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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 01/29/14

Jan 29, 2014|

We set the table for the show and go around the Boston sport scene's three hottest stories... featuring DJ Bean, Scott Lauber of the Herald and our own Mike Mutnansky live from NYC.

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Sports Radio nine. WT IFM and WEEI dot com now a look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. Colleagues and Boston blitz. On Sports Radio WG. -- -- -- blitz is always brought you by AT&T biggest stories in the city and we start talking hockey the Bruins are on a roll eighteen goals in their last three games DJ being the but WEEI dot com DJ. -- -- become an offensive juggernaut as -- -- -- comfortable with this or is he worried the game has been to open. Did not mean I'm sure it's funny up with a graphical game -- -- it shows that that anyone worried about the and right -- outlook and outlook story about a paper that would generate on the -- that. I'd I'd I'd think that. They've had light -- and getting hot weather was that there are a lot of it was battered by sort of -- obviously the -- -- outlined -- -- even though it could score a goal last night. And got the curriculum got to from which each. Our DJ we thought Tim Thomas last night and we saw him. Basically reaching fours water bottle a lot because it was so much so much activity. Behind him is that an aberration. Or is this the final season or should this be the final season thomas' career. And I think he could play a bad team than it should be because the guys who. The other how -- the always playing for a few years 78 years. But having four of them be something really great he can be back I didn't want them to get that all things but. -- fees and really pack the punch and I just don't see any purpose both sides from financially of attacking -- bat of the. What do you think the Bruins are gonna do you mentioned Ryan Spooner he's backed out of Providence a site is down like fifteen pounds -- clearly had an illness that he's trying to get back over but. Now they have a glut of forwards he certainly looks like an NHL player what do they do by march 5 straight deadline. I think definitely the -- -- to get a -- shut -- -- that I know that it's been dirty is perfect game. He'd be good right shot that it that it had opposed to preparing what. You know -- on the playoff but. For me you have to upgrade that left side secretary. And it is not not I'm not marked out the I mean the Bruins have plenty of guys -- be a part of you whether he writes the winner not a preacher. Out of the equator Kevin Miller those guys are basically the same exact player the Bruins having to redundancies in certain positions or they have. Just a lot of depth that they have to keep making -- they want to. The question is who is a good left shot -- We gonna be out there and -- doesn't look great the other night with the elder played a lot of minutes but you wonder if you guy who played a -- on the good team so. And depth to identify with that I'll be in the book -- All right DJ you -- foam on Twitter at DJ underscore beam of course the WEEI dot com Bruins Canadians tomorrow night thanks DJ toxin. -- -- -- Are now we're bringing Scott lover of the Boston Herald follow him on Twitter. At Scott -- very simple LA UB ER Scott -- about money ironically with the Red Sox. For -- even before David Ortiz. -- -- that a new contract would not be would not be frowned upon by him let's talk first about how much wiggle room. The Red Sox have to spend without. Crossing that luxury tax threshold. Right yeah I mean they're they're kind of bumping up against it in terms of what they can spend without costing one now 189 and that's kind of an -- number and you look at it -- say well you know you add up all the contracts and I did it last week and if they're sort of in that 170 -- they wanna leave some wiggle room for themselves during the season so that they can get elected to -- he last year they need arises. And so I think that you know when you factor in everything there are coming up close to it. And you know we talk about his contacts Stephen Drew if they wanna bring him back in the que -- for the right price in -- offload -- -- Like one of the pitchers easier and her or it to stay at that -- But a fine if I understand how that works it's all based on the average annual value of a contract if they were simply extend David Ortiz. By another year or two even at the same Brady signed for next year. It shouldn't affect there cap number or their their butchery tax number right. Yeah exactly exactly so so do that look. Yeah -- I think what we're talking about David Ortiz you were talking less about luxury tax. And more about risk management and whether or not the Red Sox wanna get it it's now with David or -- past you to 38. When we're in the Dominican Republic. And in December is charity -- -- -- -- first kind of broached this subject and it looked. I wouldn't mind adding a year to the -- already so he has this year. And then what would like an extra added onto that. That would take him to his fortieth birthday and you know I think -- -- -- to look at it what we don't have to do anything right now he's under contract for this year who want to undertake another year. And import that one of these years -- not to hit thirty home runs one of these years and we wanna gamble attached. It needs 38 season will be 39 feet and we want it comes after that so. Right there I think they're looking at you know it's -- and it needs throughout party wanna go if Ortiz before the inevitable decline occurred and and they really don't have to do anything right now it can wait and see how this plays out you -- in the. Austin Harold Scott at Scott Glover on Twitter thanks -- toxin. -- -- are -- now to New York for very own Mike and Lansky. At much WEEI on Twitter and much is give us the give us the bot. You guys have been there know Joseph is a -- has been all over TV where the five of the super weaker TV star 2014. The vibe is an upset you guys have to talk to -- in the Boston bugs but the -- -- -- -- -- -- of the blades of split Austin all of this causes my TV segment -- highly radar and on that is in the cockpit. Michael Holley as you know I'll -- Here is here at DVD buzz is this the buzz is it's cold. People are still complaining about it a couple of days in -- and war on tap for which should be an -- football game whether or not we're talking about yet I'm not really sure but it's the best offense against the best defense and I've follow the patriots but dammit I cannot wait for this game on Sunday. All right so. I've come I've adopted Marshawn Lynch Donald as my son. Is now my third son but. Now he's right he's my second favorite player and football and now rooting for the Seahawks despite. Richard Sherman GAAP and all of that they got the most talkative player in the league in the least talkative player in the -- it's great. -- for the Seahawks it do you have you particular rooting interest yet much. -- -- rooting interest in this is going to be on the team that Leo plays very good defense and I think that. It in Russell Wilson a particular. And Mike talked about this I. I feel like in a way we are watching a young Tom Brady not the way he -- runs around on in the way he manages a game in the way he was taken. Later in the draft wait in the get the same hype is that the players in his class. And I mean my official pick on the show but I leading really really heavily towards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you gonna talk about this and your your -- to -- not to be confused with Boston blitz. You talk about. Gonna compare Russell Wilson to a young Tom -- I -- -- -- -- -- on TV what -- well we'll see what they have been to talk about that he would agree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What Mike he's got to get over that mean my goodness that was a few years ago in -- they still hate machine -- always. And you guys have seen it he gets -- dirty look like double double little bigger every time -- seem like you just dirty looks in the hall answer about that. What's that you get dirty looks at the hallways here. I don't believe that somebody that was we -- that was the top pay money ready for -- with. What's that mean you you -- -- -- -- -- angling for a Saturday morning -- like really. I've heard our mark or Saturday nights I was on Saturday night Saturday Sunday night I heard about that have done that are in Europe but that American I'm like but -- paid Mike the sports I'll tell you like I could still do the flash we really should be guys we really just wanted to find a way to make sure to get you want to the blitz today we'll talk to symbolic. It was the it's it's the author bullets and it's brought to by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans rethink possible you know it's gonna join us next speaker of the civil. That record the Michael we did -- particular advice for -- -- you want this 10 in the western new options here. Now a look at all the big stories in Boston stores with those on the inside it's solved and colleagues boxing athletics. At. -- people and bricks and clicks endless war emblem put the sort of it's ready to you I. I think he can mix that would end. I think you can make that to me. I think once a week make it a special Friday thing for the -- got to switch. The question. So we've got these cheesy ESPN open -- we've got the cheesy sweet doing. Ballroom blitz open -- -- like that I know you do -- part of it it's cheeky what -- -- like and then you've got the cables and bits Boston with so. Cables and bullets to kills a bullet -- and -- now we just need two more we have a different one for every day of the -- percent. In the other suggestions and I think ultimately we're gonna work on this as I told -- -- wanted to call the -- anyway so I'm -- I take it took me awhile to come around the names so that the open is gonna take even longer from do we get your reserve parliament did march on -- to voice. The open sores all I am all about that action efforts to call at all about your boss took part of that action.

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