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ESPN's Mike Tirico previews Super Bowl XLVIII with Salk and Holley

Jan 30, 2014|

We talk to ESPN's Mike Tirico live from radio row.

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Let's go to New York. I talked to somebody we've we've had a motto all year long why should we have -- today as well Mike to Rico. But the SP and joining us from the -- hi Mike hello gentleman -- you work -- -- well. I am OK you should see Manhattan Manhattan is. It's really for anyway as a kid who grew up in New York I never thought I'd see the day one and your host of the suitable. But Times Square and Herald Square there are many Bostonians have been to New York from you know 34 street on up to the mid forties probably shut down. For the Super Bowl would Super Bowl boulevard engineered by GMC has taken -- the over Monica sixty foot to -- That's up it's just the most bizarre thing is a native new Yorker to come here she. Debate -- but that's it was gonna ask you about it is you know people say nothing can take over New York city's biggest Super Bowl is. New York is so much bigger than birdies in the Super Bowl has the Super Bowl taken over New York. I think I think -- portions yes the midtown portion around these events apps whose are so many people walking around. You can have events and in this city and you don't notice they're going on I immediately used the -- areas saw. Broncos fans Seahawks fans people were -- walk -- rarely sees so -- it's a big deal to it to me that New York is believed to have. Even Thursday it was two days ago that kind of an imprint and impact. Because -- -- simple little bit surprised -- Mike I've adopted Marshawn Lynch is it looked as -- out -- than others on my third and who -- also one of my favorite players relief now. Is different so much attention given his performance. These speeches or lack thereof -- junior day. Have you ever had an opportunity. To talk with them at length and if so how was that. Not at length. Brief conversations overtime hero over the years you know. I think it puts a little bit of pressure on I hate the word legacy and often anymore so -- has a legacy. We better be great to have a legacy of these third running back. -- just puts a lot of pressure going forward on him because if he doesn't play well he'll be off. That was the that was being guided didn't want to talk to the Super Bowl committee could back it up you know so. I hope that it doesn't become. A measuring stick for everything Marshall which Oscars become. Because he has not been. Once who briefs the media here this week I was guys just deal with the best they can look at -- talk much of the -- fifteen minutes and move on. He seemed to acquiesce lightly here is that we put on put. That's his his prerogative I don't judge it was a football player by his willingness to talk or not stop it just you know -- OP. Continues to play well I'm glad at least that he stays true to what he does all year. And it doesn't seek the media try to. Become one of the -- portable figures in the -- who do you think the country's route before. I think. The majority. -- kept it casual fans are rooting for him for. These are great like ability. Of Peyton Manning the story. Overcoming an active mobile and the commercials. It is great Q rating and so many viewers of the Super Bowl are. Moms Graham is casual fans so I think there's an impact there. The Seattle story I think would be more embraced and appreciated people do better. Everything from Pete Carroll to Russell Wilson. To within rebuild that seem to be area of twelfth man so I I think Seattle could be but it will be Denver picture. What was your take on Richard Sherman the the initial thing was Richard. After the -- just -- game and commentary coming from all over what -- what would it take. At a -- all the noise on. Well. Look you know Richard Sherman then if you do you know that this is not an act. A dvd as quick anecdote I was watching the Super Bowl the NFC championship games are. With a bunch of friends and it was interesting to see the room react to the Sherman -- variances. I just has said and I'm usually one who has very little tolerance for the self involved aptly calls attention -- give me him the greatest. I was I was -- with -- guys that's Richard Richard to Smart guys intelligent man at Stanford educated. When we do seahawk games we've paid to do meetings with the general Thomas together. Could the most entertaining informative football conversation. We have with the defensive backs all year. So I'd say with a grain of salt I understand what it's all about. The reality is this is the way he's wired and I appreciate that he's gotten on the big stage not acquiesced to what we want. Our athletes to conform to this is what he has. -- apologize for the novel Q -- might we know you gotta run so we'll let you go let me just say that it's a bummer that ESPN is not in the Super Bowl rotation would be great to have you call one of these games so hopefully one day in the future. That that is an icy to say and I appreciate that and I know I -- a different Joseph Bachmann and he's gonna do a great job but. Any of us who are involved in this you wanna do over the weekend at the highest level this is the best and I appreciate him it means. Well we -- I want all you would talk like him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I mean that would you like a Mike to Rico -- gruden called Super -- but -- -- I would I would like to I mean I think he is he's one of those voices iconic voices and I don't just say it to his face -- today. At -- -- Mike to recruit -- civil court he's great. Yeah I think I think he's I think he's terrific now he just put me in -- and and a you know move ago when he said. You remind us that -- book is going to be doing -- what did you wanna take me there Joseph block on the super ball. He says the bomber and the experience -- doing it for bummer that Joe Buck isn't the cubs are they. You want about Joe Buck and there's many negative things you can say about my -- But it does sound like a big game and Joe Buck is doing the game. Say what you want you may not love him you may not like his style -- may be annoyed by the Randy Moss stuff as was I. You may not like there's. Everybody's got the wiping his barn -- you may not like the the moralists nation of Randy Moss you may not care for his purple lips that look like Iran's. You may still associate his voice of that of Tim McCarver that might drive you crazy critics say what you -- about Joe -- but he makes it sound like a big game. Disgusting. News finally. We have got on our airline. What's unfortunate that he had that on your -- lives. Although no one's watching you know who else is on your airline now -- any thoughts. He got what you're aware what of those guys say to each other when they want to help the other in the hall hi Randy big fan glad to have you on board ready. Moon. There's a reward now there's a good -- media treated video for Funny or Die. New Yorkers love him every. New Yorkers. Pizza atom balls. Expert on. Obama. I think Joe -- has a little sense of humor about himself I think he laughs at himself pretty well my microphone that but don't worry about it. We'll have two -- is to go here Michael don't worry about what he's doing with that it it. It can you just hold that can I say that's accurate to hold that that you speculative and I just hold it and I would think you could slip out of pocket rocket at the couple is expecting it. It -- for help. But if what are you doing over there this unbelievable job of this just whole thing it's just so small. It ever wish negative play by play this we need to Rico in studio to do play by play have you looked like his his. Hunting that thing around -- and microphone does it just fell apart with held together by your hands are positive what do you have over there if it is held together by black Scots like this electrical tape looks like electrical. -- would even don't know whether I didn't do anything that the the microphone to. -- do you think it's -- you're excited and upset about the Joe Buck thing but I can also see just a moment or two before that your whole your whole countenance lit up when he started. Everybody across the country glad Peyton always it's a well mannered boy it's well. Third. I've never decliners. Paired kidney. Or let this guy it's Peyton Manning says all the right things just he has such respect. For the game. And he knows how to play he knows how to play this thing. He he if you don't without confirming Michael playing he's playing middle America. Like anyone else any all the. All that confirms that middle America is the most annoying dome group of people there's nothing more annoying than middle America loving and buying all Peyton -- crap it is so typical middle America and our image -- so -- -- -- -- like that how you fall for the syrupy garbage or Peyton Manning you know what you know it argument where Peyton Manning says. When he was on the verge of when when Tom Brady was on the verge of Britain -- touchdown record will show so little poems will no -- You better. Peyton Manning took -- everybody's. You're. You're you're filming. Camera or if we're getting good angle and her body saying our. -- let me just. I hope I hope we do hope the Palm -- break the record. I hope that as respectful. As well as Dan Marino was to me when I broke his record. I. Think. Dan Marino. Make yourself look like you know what he should've said that got what he says that it. Robert like elegant and on our doorstep I'd hope that he's that -- gracious to him as he will be to me when -- break it back in a couple years. Why not say that. One show that you're still competitive about going forward that you're not conceding it all my said that I would aloft a bike but all I hope raises a lot like I command security suite I -- options and all the military that garbage I consumers that might go to agree to disagree yeah. -- write -- prospect if Peyton Manning his middle America. I don't know what to make of this 100000 person petition. To kick somebody out of American not just middle America but America in general let's get a 100000. Signatures to get rid of somebody you don't like. That's next alcoholic and WEEI.

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