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Who will Patriots fans root for in the Super Bowl? A raging debate!

Jan 29, 2014|

Pats fans are thoroughly divided on who to root for in this Superbowl, so we take their calls and try and get some meaning and clarity out of this conflicting mess of emotions.

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So we had this text few minutes ago Michaels are talking about. Your new team the Seattle Seahawks yes yes the team you are now root for in the in the Super Bowl -- I don't imagine that most people hear about that -- that action spot that actually you know can bring yourself to root for Peyton Manning to win another Super Bowl right. We -- talked about this Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl. And it's pretty much all even between human brain knows it's pretty much tell you what legacy we what does it change that you cannot say what does it change he has moved. What you mean what does it changed so winning is suitable doubling your suitable output doesn't change moves up adopts. It was -- -- There's still has two Super Bowls to Brady threes and our our argued that insecure. -- can't have. Peyton Manning -- another Super Bowl team to make the conversation more interest in the more the more interest in Brady Manning. I don't think anybody wanted to be more interesting you wanna be able to say clearly and decisively Tom -- a better quarterback in Peyton Manning choking this year in Super Bowl. I think for the Brady lovers would be fantastic site I find it hard to believe the many people out here rooting for Peyton Manning in Wes Welker to win a Super Bowl. And the other side him in the people -- with patriots ties -- the people you might be rooting against. Would be Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman because he's a mouth because he said to Brady. -- -- -- But other than that I think you're right enemy you look at the rest of the teams. I would think most people would glom onto the Seahawks glom on to Marshawn Lynch glom -- Russell Wilson I mean there's a lot of more likeable players around -- chancellor Earl Thomas we nobody would have a problem any of those -- short of of Richard sharp right I've had over my peak -- hatred now you know when to stop mentioning that -- -- and company and -- got to deal of that thing Internet at a -- That comes up a lot well. That comes up in this in this tax that would point and that's I don't want to read to you before we get some of these call 61777979%. In the eighteen to -- Pete Carroll evolved from me too nice for his own good losing pro coach. To a dirty winning college coaching. We dirty winning pro coach. It's a mask. He's got the veil of a nice guy yes but he turned into a guy I hate. More than even when he was here. Okay. Is that what Pete Carroll is as he did veil and masculine nice guy a nice comeback underneath that I'm not gonna disagree. With the college. Thing. He he clearly. He pretty he when he got to USC. They've improved immediately he took a program. That had become. A laughing stock of too strong but it lost the luster that the that draw a USC they're being out recruited not to spike crosstown UCLA and it being out recruited by war again. Okay they had. Maybe they weren't the same old right the US where I was down -- great USC and he turned him around tournament champions. Got -- Heisman Trophy winners. Really. Get some exotic defense is at the college level and -- cheated. They had some they had some problems there are under his -- disagree with that. But Pete Carroll in the pros what you say about this guy he's not really a nice guy alone nastiness to Rome and and may -- heat. Stretches the envelope or both the damn thing wide open. You do business as business it is -- At this as business is being done. Not only for nice. In the NFL. Bring them back to -- to pro football what -- did. Don't get it it you know what would you commit to be a nice guy and pro football if you -- championships. You can do that I'll be buddy buddy with the players if you have results -- don't have results don't want to inherit. So he changed his game a little bit and it's -- thirty year. It's a little -- shady here that it was before. When the club. That's what a lot of championship -- championship coaches like yeah I mean it's pretty difficult if you are were if you're looking at this from the patriots perspective and I think that's what somebody here would be saying if you're saying is it too nice for his own good losing pro coaching going -- throw it. Is Pete Carroll more of a as he phrases it dirty cheater than Bill Belichick. I mean you're gonna just start pointing out what's happened under each of their rains. Pete Carroll had a few guys busted for an overall which is supposed to be a cover for steroid Lotto and right -- regret for someone got 45. And and Bill Belichick had Rodney Harrison who is on it to reach GH any sense by gay hang over his head and in so. I find it difficult if you're gonna sit here from a patriots perspective if you are somebody. Who do I mean you have to be some consistency there right you can't really be sitting there saying well I hate I hate Pete Carroll because I think he's a dirty cheater loved Nobel check. I don't really think either one of them are dirty cheats but I think he's got to be some consistency there if you're gonna point out those two things 61777979837. Go to Tony in Rhode Island -- -- But I don't guys not -- you know what I'd like something out but. -- -- I would assume all of our national media is going to be slobbering all well you know I hate to say -- Might be a good thing for the patriots and get Brady and Belichick media chicken the actual goal actually when I'm not one now we don't have election like no bought you agree. So if Manny wins is sky keeping up with the joneses. Now there -- on alert. They got they got to spend a little bit and they got to have more urgency. Because Manning and the Broncos of the team of the. Maybe. I don't -- you're going to be right. Having Michael is just repeating your cats -- got a yes I believe me. -- -- -- Christian I can we talk about Tom Brady Bill Belichick yeah I mean if you militia that got the look into the whole scene -- Manning -- and the pending patent. You know a lot. Maybe Brady and Belichick did what do I want to look at this Knoblauch's let's go down or. And put aside and call -- -- nobody can have a computer again except let you all aren't they -- all Bill Walsh bottom line. Had a funny thing is though Tony is should they be thinking that anyway. I mean they shouldn't need Peyton Manning to win another Super Bowl in order to rile them up -- kick in the pants and make them go out there mean this is supposed to be the two most competitive people in the universe. Tom Brady Bill Belichick and exposed and need to be motivated by some outside factor like Peyton Manning winning another ring not motivated by that solely. Extra motivation. -- an extra motivation. I think that somebody like me yes but somebody like Tom Brady it's not supposed to be that way I think it. To see that he can be extra motivated to say that he might need something like this. Is to take away some of the Tom Brady narrative that he is the guy who's first in first in last believe that he's the one -- was always gonna help working no matter -- that when he has three rings he wants four in the the most important thing to him as the next one in his care about what's happening only cares about what's gonna happen. I mean if you're gonna tell me that he's also more motivated as soon as. Peyton Manning wins another -- that -- -- tell me that some of that stuff just isn't true or that it's not as much as it's built up to. With aunts and go. Through them to cut. The guy called up like a lot of energy like that. Has something to say consider what our security of these people who don't -- mean there are their hatred they don't be root for bronco for the Broncos. But there a lot of patriots fans are gonna say you know what I just hate Seattle hate that -- -- -- they are not likable only if I might -- heat that Seattle it's. He cannot stand Pete Carroll -- -- like the way that all the defensive players talk after dance around prints around after every play thinks they're obnoxious things they have no class. And he can't stand Peyton Manning became Tennessee that's had no idea what it's gonna. And I think a lot of report that category there's an easy of an advocate Richard Sherman. The people were -- by. Here's his whole thing. Don't like him so they're rooting against were Richard Sherman. And kind of sort of rooting against Pete like hey Pete. It's not rooting for him tonight. The purgatory intimate knowledge that is how white people I think people root against Pete because for him to win like blows up the whole world. It blows up the ballot that you and Pete Carroll win Super Bowl goes against everything right yeah. Supposedly of learn to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not a lot about heat. And I haven't Pete Carroll didn't really cross your mine. Where you know the picker to winning it wasn't a contrast. It is a perfect example. It wasn't like the John Ferrell Bobby Valentine's. John Ferrell is this and then you always came back -- but Bobby Valentine was that. Maybe that happened the first with the first championship you put the patriots compared to pay. A hundred kept her third. Where he really thinking about Pete Carroll that much and now I. I really think your thinking about him all the time but I think if -- patriots and you're watching bill -- Jack. And the first may be four years five years of the Belichick Europe there was a lot of defense of what Bill Belichick is right it was almost a learning experience -- guys so different. His his philosophy is so different from everybody else is not just Pete Carroll's. It was just so -- that there was a lot of trying to understand. What made Bill Belichick successful. Any different way from all the coaches that it -- form why he was dominating the league the way he was -- none of the national media seem to understand. That the patriots were as good as they were every week they would doubt them and every week the -- to go out with the -- a lot of of discovery try to figure our what is it makes -- was different against hitters -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that there's an -- -- what makes them do you know what. -- -- -- report with the Seahawks just Russell Wilson makes these. Just the fact Ronald Wilson is there a blessing America. Not -- -- now you got to start weighing all the problems are lighter and you don't like at the end of it just a black -- prisons awesome -- America my -- crushes Russell -- how -- I not go back there. At the end of it Russell Wilson's most likable player in the NFL you have to go to most electable when they won't -- said earlier Mike Nowitzki on our show saying well there. Dead -- that Russell Wilson euros Tom Tom Brady. And you know what he's right 6177797937. That's next alcoholic WEEI. Bob -- -- As Marshawn Lynch she's ready to go on Sunday 61777979837. Derek is in his car what's going on there. -- -- actually reading yet -- -- but I hate the heat shall we Mercury well at the -- -- But I am maybe they watched credit -- the twelfth man -- well congratulation. Our Jack -- -- nice idiot. -- enough. -- about. I hate that thing. So overrated not only in my with you I said that on Seattle radio for four years -- you're right I can't I -- -- good friends but allowed this thing is acoustics can't sustain. Charlie I -- And the leaders and totally Erica I mean. As you do not. An article about it woke grilling it's a -- -- -- -- that play really crashed into the Pentagon and and then I don't have a -- -- -- it doesn't (%expletive) right -- and I don't now it adds if that was true that he. That. That's weird I read that for the first time yesterday to be heard this Michael that he carols on 9/11 truth -- there. That doesn't mean it doesn't seem right. That that's true doesn't. Now the issue that I didn't -- -- I don't think that. Sure I -- the read the trouble we're bridging that went in next year are really well. Planet -- that you wouldn't -- if it. I'll got a series and only answer to that Derek I agree bigger -- that's that's true that all right our turn me off more from Pete I have to tell -- this military as a as a fan. Your team's not in the game. And as the Super Bowl no I don't know how you feel about this. For me to enjoy it. And to enjoy the Super Bowl almost have to trick yourself into the into believing that one team is you're team. As if you're -- if you ignore that whole thing I I don't want Seattle to win and and I don't want deliberate way and having these problem what. You're not gonna enjoy it got to enjoy it got to pick. -- -- but I submit to you that sometimes I can get in the UK both games skeptic when you don't really find out who you're rooting for -- you start watching the game sometimes like if you don't have a dog in the fight and then you start watching a game you may go into it. Thinking you're rooting for one team or another but I remember a few years ago when Tebow played Roethlisberger in the playoffs and -- like death but how do you. How do you possibly choose who to root for Tebow or Roethlisberger to my least favorite people to find human being all right anyway gentlemen anyway scholar anyway great player -- -- that you could have asked me a hundred times. And a terrific singer. I know who has written for -- actually start don't you report it turned out hazard for Roethlisberger I didn't realize that but I was rooting for Pittsburgh. I didn't know that to I think if you ask me had a time I -- said it was written for Tebow but that was in the midst of the Tebow and clearly. And it and once I started watching it I was rooting more against Tebow that I was against Roethlisberger what happened. But people want -- not it wasn't just people now and good -- don't -- -- I was rooting for god strike -- god fearing man triumph over the countless -- yeah. There was a like a year after Ben Roethlisberger won the Super Bowl I don't I don't know I don't that's the entirety of the story there angels were guys that passed -- very topic -- people of course York. Bills in north -- with the bill. -- -- yeah I think I read it wrong. I don't think we're done that people rooting for Seattle. All walks toward candor I believe -- on the air they're rooting against Belichick. -- trading away the guy who was Brady's go to guy because he at a personality problem. -- so you think people here are rooting for their head coach to get his comeuppance. -- I mean I think there's a segment of the population that you're right about bill but do you think the majority of patriots fans. Want to deal to be wrong so badly rooting for -- man and I Wes Welker is listening to build -- -- -- -- -- attorney -- -- his corporate. I went out what a better question OK I don't want bill in north threatening. Fon community. Wants you to speak for patriots -- so to speak for yourself. Are you doing now are you rooting for the Broncos because you built in north -- artistic verdict away well. So you're but you're running for Wes Welker because -- -- only root for in the AFC championship game. I'm pretty. -- for the pitchers in the AFC championship game but now that they've lost you're gonna root for the team to be dumb to show how wrong they were. I'd like to elude an AA championship I don't think they lost because of the last Welker thing. You think that -- Welker and element they couldn't have put out a better show they might -- and I think might of but I don't think they're gonna win that game was with Wes Welker. The thing is that the walker replacement are nothing but I don't know whether I don't know whether Julian Edelman turns in the Julian. I was gonna say well says Welker is designated replacement was -- -- no question about that bill. But the unintentional replacement for Welker was pretty good one and cheaper. I mean he turned out it Julian element which is not as good as Welker and he may never be as good as well but. Never -- I don't -- is a fantastic player. Tell you what you -- Julian element in the Super -- give one open pass to win and I don't feel any catches that sucker he liked guy and I want to wide open pass to win the Super Bowl I bet to -- settlement calls it and we forgot this is an easy. Easy answer to rooting for Broncos of the Seahawks and it's hard to pick. A lot of -- appointment that. What's that Malia. And that's uncomfortable to. Because of that the real bad. You know about that action and it's all about that actually that's evidence you know and I don't know it justices justice approvals squares you're not really rooting for anyone team he's rooting for scored a show up at the end of the quarter the in the half for whatever. Gamblers out there I look at -- this one day after me later -- interest in this a lot of people are are saying that there really wrote Denver whether it's because of a hatred for Seattle or or some sort of the anger that they are displacing nominated for their right thing they're they're so angry at their own team they want to root for their mortal enemy out like that I liked that idea -- him morning -- -- W via. It seems like a simple question we gotta root for Super Bowl the teachers aren't in it. All right -- -- can understand some people are gonna say I'm rooting more against one team more against the others thought about who you're rooting for -- probably more who you're rooting against I understand that you don't like Richard Sherman you don't like Pete -- you do like Russell Wilson. You don't like Peyton Manning you do or don't like Wes Welker. May be -- to Mary's -- -- -- understand some of those other reasons maybe it like John Fox seems like a likable guy you can find something nice guy of one of these Tina that you want to root for. But I can I'm I'm intrigued by the idea of I'm rooting for the Broncos. Because I'm that mad at Bill Belichick and the patriots is -- really intriguing. I -- horrific. Or -- the world. -- and -- -- -- why that's why that's why I'm intrigued by it because I think it like it's its thinking that so far out. It's I mean again I understand that type of I understand bitterness I can be bitter guy. I can honestly I've been our Nelson picked up I cannot almost argue their -- out no you can't stop it I can be very very bitter. I understand bitterness I understand anger I understand holding a grudge. I understand wanting to teach seminal lesson I understand all that. But are you really is it is is that angered Bill Belichick. Not for like turning your team into some five and eleven joke. But for losing in a couple of AFC championship games and losing a few Super Bowls is the anger at Bill Belichick so great that you're willing to root for Tom Brady's biggest competitor -- Manning rhetoric as a competitor. Okay. Part of that you when you and you end it there. Don't like back where you're going down the road and I was with you -- got to the biggest competitor patent ruling against your team. Rooting for the Broncos because your -- that your own team is a little crazy. -- outlets that that's not that's -- -- -- But we -- get through -- not when you get to Peyton Manning. And rooting against Peyton Manning because he's the biggest competitor. -- a little crazy too it's like Peyton Manning. Its -- Nasty villain like Peyton Manning has no respect for the -- is usually like at eight -- and yet. Yeah see the -- where you report yourself is rooting for Magic Johnson to win an extra title when they were -- and that's what has Peyton Manning done. That was a little different dynamic West Coast East Coast. Let -- talking about it the same guy. In ninety occurred in 86 when the lakers know all doubt in 1986 in the lakers -- out rockets played the Celtics the lakers fans lining for Larry Bird to win what's what is Romer you're not lakers Celtics is not life. It's not like patriots Broncos like Brady Manning lakers so. Deep lakers Celtics was -- or. -- guy runs deep but I can -- a similar. I mean those guys didn't like each other more on the court they were Manning but on it's a similar dynamic except to best of their era if you had. You if you had bird magic. Burton magic is interest on itself. By two guys. Lower. Who played in the national cadet college national championship game and then they go into the league at the same time. And they are both the top players in the sport interest -- All by itself. The lakers Celtics to. -- -- Your -- there's no way -- -- -- ever -- for the lakers but I don't think the Broncos. Patriots Broncos. -- right you're right -- patriots Broncos doesn't but it's not just about the Broncos it's about Brady and Manning and that certainly does that Brady and Manning conversation and debate and rivalry is very similar thing to match convert derided doesn't go all the way back to college. But it does have the additional element of them representing the number one overall pick vs the sixth round incredible story -- -- from nothing it's supposed to be the guy who puts up numbers but it would in the clutch -- is the guy doesn't care about numbers but works harder and goes when when it matters there's so much on the line Brady and Manning the idea Manning within -- -- is back -- -- and -- is bothering -- magic and -- -- -- Peyton Manning is very knowing why. I'll stop it would go this and I'm certain -- -- Because they are shock to BS's and knowing that you don't think that's legit I don't care whether it's legit -- not like knowing you don't like I don't like gosh shocks aren't nice people I know. Really and I don't like are shocked -- thought -- -- well there you -- print it whichever paper you want is excellence that 7979837. Mark. And -- that these guys up and east Seattle at break. Seattle times -- Repeat Errol. Because he was a -- at a WASP futures and you go down and old date and he'd never answered. Any regrets about him what happened. And I do an excellent safety signal group of college football he just let everything slide -- You -- you jumped out parried all those guys like that you're consistent about that keeps -- -- anybody that doesn't answer out but it. About a -- military to learn respect you -- that it -- -- I guess my problem is with college coaches I don't expect them to answer that. I INS mark I toll emissary coming from. But I just assume with college coaches especially the ones like cal pairing Carol that's just what they're doing and I don't worry about I just assumed. Everyone's doing it maybe they were doing a little bit more. At and and the way it does reasonable about that in a market that's reasonable is reasonable point I can't tell what I want to hear from the war reasonable people to think -- to reason congress -- always pretty -- these good unreasonable irrational I'm mad at my team. So. Aren't you articulate these guys sound like. It sound like. The channel Ron -- too much blood. -- white people public in a broken relationship. I'm mad at my girlfriend. So when I wanna do. Is hook up with her best friend just to prove something nor. I'm I would get her attention manner. Just tell you mattered target. Process who look like may be overreacting -- -- very adoring what do you aren't always thought Charles and Rhode islands is the root for the Broncos hi Charles. The whole mood of the market it's pretty simple. Let it be -- -- -- -- beat by the not by the second fast. You know any. Yeah -- whichever team beats you you hope goes on to win the Super Bowl that year. WordPad and the fact is that he's done all the comparison it Celtics lakers thing. You know without playing the jets -- -- New England rivalries at the Broncos. But it's it's not that it's not that it's the Broncos it's Peyton Manning. Like I understand you're right the Broncos is not a great rivalry and a -- man. That the to have that conversation I just -- that bird. Bird. But that was you can almost holed out independently. -- they -- two totally different Gene -- you know about it. You know play against each other they would. Competition that match up. That comparison. Don't really think that magic was a jerk did you -- magical is that Europe magic the magic was bigger than magic to me. I don't bird magic was great right it was it would it and good -- to match it was a -- did a bird magic define the NBA for for many years and then. He had other the other great players at that same time you know Jordan was in the league Isaiah was in the league you know Kareem who knows getting older and a lot of great players doctor. Their league Bert -- magic it was fairly. But even bigger than bird magic to me. Was lakers Celtics. -- -- Back to -- I don't go -- -- -- -- to read our backs are now I keep hearing about this dynasty and -- I don't see how he should look now because since -- and it's been pretty impressive at all but Michael you're right the year you're I understand but I'm I'm separating that out you're right because the the comparison. Is not exactly the same it's not every single part of it works it's not a bird magic vs Peyton and Brady. Comparison -- so it just to be does that clear. -- -- -- Appreciating -- to your team's done and they are always thinking the same time but it teams and it felt like throughout. And it was the -- beat LA Philadelphia who. I can see. Wanting Philadelphia. Two win. Appreciating. Magic. Can't you know -- appreciate match in -- green. -- can not imagine rooting for the right I feel about lakers habits for me I appreciate Peyton Manning and his greatest but I can imagine root for Peyton Manning who is pregnant replicate many joking just to the idea of rooting for patent like impossible for me. Steve is in Maine -- state. All of recruitment electric -- -- pros and cons. Read the report critical and armored vehicle below and I'm. -- -- -- And wrote the book didn't rule in court with you. Sorted. Through -- career point. A -- -- And they. Know that he's not really -- particle. While I mean I mean they have won anything since what 72 with the Sonics by. Are they passionate sports fans haven't yet but it's not like he is 79 -- tournament but they're not like they're not like they are here it's not it's not the same level. There and literally go. I don't care that's when I mean I just it's a different type of -- -- them there they're very excited there but there's not of that there's no. They don't hold anybody to high expectation they don't hold anybody higher level. I did -- -- city is a was with twelfth man -- out there rooting on the team men women and children everybody comes together to community. Environment it's similar to calm. 03 with cowboy up you know meaner or just the idea come together. But -- line jumble it very similar to -- line 96 but it's not it doesn't come with. The same anger to rule out there's not that like that aftertaste of being furious fair weather. Now I don't mean that it's not that that aren't the only show open the team is good. It's more just that they're not angry Andy's the Pacific about it that it supports the Pacific northwest gets its passive aggressiveness to you. To a couple different out here to write narratives there there's a -- does is there's a passive -- the question for -- about the fans Seattle when he. They were somewhat the Kingdome women have always had good fans -- -- -- Christian does he use them. You talked to him he's easel is the there were 8897. Or seven and -- here. Between 79 win every single Justin's in New Hampshire it's up just. But -- Florida -- Austin -- Michael you're headed people I know you want to get my point output -- -- -- together. I a couple of. I don't understand I am I am I am your witness sir yes count. I appreciate. You are firm believer that -- yeah. Not that but it would get an actress at the -- -- -- the new England sports brands -- sports restaurant Patrick. I don't know art I'm not a firm believer I I believed that America. 44 states love. -- man agreed. But go -- it. On a little bit on the. Eight at. Expert. At the air and put it looked round. Back up on the court he. Didn't like it. All the -- had to -- like. Right I agree it -- on. -- what Michael. -- And yes to recover. -- like it or you don't give your you know what the patent -- Paid in adjusted if Peyton Manning came to New Hampshire -- -- at a bar. You would -- for you would start off patent -- -- it was. -- didn't say stuff like. You don't just enough -- and a group for the patriots your great sport and I are. I don't like it the other way -- -- cellphone to -- it isn't a picture of me in my body Peyton Manning. FaceBook that you tweet it out in the -- -- the important -- that drew you hate them but alcohol. We've got -- The middle of the and it. -- -- Justin Justin I don't know what he just he'd sit down the bar to pull the awe -- crap you be like whatever phone only to walk away I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike you know and shall Brock and respect for -- not true listen with your show all the time. But I wouldn't know that and he was -- -- I know you didn't of course you didn't you liar you are so all of and that's the point is no way of your Brady guy you can find yourself root for -- -- are -- -- -- may be killed one -- is somewhat -- fine but you gotta root against -- more than you would brigades not that you do you know what admitted. You know what it -- like Jack Nicholson says that's the talk about parties just what I can whisper about. -- and run around what's -- -- your standard yourself to do meet with everybody now what's up Steve. -- -- I got well a normal world I know what turned upside down and in the lack of -- and so pictures and brought them agreeing with the small office that it may come SARS like are you OK are not allergy and summer. I don't I don't look at you you've been the last couple of me and oh you know -- I -- somewhat on the same page. On the don't get used to it. You know -- like overlooked when you -- people -- a week and of course it. These bombs. Mr. Burton and I learned a long time ago in the staff. Larry Bird -- great player and I wanted him to win every game. But occasionally you run into another great player -- match. And then you know and sometimes you -- you impeach -- you know it looked a little bitter taste in my mouth but you learn to appreciate. How great it -- be there are issues. But that's different though witnessed the different than appreciating greatness that big patriots fans can appreciate the greatness of Peyton Manning are not already know they can they know he's gonna know -- Don't -- know what that's why that's why a lot of people are rooting for the Seahawks because there's this fear. That Peyton Manning will get closer. To sobriety donating now he's capable of it so they appreciate it's great that they -- him. Warm and won't admit it and yet there Broncos when. It. And I'm actually and I -- up our wall. I don't live and got a little lose sleep over what you know it's pretty I understand Brady is great but sometimes there's another great -- And and they don't want to give me any any credit and it's okay. -- -- -- -- Don't think people are I am I have to agree Michael as I know we've been on the same page recently am glad to read the Providence journal I I don't I don't think that -- often public -- one of the best underrated -- are very underrated loved approach. I don't think patriots fans don't recognize Manning's -- I think you're right I think the oddity here is you love Peyton Manning but you're not actually respecting him enough because you think you -- if he wins this one he still not that close to Brady now. I don't like -- and all -- and given more respect 'cause I think if he wins another Super Bowl having beaten Brady both times along the way. Pretty much even. May not be exactly these 5149. But it's right repairman and the fact that he's won both of them since Brady won his last -- did over a decade. Since Brady won a super bulletins all that happened forced by deep into the -- by an act crap. Yeah I think it does make it even I do think it makes it even Annika given paid a lot of respect even on it can't stay -- Packages there packages that respect -- and when you don't respect -- I wanna drive a Buick now. I want some Papa John's pizza. I want to do all these things all these endorsements from Payton man cut that meat that's -- cut that -- John is also in Rhode Island my favorite state hi John. John. OK I like the man why do you. Because he walks and. Well yeah -- throw out accusations. I don't know how to activate I there's I there's no doubt that I -- candidacy you know do I said -- a few times John -- no -- you know the clause there that that would whenever whenever you met Russell and I love the guy a giant Nokia I'm not come up hiding out. I love the guy I absolutely love Russell Wilson if you watched him every week you'd love until I absolutely loved watching the guy play. I have an opposite view. You know regarding whether meeting in this game. I think he's meeting with this game it's sort LT Tom -- that little bit and -- to keep kept -- if you talk to anyone you know that serious football and. Yet -- great QBs all I'm you know majority of people say you -- any particular order you know Montana united Brady. Really really any -- talks CP Manning in that class I think he went I mean. He is -- now -- -- balls at five MVPs. I think it -- I'm pretty tactical than people say while Peyton Manning so great he cited and against poverty you know you get to -- Brady's corporate. I think -- -- Brady a little a little bit better. IINSR John I think I know I I get where you're saying. But I don't know that I think you may think that you may be able to like logic it out that way and if you're you know teaching a logic course and at Providence College right you may be visit to teach that. But I don't know that most people are gonna view it that -- York. You know an arms maybe you are either one elderly people are gonna view it that way for general not -- the -- was not get carried away -- -- -- -- -- -- at -- what's the difference. John sounded like more -- it's -- kind of guy either way you can teach that class I don't think you're gonna get the majority of people to believe that deal. It just too many steps. I'd just if they equals B&B equals C then a equals C it's just too much of his victories in the transit purposes keep it simple. Peyton Manning with this game two super balls from for Manning three super balls for Tom Brady getting closer but not here yeah. -- Taylor I think the other thing was your balance that off. Like MVP of the five MVPs I think all of the records that he will hold the years of consistency. I mean I think there's other things that will. It will balance that off on the fact that -- -- 22 against each other in the playoff doesn't work that that a lot of the things that Tom -- suppose that things that are supposed to set him up over the edge kind of go away what -- to a -- gets -- in the playoffs with Dan Marino's record for instrument you know nobody cares. What was John Elway -- I don't know what his record was against him in the playoffs 011 what people do cast a purple -- but what okay -- okay John -- and I don't care about our records against each other in the regular season John -- I didn't mean anything -- John Elway and in it John -- vs Dan Marino wore. It's not even. Look at that. Call Wednesday that they had this record for each other in the playoffs how many stupid to be only looking at a symbols. That's it on getting out of pocket on more than that fortunately that's how would John Super Bowls are huge component of that but they can't be the only one. You mean might regret it offers for great credit and enormous William Gray one and maybe 75% of its girl under the I describe her right now. Because I know that type of person. Who -- you're in the middle of your text Tehran charter rattled her -- -- your thumbs right now caught your downs. I don't wanna hear about let me trip to -- better and that means Brad Johnson is better that -- -- -- the great ones. Joseph Flacco. This conversation. Not guys who it was me not turn around just better accomplished -- but -- -- editor -- is better than Tom -- It's -- is that an illegitimate. It's not that it's illegitimate but do you think its troops for no do you think it's true porno you think they're -- has better quarterback and Tom Brady you don't I don't would you deal. Differently I'm glad that you can't just say differently -- tough to you don't think Terry Brad just Hawkins Tom Brady not to get. Just -- look at super -- tough to compare it's enormously important but it can't be at bureau backs alcoholic W -- -- -- been a lot of in this thing right. To break the monotony a little bit. Much -- it was kind of thing any gas okay. You can direct your question to me said. The Michael how is -- on feeling. Amen you know he had talked you've got most likely to see. You just mostly ball -- and on the lights out ball. Bundled out of my son Cuba skills. He -- -- while those who put a game. -- That's Seahawks fullback and former Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson. Answering questions along for -- known for Marco went over a long time ago 'cause how much. How much weight as he put on since Scalia he's a big fullback unease at being you know what. I vaguely remember him at the quarterback here I don't remember him being all that being. He's big now I mean easily doable back in the NFL. And if you're talking earlier whether or not Pete -- -- truth there he's a Joseph Paterno -- We went to Penn State he was always out there defending Joseph Paterno could say that the world was against Joseph Paterno and how crap was you know the world was against -- -- -- reasonable putts actually right anyway so that's a reason you don't like this the -- second -- but even Andy. ADHD chairman as he calls as much as anybody I've run across from Mikey. And even Andy was watching their act today the Marshawn Lynch Michael Robinson showed it was convinced. And he's on the bandwagon. It but he's not that that symbolic act of bullets and slow starter and he's on board and you are you a 100% from boarding an attorney mentioned Dick Sherman and lose one person who -- Can't help it turn a tester metal courtesy just a series York Chris is in radical workers -- to -- your -- Chris what's going on with workers. Hey. So I agree with what -- Bailouts and allowed to sit out Chris I agree -- -- -- 100%. Every part of it and I'm 26 years old. -- undergoing a patriot there's about sixteen years include award. I mean I grew up with -- hatred of Pittman Dorgan your I -- I respect him as a player. It's great but he Don. I would never. Ever root for him. Ever there was fifteen of my friend. Or like on eleven and my friends I wanted to play against Peyton Manning and I would group them I would never draft not I never ever once app democracy -- -- -- because your record you're too good fantasy football you never been imposed -- The crap and I -- -- guy out there I've been out there are all who are definitely helped me into it tells me. Chris you know competitor could not get better you don't know where. Now I think all draft and just to make a point I would say. Peyton Manning all he's good for its fantasy football. But he's not really playing real well but couldn't make a political statement by him on your for your football team could not real football. And along -- -- why would you wanna sit there haven't you want one. Have Manning gets some good numbers -- that -- You even if you hole. Peyton Manning will always get numbers what you get to Mexico does not say Chris there is that there is a school thought that just as you know what the guy's gonna put it does numbers in my eyes will benefit if they're gonna (%expletive) me off at least I should get something out of there. This endorsing we did a RCN C playoffs. So you can look like just from the playoff teams -- up. First round I didn't draft. Third round. Burn back AFC championship. And for the -- vote them and simple I ended up drafted him out tonight -- -- have to reform as a rule it's only because of the point. It just locked out criticism of Martin Chris. Got to stick with a Chris shows all the remote chance -- Back Chris undermine yourself Chris you can't have a in the Super Bowl -- -- we not able to get Russell Wilson. Take Tarvaris Jackson. -- -- just take of -- Jack you're gonna go down go down with your dignity. Picked up bars Jackson to be happening. He's -- likable guy good story. It was it was a no blood that we -- a bit Manning on your team. Amazing that all these years this is Super Bowl 48. All these years you never had an overtime game in Super Bowl that's pretty amazing amazing that it's gonna happen. If this. This might be the recipe for in an overtime game and never having -- there's going to be terrible right. You've got to -- a really good defense really get offense. Through teams that have been consistent throughout the year. They're evenly matched although there are completely. Different in -- construction. I can see it neither one of them is really great and cold weather for different reasons. -- I -- being a charge John Madden thinks there was an overtime game 2001 should he thinks it's just a thinks there should divide us has an okay backup quarterback into the game -- contradicted himself faster than they consider everything to get in a drug I've been through what the -- -- is doing here. Couple plays later. Break the couple of -- have guys like because there have been a backup quarterback to commit to play meaningful snaps to -- like it has there been a quarter starting quarterback it's gone now. -- quarterback is coming in and meaningfully brought them forward in the Super Bowl. Hospice but it was not -- title in the UK now I don't it's cost that came in earlier. Has there been allowed to have big quarterback injury in a game and again and Anna and somebody to. It's kind of -- moral started that Super Bowl three and then -- -- came in okay late in the game progressed. You -- -- back up but that's is that the last time to wolf three. Well but you're darn right it was a close game was sixteen to seven. Just -- you're able or films. Jerrold and -- ball. Most of the time it. Bringing in the quarter bringing in the back up because you're so hopelessly out right exactly leave you know Steve aren't coming -- right or no banana import but I mean it. Somebody gets hurt and so in a competitive game you bring in the back of quarterback. -- at a price and a policy that is electorate you've been techsters says Johnny you. Boy don't -- -- a football story. The groceries -- does not count by the quote that does not count -- nineteen Indians angels or play does not count that's not what I'm talking about supporting yet I don't know I'm going to be annoyed this call taken anyway Hanks in California hi Hank. They wouldn't even know it already -- I see would you talk about our economy and on. Not only god. I -- big minutes ago. What else you guys I told him he died but what else he got you know it accurately a walk -- what -- you got going to be welcome you decided on the I want it to its targeted at the kind of got Richard all of -- -- California for God's sakes he's your life not good enough for what is wrong why you possibly so -- a year in California what is -- 75 degrees. That's a little public not in the Bay Area today. Now I bet what are you had to tell me about how we're a world bad sports -- -- we don't like Peyton Manning. Well not is it that the Manning praying for me the only thing that I did you guys are Manning Brady who's better all that right right it was a one man sport. And I can get it but it not. That means things so it's like they're both equally gritty so it's just like -- -- you you free and then senator Hank. How they're both great who cares. -- air wolf ray who can't or is that really your argument. First you -- and want to -- that period there is they're both great who can't. You better do better bank. At pure football than you gotta love watching ball problem there's no way around that they're both geniuses on the field so. I'm not. Threatening. OK so that's your -- and take Brady everyday so fine yeah. It. Didn't look like language he wants being Hank I don't like that and I wish you want you know not yet are we should log on California. It. And Matt are you from all the multi -- -- -- know the -- guy playing well on the team you root for the mauled playing in this game that act and play in my. The only thing to do not like about Manning it's his bullet headed Frankenstein has. And that they've got a great quarter. You know the bread and -- you mean he's from all the he's played in this game. Yeah I do I don't know I mean I didn't know much about until that just now -- you know -- this came out. He's he's -- right tackle for the Seahawks he's crazies from all -- that should be your guy -- I well I I don't think that you guys are still in -- what's up with that. Yeah -- well -- and I. -- IRA thank you very much normal -- of -- -- everything mollid -- think tank the think tank. Think I get more mold and that you can add up and his rep in -- like to -- out I don't see there. I've decided that every time you mentioned which Sharon and his arms and do -- to -- it's impossible -- -- -- -- -- And then the day. We're all looking for her for some night some might comfort us you can't stop but you can't stop discount love he can't stop oil field Russell Wilson does nothing you can play. Nothing you can do a -- whatever it may be where our highest point to as well. But things are going really well we want -- to comfort us and be -- -- the sacred you know you know while -- you know and and that's Jesus -- Jesus and and it's. Got -- and. Armor has got. Guys are with the -- that. Much as that AFC title game was winding down. Couple weeks ago. I was trying to figure out -- -- I was more confused and job at that you know Riddell helmet. I'll stick -- Eliot -- I I I enjoy 49ers for years when Montana was there. Apple I have no attachment to exit and then they'll cheer for the Broncos. What that second city -- Acting ended and they went in the boat that had the Manning family and all they did you know I wearable I think it can again. I don't know and it's got has -- a -- -- don't doubt there are going to Seattle -- Scalfaro taking shots at Java besting Cooper Manning had just both of those things are mean. They -- you know you bring up but it just -- point although. 99% of America loves Peyton Manning. I think 99% of of America is annoyed by the patent about the -- -- the Manning's at the Manning family the man things that whole -- that everything that represented. Well regarded John -- what you don't know I never -- John -- would let. He's the guy who built this came from the owner wildly -- trying to tell the guys at bats and we got to go to our chief there. The only time he ever -- Super -- as one that would play there's. I can't help that ticket out that the did the bad for a job like Scott escalation called water and you got it written off jokes like a standup comedian -- Baltimore Scott Palmer. It is ripping off jokes one right left. Well wolf I think it. And again I know mr. -- It's got that great -- that year assault gun to your head you gotta pick Russell Wilson to recruit it's not even close. I'm close to what has gotten mysteriously we just thought there's -- -- in my -- I -- -- I mean I probably want to start would say this we collect MF today. -- -- -- -- Well that's easy kill him. The images taken by you have a dull at CNN and that you parties that's the easiest answer we have Taylor and you -- won't -- put -- public got to keep warm up and it felt about it. Professed her love for he talked about his way to do that -- work there proudly thought of hell wasn't me. That I. And he played it wasn't me just because you say it was me as a make it true that it was like mourners item and it wasn't me you're discounted -- putting those words on the heels of my mouth. -- -- -- -- -- -- that that -- that he makes we look toward. I -- -- -- -- and you credit I for a lot of credit to the other two and I'd like you put out but Russell's the past. I mean I was I got lucky -- I'm never I'm never going to. I'm never gonna go away from I got lucky on -- at the CR to draft them years or months before the draft. All of this whole senior year at Wisconsin said he was the guy they should target said they should draft him with the number fifteen pick that they had that year it took the took reserve in the -- that they should take Russell Wilson with the fifteen pick I'd be happy. They drafted him in the third round it started every game since has lost one game at home has made the playoffs twice and is now in the super Boris and it was. Overshadow. Overshadowed in the NFC championship game. I know that -- think that that became the story of the game. -- reaction. After that play but a few a few -- of bipartisanship. To both quarterbacks in the game were overshadowed for different reason. Colin cap predictions -- and Richard Sherman money every week. Because nobody's really talking about the fact that he had starring Michael Crabtree the mediocre Michael Crabtree he had a but the better throw. So -- jeopardy got a bit of a pass because Richard Sherman took over -- Russell Wilson was overlooked because. On -- felt. Haven't. Beautiful pass right down properly touchdown and knew that the guy jumped off sides and today it was a free play anyway and I got it. To another undrafted receiver Jermaine curse undrafted. I mean not targeted that team is not built with all these crazy receivers as I said both Sidney Rice and pursue -- hurt. The rose to an undrafted the biggest plays of the game were made by Kirsten Doug Baldwin. Both -- at the pitchers need to go out there and spending gazillion dollars on name brand wide receivers. Which you think why didn't I thought I. I don't think they should go out and get somebody that some people actually I -- like -- -- -- the picture you're gonna have been for more now so -- these jumps like that you better do a better job with undrafted guys pocket camera Tompkins KP -- odd to -- -- -- Are we headed to the question coming up what he has got that. 379 every seven brought out there today is the data thrown out fearless whatever you got 37937. Any question any subject will answer -- and W yeah.

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