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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 01/29/14 - Missing you edition

Jan 29, 2014|

Missed again? Four questions today on Boston teams missing out on players or opportunities.

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-- And now our silicon -- swollen painful -- Fuller report for a -- four. Fun cleaning. Green card. Well we solved it. On its rate W. Well first -- -- four -- brought you by see beyond your technology ally got a business to manage why not let's see beyond manager technology no theme song today in the I had one if it's stuff to make it fit probably would appreciate -- -- would look too abstract. He today in rooms oh yeah oh yeah since since you did you -- a and you're missing. Them. It's -- concern being. -- why -- -- got -- here it is this in the. Didn't do it and you know. Hillary. And in -- -- -- -- -- -- Or -- a big screen -- that I backward lateral line. Not go work hard when you go to fifty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes. Berkeley. Berkeley everybody hit has written in -- that in the basic Francisco. You know they give you go to that area unified black hippies. It is Luke -- like it is that right now you know the front of like you've been in Portland now. The -- go to Berkeley center. It is there's no shortage of black people not at all quite the opposite version are too short after -- -- -- Far from where this terribly uses those things one question my girl and -- danger way. -- Why anyway the question hello we are that are theme song I don't get it. What was the way one. I know -- the owner of the report yesterday coming from Tommy and the patriots wanted to treat later FitzGerald last season's notes about the ones who got a -- like for the ones that game parents. So heroic. Larry FitzGerald isn't aimed -- patriots fans have been clamoring for last year the pats also made a push for Emanuel Sanders didn't land him. Either in the draft or free agency who was the biggest players that the patch tried to get. But did it. In the draft or free agencies have tickets when they try to get out you know what I don't want -- problem for. A little. Something for you think about. And -- Vince Wilfork draft. They were surprised it -- with their 21 bright because you know what they wanted to draft that events they want it Steven Jackson. So Stephen Jackson is still -- bit system that we got to do we have to. -- -- beds they have a second round they still have another first rounder. Benjamin Watson 32 but you're trying to trade up. To get Vince Wilfork Stephen Jackson first round. But the rams beat him to let the rams made a trade with Cincinnati. -- takes Stephen Jackson to patriots take didn't know what that's got everything -- right. This Wilfork and Stephen Jackson -- draft. I would I don't know I received -- a really good and I threw it good for awhile. But get good compliment to -- the next year they ended up getting or that was at the same year ended up getting cortisone. Who did not last nearly as long as Stephen -- -- much higher right then you're no longer have to waste of time a few years later with more for right. Which would have been nice what it could -- and somebody else now. I would that I would have been helpful that's -- the -- away whoever they could have picked with the lord -- brought me out what that is the one that got away -- a lot of -- Old union boss if you heard Boston Austin Co. actually ripped the opposite ends of the running game with their sound of somebody just talked Tucker it's only ten. Others focus so they're sound of what he said what the -- on the ball that's a good running game and assistance to spend -- While he's right I mean that -- Jones true. After -- Was dressed in the second round after second round pick but that's different from ones that got away and the leader wants a look at every good player that was drafted -- -- -- Communist. On the one thing in -- a lot of factors in saint Julius Peppers rivers -- -- talk about Julius Peppers and how. Belichick was interest in acquiring him they got to go when Dez Bryant. There's also mentioned they were position draft as Bryant they didn't do it. I've traded down a couple of times. One of the trademarks or trade down resulted in the -- it became Aaron Hernandez and what good this time last year not looking so good right now. And then they eventually. Settled on DeVon quarries who would you rather have Deborah McCord the -- Hernandez out of you have -- -- -- Brian. I think most who -- this -- pressed him according as a Pro Bowl this year. The problem -- it didn't. Well now you're making me doubt it I think he did yes. While. According probably not felt good about that how you reacted that way didn't make the Pro Bowl this year my crazy. I think I am right. But now I don't feel good about it I don't really good about a minute ago -- -- -- yes he -- yeah according guys you just don't do that tiger God's sakes I. You're you're you're McCord it's leaving many teachers across that he probably got trust me a look at. -- look forties and Pro Bowl it was as a pro bowler probably of course but so was Dedham according to try to have that we established dreaded deadline. -- debacle to play safety I'd rather have inevitable course. -- we are Michael the Celtics have -- on out of some great players both through the draft and in free agency. Which player that the -- miss out on would you most want who have seen in Celtics green -- on this there's only one real answer to this there's a couple of almost answers to this but the one big one is Tim Duncan and they never had a chance autograph them. But I'm proud of everything and -- powered again had a chance and unforced shopping pong balls bounce the other way Tim Duncan. I know there's other -- you could say Dirk which can that be a fine on campus radical. You know -- Because they never quite have the -- -- got -- it certainly appears. In the same -- right. Also the only the only answer is -- -- -- only now now the sad answer. Very sad and wanna bring everybody down to set answering it. If they would had a chance to see -- we we could have seen men's bodies. -- by play fair enough you know but that's that's a different conversation but in terms of what does it it is clearly. -- clearly don't give unequivocal head. You just -- I don't the lottery -- you think about the odds that were in place just jog your memory in case you have repressed. All of these feelings and bring them back -- They had two lottery picks. They were bad and the Dallas Mavericks were that another terrible team in the league. With the Vancouver grizzlies not -- -- Vancouver grizzlies but they were fortunate 68. But that's worked in the Celtics favored to another bad pain. That couldn't get the number one pick you had a bad team that was -- music can't pick -- -- bad you like your chances Dallas is bad you've got their pick. Every big market for what you get three and six. -- Imagine every within turned into -- on in the fact that a lot of -- well Ron Mercer in the -- -- makes it's so sad that's like a sad -- to match. The match that Tim Duncan. Well -- -- -- banner seventeen. I had Tim Duncan -- Steve. But you guys. What you would have had the opportunity. By the pain because Paul -- what is -- I don't know I don't know I'll hold on to this cash cow I'll hold onto. What do won the championship by year -- you know what else though I know that they would have fortunate for more chip. This is stuck with the team and this is an unpopular if -- -- now. But you wouldn't be in the hall of fame got Tim Duncan you're -- to tell you -- though. I know it's sad for Celtics fans that he didn't come here in the championships it would one and it's a lot easier to see this now that they won a championship and went to -- another one. And nearly won it with pierce Garnett and Ray Allen. What -- wanted to watch Tim Duncan and root for Tim Duncan like do you like watching Tim Duncan yes really yes I just thought to be stillborn. He's such a boring cat you know Tim Duncan has more -- OK actually yeah. Well. Plus the Celtics drafted we never would have the Tim Duncan David Robinson -- are out of bounds commercial these guys come in the -- around about these guys count. Very little comment if anything. But the way you talk about Tim Duncan -- the thing where you talk about money. Lloyd anyway. They are tactician. Out -- they are scientists. You know they are fundamentally. But yeah yeah Pirelli. He's met his nickname is a good -- yes I mean that's the worst nickname ever if it's accurate I doubt it terrible outlook to go I mean fifteen years of watching Tim Duncan sound so -- knows better than watching some of the god awful team Arkansas value if you have to dump -- in -- You retreats and other people like. I don't understand. Basketball. All about dunks or three point lineup but how -- -- know is bad but you're -- it -- -- definitely this would reduce your. Your walk -- your graph here attempt bounced. This is a man who -- the glass. God we do it look like that anymore that would of its -- at the bright what do people think that Boston fans are insufferable now all you can imagine how much more insufferable they'd be if they had to add Tim Duncan for all of those years. Now it's one was already here right. Yes you're so that I guess would have made a terrible because you want personality was so great to wiggle and I loved it when wig and a fundamental -- and that would have been an interesting dichotomy Antawn Tim Duncan joked on the same team Duncan gets instead they would've gotten rid of -- and -- as a conductor problem from what I loved and one. It's on the it might be my favorite Celtic -- I loved -- a separate number three. Pre. Not -- misses by teams there of -- -- not coming to Boston the Bruins have swung and missed on a couple of players recently. Which player either drafted or brought in via free agency or traded for. It was the biggest with -- like. But anybody that team that -- incorporated. Tells us things about Marco Sturm yes good Sturm was fine. Good call I mean he's not like somebody you should trade for Joseph important but Marco Sturm is a productive player that I get into the troop not sort. Wish they'd rather still werder Kevin Stevens primo that's bad Kevin Stevens that the war. Done he's done he's done but I Jim Carrey. He was done. Kevin Stevens had some ups and she should I have always -- -- an album -- I'm afraid. They're entertaining bill to a very entertaining mr. Entertaining except the those hurt. And he smoked a pack cigarettes you know I'm not entertaining go to like your hockey players who smokes cigarettes there should be more hockey players smoke packet from a bygone era. Guys usually more athletes that -- you know Raj there should be more guys like that guy who could smoke a pack of cigarettes like you can originally -- -- -- let -- Baseball player that's fine he -- -- -- players that are buckled while who cares you gonna do interviews music you -- about what -- a hockey player with the amount of of of skating the amount of just the kind of shape you have to be in to play professional hockey the idea written bought the whole time is hysterical and it -- -- lives freely just had a cigarette in the right way. There are no human error debuts for -- talk about you. Yeah. I did everything I possibly could go to -- for ten. -- The clip from every high school in America. Arctic cafeteria. Is really -- coffee -- a cup of coffee yeah. Brian Leetch at the very end but those guys I mean. A swing in this you bring in those guys in the end knowing they were at the end and hoping maybe get -- from them the count early one he would you remember how bad he was. He was terrible that they ended up winning the right up so it didn't matter but he was awful. They were better with him out of the lineup that with him in the line moving to -- he was in terrible gonna help when the power play -- he was dramatic -- -- -- the power line about what he was terror while text or elect tester. I -- it out here. It's actresses. That. Dumped him. -- -- Is the -- -- -- rod and having it be now not flashing now but actually Patrick -- -- does not luring. Much delicate is not fun to watch Iran would -- on government version -- on the watch though. It's usually cocky. I like -- on -- thrilled one million don't nobody thinks he'll look into the real actors. No I don't care what he says in a press conference you don't on the floor he's come on you don't really think that is no you don't think. You don't think that are not compared to his contemporaries he didn't think he was more fun to watch the Chris Webber didn't figure is more fun to watch the KG -- and think he was -- I don't -- wasn't better city of Baltimore for the -- You're not aware I think I'd like -- -- to get a little march -- lying to the annualized -- -- shore you're lying to yourself up my. Apartments a credit but. It's about KG would be an easier better know. Where we can get in the NBA. And Duncan -- There it's not anything they even at night. It would happen is dynamic that mine and Tim Duncan appear quiet 26 points. Sixteen rebounds four blocks. And a waste of Norfolk stove or -- -- you eat and eat or Weber or any any any other company or that our -- say thanks but no thing one more good ones back in the W. -- -- -- Jacobs finally open the books and outs of the unit to treat -- one. Plus sorted. Out yeah they would have pretty good career. That didn't work. Where like 99. Nice job that your Michael -- nice job that -- To think. About job requires a team that -- job dismantling right. And in preparation for the lockout because of the -- had inside information. And the holy spirit. It would be -- -- that team didn't perform but to get back. To I don't. And. -- up front -- I mean he -- when they came back from lockout and the opened up the entire game took away all the clutching and holding and grabbing and get all the things do. Change the neutral zone trap and Brian -- who went from being like a mediocre player to be one of the best of -- they're like -- well -- -- and let them go or Malacca but he. There all right all right Fausto every team's going to be doing it now and that's about just you but the school for restaurant. The Red Sox have been linked with big name free agents Alter the old. We're barreled over the past decade what is the biggest name and that the Red Sox let get away. It was the biggest play the Red Sox let get away -- how about favorite. I'll remember to get me started Babe Ruth very rarely do we really need to continue on number three favorite market number four let's go first -- I did say in the past decade up to our favor I missed the best thing. The entire offseason. About the path that it -- -- it was -- it was 2000 program but they got that one writes 00 era. What they got it right. Aren't doing it worked out better -- come here but at the time. At the time that time they were crushed but then they won the World Series and -- became you know the biggest ally in the world Johnny Damon. Yeah I mean which player either drafted I'm just read this question or brought in via free agency was that because we. Your question. Now the Red Sox have been linked with big name free agents entry in the past out as the biggest names of the Red Sox almost are. Yeah -- Sammy Sosa was longer than expected to go to that they have him signed the Mark Teixeira to give me cranky. Granted he went -- to -- -- but -- You have talked me gotta let him get away that right up the right time they could've brought back Derek -- that a Mac meant. You have than. That that was okay to let Derek logo comes our what our favorite guys. Suit you to listen to especially very entertaining but. That was about right but it got most of its funny how many of these that kind of got right I mean Teixeira was very good sabathia is very good to. Are you pissed right now that neither of those guys play for the Red Sox. Do you wish now that John Henry gone the extra mile Mark Teixeira -- not -- -- sport -- house -- -- so many -- here and they love Manny. Manny got a way you look pretty quick hits the equipment they aren't fair I was waiting for -- there are just waiting for you this then I don't believe it I -- drew -- -- -- -- -- Don't you -- and not as Miami was wrong with you guys to get capital man I'm with you -- how do you not miss -- out of like that was our there's a couple reasons I'm not talking about it on anything -- and -- talking about Manny when he was man. I'll talk first of all there's no you don't miss watching you have players that there is no way you don't want you don't miss watching Manny hit and that as a member of the media there's no way you don't miss Manny being here. -- guaranteed story every two weeks. -- most interesting fascinating player to watch it was he's the anti Tim Duncan and by the way he won two championships here. I -- about more than that but you want to. Is doing caller given the never in the rotation of people church so what we do. They -- Another directors is Hazel Mae. Aggressive. I missed I liked to do well -- in the credit. Human moment and I don't ever quote -- Animus has. Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena Scopes. Roger. What some the last decade. Carl Crawford. Think you're doing just fine Victor Martinez is gonna answer though that is your Martinez won't Adrian Beltre is a -- yeah. Those those are guys we talked about old -- Victor Martinez what the third or fourth best hitter in the American League according to Tim McCarver he's let that guy walk away. -- car. Favorable loan to make McCain look so bad. Justin Masterson giving me.

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