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Bradford Files: Bradford is joined by David Ortiz

Jan 29, 2014|

David Ortiz address's his contract situation and the controversy his remarks created. Ortiz also talks about his health leading up to Spring Training.

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Seems to move -- -- Bradford finals right now phone WEEI -- Welcome to another addition the Bradford files -- fortunate very fortunate to be joined by David Ortiz designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox to. It down in the Dominican Republic. Which I don't think he's ever come back from until opening day how's how's everything going to. Terrific going -- wrong. And there are. Working out there but -- Warriors and out. -- position and -- A bit get a verdict. Is it different every last year you look back. At what you're going through trying to get ready for spring training -- -- even talking to you leading into spring training bit. He thought you might be ready to play in some games. You look back at how far you've come in terms here physical. Nature and in that and your Achilles in and how different it is from a year ago. -- -- -- -- -- Up front and around the world more and more. -- -- world world. They're -- I've often. And down. I've been musical -- actually on the one. On prefer to slicker and I would do it. -- -- -- So decision. I've been -- here where. I never. Walk away from my abilities you know Byrd who are people who work crow. When -- -- Well I don't look if you compare but there -- no longer or are there are. What do you stop worrying about what did it stop I mean I know that it acted up a little bit in the World Series by. When did you have to -- stop worrying about it it's not an issue. Are well -- yeah. I was very. There aren't -- what I heard about where I was very yeah. -- what was there a time ever that you thought that I know you were discouraged last spring training about it. But was there a time where you thought this is gonna go away. Well last year. Freshman Bernard federal all the -- It was sort of war into the trees on the start of Hartford running more women and Udoka -- supple athletic. There are fired. It is my car. Well you know what David -- I know that it is that you -- we cites other down your golf termed a celebrity golf term memories talks on the money. For a good cause and you saw the physical attitude condition I was in and which is obviously off the charts. And and but see you there it looked like you're pretty good shape it looked like you wore. You were ready to head into the offseason without any physical limitations. As we sit here with a few weeks left to go before spring training do you feel as good as you felt a long long time. Our children are forever or -- -- We're grateful for a long time and ordered their. For me to be -- -- Our home. The most important thing here government given what what -- -- And back here in. They're also for the simple reason. That article are from man. Runner on a must start. I people would you know want to blow because of trying to get tight. Our -- and invigorated excited. Part of people there terrific payment is an average. Out of it matters right now. Well you know I'm in and I know that everyone ask you off how long do you wanna play how long do you wanna play. I would imagine that. Judging by how you're saying how you feel and and -- -- producing because I'm sure unit 700 throughout the year like he did in the World Series -- questioned. That -- doesn't even and clear your mind right now that your as long as you feel good you're probably gonna continue to play right. You know I don't know what people people -- similar question -- mean I'm one of the -- of them be -- mayor and I'm grateful studio also. Notebook on -- course -- people where. Our way out of game and and I get backward and are every you don't know I've. I got to the point where. I know I got -- people that I respect people it is no longer effective part of fun. -- the people -- the game and I made. I hope we're here is our workplace. Club record for a couple of more years. And anger or whatever you know quick. I got for the I've been figured. -- you're injured. Food supplement well. I have plenty of time. And Panama. And I hear about the good move so I -- blew it. Oh are realize. I've prepared myself when I get this record wallop mayberry also. I consider this a career there not a good -- -- career. People or your career goal lord your career there. You unity seventy. They just serve and and you can continue to which is poor Margaret merger so. Regret ever having fun. I you know -- what I do. I think it feels good. And you know about respecting people I would product of the word to America don't plan on May not -- -- yesterday for that there's not going to be. Or one up or more here and -- well yeah I just want or sisters hadn't. And that sort of matters when in -- And over again keep on going back. A bigger people remembered. Is that why the re talk about the contract extending him so why. It seems to me that you'd you'd get. Not confused by you'd taken aback by it because like you said you're just. -- you're in the top five and oh yes this year series that -- why wouldn't you extend me for not the years that one of the reasons. I. I -- appropriate. I'm not a confident person and on another are not a player that is because -- -- sort of -- people who myself over the years. And I think -- record and probably would read program that much so. Part of -- that the regular article. And you know. I have priority. Wall artfully and and and today's -- -- all that matters you know my priorities. -- sure. I get things done. You know and -- are bankrupt. We have a pretty good -- of -- here. Probably a creative this year. I don't want to. -- -- We all -- ever -- It just struck me is something. Column. They're addicting game. And are -- a legitimate just. Make sure target at mr. rhetorical Lamar where we -- aware of what would have been out so. And in my case I don't think are the worst record great America. And it represented -- great. Went nickel on of that I think some of British Open. And prefer going appears. The rest you know we will result in. They are -- -- what to a bigger problems go bark at me. So boring. They have a Julia player. And outright -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dominican over the long and. I heard Komondor of their record. Revenues and borrow. Alexander -- also our. Trip through some facts straighter romances in -- what. Are wrong. If the result doesn't -- book went -- from me and it facing forward who and a total of our regard. -- -- -- There were a miracle but we're probably. You know. There's not a figure from a one but I ordered a lot of as a wrestler -- This Britain's. In a league matter I want. It is. And -- do you do -- -- matter who it is very quick what they view -- In the -- straight married younger on there. In the congress are part of the book where. No go ahead. Of a -- becomes -- risk reward our the different wrong. And out. And whether. -- -- -- remarkably durable back it is very. And in my case. Then on the quick read a lot of people move what I do. Our regulars from I think I learn or air force a cool myself will review. In the conversations you've had the Red Sox are you optimistic. Yeah yeah I would hear me. We've beer and we and very when. And I know -- give -- one year. I have sort of been great republika fighter of the year and it's like you're crazy there. -- Well that's that's what you know you you you talked about the Steve Burton and read you did yesterday. And I think it was phrase is a multi year deal so I think some people. Were confused by that words that's one of things I want to clarify that you really only looking right now for that one year beyond this year right. I got your article of this you. Recover this year. I was looking for different equipment here yeah. Throw. I think Europe like out there -- we. We are currently. Not here. -- I'm more angles created yet is do. It and -- I don't -- replace him. There are and what an apartment to -- about Cromartie who mania. Would ask what on what. Richard follow -- certain. And there are probable probable so I don't know why be Hartford not bad rumors. There are. Gary did -- come back to the one year thing and so him. I think that's where some people were confused that they thought oh well you know he's looking for the three or four years. Is a one year test because. You were you like I keep playing it by year. You wanna see you know do I wanna continue to do this. -- my health's gonna stand up you know it's not the reason for low vote just one year be honest here. Yeah yeah. Secure -- quicker or I'll go for a bit. And now I can. Then. -- walker and Eric Gordon for them -- Create a better area. -- -- -- -- To create these aren't here. -- right. The one thing. And beyond that. So. In all of our market or. Yeah. -- -- Mean it is is it tough also. That as ever mention you and I think your top five and oh yes -- this year you one of the best hitters in the game he did what you did in the World Series. And and still. What you're probably asking for is a lot last say in what some other guys in the game who are are far less of production. That what you have. It is. It is that tough for you in and people say if people say oh well he's this age now persons at age. But as you point notes this is a consistent thing year by year by year by year is that tough for you to look at. Oh. Well we're we're -- Mexico. Portico of the out of the what I do. All over a different sort. And out on the street from our. Warren it's. Because sound cool -- -- -- do. And there are no no. Problem. What I did was awarded Derrick Stewart -- It and I don't really. Curve well. What people might. Think. I've been picked probably that we. May activities and people always say whenever -- -- I would render. Food supplement well. Completed here. Our people are but it was the worst move. It is sort of a record. Different people there. About. Garland not so. They -- from predictable you know. Embrace -- or we're going to be. Where were terrible error so. And it occurred I know all -- it very. -- Gore do. Span. I'm a businessmen. America's -- You know I know that this bit of you got to come in Berrian bailout and go to Byrd who. I know outlook for -- and I thought well we're very. But I have to take so. Motor -- mentality. Speedo. Or whatever. It you know -- -- -- her career. Yeah. Yeah it and and do you do you think the speaking of oh and getting a -- in the Red Sox and getting it done. And you said you're optimistic about this getting it done you don't wanna go into the season and talk about the stuff just by what you know and the conversations you've had. Do you actually think that there's a chance that before opening day that that just actually could get done you'll have to worry about it. And -- all the time table where it. I want bravado that there's an assortment grow over -- recoverable -- 11 starter before -- put it up. You know it end up close started talking. Earlier. It and and there are written. This was the right note WR where there are. So -- what a cool what are very. To do that -- effective on that I believe a bit. Everything went and I hope is that those are the via. Arm. Something that. Get -- destruction. And down are very hurtful. Because we get to me we wanna be -- -- can be. Before the season started I would our respective unforced Fredericksburg -- -- -- The most important thing insider report -- out of auspices. Of -- do it. I'm feeling. Better in the way better than what I feel last year. A bit of a very. You know. I do werder who. -- reps everybody -- so. I the -- -- pretty optimistic about this team than last year I know that a lot of people they know what to make him you know what Napoli was gonna give you didn't know what. Across the board is a lot of new guys. Are you pretty optimistic about what you have this year. I don't know what are on the idea what was you're. I don't grew up in Europe where. Couple there that are obviously in turn and I hear that right now. You be when you -- -- -- USC the northeastern Boston College games before you make that decision. Bro at a wherever you're at at at. Well David the we appreciate each element on as always in so you're -- you're going to be. Right around the middle February's were you to make your Fort Myers appeared to measure right. You know report. -- -- thanks so much for coming on David in and we will CU CO a couple weeks. --

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