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Former Patriot Matt Light joins Mut and Lou

Jan 30, 2014|

Super Bowl Champion Matt Light sits down with the boys to discuss playing under Bill Belichick, Wes Welker's benching in the AFC Championship against the Jets, and Tom Brady's frustrations with young receivers.

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Nice not to be joined now by former patriot Matt Light hanging out. On radio row back at a CQ can we get a little bit more room here in New York coming what what is happening I mean in the past we've had leg. 400 thousand square feet of just awesome in this what is this this this is utter chaos right now to -- -- -- behind yet. This is your day starting off here you ought to do it's the fault they lost none have noticed the first this is a sure first that he has literally walked in a radio row at that dollar just kind of taking in. This mass of humanity right now of silicon in the uniqueness of the overall. You know radio road here is pretty wild it's just what your needs to write like an extra million or so people who don't come into the city is not crowded enough that especially he has beautiful. -- -- left maybe fifteen blocks ago right at about 1010 yeah. And I just now gotten here and that's that's pretty impressive -- I thought about did not actually hiking it. And and I thought -- and I have a wise with me issues. -- -- your wife's mom what no oral or none at all so. Just make it shows you know I was I was the brilliance injury must -- -- an existing -- Just want to hear outdoor guy you could hide that you have made it. I could really abandoned Melissa's been two years since I've done anything physically you know speaking right -- ago. I'm -- I consider just getting up every morning a physical act. That's sort of storage some for a stretch. But that's about it. Couple years now immediately gotten past the fact you know it. It'll replace ticket that it seems to watch some games that you you wake up -- more your body feels good -- again this is I'd rather have this. Did you know look when you're when you're out there for a while you do gain a new perspective on -- it's. You're watching games a little bit more were. Intensely you if you do have this feeling you're one I think gov OK I'm glad that you know I'm I'm not doing that right now almond joy in my first fall ever. In the snow cut grass as make or vomit you know all those things have to. -- when you when your plane again you -- but I can't wait to get that point but here too is all that from ball game I mean you're trying to. You're gonna give back into what what's changed in two years' time a lot's changed the game of football I mean. You know they they use that amid a number of new guys and you look at these rosters and ambassador symbol. And I have also play in which have a few times a public good you know I would be looking at. A locker room full of guys that my goodness these guys are born and -- these. You know most of them have less than three years experience and so you know just inherently due to the age of the NFL things have changed. -- how did you deal with this week that we talked to players about you know that the pressure on this game the extra media get a few words. Here doing this is a former player as a player you would be at a hotel when he blocks -- have an answer questions for 34 -- general how did you deal with. The added media the added just spotlight of this week. Yeah you know each other so give only what you have to and that's and that's you know typically driven by your friends your family right. Yours are approaching game what you would normally and when you're on the road and they'll look we had we had instances where we head you know back to back West Coast games which state. You know somewhere on the West Coast of between -- time -- demanded that it throws you off -- creatures have been you know -- a Monday or Tuesday as -- Tuesday and here we like to have our schedules but. You learn how to deal of those kind of things and and so you try to you -- Symbian a super bore you wanna come down you wanna. Have some fun with the but overall you know -- your main mission is to go out there when the game. India doing some unique ways get a practice and some funky areas -- -- -- -- -- here in there and it's -- the dog and pony show to some degree in it for Syria. You know to go -- and is that I'm sir -- loves those blood. -- he's loving -- but you know it's so -- -- there's so many things that you speak about you know from a team perspective -- -- -- you know. They're co Stosur was graded just simplifying everything you know hey guys look you know this is where Davis is -- routine this is how gonna do things. Also ad nauseam and it was like all right coach I did it we're we're focused them on. You know this particular moment Wednesday's it's you know first second -- third down real look at everything in Thursday's going to be more more passing attack and our passing game is so. You keep those core principles you had all season long fated deal with the things -- to deal with the -- You know you when you play you we always you I was in radio -- always a good interview but I -- -- -- -- so many ex patriots that are in the media. That you would think -- patriots -- -- pick -- players given. Public -- goes to Bill Belichick does a lot to talk about. How you guys would adapt so well to it's almost like you're free now you could speak. -- -- you guys are in the media get together silly exporters say look at us right now talking about the game we couldn't say anything when we play and bill. That's funny you watch a guy like brew on TV in his seat you know how much passion he still brings that every one of his interviews -- of things that he discusses and you know Rodney and what he's doing a live and there's a lot of guys that have come through -- locker review that warm maybe considered no. Patriots I would have gone to do things the media and feel for the most part I think the way bill approached him well it was reopened but extremely dry and and then and dehumanize to some degree with respect. There has relationships with the media and all that for us it was very comforting. And so I didn't have to worry about a lot of things in -- by the way than this how you speak to people in the public changes to right and not off the cuff you know just. Just a random conversation you have somebody in the field it would be almost identical to what it would be in the -- Girl's only your job easier is a player because you -- hide behind this is just the way it has to be a 100% look at there's a real problem there's a question you really don't like you don't go west built right with courses are great there are totally about so by the way although they always -- that -- -- the same thing that -- when he's asked a question he doesn't really like. He says the last week. This tells the players -- bill and you guys that he returns at the last league about that. Yeah you know you -- have -- -- certain things I think is proven dead. You know there are certain ways that you don't wanna attack the media you know in in and there's there's some fun things guys do you guys look I've I think. -- -- especially with the being forced to know these guys this week being forced. To be available not not in the normal fashion majora watch from week to week nothing brings to light you know this the situation -- you don't look. There's a lot of guys that don't enjoy that. So for the guys don't enjoy bill system's great directors achieve some focus on what they wanna focus on for the guys don't like to talk things get more creative and how would do it. Speak at a bill I'm curious are talking about life for the patriots hanging out here radio row. Were you surprised on a Monday after the FC title game that would bill came -- and he was so. I guess I called aggressive in his comments with the Wes Welker picked play -- -- keep leave and I use the word aggressive because he -- about his opening statement. And it wasn't a question was asked by the media was something clearly thought about it said I had a chance to watch it it was a bad play it was deliberate. One of the worst I've seen was a direct quote from bill that surprise you when you heard those comments -- -- Bob -- super. As everybody you know I think that. Typically. Those kind of things would be handled. You know with the league officiating crew and he would leave that -- the powers to be they wouldn't become a public situation but I have to believe that. You know a lot of that comes from the fact that. Some of these complaints fall on deaf -- from the from a coaches in the in the coaching staffs around the league and you know some point you -- you have to make a statement and then there are things within the game the need to change today and that's how does every year you're in your outmanned. I think some of these though give force they have him with a situation like this where you have you know one of your top players. A guy that means it is crucial to your defense in your overall scheme but he's already being companies had some issues. I need to get hit like that you lose a guy because of that that these are really bad taste and about but. In all fairness that happens on plays. All the time he did in week out and so. You know you have to yet a look at the whole history of and how tall bald I'm sure there's been a lot of times that dogs that tables and it looked. This is of -- be addressed we got to take care but now and know what he's done a thing about. You double guys that like to talk media personalities that you know to be more creative with that you know we seem like. West wolf we heard the story that dry sense of humor of the kind of funny guy that he is. The in his way that -- -- villagers sensing that because right away so if they can make this thing is personally build it'll like the way you -- about some things. Yeah well -- I think. I think a lot of guys I mean I think I would probably fall -- category rubber build a wrong way over the years have been we've all rubbed the wrong way I can remember going out to. You know the union meetings -- Hawaii and and literally missing the first three or four days in the offseason program. And he's fired of the meat for mr. mayor -- it out but it was kidding. You know for a long Obama but -- -- in -- you have retirement is like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's the relatively young guy I mean it took me a year six or seven finally realized that if he doesn't hate us he wants the best forests and and thank you started -- 67 you're right rose 67 years you give your life of the dead now but. Just think -- situation. You know I think -- a lot of times where you know. Guys can do things that are quite you know bills model right. And in what you had to do we have 53 guise of a team. Yet the managed expectations of all the guys right and it's a very development is a fine line that thing about them for 12 you try to corral for your buddies at one point to do many things it's it's it's just an absolute chaotic moment right. Bill passed that he has to do those things it takes -- to be in the league to realize SO. Some least Armisen Welker made no difference over the water you know put your best foot forward foot soldiers before so -- -- I've personally I remember you're just before you have to do that I thought man that is hilarious now. You know to me I don't look at that as disrespectful to be in the big drama that individual put themselves in a position to begin with were just having a little fun with the and it's a good rivalry of. Assistant when he when he -- that first drive. There's obviously everybody that he set that first drive against the jets that year. You guys -- so like this is bill be bill we've shot by an agent that you think it was right way to go bodies have -- this is what happens. No we don't really think about -- you know the Ryder broader and different always go back -- deep folder in my mind and I say do I want to responsibility and -- -- snow okay well don't don't question itself. And that's kind of what you had to do to some degree right to be able to withstand a system like that. And the but I think there's five words summed it up it is what it is right now. Comes up every lot of guys -- good at this universal revenue in another way to do. It now is that. It is loaded with some. Raise your voice how hard was it to watch an obvious guy he protected -- was it to watching him this year with. That everybody disappearing now -- a lot of that do there and and has grown to injury and everything in the scene we see this guy at this point his career. Try to work with the young guys that you really hasn't done are successfully done for awhile. Did -- well. Thought they were Mao's -- are probably the entire effort put forth while those guys I mean look you. You -- rate Tommy and you can you can look at the x.s and those you can you know tried to. Given his mind and understand what he went through which -- -- even as and now new outsider. That's such a dynamic thing to have to work through throughout the this season right. The youth and inexperience and you're trying to make adjustments week to week and and if we were system in which you know you can go out there Ronald one through nine. Very -- plug and play guys all day long. We're not amended that the that the patriot offense is very. You know it's dynamic changes its you know even of the plays worker really well they're gonna rethink give them formation only in this that they haven't always five steps down the road. Sometimes they over think it. But that does not let -- -- itself well to a quarterback has been around for a long time has all the tools. And and another the weapons right to be able to exploit all those sites at least they get one thing and he goes to to do but he. He also all the sudden as is well thought well he's like and understand that he tried to get that trust the juggling all those things right that's a difficult thing I thought he did it held the job I mean look. Here's team ahead you know not only used but the injuries at all the abroad all the adversity you'd ever want to be able to handle and they made the decision. It was like 0606. And have a lot of receivers got that -- it do you guys go all the way to Indianapolis right in lost in the AFC title game and I felt it was a simple year. Randy Moss was talking about as a receiver working with -- and how he thinks next year map for some of these younger guys. It might be even harder because Brady's gonna have less patience now you've had a year the system appeared dots that are poised atop gives you video of the year system. I need to get past these mistakes. You seated up close out those receivers -- that what went at all. Gets off a little bit expects that develop maybe they're not up to speed with what -- -- of up to speed. Yeah I mean as though -- today but I mean it's no different that with the offensive lineman who's you know made the same mistake or two or three times you know and I think that I have a hard time believing that they're not gonna come back a more you know dependable and trustworthy group. And what they were this season I mean you grow in every snap to take did. The off season this is a vital part. And though while the -- is changed I mean you look at the rules of the new CBA and everybody will start by the injuries and woes led you know. What led to those and then ended in the shortened offseason but the same time it -- these these skilled receivers purely skilled position guys receivers. And other running backs in the quarterback and tie against those guys gonna go a lot of snaps in the off season. Regardless of what the hours say from a C -- that what those guys -- gonna be the same page. And I and I I'd be shocked that don't come back a much more dependable improved. You know receiving corps. Backfield the whole time. I got to ask you vote. Even after the air and in this situation kind of broke through the youth who support updates that you never believe everything you stood for the later on you to did your. -- how your boys and you'd -- ordered not what exactly happened there was yours and did you have that quote did you media what do you mean by. Yet though you know I've never commented on the situation and does is unfortunate double thing it played out. You know when you comment when you speak on the record speak on the record right and I've had a great relationship with a lot of people in the media have also had some moments were. You know like most players you want to throw what you don't want reporter another -- -- but that's business on the alleged that yeah. You know it's. For the most part my my relationships with and you know the -- you know world have been good. And you know in New England it when I first got there -- no one I can remember thinking -- this has got to be the nasty this group of people on earth and I found out from some got to play with the New York City that united -- scratched the surface. But over over my playing career I was -- it you know I was really shocked that the professionalism of everything the people did. In that locker room that rhythm of the beat reporters guys' -- they're old time. Outside of that though world things are -- different and there are people that take you know advantage of certain things so you know however the quote came out it came out. Let it be nice if there was actually something that -- you know. Wanted to say to report all that's the that's the best that happens I think. Ultimately you can't you cannot comment on it I mean you look at announcement what ten months you know since this thing took place everything about the usually happen. And it won't happen because there's only one guy that -- ruin haven't. There's a group of people they can really comment on it and none of those people. Are ever gonna talk announcers -- Obama and editors' circle. And Richard the matter is you know look when I was playing I gravitated towards the you know the Logan Mankins the guys that work. No real people we know that all the guys up for the alliance for excellent that's what we're as good as we work we were down to earth we've worked Ariel to beat us the wide receivers that the glory positions that they did the corners that doctor -- valued -- dull when you're an office of -- added you know me there's other guys that can cross that border but you know they were meant. We we had a we have an awesome locker room and affected you know one guy detracted from that from period of time. Now that we've moved on from it but to -- the one guy kind of brought down. You know the shine the light that was on that. Group of guys have really created that environment amuse you terminal legacy a legacy comes from the people hold the -- and it's -- some -- -- talk about themselves when it. There's some of the other people say about them. -- sort of the people are talking about the page you -- what that means and how important that is -- why it's led the success we have there's not an easy says the plane it's not a place that. You do show often you know make it happen and you've got to -- put the work and you get a count. You know for your time and the people around you. When somebody says a negative light on them as a big deal. The oh the lot of talk with the pitcher what brightness and it produces about people nationally making fun of that -- you -- now -- felt like people to find it wrong. You know woods and -- goes out there were perfect soldiers in your mind what is the patriot was. That's not impossible to define you know it's one of those things that. You know. The had told the feeling of winning a super mobile oil. Oh -- here but. You know overall it's. There's just this unbelievable amount accountability and it goes in to. Reaching the heights that we were able to reach over the years and so we took over the page your way you think about the other guys who were involved in being humble view that would. You know really honestly swallow -- your pride for the greater go to the guys around that's awesome you find in the workplace these days a saw some new five from a national level they sure as hell -- doing that Washington right now. You know so it's it's a very rare beast that people they see it and they say that -- how promising your the company talk how can -- have. You know work. Work that in the mighty you know overall structure right -- how can -- make that happen and people work in Villa seven they're jealous so what there's an opportunity to -- and of course that I'll launch. But I think most people that are out there really do understand. That you know look at the individual act of one person right that individualism. Isn't indicative of what recent. Any plans for you adopted Scarnecchia that not -- up out fishing again about their bodies of a hire a -- you believe he retired math. Today well what what an incredible career you know Dante and I butted heads in every way and I think that that. In in in any good relationship counselor we -- butt heads well you know look that -- drive somebody you know you do you work from like a dog you. You know you kick a mother down. All an effort to make him a better player I came in the league. I was -- young guy didn't have a whole lot you know experience obviously and a promise on the big stage plated you know in the Big Ten that was great but. You -- to New England depression is going to take over guy like Bruce Armstrong and you tried you know fill those shoes while throughout the bulls pulled to stuffed in Dante's words. There's a lot of pressure -- And so you know and he's a military guy I mean it's it's all about precision and accuracy it. You know do it repeat ability and being accountable showed up early and stay in -- matters digital wanna hear that. Yeah last couple years has been in -- we trust. This is the offensive line itself out method the jobs speaks for itself right idea do you have a line that has as many guys go down and shuffling. Positions a guy that's been up for renewal Parole Board at left guard play at left tackle on. Big goes on and on on the guy has. Has a rule sordid and hopefully one day go bill would do that fighters -- Logan probably two which is is that hauler right he -- -- Texas they tackle act. Basically -- What you're talking about -- we appreciated you know this though what was the music -- Ross was getting down here to New York we went to south station. We got -- sell the Amtrak Acela. Why fire the entire time it could have been easier to vote out here but always so I I I had this. Fear of getting in and out of New York right yeah and and and and that was completely. Taken away. With the same experience you -- I -- -- also a little of that and I like province who were in Foxborough so I'd get him out partly out of province really easy. I got -- problems my wife my first time we've ever been on -- train together. It was unbelievable amount and by that I am the -- so -- -- out the window looking for deer and everyone knows -- swamp people you know you know areas in between housing and all list of those. You know what they're dragged as the service that provides phenomenal amid -- Better than any first class. Experts resolves the why files -- relaxed cafe car for a couple back here on Friday with a photo that we thought. Matt appreciate that not an event Ariza was very expensive he's gratified for patriot hanging out what -- that they'll -- that evokes an Amtrak. Official travel partner of W we ya. 6177797. -- three -- come back Larry FitzGerald. It weapons for Tom Brady scheduled to join us white and a bomb late -- the hour here for radio -- -- 37 WE yeah.

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