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All-Pro WR Larry Fitzgerald with Mut and Lou

Jan 30, 2014|

Current Cardinal Wide Receiver sits down with Mut and Lou to address the rumor that the Patriots tried to acquire him last off-season, and whether or not he'd like to play in New England.

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Joining us here on radio row -- -- couple years go to Indianapolis. We were there for the Super Bowl the patriots to -- they are not here at this time around but Larry FitzGerald is. Wide receiver Arizona Cardinals could -- again man. It's these what are you going we've got a lot of conversations about expanded playoffs my guess is after the year you guys had and not getting in a -- big fan of expanding the playoffs. Next yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't it wouldn't hurt to get an opportunity after winning ten games this season looming 2009 and -- when he notes in the sixth when someone down I hear me they've missed the playoffs and so if it happens from time to time. Actually they -- 115 that you got it yet we still -- -- 115 if they could play similar -- a that's a travesty you know you should have you have opportunities. To give it to determine if you win them in the games. You know we've also a new report coming out of Boston I think I believe it was yesterday saying that last off season the patriots. We're interested in bringing mr. Larry FitzGerald to help quote Tom Brady you. Ever hear any of that. I would lose -- me to be honest with the economy. That's probably at the end of behind the doors you know quiet -- feet under the season united a never thing. Like that mentioned what you know as a player you really don't control your own destiny in terms that they decide to do something coming. They give you -- if they're really give you walking papers you know you think you play with a guy like Tom -- -- you know obviously -- you know. Tough to three quarterbacks ever play the game. You know it's. -- tomorrow that would they'll accomplish. We get this thing done because Tom might have three or four years left in we need to have someone like Larry FitzGerald. Lined up next to him to help the men out a little bit you know what I have no control that could happen. Mark writes our own Dubai there's on the card goes you know and so. Well you know I enjoy playing -- -- -- -- the you know it's like a citizen out of my hands and they've never come view and said hey we've spoken. We talk to Drake -- and inquired about tickets even. You you guys have an adult conversation never never known and unknown until the time with the government's thirty year very well -- drafted me. Those two years ago so a total. All the time you know suppose if anything that remotely. I would imagine he would obviously stopped what they do look at things in the offseason a lot of charities lot of fundraisers and your latest fund raiser less -- would probably get a lot of it. Lot of a lot of attention. Golf but two weeks ago at the defense as the surely Crabtree. What what exactly do you even recall anything go down between the two fellows on the very nice quiet week in -- raising -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- remember anything. You know unusual happening obviously so when -- -- of articles I was like wow perplexed like. -- remember anything happening what. Not comfortable guys they say they welcome back to -- bit this year and hopefully ticket sales got to reckon I'll make sure there are hospitals opposing teams I look at what celebrity boxing match. No no we don't know women fighting and going right Crabtree in German. We take it. I don't know I I tend to I think I think -- little fortunately it's got craziness I might but I think Crabtree get a quiet kind of crazy stupid huh. I suspect he is a wide receivers you guys are for the most part not -- stand up there by yourself throughout the buy yourself the whole team. The get go Crabtree that you get better odds of -- Celebrity boxing event do that so you'll you'll raise even more. They've got a chance to look at it Germans in that division. He's considered now by most best quarterback in the NFL you agree with that but Levys have. -- -- but I have the ability to play against -- -- Patrick Peterson every day who was also noted AP first team. All pro this year in the home so complaint against him every day and it went against shark twice twice yearly those guys they're. Right up there that the top you know with the other food chain in. They'll charm is -- so good that they would he doesn't think -- he's been working on their feet of the Pete Carroll. He's an all -- he's really good to run game for the from -- -- tackle he's competitive fiery guy and you know every time they get some but you have to play well to be -- You guys you know they in the NFC west I mean you look at now atop the bottom of the best division in football we -- talked about it for years he wants. Grant -- it's like beauty going not just Seattle be its differences to evil begets wealth and -- singles. With a group got a team to a million you know Google's got in the past first thing that there is this tremendous put. We knew -- this season that you know you have to win thirteen twelve games -- did you know what you know -- division title there. This is what has been don't don't over the last few years with the resurgence of of San Cisco announces beautiful on the road now so. We knew that we will have to went eleven -- try to get into the tournament you know we just fell short. A lot of talk if -- weakland has been Larry about the Wes Welker. Let's call the pick play and keep leave the AFC title game you're sort of shaking your head as they wide receiver. How did you view that plays -- a -- guys won Arizona bump bump -- a guy off with that -- and trying to free up somebody your body your case somebody that your team you try to free you up. If we do all the time I think everybody does -- come this far everybody's you know packages -- pleased with the way that globe. You know. Came audited and would like more book of the block don't mean I was -- dirty play. I'll hold it was thirty you know obviously I can't tell what his you know you know. And his intent was put it from from looking at it implant the position. I've never I've never seen one done like that before so on me that it was it was interest in the way that. -- we were talking off level like Tom Brady -- these young we -- weapons he has and how difficult it is. It Carson Palmer the -- last year was the struggles -- right for you that their relationship between. Go down you if you statistically wise we've looked at the quarterback situation concrete down you look at is what receiving. Couple that relationship between the two of you've got to be difficult for you revenue quarterback company and about the issue would be before -- Yes it's been great to have that continuity and a consistent person now you know first of all sixteen games for this year. Well we do for the 4000 yards in issues things did last year in Oakland. And have it. Most of for the leadership you know he -- to bring you know who they want to. You know help the young guys understand what was going on it and now with a lot of fun you know being around and got -- a better and hard working guy like Carson so you don't have them sign up two more years he gives us the stability of the positions move forward. You played a Super Bowl when we come back to events like this and hang on a radio row. You start get it going knowing that you know he got the you're a veteran -- get to appoint a career where does the Super Bowl become. The once the got to be done all the things statistically consider one of the best -- position if not the best and if football. How much is that Lombardi trophy now drive -- your off season your. Preparation facility and it was for me this morning. To accomplish things of them first level notebook computers and have them. An opportunity to push them -- -- -- -- -- like you've and it was really crazy. No because you -- as simple as a spectator like we all are working it. It's so different from playing in the -- is that an isolated bubble you keep working -- practicing trying to do everything we can't become a stayed the same team that she's. Kept the whole season and in the hoopla and all the festivities economy so far away from you know so is religious -- kind of see the dynamics are different they are. Better in -- -- -- that are out there's only to a couple years. -- move on with a couple partisan last -- -- I don't know that I could do a better companies have been let out about it clam up plan and it noticed an innocent a lot of fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To have that opportunity to go back to school in the -- we don't -- kind of work better of them own schedules. Wanna be an old gusted and class you know. On that 1819 year old kids to a different story for our party stories on so I'm kind of work at a mall level. Oh come own time and still be responsible. That's graduating. The only place you to -- the Super -- here in 937 WE -- the coverage begins at noon on Sunday how about this at 5 o'clock. Larry FitzGerald and Tom Brady part of the dial global pregame show and Jim -- -- here as well who -- the top breeder view every Monday night during that the season. A double -- is he he is all his best the from some -- he answered all his best question because all the best question of how many heat though he scraps later. That's -- -- that feels great to have OK there was a report that the patriots try to acquire about Larry FitzGerald there was a report. There's a report yesterday. That -- -- a trade for disguise that the new guy should talk to Brady FitzGerald patriots had their way. Let me play together so feel free to ask about that we have Larry FitzGerald and top radio I oil. I will be a great place for the break patriots the view really that these crazy religious these people to question for Thomas to salute absolutely -- definitely absolutely. It's -- the pecking order. I beat Novak love -- it's a good demanded to know what. You come to the patriots. You know. We -- -- your heart you know I have known you know I have no no I have no opportunity for me do. It's a make a call like that that's that's a vessel management. OK what if you could work would you I hear you under contract -- would you be opposed communique of the USA the -- that you like the patriots interest at regular. What they did they -- that was what they did they want to do you know I would have more choices -- play with Tom Brady's. You know. He couldn't he couldn't go wrong with a. If the restructure that -- that pet -- yeah. Let's -- I -- I origin miner Gary why you guys are yeah Democrats -- have this isn't it anyway I draw the Alibaba and value screws salary cap skyward operating screwing I thought every board and it never boring -- about Larry is that true. Would double the the pro football talk when he told and other that they yeah anointed them that it -- Well okay the elected to give him on the dollar he never asked -- -- same question -- absolutely opposite here. He would have those absolutely absolutely I definitely had Thomas Hart has never been an effect -- the best style -- has a 5 o'clock I went on May change the night at Westwood One. We're back to Westwood and but I it was -- -- one -- -- out back and what Westwood Westwood One all day coverage on WEEI 5 o'clock we GM Tom Brady the great Larry FitzGerald Larry thanks I appreciate -- unpleasant I had a record don't interrupt your show hardly been a -- Ricky got the heart got hard questions will come back Mike -- -- get to join us we'll -- team building with them. Former jet GM don't go anywhere.

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