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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 01/30/14

Jan 30, 2014|

We start the day with the table setter, The Boston Blitz. We go around the table of Boston Sports and set the day up with the three biggest stories in Boston sports with Joe MacDonald of ESPN Boston, Paul Flannery of SBNation and Christopher Price of WEEI.com

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-- snow and Michael Ali on Sports Radio 93 point seven WTI got a look at all the big stories in Boston sports we. It's okay please. On Sports Radio W. Are possible it's always brought to you by AT&T it's our look around the city of Boston what's going on sports where I opened. Where's my you don't get it also -- you don't get blitz -- -- them anyway he has supposedly it's about the delegates. -- -- -- -- For rotating. You can't complain every time you know get your way now we can't -- menu and the but there was -- time to get to Joey Mac Joseph McDonald ESP embossed dot com joins us broke brutal take on the Canadian tonight. At the garden they got a ten point lead over there hated rival and yet the Canadians are gonna start a backup goalie tonight Joseph why. Yeah and you know outlook. Good question Mike it'll what have what apple wants you know. Carey Price has started the last eight games obsolete and you just country into. Maybe get a little bit of a -- here and they decided that it would go Putin would act and I met so little surprising given the fact that. Carey Price has some pretty sick numbers against the Bruins. You know I love. These games Joey and you look at you know Bruins Montreal. I don't care what's going on. A few days before the Super Bowl if it's the MBA if it doesn't matter what's happening these are always entertaining games what are you looking for tonight. From the Bruins in this matchup. Yeah Michael -- you know the one thing that really wanna see for the Bruins as. It's just continued player way that they have an Indian -- Julian yesterday. You know but not really worried. Right now about who replaying it and yet it's rivalries great but. They just need to continue to play the -- they have been in the last excuse because richest and firing on all cylinders and everything -- well several all lines are getting point production from. Equine. And -- -- important scores forty you know we haven't. He killed pretty good stretch so -- that that's really what you need to do and you know -- nightly sleep you know to a great start I wrote I just really like to see in the Arab outlets into. He's had all kinds of problems against Montreal CD can turn that around tonight you can read Joey Mac and he is the embossed -- on form on Twitter at ESPN GO -- about Specter. Are now go to Paul flattery the professor. From SB nation follow him on Twitter at -- lands Paul last night Tommy -- had a case of telling you fall. He called it at the end Michael Carter Williams carry that ball before giving it up. Evan Turner Evan Turner makes that shot had a tough angle Celtics lose by a point but the good knows this fall. But the Celtics are now the third worst team in basketball. Is this thing unfolding as you thought it would. Even when they lose they win. Yeah you know I honestly doubt -- would probably be a little bit better than this but it's considered a situation there right now. If that don't pretty much according to plan to play in the young guys big minutes they're losing games they're probably gonna get -- -- position get a nice draft pick of the loaded draft so yes absolutely. Danger is on this morning on another radio station and said that. He was fielding offers and Raj on -- they were good offers but he was starting to actually field some offers. What does that mean for the process of trading -- on Rondo if indeed they end up doing. -- Syria have been they've been adamant both publicly and privately that they're not looking to trade Rondo which to me means. They're not gonna just steal him just to get him out of here just to clear cap space that your that your they're looking for something big. They're looking for draft pick they're looking that takes some of the takes some of their bad contract. I have long felt guys that can be really hard to trade Rondo especially during the season. This summer would probably be the time but the clock is now taking on an extension they'll be up after next year and the wonder teams are really willing to -- up for the guy. Are they try to trade for Chris Paul it didn't work out short of Chris Paul. What would be let's just play the game here what would be a good deal for Rondo for the Boston Celtics give me names. The data like you come back and Michael and I'm not even sure if if -- excitement as much as he -- the interest -- is -- -- Detroit who was coming up on he'll be restricted free agent after this year. Young big men can score and that is not working to Detroit with him Josh Smith and -- tournament something has got to -- now. You know I don't know that excites them that much but in terms that now -- -- game that I would think but I think you're looking at -- draft -- nobody wants to trade and taken the lead back contract. That -- huge. Right Munro is either a huge orders -- the future they're both big. They'll probably drop -- -- -- judge -- -- Monroe Monroe is sort of a classic. He -- these he's not good LaMarcus Aldridge but you know from someone in that like as the -- beaver. Got -- hey Paul Flannery thanks appreciate it meant I got tired of football Chris price of course WEEI dot com. Crist would sort of going back and forth on on what this game means for the legacy of Tom Brady if Peyton Manning wins this Super Bowl making it -- second Super Bowl win the does it do anything to change Tom Brady's legacy. No I don't think it doesn't and it seems property legacy I think you can look at -- Look at the fairway it would have been -- for awareness secretary a couple of years ago he injects some alternate or conversely if you're company. Be able to -- -- got Super Bowl -- little read the Brady but I think it once meaning if you win this second one on Sunday. You part of that congress is -- part of a group -- settle for a record to enable output. It puts America. Chris you have a story on WEEI dot com talking about the redemption. Of Josh McDaniels why and how. Has Josh McDaniels and redeem. Well I think if you look at the wave effect than the roster would put together you know iron in there you go back -- it I'm the coach. What is the great -- 1117 fired very very quickly and relatively but it look at the way it ought to put together to look we got recuperated summits Eric records and bugle Robert earlier opera all -- -- put -- a lot of important. -- when you're talking about it in that and more so make your coach. You look a little bit short but I think a lot of ways that factor in that regard them. Remember author were to audience budget and I think that people want it to the -- to construct the laughter and I think in retrospect. What in the shop the vote but Bachmann is that. Chris I love you but I could not disagree with you more I mean I I could not disagree more with the idea that Josh -- those not. Those guys back Peyton Manning there in the Super Bowl because of one guy Peyton Manning and the fact that he brought in Dustin Colquitt doesn't mean Jack. -- -- -- the factory creating what kind of anyone's throat to have the greatest comic book -- note from a radio what you do we draft by draft but don't give. If Eric -- what their. You brought a lot of those got in again I'm not saying that -- -- -- redirecting -- -- -- without -- I think -- you know we're we're prepared Denver. But everything that he deserved a little bit of credits begin to put -- Go read the article to WEEI dot com and follow the great Chris price -- steep price NFL talked to Chris. Dale I heard uprising I don't I don't I don't you disagree vehemently cook I got area they totally out of is gonna come on to say if you think now he's begun disagree -- he won the doubles and what's open he must have the bottle that was brought you by AT&T TD covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible aren't. Some of those guys by -- just don't protest don't the Dustin Colquitt and the moment you mentioned -- quit your for your argument to say look you put together to Mary's Thomas Eric Decker and Julius Thomas that's enough justice and may be notion marina although he's replaced. Just a couple of the receivers fine. But don't give the other -- You'll recall where I think every back has replaced I know you don't like no shot Marino is replaceable on the Denver Broncos know summer it'll might be replaced he is well placed a ball but the other guy Heinze then the other guy. For the Seahawks. -- not. Replaceable. Nodded off there because of his personality not -- there is kind of -- because of the propaganda that has brought. Running is great but it's his personality that makes -- -- Portland -- they can't be that team without Marshall what they want that they can't have -- -- -- approach without I don't think that every running back is your place I think there have been some in history. Who actually are irreplaceable one of them is still not over spiking we'll hear from him axle -- WE.

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