league level and we'll give a multiple years because we're going all in on this coming year. We think that we and we have a ton of money from all of these TV agreements that trot. There -- that's how multiyear deal for David Ortiz could happen. And I -- -- makes something also perfectly clear I disagree with Michael -- honest. A few days ago. Which was I don't hate him for anything -- he did. In regards to that hole goodwill argument well you know what you're you're paying him. For being -- -- for the last 345678. Years. That's not. I don't like that argument no I'm not taking him for that I'm paying him for what he has shown he has the potential to do. I'm only paying him for what he could do next year and the year after not what he did. Previously only the only -- the -- in relation to that is that he showed that he could potentially do that. In those years and I think that overall in some ways we overlook how dominant he is how he is in fact a quarter -- force. Offensively. At this stage of his career he was. He was in the top five in all of baseball in -- slugging percentage and you know PS top ten and on base percentage. He has just enough and but I mean he was performing at an unbelievable play you -- you would agree you're not paying gave her keys you're not giving him this extra you know there. Were waving to the crowd being gave not defense and now no not at all out it's about having a middle of the order hitter. You don't necessarily have a replacement for the US -- McCauley we got a couple minutes -- 6177797937. Another part yes they did. Couple days ago prolific you were with I wrote I've I feel last moment -- another one actually going up tonight talking about micro fracture surgery. And Debbie -- -- new wells the orthopedics. And it's talk about micro fracture surgery which -- Sizemore underway and I found fascinating. So that'll be up a little later Butler courts this earlier this week I also attracted Dustin Pedroia. And in he was pretty he was pretty over the top in terms of obviously you support for Dave Ortiz but. The way that he approached hometown discounts the way he approached. The Jon Leicester situation. And we kind of know where he's coming from but that was the other talking point going back the last Thursday. Which with Jon Lester cocky about hometown just as well we had Dustin Pedroia talked about it too right. We do week I think that Pedroia is certainly kind of set the kind of set the standard that Jon Lester said he wants to follow. And he's essentially took a lifetime contract. That the Red Sox one that was. You know he waited until after Robinson you know -- then that's probably different conversation he's having as opposed to eight years a 110 million dollars. He got less than half with a guaranteed money that I was an end up getting he did say that -- day. You know Jon Lester said that he wants to make at least one more dollar. And he said well I missed all of us to instant law. It's a dead. That you know don't drives did you grow it to be able to say these things this is what -- -- -- I should mention now. It is now chance to win 1000 -- Katz noted WEEI dot com slash cash into the code word. 42 different favorite forty. They're forty Andrew Bailey uh oh geez I thought -- like Malick forty thought about it at all the older I didn't reflect it. That's -- -- yardage if they reported to go to work forty to ten minutes to enter. Forty at WEEI. Dot com -- cash now. The pages mobile friendly so you can enter when -- Smartphone your next shot will be tomorrow at nine to do it now I -- you do that thousand you'd go right to Marvin and -- goalless and I Barber's last is gonna get we're gonna get a visit. We go to Barbara Lester -- which is so convenient you. You go right down route to. Around the rotary. -- biggest two day just active and while miles down there it is school distinctive clothing. I gotta get my about -- my by -- Wear nice yes spring Freddy's coming up nothing we talk to Pedroia about. -- -- -- Mean I believe me you know it's not my my league my brother in laws and -- ask -- you my three year old son knows his uncle's a yes or no because we have to -- before we head to Fort Myers actually have this the next conversation Dustin Pedroia about death squads. Yes or no. -- It's enough. Alex beer Debbie I -- rob Bradford WEEI dot com law will be back next week for another -- still show and then the final one. The week after that February 13. But it blast out job today -- catcher Brad played him Mikey coming up thank you patio Mike Adams a great Mike Adams right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are out there.

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