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Marshall Faulk still can't let go of Spygate: I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...

Jan 30, 2014|

We dissect Mut and Lou's interview with a still fuming Marshall Faulk, and get down to the reasons why he still can't accept losing SB36 to the seemingly inferior New England Patriots.

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Mike -- -- will join us later this hour from New York side of the Super Bowl Brock Huard a former Seahawks quarterback former cohost of mine in for Peyton Manning back up. Will join us at 430. But Michael this hour gives us great opportunity. -- -- -- Kids aren't -- great opportunity for one of my favorite things about the -- And that is your -- without limitation because. Imitation is about like a specific immigration this coastal city of so far beyond an imitation this is that this is a persona that you were capable of taking on. If they straight up persona he's channeling some. You you become a different person -- this -- -- -- as soon as you do this you become like a different human I don't know what you're talking with. I have an order to -- already you're getting into it without even don't have any plans are probably racked up but little course down in New York all this week from radio row talking of people and today. They've managed to find a hall of fame running back in my opinion one of the few running backs who actually is a gigantic difference maker and that's Marshall -- and whether you like it or not you have to respect who was as a as a as an athlete -- football -- right first San Diego state of and then with the Indianapolis Colts -- -- of St. Louis -- huge difference maker. Any -- Marshall -- the analyst not Marshall -- football player Rob Marshall -- the analyst. There's a lot of really dumb crap including this two month -- In the NFL. You'll be fine for nothing for it. Let's let's understand that occurred. We're Smart we'll businessman and it's about protecting the brand protecting the shield now you tell me. At anything that you do if you find out. Or have it just it just you fight finals the -- teach you any any little -- That you're okay with it in the you're not a competitor you're not a competitor if you're OK with it. To Marshall Faulk says he feels that he's been cheated that you. They cheated him and if you're not okay with -- -- not a competitor he house to be not -- -- it did his blunt. It all the money -- set a very clearly is that OK with it you know he's okay with. That's what it -- talking about it and before getting into. Martial falcon summoned the interest -- things that he says and understand. I understand why he feels this way because. Now players remember everything and it's like golfers answered after golfer even 34. Years later to gold around. They remember every single detail so Marshall -- clearly. It's haunted by something that happened. Almost two day. Almost -- of the day twelve years ago February 3 two hours or third 20100. Here are at the end of January and he remembers that probably this time of year. It just kind of comes back to -- game probably is. Having some terrible nights of sleep or not sleeping at all over by itself I understand why not -- over over Super Bowl 36. Organized and why he's he's disappointed the -- he feels like the patriots took a ring from -- before grip on what I what I like about. I like about Marshall. Improving. Tremendously. On TV when he start off as an analyst doesn't think he was very good. The reputation. From my sources. I have sources who who have told me that he didn't always work at the beginning not he was commercial -- could be hall of fame. Running back and that's good enough I play the game in. Here's my analysis and I think you figured out who you actually have to work at it and -- which all the greats do whoever it is whoever you talk about. Chris Collins worth anybody who's gonna you know Jon Gruden didn't play -- anybody who's good what works out. Marshall Faulk has worked at that. But in his research he probably needs to go back to the you need to go back to Super Bowl 36. And take the mythology out of it. And figure out why the St. Louis Rams didn't beat the patriots they were the favorite team. They were at the time we thought we thought they were the better team at the time we thought they were. Dramatically. More talented in the patriot and you can make the argument that there are more talented -- the patriots now. But we know about guys on the patriots. Today with the benefit of hindsight we know who they are -- necessarily know where that. But he doesn't think that -- I don't know will not look at that in fact. He looks back at the game and thinks the reason they were unable to execute the way they had all year was because the patriots cheated we didn't execute. I mean if they weren't on the field we would get scored touchdowns so they were and they were our opponent and they had something to do with does not executing. Right button hit it in the next part of his body is but they cheated so if they have something to do that's not executing and they cheated well. The put two and two together and figure that they at the cheating is the reason that we weren't able to execute the way we want this is. The Super Bowl 36 is one of my favorite Super Bowls of all time I've always said. It's my favorite patriots Super Bowl the first one it was unexpected. I have studied this game up and down I really of this game I watched it several times. And as much as we give Bill Belichick credit Bill Belichick Romeo Crennel credit for a brilliant game plan. A lot of people forget it total yards of the rams head and that game. -- 427. Total yards. Kurt Warner threw for 365. Yards. -- 261 downs the patriots. Had fifteen. To 26 to fifteen and first down. They were moving the ball. It wasn't that the patriots know they're playing right Marshall -- -- writes it would that they Marshall. You didn't execute and that's why you lost it turned I don't. For three times and if you were looking at that game you're trying to figure out. Going into it as a patriots you're trying to figure out how the patriots beat the rams -- they slow down ever Bill Belichick -- saying before the game. We have to turn it into a half court basketball game you -- a fast break came. They hate to get into a half court game that's the rams are. There's a way we can beat them we've got to grab -- we've got to make them uncomfortable they did that but the way to beat the rams if you go back to that team. They were dynamic and Torry Holt. They had partial fault they have Kurt Warner I think -- Hakim they had not. Three defense in the league to the defense shut down the patriots go back look at the numbers. They had a fatal flaw. -- -- -- -- turn the ball over a lot. Fumbles. Interceptions. -- sloppy with the ball. And and that's the to mean that became the hallmark of a mark I'm Mike Martz team. Very good on the picks up a little sloppy in the details Mike -- Coaxed a horrible game is too old to get a third one and Marshall do you remember this on a third one to give you the ball. And midfield had a -- -- the fifty yard line a third in line. That ball in the belly of the hall of fame running back pick up a first down maybe make it two down territory got Marshall -- A lot of stupid little things the cost in the game spy gate didn't make your left tackle I believe as a right tackle who missed a block. Mike Vrabel gets in the space short -- -- and Kurt Warner that would call that today's game and called him. A duck. Ty Law picked it off. 47 yards later -- those little cute dance in the end zone. And you start to believe that the patriots can win. The facts have got in the way his anger his bitterness. Has prevented him from saying why that team did -- might not only. It is for venomous in that they didn't win it's also prevented the way he looks at the patriots team yet you believe your argument that they had great players like I like when you start to shrink this. The level of the defense coming -- level the defense the great players that they had limited great players I wanna hear bylaw. Acrylic and as he's dodgy deals Tedy Bruschi okay Tedy Bruschi Vrabel. Vrabel where -- where -- will start this -- are good with the Pittsburgh -- people here into his role today RE dot. We're not talk among role players union would talk about great they're great players play. Regardless the wording that they play good political terrorists and it's Ty Law it's Tedy Bruschi Richard Seymour post is really good defensively where you -- -- -- -- -- there -- there you go they have not -- that sense. That would be the reasoning for me when I look at it they've had failures but defense Marshall over and over -- if they've not replace those players. Ourselves a month -- again -- Marshall falter I'm not sure really understand marshall's argument. First he's saying they don't have a good players and many say wait to have -- of players -- but they haven't had them since but could changing your story now I you know better than Richard Richard Seymour to out but it muddled here in Richardson Marshall but basically everybody -- mentioned. He's just a matter I don't believe it's like OK any quick correction it was a Tebucky Jones broad assortment. All right that was Tebucky Jones and running and lawnmowers and harassment model but it -- was Obama took office. -- about whatever. And the guys also. Knows those fumbles for the three turnovers interceptions by Warner. There was a fumble that was overturned. Because it was holding. It was holding on Willie McGinest one of those players that were talking about what. Any kind of takes. That did -- did not exist had nothing to do with Saint Louis receivers smartly by the way. Hitting the -- Trying to go to the turf before those hits were coming from Otis Smith. And Ty law and Tebucky and that Steve and I don't -- the early morning little -- -- commissioner had tapes. Videotapes. Nothing. Okay try to look -- that nothing. So -- fumbled the guards fumbled. They were afraid tore a hole was afraid pick Ricky -- they were afraid to take hits. So basket that's just football -- that's football you got your yards. The St. Louis Rams on paper dominated this game and that's what he just can't reconcile. We were the better team we both the ball. It came this team a waiver wire pick ups and never -- and how this team these unknowns are not big games you have to have the. But oh my god you're bringing up the legacy that is now for spike and you guys can jump in her 61777979837. Feet. You're -- that is the legacy of spy -- it is for people like Marshall Faulk and anybody who could never reconcile how the patriots a team that was not supposed to be that good it could rise up and beat the greatest show on turf. A team that every single week look like they were out matched but every week with a dink and dunk offense and defense full of guys that had really not done all that much previously were able to to find a way to shut down on the other team and winning game and drawn out and pull it out of out of the jaws of defeat right at the end every week. How could all of those things happen in the legacy is -- it is that it gives you an answer. If you are Marshall -- and you're one of those who was defeated Hawaii seemingly inferior squad that are doing this is your this is the thing you've been waiting for this is this is why -- spy gate is still a big deal -- Or is there yet again. Of course I do till it. Sure yeah I'm I'm not going to be only when this latest. Ever since they got to find an okay we're not doing that anymore they've won how many Super Bowl. -- -- -- -- -- different working -- -- do you have a split it. That would interpreted it would triple. But yeah. All I got bought -- bought it at all. And now I'm just telling you how I feel about it if you if that's your perception of what I'm saying the that your perception. I'm not taking anything away from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady your great boon or not I'm continue to tell you that they are great but we weren't winning one they've warned that. -- -- I don't know how many games but obviously Jimmy it's eight and and he noted that it eight only you you don't. You don't do that without without getting some things accomplished you know I'm I'm just telling you it's just ironic that that's the case. You martialed -- two. While. So I guess. They haven't won. This is you can't you can't do it. I Marshall Faulk he's almost he's trying to bring me and but I told you before Mike Salk Michael Jeffrey Marshall -- I told you -- -- Marshall -- -- I would love to have a little on our way primarily wait -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike Marshall -- I would not be sit your dog and I haven't thought of this before. The only thing I know is ever since that happened -- and it got exposed. What we have is -- to a Super Bowl and the Obama says that they haven't you -- each other do you tell me what the facts are. -- you are the master at it I said he's getting better. He's getting better on TV he's improved. But for him to be great. What he needs is some balls but here's a couple after a couple of perhaps symbolic -- of gas at good. Yeah well they're all true I'm still upset about spike I'm very passionate about it. I'm gonna say oh into one Super Bowl. Now about the goal Pacific northwest to you. It cannot back away. From the statement that I'm leaving you to -- I'm leaning into the water but not not out not gonna jump back. I'll jump on an -- you're saying you don't think they're really acted and you think that they're -- went to a Super Bowls. Because there. The -- somehow cheated their way. To -- to these lofty records are there's a couple of problems though with his theory I mean besides the obvious and this is one that gets brought up over and over again I see all over the text machine here which is. Wasn't it legal to tape at that point. -- thing not breaking the rules and 2001. By taping signals wasn't legal at that point it was later that Belichick broke the rules and actually created a problem Marshall Faulk doesn't think they were taping signals keep things. That report. The day the hearsay. That. The St. Louis Rams had -- walked through. There walk through tape before Super Bowl thirty threat he's talking as if that happened. We got -- -- signals. He thinks that there are certain things that the equipment here and you'll you'll -- and here we think certain things were put in place. They had red zone place. In the patriots. Miraculously. None of the plays that they put in just that week. So something shady was going on as far as Marshall Faulk is concerned that week is how would they know that. Didn't mention a wonder how he felt about the previous game. We played them earlier that year right and and the question is how they think the -- championship team. -- and her big play in the regular season. It was a close game too using Louis it was a good it was it was it was year I was -- -- because here's here -- -- they -- where it -- Smith fumbled -- all going on and I guess he doesn't public the -- maybe they when that an interesting game right now they changed their defensive approach and so boy you guys remember this. They wound up rushing three times. Dropping eight tons of coverage and all over the place and 46 -- game. The Rob Ryan influence 46 defense I -- all over this mixing up coverages and constantly. Hitting Marshall -- even though. He wasn't. Even a place that he wasn't hard to -- drilling their theory was there Kurt Warner of playing quarterback but the report back -- the team Marshall Faulk. So whatever he does he is the key to winning this game except on third one of the -- hand on the ball as well -- have a 779. 7937. Eric is in Portland -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apparently I hit it like an awesome how are you happy new year old -- unicorn -- -- and you don't think that to the ball. Over the -- student loans to. We're back Marshall obviously the -- that he would be urgent closed -- is that the planes. On it and thank you. -- they've been -- you don't think all of that. That. A good thing a couple of great that it will bowl victories and -- all back. They're not really believe you you really agree -- of talkers as being yourself. Bully you know. He'll ignore the money to be doing right now a couple of weeks back. I look at where we all know. -- expect a lot right. -- Why is that will certainly get it -- wanna get to world and he's done that. I have to face Baylor college dating call in 2002 it's a different yeah -- -- it -- but it was also a breakdown can operate data protection better rampant I had. The question in my opinion -- title -- let me pick up a -- -- seven. Her life you don't have to sell me on the -- I -- agree or if you're a 100% yeah you're right. Eric you're right -- right Eric this maybe the first time we've been calling for a long term that he's right time with and you're right on that we should not take seven seconds to kick -- with the heat I think is a 77 seconds either way the two seconds left. The directory I I just remember a couple of remember at the time sit there is that my buddy's house a rumpled looking at a -- okay. They start to kick off the game's not over yet but your average run around a cheered and excited patriots on the Super Bowl we can graduate no -- haven't. Still kick -- and in the rams probably won't run back for a touchdown but I Zahir Hakim is good player right use the run back guy he could have -- back. I don't know that he would have done what with -- idea who visited this year. For the saints that just threw the ball back. Forward who did all those. Are holes and -- -- yards forwards at seven and a lot of seconds left he would have done something dumb like that think they still should have been able to run that ball back and see what happens. No because because the one thing that I know and I believe that it is in it's what makes our game. The greatest sport in America is you have to be good you have to beat a better team on that day. Nobody cares you don't get a game five. You don't get a game seven. You have one game to be at your best and and -- better team doesn't always win. Well personally need a jacket over these big benefit or -- Jack won't disagree with you talk project tomorrow. -- that is the problem is really. I'm just surprised. I'm not surprised that that the team that lost to the patriots when there was some speculation about that game and about the walk through. I'm not surprised they would have questions may be bitter about right. What I am surprised by is Marshall Faulk doing that thing you would -- it's booty I'm surprised he's jumping and that. When he know -- he's an analyst. It's a guy who studies football. You mean to tell me you think. That they lost. Two Super Bowl. Because they were doing something they were doing something illegal especially the first 18 -- no. Super Bowl. When word at -- to users were they were exposed. You're not hiding in the darkness anymore there are no more secret tapes everybody in America is watching you most of them hate you. You -- under tremendous scrutiny as the fishbowl of principles that everybody's watching bright eyes are on you and you go eighteen no. And you -- approval because the tapes. In those Super Bowl because you can play that well that day -- Marshall. Who didn't play that well that day in the team. That wasn't seen to be as talented as the patriots. Outperform them out executed them outsmarted them out game plan that out coached and outplayed them and they won the Super Bowl. After -- got -- It's -- -- you see I see a text message here and I just lost the -- as how is the 2001 argument different for the people who say -- -- was the only reason the pats lost and let's say that -- -- -- can't let that where there's a huge difference one I've -- I actually saw the Tyree play happened I know specifically what that play did for the game. I know what the game would have been if he didn't catch it and I know what happened in the game because he -- We don't know exactly what happened in a 1030407. Anytime we don't know what happened in any of those years. With -- we don't know that exactly what -- did to change the game I know exactly how David I regions like. Right yeah he doesn't catch the ball games over. You know it just mentioning that game owe it to him I just had thought you know. That the New York Giants were able to beat the patriots. And and and spoil their undefeated season because they hit precisely. What the patriots ran against the -- him in terms of we're gonna be physical with them Steve Spagnuolo. Said going into the game. Is his goal was to keep the patriots in the twenties. I just want to make sure you -- twenties and then we'll have it we if we can keep from there will have a chance to win the game and he told those guys. Look we know they're gonna catch the ball. But limit the yards after the catch. So I want you guys right there Wes Welker catches the ball I want for five extra yard to stop them right here Kevin -- all those guys. But the fact is. Didn't even get to that point -- -- fourteen point. Had a great approach. They were able to destroy the patriots operative line made Brady uncomfortable -- them five times. And I think on the fifth to -- the effect must have been I think that was the hardest one of the game banality with Alfred. It wasn't one of the main guys. Came up right -- the middle and got my -- well. We're just self help out when I mean that was that was stuff so they -- a hard -- game in and they are just a protectorate of course is -- drops the ball and. Pitchers to win the game despite all of those things but that story for another day all right I like to -- gonna join us coming up here in twenty minutes 345 we'll talk to him from radio row up -- -- Michael wanted I want to ask you. About something they came up earlier today Greg Monroe. Is that is that what I mean. -- -- -- -- supposed to be top -- point guard in the league are you really talking about -- Munro has being a suitable trade candidate for John run of that is that realistically. The type of player that you get back a guy. It's not working as part of a big troika. In Detroit. That's what you get back for Rondo it's me that axle canal at W yet ever since. That happen -- and it got exposed. What we have is -- to a Super -- that's Obama senate they have anything to do with each other I'm just telling you what the facts are. Yeah I'm I'm not going to be only when this latest. Ever since they got to find an okay we're not doing that anymore they've won how many Super -- not.

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