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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/29/14

Jan 29, 2014|

Nothing is left unsaid, nothing unanswered.

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So can Ali now. 3793. -- on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's time for answers the question jerk -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. And Mikey adams' here -- might -- Mike our Mike contest has its irregular slow and -- -- -- -- -- it does that is -- I don't know Michael. Locust treasures of Michael and hay Adams I'm walking on sunshine. At bat. Ultimately you'll -- this -- -- good news Katrina and the Waves at close. So close. Your me Katrina no really not -- -- you have manga where I action sect that -- who would want. I'm. Just happy she's dancing it's happening all units on him on the sixties and would be it's -- like he would love that shot into the question brought you by -- restoration specialists of your property your facility manager don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. Be prepared contact parents and 87746111. Elevenths -- -- heiress her like chocolate. It's. Just recently -- the listen class war classic rock than ever before. -- W you tell me -- I don't know. I just that it -- you know you go through mood and definitely if I was -- a Lotta you know heavy metal and you hear the song and so when -- your pets as. Who recently before this I was in like. British would you know the new British heavy metal phase locked Iron Maiden and -- head and that that was Annapolis is classic -- -- -- band Stevie Winwood. Bodies -- 1000 somebody personally presented -- how crazy elephant that is giving giving beloved right that's that's hazardous -- he's like teenage -- like eighteen years -- -- for another reason -- -- a lot of -- it was a hit. And that accorsi was it now trapped right faith traffic. I think you know it's tremendously and -- transitional man who was. More bands -- clot that requires -- that so many bands he just a jerk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's I think though that the guy was and then. But it was that it was hard to work with the movement what you're doing. And got a dvd -- who was your professional athletes spears. Professional athlete and that means. Can you help Leo this I think Mike knows what the professional athletes you're you're -- -- -- and yet yeah fortunately. Lose you would live through. Carriers. Up top but these guys afford a lot of guys -- -- -- We're talking and Nate McMillan. We're talking real hands like the old guy -- Bradley. -- -- Good to fit that glue guy -- for me coach of the floor it's the guys we've talked about earlier the Tweeter college basketball big men who were big but why but are never gonna make it in the pros because they're not tall enough. Talk about Craig Smith. War on the Abrams Lou -- was my favorite of them. Any of those types of -- those are my favorite vote them out much spin out one guy there there are available poster child is probably DeJuan Blair. Yes who had -- access. But I think the short. Byron Houston 6465. -- cleanest or who would hear it out of foul trouble. -- provide any. From sets that. Now yet Danny Fortson -- another 67 CA. Great rebounder but. -- You attack -- one trick pony. Easier when your attention -- like you know it was a little better than that because just a bit taller than those guys subject. I -- not adjust Holland you just talk about where he avoids. That trend. Next question what colts lingered like Kim Basinger. What kind of dip should I bring to my Super Bowl party seven -- Layers -- reticent player to have those of you with -- rattles easily over you know if you do wrong notes -- in what did you do right there's nothing like if you make that walk home -- -- the G-7 layer -- that's hard to -- you -- to the bottom -- with one chip. It's of a seven -- is that overkill with the -- -- -- -- to four lead you to a good seven -- them. Is buying really good chips. The -- break yes did you buy if you spend a little bit extra money on championship. Bet it'll do it'll stay strong -- dip all the way to the bottom of your pants at the scoops. That'll help that's what way to go yet to what are the seven layers that you put -- -- spot cream sour cream on please Rabin's. -- -- -- Green onions. Feces Italy it's feces -- I don't I don't think he seizes a little bit I think that's also. Okay and what more than alternating. Beat refusal to make you sick guys -- he ego go away. Good test scores. My next question nearest let's go to dip to bring to school. But it Michael's books on increments so now about what hit them back. I put -- there -- changed their respective sport more Bobby or or Larry Bird. It's got all the Brothers you very very popular ever changes sports. Passing big man. Why -- forward Blake no changes but what forward but got the brewers. Broke his doctorate. -- it. -- -- -- hope to -- Generation Y. kids but Bobby York. I changed his sport -- don't like guys were there are guys yeah -- -- last acorn John Pavlik yeah. He was playing like a lot of guys Kelly -- puke Kelly interview he gave -- shut out Oklahoma -- -- but I didn't rise to like a new generation of white stars in the NBA are just gave hope a short unfortunately there should resist ugly those guys all worked out thanks -- appreciate it. It's a network no question next question about guys is they must win show. Apparently that that is what that is much as any other. I'll -- not so today -- today a must win showed us that they are pretty terrible for -- -- -- -- -- must win game off -- -- that beat one guy from some -- did you radio station asking that I'd like to elect a woman was asking us -- -- -- -- thousand. The answer for it. -- Richard German why they were responsible for -- resident football players it. You know not to go to strip clubs and that that message to young women yet he's -- -- that much money just brought extra growth. -- that's a good question that just came up most money spent in one night at a strip club. Couple greens. Three and fifty dollars for as -- I don't think I've ever spent more than 4050 books and -- despite popular. I'm not -- -- tree so I put the ones -- are girls were like where we're -- I don't know with -- like this kind of mystic lake like McCarron a lot of rhetoric back. But the thing that -- mr. club. With that. Explosive. -- -- -- himself was on very awkward I got here so coasters -- -- my name -- John I'd like to document a special trick. The state. In the woods is suitable does he retire the way oh I don't know who announced his retirement. Now you have candidate wins one more he won't -- wins this say next -- my next year now he won't well maybe that. But he won't he won't pull the Brett Favre back and forth. -- I don't think they and he I don't like Peyton but I don't think he will not take pictures Johnson's -- -- anyone who. You do your taxes -- -- listening to. -- -- Forever to get all your tax stuff together. That's the problem of what you actually get all of your tax -- supposed to have a body image and never please. Places very well organized or I'm sure I'll have my tax documents and I'm a world class progress. -- the bottom line if you put the public and -- Fool for a client you do your taxes. A specialist -- yet. I assume that it saves money at the end but -- in the Cayman accounts. It's confusing. Next question. And that they are going to where I could not be more excitable and I'm -- one of my favorite places in Boston and I have not been since I've been not been in years. Ago in the Santa -- you -- spot now -- -- Them. Problems it could not be more real like tonight after I I've -- Boston during a real -- -- -- -- -- into the eighties Boston after the over there tonight I'm excited. You have a pizza. And the sausage slash lamb combo. Little excerpt pizza sauces and land. -- I live -- thinking about it on this -- you probably. Probably much I did because that there at one of those days this morning to go to. Might gym class with -- -- -- in the event of things that I don't do that if you can have them doing that got published over there on I was at the plate margin yet. Oh with their their energy all the instructors too much it chronicle too much for me which right yeah. -- I do not go they have more energy to make you watch. It's awful. I mean I and I don't they do the job it seemed like I'm not knocking the products great if you wanna take you get the budget but actually have your wife Erica. Yeah and now his energy level that I want to -- -- that you're limiting. -- yeah collateral but I'm Walt okay republic don't let it jump that's exactly right -- -- I had an independent guy. Like it's. One -- ad for EDD a it's my really it's tough to it and got. You know I'm a Big Three there -- they want mass media doing rate you don't well I think -- that the grandma. Yeah they'll be yet to they'll definitely yes that's definitely true that they will think you -- the -- gas over that are granted two -- my god it was exhausting. So I had to eat -- after that but I am looking forward sent her via a question last question did you who'd been. You'd rather recover would you rather recover from it puncture your drove your -- or dissect. Which what was that would you rather recover for me punctured your room -- percent. I think the -- and -- well. The same time. Documents to a particular -- but it's not very complex question. Where you're at another time that the counselor thinking about that -- -- in -- in the pay. The pain. That this activity it is not that bad. But you've had a vasectomy. But maybe that added that it happened that the -- right. It. Doesn't fit me well yeah. It. Text message my gym employees are all on -- but it does an outline. People are crazy how much energy. Who possibly could scream like that Richard -- times. All day -- Richardson that somebody -- this interview is no way down I'll report back tomorrow -- move -- around for that believe portables got a reply will might refuse to believe it is normally only have his pizza and the things sausage and land that's -- -- -- Get to know I mean. Yes they have drinks yes. Yes he says it's only -- -- I'm sorry Mike I didn't bring up there -- a little beverage list my bat speed more concise we got Jack Edwards on the show tomorrow as we get ready for as we -- for Bruins -- Canadians tomorrow night and for personal cohost. Q were Johnston gives me hope that -- as well give all the inside like you wanted to say thank you to our guy get Barbieri who was here today -- producer of the day. From North Attleboro high school though raided the clocks. -- Her tail red red racketeers -- -- and Taylor Redskins I knew they were read and I knew they were the Redskins job that the red rockets here. That's good dog thing yeah. -- -- -- -- -- are getting all excited the other had already been turned down geezer talking about that will be back to -- -- how are -- -- by the Mikey brought us give us our our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Andy Mikey giving your show tunes from 1947. It's our it's our signature I'll come up with -- to -- from. -- that's your that's -- -- -- first -- not to -- -- --

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