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David Ortiz was asked a question and answered it, yet some columnists might have missed the point.

Jan 29, 2014|

We go inside David Ortiz's latest contract comments, and wonder if those who would make straw-man arguments against him actually heard these comments in the proper context. We discuss...

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Cinematic -- blown up but I read I read chances -- again I don't mean to make his pick on Shaughnessy thing or a lot but I've read his Coleman David Ortiz and I don't know I don't know what you read it the same way I did but I read this morning. And the whole column is essentially saying I can't believe that David Ortiz is bitching about his contract and won't honor it. -- read it go why. What it was their David Ortiz conversation beyond the one with Steve Burton I don't know about now is there a place where David Ortiz went out and said hey I will not. Later this year -- unless you. On unless you give me a new contract -- -- -- they're holding daily Enrique real moral -- on ESP and deport that happened. Judges I don't wanna confuse the issue distorted until he could've said that -- -- our -- but he didn't -- some bloggers reverend rob Bradford. My Spanish is neck with its net it's zero -- negligible don't know any -- -- now now I know oh and I know how to say freezer. Oh come to the door. That's like the freezers footer for deregulation and I used to be -- say that's cold it's called -- free art school. Arsenal look at the end of my spent so so and not a single -- -- robots can have the exclusive that you would have no idea you -- have somebody. -- Internet wide assume somebody would translated into English on ESPN but so that didn't happen David Ortiz. Can someone show me the David Ortiz quotes three say give me new contractor -- -- a plate because what I heard when I read it was. I'd like able to -- I don't get a multi year deal I'll probably play somewhere else -- it's all coming opulent. It's like. Is as unusual as blue suits. At the stated that you. It happens. David Ortiz talking about his contract its people. Basically applauding after every statement -- -- get -- there -- you to stop talking about a contract to be getting would be like getting congressman to stop clapping. I think every good -- it is it is something it is it is. Snowstorms. In New England. It is of a truck leaving Fenway Park in the picture in the paper. It is something. That we're used to get an idea for all Marshawn Lynch. -- Marshawn Lynch. My second favorite player in the National Football League. When he said no I'm talking here because I don't wanna -- fine. And I don't supposed to be this whole bridge between the fans. And the media. But the fans don't have a problem what are we talking about what we're talking about is -- really a problem. And it -- all say most of it is a media. Problem with Ortiz. Because. I would think that your average fan let's get Ortiz who. And if you listen to what he's saying not that you were told what he said. But if you listen to what he said. What you have is a guy. Answering a question about his contract. It through your question about a hypothetical. Out. Make your -- know that you know we're still doing his media wise thing he can advise David Ortiz and answer questions about hypothetical ticket. Steve Burton asked him. What if what. Let's let's let's do it again OK we got to -- this is this is David Ortiz on channel four with Steve Burton. Asked about his contract situation which isn't really an issue except that Steve Burton brought it up what are they don't offer you a long term deal this time around. Thank -- long could you actually see yourself playing for another team. I haven't seen -- Arafat to. I got a choice I'm not gonna quit. What they don't feel multi -- -- and it'll be time to move at a time of -- cannot or not I'm not gonna show up at camp right now that you can't you see yourself playing for another team. I can't see it but yeah. I have to. I will think that you don't leave the high -- and think oh don't believe the hype when it comes to David Ortiz in the contract. Don't fall for it -- -- would have far two if I have to again it's always -- -- -- and I'm gonna quit not gonna. That's one. Let's say you did. Let's -- Dallas is isn't my little backdoor way of putting pressure on the reds are not so let's let's go to. David Ortiz wants a new country he really wants one. And he wants to he he's upset that Mike Napoli make more money than he does and what the three year contract written. What does it change. What changes. This your entertainment experience change when you're watching David Ortiz do you think he's not gonna -- form. Would no longer hit home runs would no longer be clutch in the post season. Is he got to Europe the club out there and undermine John Ferrell to -- -- storm into another press conference like you that would Hedo. The -- and going on John Ferrell. What divides it. -- -- -- Tougher call John -- might be able -- arm -- I'd be able rational animal round. What's the big deal. What does it bother peoples of the guys say I'm not making enough money. That they're paying -- peanuts. They just respected me I hate this place. I don't like it here I've never what. What do we do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No not as Enrique there's no way but I'm curious. It was the anybody else reacted this went to them I heard the morning show -- -- side. They were they they completely agreed that -- -- Ortiz was was in the wrong was complaining in a way that was inappropriate. I wonder how somebody can justify that six or 777979837. It and it may not be the nut graph of Shaughnessy column but it's the last line now is the last line carry its own. Wait it's not the nut graph that's not where you're making your point it's but there's got -- kicker right well let's just say this -- retirement David Ortiz to walk. To walk a -- Dropped the Mike. -- -- are dozens of a walk off line from being shown us his column is swell. Way to go big poppy everybody loves you but you have to -- leveraged. Please stop talking about a contract extension. An honor the deal you signed so forgetting about the first part which is wrong about whether anybody has any leverage because I think he does have leverage probably got that but the second part of it is what I'm cures of the very last line. Please stop talking about a contract extension and honor the deal you signed. At what point does he -- I'm not get under the deal it signed. At what point is he saying spring training in a few weeks on revenue contrast so I may not show that I hear that did you hear that the somebody else hear that. I know -- -- Super Bowl week in the patriots aren't in it too often go out there and make up some media stores that we -- -- write about talked about but every time -- doesn't have something to write about he has to completely make up people were to somebody's mouth are true. Little David Ortiz said this. So explain that committee. Could script that that's not the -- talk to talk. But -- Dave Howard David Ortiz does this often. And I know. I have heard from a lot of people hurt on on the station. They're just tired the tired of David Ortiz talked about it but -- brought so much he does this all the time. It just becomes one of those things into winter it to eight. It it probably happens to a three times a year and just get used to help the same way with Pedro. I paid -- line. Really with a -- was it was so much fun to watch. She. Performed whether he was whining or not. This young whether he was feuding with somebody in the media or are not column of the Yankees -- daddy you're not. Just part of the package with Pedro it was drama. The drama. It's always the performances there up the performance falls off. That he's fair game you could say David Ortiz complaining about a contract so much but he's not taking care of the business at hand what he should be focused on. It is to -- twelve batting average of it comes to that. And is 275 on base percentage and is one home run even though it's June 15 or stuff like that. Other than that and we haven't seen that there's there's no precedent. For that. It was a big deal. -- -- -- You re a text message here or T it's comes eighteen to tax point 37%. Ortiz coming out now about his contract is all about respect specifically his lack of respect for Boston. He said this was our city after the Marriott bombings obviously Ortiz is short on respect unless it involves money. Boise disrespect guess like I guess I'm still Andrews is all about that now is everyone is saying this about Ortiz and they all not listen to the quote. What -- you -- You watch last that you want to what you want Tim Thomas did on the verge of retirement rule. You -- -- to get out he's what do think he's he's fighting the puck a little -- -- so you watched him. Last. You watched the Celtics. I think they were -- good it was a 47 enough that route from the knicks -- it it was it was better it was only 47 cupcake that was a beat down in New York never close. And I watched the state of the union state of the union. The United States of America. Where we brag about our ability in art are. Rebounds. To have a difference of opinion America can say you want to new contract. Doesn't mean he has to get one. Don't you think David Ortiz. This doesn't deserve a new contract right now and it's foolish to do it don't you may be in the same category has been hearing. So no harm. It throws that he wanna make more money in short what's made more money you want some security sure -- security to get right now probably not. I look at it is it's one of those things. 61777979837. It's Samir calls -- start with John who is in New Hampshire going on John. I guess they don't get. This is. Ticket Ortiz whose value is like go over the properly. That without -- basically probably wouldn't want Bashir. And it is that it and then they're -- now labeled. It's it's a little bit of an assault. But I was in limbo. We mean -- your contract another he's under contract. -- -- -- -- It's almost like they would -- with the Yankees they would instantly re up conferred on the money. Don't talk about don't don't not a -- to the gimmick playoffs last year on display and put up your right John hey maybe they would it. Look at him as a Derek Jeter -- but on the flip side. The Yankees have a lot of players under contract that they don't want. That they have signed too many people long term countered their team full of long term contract. -- -- -- right but also but analysts suggesting that the Red Sox on David Ortiz to a six year deal give -- twenty million a year the thing is can you just say hey we understand you don't wanna go into a contract year as a lame -- the same -- managers don't wanna go and is a lame duck. We can extend you know what anybody have a problem with the Red Sox gave -- an extra year to now other people who would say oh my god they're screwing up their future by giving -- an extra year to Shaughnessy mentions the Curt Schilling won but Schilling was done he was injured I mean he didn't have anything left. David Ortiz just hit 700 in the World Series. Are we talking about. I -- -- I don't know how that even come parable. Yeah I don't know declared this ludicrous with that John -- for daughter Donna mentioned that you -- a good line there -- you -- John Henry spent in the money and Ortiz because there's still some -- some some reporters that the globe who needed to make sure their checks cleared of Vermont well hey you guys do the equivalent of David Ortiz in the World Series that you don't have to worry about to protect what you have what you that you bring up the big question and is that what this is. Are we back to being what we call John Henry's eye hand maiden is that this this is just talking back to do is there's John Henry. Talking back to David Ortiz is is Dan Shaughnessy saying -- I don't only need to write anything about Ortiz specifically today after the super balls going on but. You don't might sound nice to my boss is if I yelled at one of the guys who's trying to get into paying more money maybe I can devalue David Ortiz is market and John Henry won't have to pay as much money but look at what a great employee I am. With Seattle begins just that it's not just dance. Her on the station I listen to the station all the time I'm -- I support I support my teammate. Goes all hit it right Eddie. Young -- it's all about team they all about it I support my boys some resident Dennis and Callahan this morning and I harper couldn't believe what her. Talk about David Ortiz. Optiem. We'll do an ex alcoholic WEEI. What if they don't offer you a long term deal this time around phantom -- trajectory see yourself playing for another team I haven't -- they would if -- have to. I got a choice I'm not gonna quit then. Mean if you also yellows or breach the players to the fans. And the fans really. Than tripled from him what's the point was perfect pick -- -- right I appreciate it. I don't know I don't know it was a bridge. They're real -- But dropped Jim guy -- It's not that action -- David Ortiz. Asking that question from answer questions and Steve Burton. And the ball and -- but that action. So David Ortiz but that action. In the offseason. -- contract. You pick at that -- the -- is a talk about his contract right. He'll be upset for awhile. They'll start to -- Get to the post season and you'll say are we lucky we have David or Michael is all part of the game. Tell you what if in -- month or two when they show up at spring training and Ortiz actually does ask for new contract. At that point if you wanna write an article saying shut up and play baseball I can understand it but until he actually asked for the contract. Until it actually comes out he says. Please give me new contract or else how can you write that he's doing that when he hasn't actually done. Artists were heard in the morning show today. The retirement David Ortiz. And that the the point comes as well what do Jonny Gomes. Decides. He wants a new contract issues. -- Jonny Gomes. Donna -- better exit this sentence. Jonny Gomes better exit this paragraph excuse me Johnny golf -- exit the book of the nut -- Right now he's not the nut graph if you -- not grabs about Jonny Gomes you -- bet you you bitter regret not. OK I think that's right -- the dot. Now. It was or what have coaching your heart. You know he's the best closer in baseball last year what if he decides that he wants a new contract. -- One great year and Boston vs David Ortiz. What we're coming to -- they're really isn't a comparison. There isn't anybody you can compare him to would say well. Well if you pocketed corporate Jonny Gomes you're not gonna do corporate Koji maybe Jon Lester maybe. That's a good one. That's about it legitimate to death but Dustin Pedroia he's got his money paid them and -- money is -- Compared to eight or teeth to any problem I think -- -- -- that you you you bring up the name Jon Lester because I think that's why that's why you do you look at that's why this kind of stands out a comparison where is Lester is saying please I just wanna play here give me a contract I'll take a little bit less money I'll give you hometown discount I'm happy to come back and play. And and he looks great for right. How -- -- not how. How -- you not hear Jon -- say those things and say wow that's great that's that's the perfect kind of player you love you're in those things. But does every player have to be like that -- all of your 25 guys to all of them need to beat the guys who want to be here so badly that they are willing to to give up money. Long term. No I mean the easy answer is no players come and all different types of personalities all different shapes and sizes and Jon Lester David Ortiz don't need to have the same personality of David Ortiz. Needs to be paid in and is willing to except hometown discount you know that going in and you always been willing to deal that why. Because during his tenure you won three World Series. Dispose of the previous 86 years when -- won zero. Zero World Series remember the -- with David or I remember that zero in the 86 years before David Ortiz. So are at least 85 because Agassi was here for one of them. I did that the whole idea on 6858. I was only ams are only 85 -- that you went before -- -- -- Ortiz showed up in a Red Sox uniform. Not everybody's going to be like that and then the second one is this idea while just go learn your cliche is why does the have to answer wanna just give your cliches and and who we complain about most when all they wanna give us is cliches Bill Belichick right -- -- believe he won't give you straight answer to a question why won't he just answer question because we don't really want the -- Because unfortunately when we get the truth that pisses us off. Walked out David Ortiz you -- a new contract cannot everything about that I just play baseball and if all of David Ortiz his answers were ham I didn't think it -- play baseball and just gave you the cliche answer over and over and over again -- stop talking until we wouldn't be that interest. Are not playing I think people -- it's elected I think one interesting -- interesting answers when it comes to baseball. When it comes to your contract nobody ever ever went to the world doesn't I worked out anyway but but but the media world works that way that the the fan. Athlete relationship works that way well they wanna hear is they want insight into the game. They don't want insight to how you feel about a contract because. There shouldn't be any insight you're millionaire famous which -- immediately even if not a million -- prepare young player and I think Mike Trout. No Mike Trout in his when -- finished second in the MVP race will only 658000. Whatever was. Now yours you're working not your everyday thing -- enough. I am I know it's not at all about ten million but still 380000. I'll take it. So -- contract. Even if you are so called under paying how many people are out there like that. How many guys are out there that are willing to give you great answers on baseball but always say the perfect thing when it comes to themselves and their contract I got up and a lot of really yeah I don't think there's that many of them I think you're talking about a very very rare breed. Of guys who were interest -- have the same kind of personality that David Ortiz has are the type of player they can they can carry a team on their back carries -- on its back when he needs it I don't think that there are that many people who can do all that. Eight and give great answers when it comes to baseball and the people want and also not occasionally get themselves into some trouble out when their mouth is is open -- that I like -- -- is -- -- it's pretty easy really settled I'll give them like I think I just mentioned. Dot ago he's not the same caliber player like in order to what they've got to be on the same loud talking about looked OK Friday I have -- Here Jonny Gomes there's there's one. This one. And or entirely Jeter's not exactly agreed interviewing generally either it was on a level with David Ortiz I. Didn't even need to be equated Ortiz although we are talking very good players top you know top fifty players in baseball Jon Lester. Jon Lester is an interesting guy talked about based Jon Lester is usually a cliche machine. Jon Lester has -- have a big personality. Jon Lester is a boring got to talk to for the most part -- -- about my other. John Lackey and -- job -- and how was -- you've lost all his answers over the years. All John -- -- have been great you're you're no one's ever been mad at what John Lackey is said to the media of course I have -- I think know which you're you're saying how can how are -- guys out there who is interesting answers. About baseball. But don't fall into trouble talking about their contracts. I think it's most up. Most guys to understand that. This is not going anywhere it's -- talk about it is just not gonna help. Unless. There at the end of toward the end of their career -- And they know there will be some resistance to talk about the contract but their their careers and what that laughed when anyway so you're mad about it five. What they're trying to do was hold on and is that would David Ortiz was doing with just simply answering a question about a contract was there something else underneath. Personally don't care what the real answer it it doesn't bother me. It will have no impact whatsoever. It's not. Have zero impact on the 2004 it would Ortiz -- -- -- and Steve Burton nothing. You won't be thinking about it by opening day and think about it when pitchers and catchers report. But. I think a lot of lot of athletes shy away from this stuff because this reaction to anything you've got to be. Early reverential. When you talk about the country is this what they have when. About country play professional nine that's a question BB steeper beekeeper ethnic. -- Well. Why did you I did Jim Michael Eric contract. I was I was just FaceBook what. And reckless he can we start with a baseball question yet. -- let's look at it and he -- he bought the ball in non destructive it is -- commitment when trying to home run -- the -- contract. And other people get this there's just like get inside meeting our -- and people get it about it yet it a little people though so you can ask economic contract prints were here's. This I love this game so much it's a -- game. I'm playing and as a grown -- I'm so privileged and so blessed to be able to do this for a living. I would do it for three. So I'm not gonna talk about that I'm just so happy to be playing this sport in this city for the team development -- like a band of Brothers. It's great I'm gonna have a bigger beard and had last year. I'm gonna try to out -- Mike Napoli. Does the report to spring training as the unit that's not who he -- we've got to -- there are a few of Fort Myers buddy. -- -- Who he is though are the guys gave a great answer your wedding here that's not fact but -- that -- advertise all. That's all that's not what we hear about who did -- and instead what we end up with is this text message didn't -- sign a contract can you just renegotiate your radio contractors are having success currently -- -- honor your obligation and play out the season tied me up when does he not honoring the obligations -- I think it just gets -- all look at you ought to report tees and say just don't answer the question to shut up fine -- you too because I think that that's part of what makes him him -- the same part of his personality that allows them to go out to this is our belief in city and I think that's great. But if you're gonna sit here and say honor your obligations and play out your contract. I need you to tell me first when he is threatened not to I need to first know how -- is not honoring it how he's trying to renegotiate. How he's negotiating through the media out any of those things are occurring at other than being asked would you place somewhere else if they don't offer you would deal. Yeah I can't imagine it but I guess I would because I don't wanna quit. Is that renegotiating. Is that going to the media and spreading -- inside secrets in the media. Now another team. Well I'd never played for another day of at least not a long time but. I'd be willing to play for another team if the current situation is not going to work out long term yes at some point I would go play for another team. Obligations. Our obligations to do the glitz coming up next. I talk hockey the Bruins were unbelievable they scored eighteen goals in their last three games what happened to the Bruins when they become an offensive juggernaut that question plus a super ball talk next rockaholic W --

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