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Talking Patriots football with legendary NFL Coach and ESPN Analyst Mike Ditka

Jan 29, 2014|

We discuss the two tight-end set, the Patriots struggles and the Superbowl with the man that would beat Rick Mears in a race driving a bus... DITKA

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We go there right now we just had mud on from our WEEI headquarters on radio row that's also where we find Mike Ditka former coach Mike Ditka. Currently with -- ESPN is also -- joined by doctor Keith black who talk about here in just a minute but coach how aria. And they don't have many years -- they shut me -- but this more commotion that I heard the year you guys must make a lot of money. This radio station where I very well the SE a lot of hesitation is I don't. Right now if I what I what do you think about what do you think about this -- but the -- up here. The Red Sox this year. Yeah I think it should be all right. I don't I -- I've got to figure this stuff out I think I think he'll do a little better look here's the better question what do you think about the White Sox went -- Chicago and here in America recently about the life. I can only talk about the cubs aren't aware of them with -- -- but that's not much better you -- hope because. Not even with -- still -- halt. -- sad sad to hear hey we all wanna talk to -- about. Football wise course there was the patriots conversation before we get into this game and also what you're doing this weekend at the Super Bowl but. Don't we have an argument yesterday with a caller who he hates Belichick he talks constantly about how Belichick. Has been blinded by the idea of the two tight -- system and how he's invested too much into the tight end position. What do you make of what Bill Belichick and his office is done with the idea of two -- Well anybody that would make that statement is really not a very Smart individual so. Belichick is certainly one of the great coaches their coach the national football only as good as any avid received. And I think you. Set up your office and understanding you take your best players and what you can do best. The -- -- defense that you wanna keep the defense on -- keep him where they can't get -- in Houston due to tight end or three receivers that. Or four running back that's what you're gonna do. So I think what he does is terrific. Mike I -- talking specifically about one of those tight end. Rob Gronkowski. He has had some injuries the last couple years I know you play the position at a hall of fame level is there anything that rock could do. To avoid the injuries with this plays out or do you just look at that as it's part of the game and it is inevitable. Yeah there's not much you can do really with what happened to him and he's just a great football player and a you put your body on the line and it's it is what it is I mean he -- -- -- his -- women and that that's gonna happen those things don't happen idea. I get you know you try to play through stuff you can't play through leg injuries if you can't move he can't run you can't play your position. But he's one of the great that -- -- If you were coaching him would you ask him to change his style in any way to try to keep him healthier. You can't really I mean I think -- had feared him and that I think these are seeing you know understand when I think football's. A physical game and if you play alignment -- you can get -- isolated. In all honesty. Scare anybody so. He may be kept back from this -- come back from that would be great but I don't think he became just out he has to -- Coach Jerry Angelo a Bill Belichick have been friendly over the years and I'm sure you've come across. Jerry Angelo his time at Chicago your time in Chicago he was critical of relatives earlier this week saying built the team in the wrong way. He should have focused more on the outside weapons for Tom Brady. It any kind of I'm pretty much wasted in a season with Brady was a misguided approach what do you think about the way the patriots built this team here. Well I think the patriots did a great job good football team you look at what they started with that -- have a lot of people that really nobody knew who the hell they were. You know four months ago. And they they did pretty well they handled it pretty well and Tom Brady makes people have a better there's no question about it but they don't. If it gets a little silly I mean I hate I don't like to talk about anybody but his if you don't talk about bill Belichick's coaching me you really where you are out of line. You really are because you take what you think you can do in -- your best to get the best that your people to defeat the other guys. It's not well what looks. Wouldn't look good to have four receivers out there running about maybe a look good but maybe that's not what's best for your football team right now and you -- use the people who. Are your best players to defeat the other team. That's always try to do is not a matter that. He's trying trying to run at three tight end offense or anything else it is that but he feels after studying film that's the way to look at these appointments. My Dick is -- this from New York from super week here on WEEI. You know. If you bring up. Belichick of what he should do in the next question then becomes about Brady and whether or not what he's still a great quarterback he's still one of the tops in the league. But he's obviously now closer to the end of his career than to the beginning. How do you deal with -- aging -- quarterback in the last two -- five years of what he's going to. Do in the NFL. Well I never had that zealotry. -- -- -- -- -- gonna throw to worry about that I was gunmen then but I you know I I think that you you give them just being respected he deserves that mean he's one of the greats of the game. I think deal would do that in the organization who that it will be handled properly. I think honestly it was Tom. You know when it's time to hang -- It's time to time. -- -- -- -- I don't think you haven't killed ray players understand listen mate manipulative skills or diminish in anyway. We certainly don't want laughter make a lot of themselves for his skills diminish it. I don't see that I really don't I think they're better I'll be honest with you I think that -- you know he's not a not a mobile quarterback and we know that is -- and so pass rush can get in the pass rush to get anything you get paid that he did any quarterback in football. But I I I think. When I -- you do this year with what I thought he had a that this might have been his best their best coaching job and quarterback played an obscene and long time at that we've -- -- -- Well Mike you're wanna tell you are some really good at picking football games -- -- -- -- every game that picked our record attendance sixty. Or something like that so you wanna go of my pick to Seattle. Over Denver in the Super Bowl but. Who do you think you've got to win -- -- I don't know I don't care I don't think it's going to be high scoring game. I know a lot of people think it's you might be has I don't. And when it was seventy point four point when somebody in that area I don't see a lot of scored. That just the way I see it but it doesn't mean you know. It's not gonna happen I think that he pitches to -- that I think actually I think the office will be able to holder role pretty well but. We'll see what happens. Go to new -- -- there at doctor Keith black and and you guys are together for green bar can you tell us about it. -- that they keep the doctor black we'll talk about that. So essentially you know as a brain surgeon you know we love football but we're also going to do everything we can to protect the brain health in particular of the football players. And you know we we understand then you know that also the foods and and and the nutrients that the players can. That can clear very important role and making sure that they have the maximum amount of protection from brain injury. What we've done with the brain bars good ingredients that we feel have scientific evidence. To support brain health. As a great tasting bar. And people could -- don't try to bring our restore calm. Well -- that does anyone think that doctor black is better than good it's great tasting. It's looking good for you why some think it's a great -- And he would you don't think you can help yeah. This is better Democrat period right now -- that right now all right there you go coach we appreciated doctor black thank you as well we'll talk to you guys enjoy super -- Aren't there you know. -- -- about it on our favorite answer -- an echo. When things going again -- can you could look. At all. Yeah what does -- care liked I don't know I don't know I didn't get laps in a lot of Super Bowls. I wanted to bulls coach and one of the greatest teams of all time. The Seahawks were brought really don't care. Talk about the things that I'm pitching here on race. -- have been -- here on Friday. And watch it they don't care. I like the doctor goes through all the reasons that this is good -- is -- the Dick is just like yeah I can edit edit it just -- -- -- it. Could talk about what other mumbo Jumbo scientific garbage you got just telling about how it tastes. It's only says -- others might Dicky got his the other crap theory DS is a steep fall river's mediated by anybody who would make that statement is he's really not very Smart individuals. -- Steve you missed yesterday's -- Fall River and an epic appearances that that. Did that Bill Belichick is blinded by the too tight end offense and that's really the root of all of its problems over the gimmick called it a gimmick right to -- -- as a gimmick so what I just the predictive -- what isn't it gimmick if that's a gimmick then what isn't he did everything that a gimmick. Well he just wants to run that pro style set just gimmick by just once around you know three wide receivers all coming out of the bunch formation troops on the left side but just a gimmick. -- wants around five watts is to give it five -- what isn't a gimmick. Tell me what's not a gimmick if that's a gimmick. Generally though generally talk about gimmicks and power football. Gimmick is like I like to run a double reverse or or you look at even a while care for awhile gimmick. If we do something a aside from what you normally wanna do something outside of your general philosophy that might be gimmick. Even the run and shoot if you wanted to go that far could be gimmick right we're trying to completely set the game on Fides on the completely different with -- run and shoot I was kinda gimmicky. How is it too tight and -- gimmick. You know this is what happens and it's not just people fall rivermen he's. He's got his own thing going on he's got his own agenda but I think overall. When you and we we talked about this yesterday saw. Before the fort 2000. Right around 209998. Okayed the patriots when the pictures start to go the other way. 1996 to make the Super Bowl. Parcells leaves Carol comes in in the win totals go down every year and -- is dismissed Brett. As those totals start to go down and start to spiral a bit. It would it was no longer we've got a young Super Bowl team -- get back here. It was looking at other organizations who were six of successful -- that during that time. The Packers went to a couple of Super Bowls and won 111. The one over the patriots. Went to one loss to Rocco is the Broncos won back to back Super -- the ravens in 2000 had a dominating defense but during that time. It was the -- you yeah you're looking at other teams. And and you look at the super ball Super Bowl on a different way like a faraway land. Now with this success. You'll lose you don't make it to the Super Bowl is just people are pissed people cranky. Odd man and you look at everything you exit that -- that facts no longer matter. You know what -- hear about. That a dozen years of success and how you've been an AFC championship games could have gone the other way he can won another super -- to want a couple more super ball to drop here. An improbable catch up the home repair people don't wanna talk about that. Now they really wanna get into everything are nitpicking and suddenly the system is broken. I think is just the the emotions. Not going to the super ball and I was spoiled but that's the reality of it. We've gotten used to gotten used to being in all these big games. So. When the patriots are not playing in the Super Bowl. It's a little it's crazy season will be having these conversations. Next year even getting to get in the training camp. Get into September the beginning of the season people will be excited again about. What the patriots -- guide -- and as they should be -- -- there's no doubt about that I don't know that I agree though that we won't be having the same conversations on the bill. I don't think his goes away just because the Super -- a few months in the rearview mirror. I think that all these conversations will be ever green right up until the patriots winning another one because everything is still in question until then no matter what bill tries whether he goes out there goes crazy this offseason and brings in a couple of big time receivers and weapons for Brady or he goes the other way and goes on defense and brings in some names or -- just kind of -- patent allows -- -- young players to grow up. And allows some of those injured guys to return the I think a lot of those conversations will continue I don't think they're going. Yeah and it's about yeah big time players. And and Tommy -- the story yesterday out of sorts. Who told him that the patriots actually were interested in their FitzGerald last year -- a lot of conversation ended. The -- in the conversation hired Bruce areas -- said no -- -- get out of here bill. He'd like Hitler FitzGerald or with that part on the road were the cardinals asking for first to second and third. Was that contract hang up I don't know how far -- it but Larry FitzGerald that type of guy. And there are many of them the only think I don't think in this kind of sound crazy I know I want out. Only Andre Johnson is that type of guy I didn't think woo boy it's the crazy. I don't think Calvin Johnson. That's great if he has. I don't think he's the type of guy. It Larry FitzGerald is now Calvin Johnson is he better receiver he's a better downfield receiver than -- and their FitzGerald now. Understated terms of what they're looking for if FitzGerald is not. Target at least a factor in the game. She is perfect for what they're looking for he's eight he's a guy who canned. Obviously can be game breaker. He still has speed. -- outstanding hands is a great route runner he's a great blocker and he's good he's in he's a complete football player whereas Calvin Johnson. Is just incredible. Almost. Indefensible down the field but what else is but that's what it is it's kind of like he's a stronger. If -- and asked if he's the stronger Randy Moss but is that not the same type of receiver. I can see Belichick falling in love with Larry FitzGerald type. Spoken to a bit of everything and I'm an old -- and Belichick will probably. Even though FitzGerald is is 31. And we've seen a lot of football from him and he's done almost everything up I'll bet you Belichick -- find another way. Use Larry FitzGerald. Text message personal as for that -- I think you're right on Dylan and FitzGerald vs Calvin Johnson because I think there's a lot of people that out there would say get -- like Calvin Johnson because he's too good. That everybody thinks he's good so bill is. Trying to outsmart them by going with the guy who's more complete instead of with a guy who just has the more -- town but whenever another Texas saw peace because the bill can do no wrong he gave the example of him bringing in big names what does he were brought him big names he did in 07. Is that what you -- brought in Randy Moss was a huge name who he brought in -- Thomas number Woodbridge biggest name in free agency that a year -- and he brought Wes Welker who everyone know and he gave -- the number two pick for. Totally didn't bring in names that your case you're ready to bring in the you know -- three hall of famers he only brought in one. Sorry he brought in one hall of -- the biggest free agent on the market and a guy gave up the second round pick for. Very clearly he was going to -- and Donte' Stallworth. Who was at least the name brands first tropic of people knew -- was semi -- when this kind Dahntay starts and well that's that's not Doug Gabriel. -- -- and they that's somebody that you knew what you were getting with Donte' Stallworth losing don't unknown commodity. I -- over quantity and hours Mike what you're saying the Bill Belichick was up about that action news about that act on that actually somebody had to be six.

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