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Former NFL QB Brock Huard tells Salk and Holley why the Seahawks will win SB48

Jan 30, 2014|

We talked to Mike Salk's former partner Brock Huard from Seattle Sports Radio and find out why he thinks the Seahawks win this game.

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For four years I worked -- Brock Huard and for four years I would ask him periodically every day we heard this -- beginning of every hour I would say to him Michael. Brought your member who sings a song not one time in four years could get the answer right. Not one time in four years why not I don't know. Have to ask him what do you know yet who sings a song. Computer supplier Dearborn unlike current. So it will likely keep if you heard everyday for four years -- couldn't get it right it was terrible I don't know. Protester demands things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About it. Pretty good advocate -- them not to be honest and -- yet it. Sure does sound like -- the same thing on all airborne you actually got to write your supplies they -- make them long enough -- involved couldn't be less about partnered on this coming from a guy. All out here boy that is this is a lot of -- and burn up in you know which had a little -- -- about -- Seattle and your experience back there in the day and you know the thirst -- hunger back sports community has for any level access and they've been out here and and didn't experience these really radio -- -- -- the all new York -- -- all of the hub -- about. This game played an outdoor stadium and in the north. And it would be perfect spot that's been to the period after -- I've been built up and in Seattle really ready for the on. What Brock I've been getting some inside information on your and I can tell you my sources. And I don't want to I don't want you to guess who the sources but I know. Use that 88 lifetime. In the Pacific northwest. And you have ties to Washington State and Seattle obviously but I also hear that. You're madly in love with Peyton Manning so this is going to be tough for US what what do you do how do you how do you break down his game you're torn. -- Yeah I did Erica patent for a couple years and I know a lot of folks got tired of of and question you couldn't be -- for him but it great talent but when you experience him. Up close and on the day to day basis and you see how he would mind works and you see what he does have what -- images in the game right there are good guys. Typically are in no place at this stage of the career to be a dominant they are. But their dominant they are because between the years there's nobody ever put on Sunday I can -- up. You know we were also the founder Wilson -- them back in yes that's the ultimate got a trumpet may have incomes under about her. You know we have a host on our station -- man you said yesterday that he thought Russell Wilson was a young Tom Brady obviously not in terms of other body type -- running with the ball but do you see any comparison between the two. I think it's our our talent I think that's a pretty good comparison it's the one thing you know -- -- absolutely nuts and bananas when you look at Russell -- in the -- All you know he identified eight. They'll watch him throw him in look at used to overall arms strength and he's not 5058. She Tom -- 64 when it comes -- your arms -- and what he's able to do all the -- all over the field. On -- computer sitting there and you know Mike and we talked -- talk about that after the year that Tom Brady early it's weird managed to gain that you played the -- that -- -- Those early patriots team to begin a temporary format he spends more. Phenomenal so parliament's you know -- -- judicial football or when the play calls or you've got to deliver when it matters the most. -- that really did exactly what Russell Dunn 27 and -- in the career passer rating or have a hundred. He's third in touchdown -- -- your immediate career only behind the eight nanny and seeing and being more intimate. I've -- had to speak pretty clearly experts felt that it's are any level measure success but most importantly wins and losses. This guy like -- has been ahead of the rest and had a at this stage -- it and experience. -- if you look at the Broncos Brock obviously number one seed in the ANC look at the Seahawks number one seed in the NFC I don't know this. Dynamic exist at all. That there's something there's a strength that one of these teams has better so overwhelming. That the other team won't be able to deal with that -- you see that whether the Seahawks have a over the Broncos or vice Versa what is it. I think honestly the only two areas that we've talked through the not -- for hours and hours and hours every day of release these two things I think it's the variety. A win for Seattle in the different ways that Sunday they can wonderful all in -- when an ugly. They've proven that to come back and win the approve victim when just thirty epic Krugman even at times but not very optimist he's been. That several will have to go back to sort all over the -- Arctic. There's different ways they're able to win. And I don't think there's any debate that one -- he buried it in our roster no matter who you're -- and most. Staunch and -- in Berkeley and can they want to -- personnel. All the better -- he -- -- straight win out and all three phases of the game now the biggest difference is you don't want to let you create their number one street handing. That's certainly not that the bunch of but those would be able to my pivot that I look at it is that in a variety -- -- to Seattle -- win. And then you'll call up in straight the yellow proper. I think it markedly better in Denver. Has -- cured with a -- course -- -- Peyton Manning and -- play quarterback for the Seahawks as well -- used to radio show with me talking from radio row you know that that is what this debate would come down to -- and the number one of the -- Peyton Manning. Overshadow a better 53 man roster that Seattle has. We had a Jerry Angelo -- if you saw this earlier this week and he was talking about patent saying. It it almost doesn't mean the reason you can't get any pressure on -- is not because they're offensive line is so great. But because he is so good he's got so many weapons around him that he's able to get the ball out so quickly that it really doesn't matter what you got free pass rush. We talked about a more terms of power relates to Tom Brady in the future but how does it relate to this game with the all the money Seattle spent on a pass -- Yeah they get -- -- completely accurate and I went from Seattle there was -- -- speak -- and arguably. Through Tibet ever played their position and really -- in mind when I went to India remember looking at that alignment and much. And these guys start for Seattle that was fortunate Saturday -- the put -- years together. Oracle and what a nice player and I left tackle but nowhere near the collapse of Walter Jones that he made all those guys so much better than that they would -- And in the fact that they've got a crack at left tackle that have -- repeat that for a not only did we get the ball out his ability to manipulate that the and that some. You played in the pre season actually called the game on local TV in our membership with about a couple days after that game. And he tried to let him in the net or that or he played their starters the sort of burst out. And that was basically a new record intersecting game with Saturday. After the call up -- the home. I mean you can hear bullet you can protect it can get the ball he can beat yet. And like New England a couple of weeks ago you know you saw almost no clips no pressure or man rushed me and couldn't get home. A group that's been -- different this year but last year there were any good -- -- make good the last year. They are in a leaky and penalty he sent a pass rush and not run for. That's been at that evil in the company you keep him in any media can be distract unions can beat you in a pit spot in the -- -- -- -- -- down and down out. They're going to be one of the critical matchup that. -- correct me if I'm wrong but it. You think Seattle's gonna win this game correct. I'd argue that Seattle can win this game now are so Seattle went to my homers -- yeah. That's right okay so but it Seattle went that's -- my next question is going to be. Does this loss. Hurt Peyton Manning at all we've been talking a lot here as you can imagine Brady vs Manning. The legacy who's better who will history be kinder to -- old Peyton Manning loses this game as you predicted he will his -- well. That means he's won in two and super balls. A lot of MVPs but once Super Bowl title to Tom Brady's three does this loss hurt if that happens. Oh I think so but I think it also depends what it looked like a minute to thirty or thirty Currie in the -- it's -- -- upbeat mode -- opera -- in paper wrote for 380 and four touchdowns but just unfortunately. Get no help around them not -- different story then. It didn't get around he wrote to Nixon you know they lose by thirteen point I think that that Michael is. Is going to be the outcome of that but as far as like that he goes listen to the -- QX -- now that they're into debate about that and yet side and it is. You know they're the real conversation they're more outside it was like -- -- -- -- -- -- or more to -- or you -- and there's -- more elusive. Entity that great debate that. Yeah he win this she's the first guy in the history of modern here the went to different coach route the call about PM I mean it's not about all the defense he -- the squarely. About number eighteen that he's been misused it against this group on this stage you've waited this Jean and beat them all year long. Yeah you gonna have a very legitimate Brady and any conversation I don't think -- right now. What what do you what do you made -- Richard Sherman over the last two weeks. I think it's unfortunate that I'm that that battle and metal bat you know just continued to. To drop people to the cover of the book and it's not their fault you know and it's not the national media it's all they can anybody can react anyway they want to and obviously. Not to get emotional outburst and kind of a me first mentality is what everybody judged by it I look at the podium 1718. Weeks this year. You know -- cornerback. The Seahawks organization gave him his own day in your -- you are great Thursday earned all big and it if you were being on story and there was nothing to let her know that bombastic meet first. I need to -- all the attention in the world. So for -- about it all the chapters of the book is not just the cover of the book. You know we got that context can put -- that place that. It's worked out that story -- that where it went probably not a problem in this day and -- in the news cycle that it ran wild. Are speaking of books and covers and all that stuff and you -- -- -- off for four years. Now we see the cover of the book you got the chapters. -- -- -- -- -- -- And may be embarrassing. Mike's old stories I know we know short. Always thought that might -- how do we know if we know he's -- and all that stuff that it -- -- -- It was a good -- Only two things right and I'm -- to speak in Triplett in two bankrupted a lot but there's really to the and if you've been around him when he hasn't taken its harper met at. We have heartburn you'll dig that's new is right there -- all. -- -- -- -- Like your -- up or whatever it is -- -- just Harkin bill each teacher got too much I don't know what incident. Acid reflux happens we'll pass it and there's -- acid reflux eat at the gross belt. Excuse me -- -- capacity reflexes were a supporter he's got some arbitrary cute and edit them and I'm taking that reflector bolt studios where. We're really -- -- real excited and then and then the other major yard you know just so I'll -- -- not you know that would only expect that it's always so I have to leave it to me either. He was well rounded as the guy was to have won yet. Whether the affiliates it did to that report. -- -- -- -- -- I find it very distracting but to did you find it distracting. It was a little topic I don't want the -- and right now but on the other. He would see that's not choosing not your line that is not sure of the reason Barack is not distracted by at his eyes are so our space so far apart but he can you wanna I wanna my Orbitz is still concentrate with the other I can built like a hammerhead shark into a giant forehead and -- that's true that's true that's her everybody we appreciate the tour guys. Remember guys or. Well -- my -- favorite team the Seattle the Seattle Seahawks Ramallah though I'm obsessive about Marshawn Lynch and -- multinationals. And in his his press conference that that whole thing I love it. If we have now become our second favorite player -- league behind to keep to leave. This because of the talking personality. All opera you know I'm rooting for Russell Wilson the creation of Wilson of course the root for the Seahawks. I made no secret of -- root for them to win it I think I agree I think they are gonna win and actually for some of the same reasons because I think that they are a little bit more well rounded. I also though believe that quarterbacks win games more than anything else on the patent the better quarterback in the -- any little pains me to say that. But I don't think -- only Russell so far behind him. That the defense of the Seahawks won't come to play that that's a way where we -- out what I do have this worry and I what are you worried about this. You weren't at the C -- -- too much attention this week that the Broncos have been essentially quiet all the Seahawks have been allowed story that -- welcome back to Bynum. No because that -- -- nitpick and all of them observant could figure out well Marshawn Lynch who you know he decides he doesn't deal with anybody you know what will really pack right now because I think you. Is gonna use all of that ammunition over the next or data they hunkered down the availability to the player -- gone. The typical chip on their shoulder that they all love to carry. That -- gonna make sure you -- not the certainly remind them at a corner because they already know. But yeah I just because you've gotten attention not been the most positive kind of attention advocate the attention placed corporate corporate -- from the. Are you to -- Brock on Twitter at Brock ESP NE finally started tweeting after I left town is that Brock ESPN rocket to talk to them toxin. Are -- to hard rock area there's Brock Huard who played for the Seahawks and also played behind Peyton Manning. And think to see -- again when you can hear some of the analysis the Brock has do you buy any of that well to index alcoholic WE.

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