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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/30/14

Jan 30, 2014|

Please answer this if you can.

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It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. But still show coming up right after this around Bradford is him this variance of the question rob Correa. It Roma are turning. Now of our customers with a new initiative. -- know that there really get it in these and you thought -- Adams was here so we didn't turn on the -- just -- like you start listening and it tenacity and I like -- Provo soon. Something about sprays. Under the sea hawks the birdie. And ridiculous going to be big news a lot of Utley Howard a all the way through the the hospital where it a little a little -- royalties to start with the task -- -- -- polls are right yup David Ortiz. -- -- the veteran TV news rookie David Ortiz. People I don't it was baffling the whole multi year old son they thought he wanted to five year deal. It. Now you will be he would be 44. Now yes so that's the answer you wanted a one year extension yeah and his deal yes and then why did -- no way said that. I won't play unless they give it to -- that you know now he's actually set it. If I don't get it what am -- gonna do stop playing amid a plot to play somewhere right that's. -- these experiments. Now now now not knowing Spanish. -- it's no the cup and isn't it but it isn't I know it's -- I figured out there and let's ride it -- it's like yourself that no matter what it is -- -- you -- -- the same thing an English -- you tell that this was -- sorely lacking and Alex was in here that it at a at a Alex Robinson limitless and I question present German. Is -- come off differently when he speaking his first language I speak English well very well written but. If he were doing that interview in Spanish. -- do you think there is a a nuance here we he be able to make the distinction better. In Spanish about all I know you're asking me a hypothetical. -- I'm gonna answer -- if I'm playing along with your hypothetical but English I would expect this in English but that's not gonna happen. That's again that's a hypothetical question you're throwing at me until I'm gonna -- I knew how to play along with. I don't know because again I don't speak Spanish but. There's a lot of things that you think he's not understand it and I think he does that even use that in the podcast he's taken aback or you are taken aback by this. Figuring he wouldn't know what -- talk about maybe did they seem do but he takes it buried not. 800 question brought to -- heiress restoration specialist at your property your facility manager and don't have a cold weather disaster plan to please be prepared contact eras and 877. 4611111. Or go to -- serve dot com -- -- also with us Alex and I went up -- mullah but a -- Here's that we got and this goes for perfect for you were obviously the so that -- true man of the North Shore in my ruining my summer for myself like cooking lobsters and -- Are you -- Talking about lobsters to beat 365 days and years and it's cheaper yeah it absolutely. Accurate estimate that I've seen -- eating lobster. Shellfish are really here and it's served its -- selfish and removes it by putting in the lobster. Because there's nothing better than hot -- -- from the -- -- cool meanings. I but it's not not the same as when you take it from the -- it's disappointing -- would be Mexico you know lobsters well now tell us to declassify it in the West Coast they bring -- like the Australian. Gas dust settles. -- -- port Meyers rubio over the rock. Affiliate. The biggest thing is an effort out of Austin and it's just rock rap. From a desert -- fickle mistress next question. Since we're talking about earlier saw what is your high score in the Addams Family in bowl game completes our -- U I I actually built. I've definitely. I got to I got a replay at some point. Did you guys so in the the ball can easily go all the way to the outside and have a shot at it. You try to kind of don't know machines still does what you hit the team you throw -- across the room and you're trying to make sure you're trying to -- that so it doesn't go all the way to the outside -- I mean John that it if you do it too hard to say when you throw the machine across the yes I've done that. -- very average very tense in order to actually that's -- that sound he's making that's why he was it -- -- -- at the ought to pound you guys as -- desires interrupting this segment did you guys ever ever ever buy the books how to beat video games. When -- treated like centerpiece had a magazine that they don't know like you know I was more about the support amount of seats are different codes in by the -- that what -- -- -- -- watching the watchers yesterday does for a living. What's that -- -- -- just yesterday. That basically when he makes money doing. YouTube for -- really. Like he tells you like reviews and how to beat teams it's I thought it might have followed with a court order on that -- -- -- about. -- history class progress at all. That's the difference electric younger Michael Berger which does it matter that. Gives me an instrument of libraries and take out book. It's it's it's old school how to how to -- group excuse that it roots here figured out. -- easy goal. Don't have beaten which went to Gallagher. Gallagher don't take all the way right right -- just keeps you fix that -- QB in the but the continued its function. Thank you who has a greater influence in the history of music Pete Seeger or Bob -- stop it stop it Bob Dylan thank you -- thank you very much. I would think but I don't know what it is about Pete -- -- he's got a permanent political seemed upset on Twitter bottom line -- waited eager now or his brother. -- -- as much better. The Red Sox and Keith law's list had what seven of the top hundred entities or something yes talk about that today -- body heat is on with you about it yesterday. If you didn't enter the next question because of which one related to the next question better question is best Bob Dylan album. -- problems you don't like Bob Dylan -- is one question is we don't read our diligent stuff torn with two years argue. Are you real American if you don't like Bob McNamara and his voice has voices and only title cut has to be like -- Communist because the whole thing with -- -- -- -- -- -- complex there. A lot of contracts that program next question holly if your character in the wizard of laws would you represent the scarecrow or a munchkin. First I would be in the ways. Michael Jackson the Michael Jackson mr. Ease on down ease on down -- moon. Did. In a whiz man. It was about as have you watched port on your phone. -- Good don't ever do it when I -- tell you exactly why war. Because I tried it last night I pressed the wrong button and almost weeded out when I was watching -- -- -- the worst thing ever acquired. You sort of and -- the work that you guys at work -- the worst part of the worst thing that we can hit it. -- -- that happened here in other news in -- confidence in its home and went to war. So batteries that there's one of those like -- this out buttons on the why would they don't want it Twitter for. Questions. Dangers and what ever that its. Third quarter when you follow your year towards hardware side. Retreat. And it was not about Roger George rob and Alex a couple of objects that are great they are hot stove show in order to keep law. Greater. He's the best of me that you're here and if you haven't he's he's he missed on some days. Was it starts really break the news -- it was a Red Sox and now he's not with a Red Sox anymore he's even better about it. I will get your guys your full -- for -- Adams talks about the birds will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock itself.

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