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Cris Carter on Welker vs. Belichick

Jan 30, 2014|

Cris Carter joined the show to preview Super Bowl 48. He said he liked the Seahawks and that he LOVES the Patriots.

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Chris Carter joins us from radio row in Miami the hall of fame. A football player who a year ago Chris if you don't mind me asking a picture mindset this year. Is a little different that was a year ago since you're not waiting for reform called -- a day or two. What absolutely am enjoying the Super -- far more I have the last five or six it's it's a gut wrenching process as far as the hall of fame. I'm all the Super Bowls are nice you know you go to different venues so they have a different player or different vibe about him. But being here in New York did not happen to wait for that announcement on Saturday night is it's it's it's it's a big relief for me. Via the overview of this game is is obvious it's a classic case of the best offense vs the best defense what specifically early in the game Chris will you be looking at. To give an indication where and how this game will be won or lost. Our number one from Seattle stay -- point out look at. You know are they pinning timber back you know or they utilized -- special teams I believe is an advantage in making the numbers go the distance. On Seattle's standpoint you are talking about. The offensive line pass protection hasn't been great. You know -- they given Russell because Hutomo Russell had little reason why he's ad lib and is because the offensive line has not been that consistent so you don't -- -- -- a couple little tidbits that I look for going as the game starts. I I see you pick Seattle most of the colleagues in the ESPN African. On the Brock as your packets. I'd love their defense obviously Chris it's the best in the NFL. But tell me how they score and score enough to beat Peyton Manning. Well that's going to be the trick how can they get -- Harvard involved and means seek you can't just take you for granted a patent man he's -- scored 24 points 48 points against Seattle's defense though. You know can they scored enough to win in this game. Absolutely they definitely can't I believe Seattle to score 2728. You know what the -- gets into the thirties though it's a huge advantage for them and you think without a safe harbor is not effective does he have the weapons I mean he. I know he was under pressure but he also got happy feet Russell Wilson seemed to me to beat duke to a too quick to tuck and run against the San Francisco. He's gonna have to go downfield right does he have the guys that do. Will there a better group were Percy Harvey and I don't think he had happy because they're Cisco and got to watch the past particularly in the past protests have a lot of leaks and it. And that's why Russell had to get out there and dumb you know if he hadn't done that they would of won the game but. I believe the receivers are good enough for them to win the Super Bowl they're good enough to be December Cisco -- a -- -- and Denver's defense Wes Welker said this week Chris that he never thinks about that drop in the subordinates giants and Indianapolis your form receiver obviously great hall of Famer. You believe him when he says that. Absolutely not it's impossible that. I mean how could you have the biggest game of your life and and have the biggest drop your life he says you don't remember. They become sort of the good concept is -- you know a good -- index priority given to kids to get on your mirror and everything but it didn't work. Speaking of Welker on Monday after the patriots were eliminated by Denver I'm sure you know the Bill Belichick called that -- play that Aqib Talib got injured on one of the worst things he's ever seen. About 99% of the people said it's happens all the time your thoughts on what Belichick said and what do you think in anyway shape or form what Wes Welker did was wrong or illegal on the field. Well it's illegal. From but what Bill Belichick the it was well I mean he called a guy out made a guy look bad in the in his personal is personal about his contract. But would question the sale was it was a missed interpretation of the rules exactly what Belichick did when they had by getting it. That's what I wouldn't -- it evolves Wes Welker well I didn't understand the rules correctly. -- I guess we were right we have people predicting and -- 55 minutes into the -- the -- before Chris government to spy gate the you'd love the spy gate scandal go to Chris. No I just had the good comeback that it striking has not been leveling talk about spy gate so. You were wrong as far as my prediction -- Wes Welker in coach Belichick talking about another player. And as long as he's been planned the league that that's not the truth is that being won the dirty display and I'll agree with that thought he went out of his way to make west little bay right. -- hall of fame wide receiver Chris Parker you know I'm sure you know there's a perception up here in New England that you don't like the two of them patriots organization -- -- like to address that. -- I don't know why I don't mean people don't know me and I mean when I called -- -- -- most of the people working for the patriots if I say anything about the pages and I hate the patriots but you guys aren't alone. There's any other team that I say some about people rebate that I hate them too so. It's I think the patriots are one the great organizations so I think you guys are totally wrong. About my perception of Belichick and Brady and organ is a. Art fair enough but you need to know that you're totally wrong we do not work for the New England Patriots in fact we often times -- the doing a patriots that we get we get killed for criticizing that organization from time to time well I'm not toll road to the people I normally do my interview we have do -- for the patriots so. Hey what what you think. What what do you think of Richard Sherman as a as as a personality. And what would you think of them if you were war Michael Crabtree if you were the receiver. Would you not hate the guys cuts. Well I mean we talked with a lot of DBs and everything and they've talked trash duty years it was no big deal I try to have a big game because you don't have a big game been. And you and you lose the game then whoever wins the game as the right to do the talking. Richard Sherman is a little bit different than what we saw last week he's a good football player I'd love to play with that low on my -- I'd love to play against thing. We've always had this and in -- failed to serve is just the new version. Of what we've seen in the -- but that's not true Chris name someone else who was that loud and obnoxious. After the game I know a lot of trash talkers on the field but after a big game after his team makes the Super Bowl have you ever seen a guy that obnoxious. So my opinion there there weren't guys like Deion Sanders in Warren Sapp like all those guys they didn't do the same thing Shannon chart. They didn't do the same thing not to that extent calming me now on the -- well all right. I mean I know you know better than anyone that that talked on the field but off the field taken all the attention away from his teammates. And will he only did that that was a personal issues something happened off the field between those two guys and they got personal. All right that's the story behind the story and there was all season the event they went to Crabtree says some things that Richard Sherman not very flattering. So that's the inside scoop inside the scoop which made sermon go all after to -- -- you like Sherman. Yeah like serve a lot yeah absolutely. -- will it be an incumbent on just as much as I'd like knowingly. But. I expect will it be incumbent on Pete Carroll on the Seattle offense to get Percy Harvey and involved and got it hasn't played very much how they go about doing that if he's going to be a difference maker on Sunday. -- two AZ did you have to do it number one is handing the football because you don't have to have a lot of continuity. A -- art is one the great breaker -- you runners in the National Football League open field running ability. You do that -- also Thornton's -- passes are don't let the ball trowel far before he gets in his pain on those are the easiest ways and you don't have to have a lot of practice. Mark timing with the quarterback to build do that so I look for those things to happen early in the game. Yet here not one of these guys Christian who thinks that legacies have already been defiant and Manning passed to win this game to be in that conversation with Montana. Brady the greatest of all time right. Absolutely I mean you can even he can't even start the conversation also he goes back to -- the losing playoff record is 1111 now I think. -- he be eleven and twelve it lost this game right given given those guys play -- records and in multiple super both yes of course. If your legacy is only just off their bland. There's still ruling to be right on giving Michael Strahan the hall of Famer. Yes absolute. If it weren't all the for an event warrants at -- jerk. I'm I don't like I mean I don't like what warrants say it but warrants that's one of my friends who like he'll love him just. -- before we let you go we should point out to Chris Carter's helping spread the word about the new paid order of campaign. -- this week by the Fifth Third Bank to drive donations for cancer research tells about promote 53 dot com Chris. But this is the thing -- partner with Fifth Third Bank. Cancers affecting us all one out at one out of two million affected by some former cancer in their -- one out of three women. The best way to do it is plastic stand up for cancer or go to the web site. 53 dot com to find out how you can join us. They've only been -- to four year 2013. And they donated over 500000 dollars in the first year our goal in 2014. Is to stand -- raise more money for great research for cancer. Chris -- -- Chris Carter thanks very much for taking the time and an a year later congratulations yet again. I greatly appreciate it guys out of people knowing. The -- that -- that Chris -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans AT&T rethink possible he join -- to radio wrote in New York.

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