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Marshall Faulk has many, many thoughts on Spygate and Super Bowl 36

Jan 30, 2014|

Former NFL All-Pro and current NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk sits down to discuss, what else, Spygate. Marshall does everything short of outright claiming the Patriots cheated over and over again. He is still skeptic about the defensive game plan in Super Bowl 36.

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Marshall -- nice enough to what join us here looking -- present. It's your TV got a dress up more than -- radio guys have to address abortion -- got to look the party kids can just talk about it they'll IQ that is somewhere it just a jeans. Here's doors on the radio or TV all days -- it was a good got to look apart -- don't know I don't look the part -- -- you knuckle pockets where you go a little flower very that would call it's difficult -- It's kind of my touch -- it's a good touch. We talk a lot about the patriots throughout the course this week is a Boston radio station partially you've been tough time. You have been outspoken and I guess I -- I the -- alas the loudly outspoken about the digital asked the question that the most patriots fans ask us to ask the minute we told you we go beyond. -- what he -- the patriots it's. Hated the very strong word. Actually. Robert Kraft. And I love what he's done with the patriots. I remember my time when I visited the patriots and and when I was you know it was ninth for his second year with the team turf and and in mister Kraft was like mr. -- you're on the board. You'll be a patriot. In an -- -- bill a bill met with Bill Parcells than -- asked me so how many times do you think you can -- -- football and I said. -- coach how many times you want each -- to football he was like well. Look at that you you don't look like -- be cared to football more than maybe ten to fifteen times to game. I -- -- coach. You know I know that's I know it's only college work. Ten to fifteen times this is probably will go have a the first half of from playing for you. Well I don't think you can wolf. Obviously I went off the board at number two to colts but that was the relationship and a local mister Kraft has done with the team. I hate the patriots would be great that would mean -- Tom Brady and I love what -- has done. Hmmm I think that they get upset because the 'cause the 'cause I look at I would get in the first overall pick going to a -- change in a franchise. When people expect you to. I considered that. To be a a more daunting task then. Coming from being the sixth round pick when nobody is expecting to do that in particular team to a Super Bowl but I just think that's a harder thing to do. Because I know would change the cultural organization is right and and I feel that it once. And I succeeded another time. So it's it's it's a lot it's a lot to do and not to just do it but do it and -- considered one of the greats if not the greatest quarterback of all time. He misbehaved so it's a strong or I think a lot of it comes from you know they'll want Super Bowl. And in looking back at it like published do you hold that against him you you believe in the in the spy -- usually do here's -- here's the thing. In the NFL. You'll be fine for nothing for it. Let's Muslims in that occurred. We're Smart -- businessman and it's about protecting the brand protecting the shield now you tell me. At at anything that you do if you find out. Or have it just it just you fight finals the -- teach you any any little way. That you're okay with it. In the -- not a competitor you're not a competitor if you're OK with a competitor that's what I am. And not an end it's not like I hadn't played that team before. There's not like I didn't know what they were gonna do me. You know it but that's -- And an open until up until that day that we found out that information you had never heard me say anything about that team. Or about what they did and I still consider Belichick wanted to greatest coaches. I still consider Tom Brady one of the greatest players that team and and what they did it went on that run it was great. The only thing that bothers me is there's something that exist that gives as doubt on why the game with the way it did. How much was it you guys are so once stopped greatest show on turf that -- -- you lose that game do you sit the incipient. How did they do we -- shot this team could stop it in years legal -- aha now I know no because because the one thing that I know and I believe dead. It is in it's what makes our game. The greatest sport in America is. You have to be good you have to be a better team on that day. Nobody cares if you don't get a game five you don't get a game seven. You have one game. To be at your best. And and the better team doesn't always win with a that we were you let your best that they stop you what you best objectives they did you didn't execute we want. We didn't execute I mean. If they weren't on the field we would get scored touchdowns so they were in that they were our opponent and they had something to do with does not executing. You've said there were certain that you saw Marshall as a player into that game that you you don't ever let's let's let's let's let's let's just say -- occurred. And we can we can go back and dive into the tape and we can ask questions about this about that. How much money did it cost the patriots. Cost them a Bill Belichick told somebody got a grant strap me 500 -- in a first round pick first round pick up and feel like 200 grand. What vermilion to prevent -- recognized 500000 yet now we're talking 750000. Dollars and in the first round pick pressure. That just happens for nothing would have been because the memo when now they ignored it they killed more soldiers. Later on in the seasons later on years later you believe that they were involved in that during this Super Bowl I don't have the believe anything the commissioner had tapes. Would he had tapes -- nothing. It wasn't it wasn't thinks that nothing. No well those tapes handled correctly the commissioner destroyed -- did you listen without OK if you listen man this is like asking should we -- -- war. That's when the president makes that decision you you live with that in an an -- in this room in his room. Commissioner Roger Goodell is our president. And he made a decision and that's why I live with that that it that you look at when -- ability to find they lost your pick. The success they had -- of the 2007. Season they go sixteen no way you know before the losers who post says that it afterwards. Does that sort of take away from will be needed stuff to get it done is they've been successful why com. What would you consider and success in winning games where you can consider success when Super -- Waits eight AC championships Tom Brady's Bennett and I know we've been at three got I don't wanna I wanna take anything away from Tom Toms Toms being great. That's success if he's gonna continue to have success. Yeah I mean. He's gonna continue that success they have. What I wanna consider one of the greatest things going with guys will in the coming here in work in in play under Belichick. Play under the rules -- Belichick and get things done. That works. When we talk about what they have done we're talking about Super -- I mean they won games the year before Belichick got there under the -- They were eleven imply the right. We're gonna we're eleven what what not the year before Peter -- -- five and there -- five and eleven -- senate not to -- under five -- he left as last year they were down. They won their Whipple a playoff he would on the others -- -- your loyalty went right character so let's let's not. Let's let's not let's not. I mean they were they were there were pretty good team. So there were a championship team buildup there they won three of four years or not but he teams have done right and and the question is. How did they become a championship team. Because indicated though because the level of the filming a eight listen let's them yeah I'm I'm not gonna be only when this latest. Ever since they got to find an okay we're not doing that anymore they've won how many Super -- not. And how many they've been to. We've been Juliet. 23 poker aren't. -- -- -- It's a success though though isn't it mean when you -- it is it is but we're talking about championships are about. I mean a lot of teams that won a lot of games see above but there's -- thing that you are seeing that they wanted to because of that there. Because of the film I'll have to know that. I'll have to know that the only thing I know is ever since that happen -- and it got exposed. What we have is going to win super both Russell almost they have anything to do with each other I'm just telling you what the facts are. You look at those back and it it it those facts didn't lead you to the opinion of Haiti to that helped to win and because they don't have that help anymore. That's the reason they have not won a Super Bowl since I'm take those back -- -- the opinion you know and I'm just telling you how I feel about it if you if that's your perception of what I'm saying. The that your perception. I'm not taking anything away from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady your great. A lot -- continue to tell you that they are great. We weren't winning one they've warned that. -- on I don't know how many games but obviously Jimmy -- eight. And -- -- noted that it eight we'll meet you you don't you don't do that without without getting some things accomplished you know -- I'm just telling you it's just ironic that that's the case is yet they got the patriots did we talk about succession in the I'd look at the team they went -- -- with. They had a level of defense inevitable to match those guys sort of went they would retire OK let's doesn't mention -- -- -- and I -- I liked I -- when you start to -- this. The level that defense coming -- level the defense the great players that they had limited great players I wanna hear my law. Acrylic -- dodgy deals Tedy Bruschi okay Tedy Bruschi Vrabel. Vrabel where -- where -- will start -- -- I'll -- with the Pittsburgh these people here into his -- they are at the we're not talk among role players union -- talk -- great they're great players play. Regardless the wording that they play -- -- that it's terraced and its high law it's Tedy Bruschi Richard Seymour post is really good defensive where you buy a hall of -- there -- there you go they have not -- that sense. That would be the reasoning for me when I look at it they've had failures like defense Marshall -- over now if they've not replace those players and have those those players. Those failure you're talking about are we talking about like. Little round guy that we talk about first round guys. Are we talking about guys that you could -- this free agents -- I don't wanna be the highest Lloyd reality -- and not living up to -- guys or guys. Or guys that arm that was drafted. It didn't pan out into your system. What are we talking about -- which notable lot of Dixon secondary guys that didn't pan out then draft let these guys -- Bill Belichick patriots are guilty of support drafts there's -- -- no question about it but. -- -- -- that they've failed on -- gone anywhere it succeeded either they'd -- you guys that are likely drafted suspect guys. I'd be drafted guys come out of college that were good. -- they drafted guys that that. Commented it was like oh my god this guy should help it. India daily Thomas thing is. -- mean. You know there's just certain players that can play under the and he wasn't able to deal with it. Whatever that dynamic he is that playing under that existed. And playing in the big in this case your offensive guy pick of the office of the people into our office and how mom always go on everyone's doing all the -- The ultimate -- As a pitcher strand where you go offense -- defense because -- -- the team and that's why they apple are you going off on legal defense and on Seattle defense outside against these are. -- so they haven't won. Because. The great Tom Brady can't win them one -- offense -- what you're telling me exactly. -- artists like anybody at it that way they've tried to just like Payton man that I -- do with it for substance well he did what he did or didn't and he did it. With the -- Com which it all on his shoulders shook things which are saying is that breed he has not done it in New England with it all on the shoulders yes poker. By outside and I've been saying that they keep telling me -- -- heater. Every -- within you just -- I'm like no I love Tom Brady I think he's great but every player needs help. He needs -- offensive to help -- around -- look at the weapons Peyton Manning has around him compared to what Tom Brady as we spent three days here in the Super Bowl. Try to get let Al player to show again it up the -- he needs more talent around him offensively to get -- Aqib Talib. They got some big moves to make your hear talk -- -- -- us in talking about SAP which really sure what those bookmarks. With SAP would not been as an ambassador for ICP and in nuclear compares it to and how it affected. Tennessee football this year and on nfl.com you really know who's used to it see if you go to nfl.com. It -- to give you. All the little data that you need to know this didn't start. Bomb this thing this this tool it'll take into consideration whether. What do you plan on the road have you faced team before. If it -- it it's immediate college punches -- numbers and in gives you do right guy the picked. The right guy and that's that's that the program we did do the Twitter take over today at at SEP sports. Unanswered questions to a clock so good I got a picture did not imagine I -- to get this -- let me know. Nfl.com. For a player comparison to. But yeah and all the reports on what worked at at any -- sports on Twitter at 2 o'clock I'll be taken all you teacher questions. If you wanna find out and I get enough. Good luck if it if I. -- -- I don't shy away from anybody when it comes to my oh my opening yeah and I make sure when I talked. That people know this is my opening at anything you have a thought as to what I'm saying then that's your thought. We're gonna hear your pick is on the Super Bowl but they have on the NFL network's gets more real to thanks for will kick off Marshall -- guys up the dress would get a break come back and react dealt with you guys that -- seven. 7797937. Marshall like all our guests brought you by a arrest. Restoration specialists here radio row Super Bowl 48.

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