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The immortal Cal Ripken Jr. joins Mut and Lou

Jan 29, 2014|

19 time All-Star Cal Ripken Jr. sits down with Mut and Lou to discuss steroids in baseball and meeting Alex Rodriguez when Alex was 19 years old.

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Cal thank you so much for joining us here all -- pleasure thanks for it is kind of -- a football environment to talk a little baseball wanted to get out of the -- that you -- to talk baseball all break over lowered target above the final game because of 9/11 to -- took we will have. We at Camden yards in Cal's last game and I was told him. Follow his second diabetic -- a ball flight to ruin the seats want it in the -- -- a chance -- -- -- -- -- game and at the there may third couple -- so they're kind of I challenged him on his memory because I thought it was nothing left of left field as opposed to short stuff and he was right. We will talk about transition -- I wanna get your thoughts cal. On the state of baseball today age you've -- and as such an ambassador for the sport. As a guy who people here -- they just think Major League Baseball doesn't happen with with every guy who played the game. How do you view the state of the game to help the -- right now -- -- the Super Bowl the billions of people -- -- Major League Baseball from 30000 feet above. From 30000 people. The once volatile matter perspective being on the inside we definitely are feeling when you when you retire and away from the game and all of a sudden. You have a perspective that though more broader kind of back from in the inside. The stay in the game I think the game is. Has continue to blossom the some of the great things about the -- -- -- wild -- the excitement down the stretch in the in the month to September's never been more exciting. Watching the game. I think you're alluding to the fact that all the gossip stuff around steroids and all the different issues about steroids has dominated the news. And I think at first when -- start happening I was little curious because they said that. That it was it was rampant through the other sports I never thought that that was true then all the sudden some of the stories kept coming out that. That does surprise me. But I mean after all this time god it just seems like we're focusing our attention -- one. That and not really really the real baseball stuff. And quite frankly I think I'm getting -- tired of it and I think the fans in general -- sort of part of it I think I operate from a 3000 feet -- says okay there was an issue. It's been identified. And now both sides the players players union and the commissioner's office is getting together to try to solve that problem and that looks like the the testing programs continue to try to. Get harder and harder and tougher and tougher and there's a legitimate effort to rid the sport of steroids and -- it seems like the people on the other side that do it. Might be ahead of the curve rather shifting a little bit and that's the challenge all the time but the numbers seem to have returned tool bit -- normalcy. We used to beat gigantic you hit thirty home runs and then the leader league in home runs in particular year by the BP 3943. And all the sudden it went crazy for awhile. And then now it's kind of back in that range you get so small ball hit and run bunting all those things that the that there are beautiful love baseball seem to be. Getting restored in many ways so from my standpoint. I try to look at the folks I'd like try to focus and look at between the white lines and I say it's healthy people -- watching it. You know the playoffs that have never been work citing the end of the year has never been more exciting so. I tend to look at the positive things and I get tired of gonna get dragged into the conversation. About. About the the steroids of the drama that's associated with that in the courts and. All accounts I feel like it's it's sad to me you know because I plea came up in 98 left the other and 07 and it was. Use right there Internet ever so it's like. People's achievements are always -- questions you're right nobody knows for Faxon on some of the guys that it always comes up hall of -- time as a guy in -- hall of fame how how do you look at some of these names now does does it. -- you how do you approach it. I think the same way that that the voters or approaching right now is. If there's some sort of question. Arm or some sort of cloud that's hung over how do you evaluate how do you judge. I'm thankful that I don't sit now positioned to sit down and judgment if I was I think I would approach it the same sort of careful cautious way that the young voters are or approaching -- so. From from a distance it seems like it might be unfair. Somebody hasn't been proven to use or do those things but if there's enough smoke around it. It seems like the voters are sand. Wait a minute I need more information and -- it by saying that. It delays the process of judgment. And I've never thought I thought I could I could sit in judgment of anyone because you don't know the circumstance you don't know exactly what they did but. How do you rate their career if if if they did. Use a substance I mean is that it's not necessarily them. And it's it's for more on the on the subject -- -- -- -- Alex Rodriguez remember everybody remembers the gesture right final also -- game besides -- would sure stuff that I. I don't that meant a lot to -- well. It's gotten ugly with him and now gold after the unions and even part of some years. -- I am happy to say that I haven't followed it. Exclusively so I can't really offered. In the process what's happening I can tell you that I met Alex Rodriguez -- he was sixteen. And he's that good hearted kid by and large and we went to Japan together we talked about playing the game -- that he loves the game of baseball. I don't know what his choices are what situation he's gotten himself. Into but I still kind of drawback I can see the kid that that was honest and and wanted to kind of breaking and and and and and make a name for himself in baseball like all listed so. It's difficult for me now to. Fast forward and say okay here's the situation he's in how ugly is that situation he's got all kinds of lawyers has got all kinds of people advising him. It's just a mess in many ways and and quite frankly you know I've lost interest in covering we're looking at things that that. Caught -- back carefully that closely. Doesn't interest me. Elizabeth the Red Sox real quick because it is the guys into -- on how much you've seen of him we kind of came on the scene in the World Series and and you look at them and I have ever watched him in spring training year before and always a big Fella there recent voice too big it's almost like he's too big to play shortstop but you seem to -- balls he's got great feet he's young kid. When you see some like that I mean this is you know great big -- played shortstop does that does that make you laugh when you -- those guys to all are too big to palatial. Well meanwhile the great things that happened to me I've had enough success position that. Might have changed the mindset ever so slightly so he could start to consider other players that position. But it's interesting. I'm doing a lot of work now and evaluating different kids who can bring bringing a test available that objectively measures. You know the players' performance because subjectively you look at it hit -- big and you go. I kind of rough you. And not to -- you look at somebody else like him in my day was compared Ozzie -- all time which is kind of a joke there's nothing different than. The best that ensures that the play but he was a different type of shortstop he made plays differently I had to make to -- Obama hold differently than he did. But I could make up for the distance indeed what the people holed about an armed. And I could do those sort of things in the end it's the judgment of how you make those plays the collection of those plays. And if there was a test to determine. All the type of plays that you would make. I think I -- tested pretty well. Next to -- to -- but most of the time. We make snap judgments and you look at the -- kids and say okay TV you can play shortstop -- he can't. Consider just looking at his overall success. Players are bigger stronger faster you know. And some of the things that they're doing now mean Tulowitzki for some limit to where he's put together he's strong and he makes plays and he kind of plays that. Kind of a combo like the big guy small guy he has that kind of skills so -- evolution of the game is getting better. I would never say that some of these two big play a particular position. -- look at him assess him you know try him out so if if he's adding up to the shortstop you know that would make me happy. Character joining us the red sauce coming off date is very surprising World Series win and the middle that was David Ortiz got a chance to watch her -- prolonged. Time cal what he's done and that DH position and how do you view him as a player in. Is he -- that Echelon of a guy you think government just think right socket think down the road the DH gets in the hall of fame is David Ortiz one. Those guys just that I personally think they're played with a PH my whole career the DH is a position on the field so I don't I don't like the fact that. -- downgraded from an overall player because you occupy the position of -- downgraded so far and Edgar Martinez. It. David Ortiz are -- Harold -- through to me that's a position that you need to develop just like any other position and it's not one that. That that the trend has changed a little bit and try to get more out of position you're trying to. To put more people in the position but I think once you establish one person they can hit that role and can drive in runs there's a comfort level there's an advantage that you have. And so. That seems like this the the position of DH has changed little because I can't name were five regular everyday DH right now -- ahead. Put Ortiz has proved that he can do that in that role that's not easy not going out playing defense actually think about your bats and concentrate on those were bad so. It is certainly. The position that that I value and and I don't see why it shouldn't be considered. For the hall of fame that's that's the role that you you field. It's your questions for the final game that you had in Camden yards animal one that will point you realize that coney was Julia nothing but heaters and number two why would you hitting seventh. I knew I knew I should have told that quite a lot of break here's what -- -- of the pinnacle of what they -- are you gonna come to that question nobody's I was still I was I I sought top of the first you weren't up top the second you were government would what are we doing. Did you credit can you remember that my second about with the pop fly to short I didn't hit fifth at. You know the guy who is interesting is you know towards us towards a stretch I was little bit that and if you're making a lot of to win the game. But maybe I deserve to hit seventh that that particular time. But if you look at data from my last game perspective. You know I'd be I'd have a tendency to leave me off Hewlett so you get as many opportunities that you could. I didn't participate in that what -- thinking was when he did that but I end up in the on deck circle with a chance. We get one word that one -- -- that I saw and I desperately wanted to get one more chance and Brady struck out you know with me in the -- -- was -- get that that lasts about. And I look at is maybe I would about it a different position obviously with. -- -- -- -- -- There's always a cat and mouse game deface somebody all the time and when when that was meaningful -- with on the breaking balls and immediately like the first pitch was close second pitches past the -- This is different so a class peeked out out of that -- and I and I came to this conclusion really quickly in the first. First that and cal looked at me and despite his his piercing look at me I knew he was saying okay look. Here it is American ability but you're gonna get you gonna get an opportunity gonna get a fastball. And so. I've never -- only -- three at bats I got nothing but fastballs. And -- as he made it have been better fight didn't know Brett for sure because -- -- -- a little bit -- too much with a -- Tony has that sort of honor for the game and in his way he was bestowing an honor upon me by saying okay. You know I'm trying to get you out of got you got all these years right now you know under a statute it's it's your it's your opportunity. Do that which you want. That was Mike Hargrove who batted seventh that the it was my card -- a bad job market if you guys can't say we'll talk and that's a bad job you are here not just talk based called us with talk about your connection. With a great folks at transition lenses out cal talk about it's a wonderful thing to be me in some respects you. I was very proud of my eyes for all those years but once they sort of failed bit. My doctor recommended transitions and then I could parlay that in to a partnership. Had it's been wonderful partnership because we've educated kids on the need for I safety. All the way down that don't have all the same advantages. But I noticed with these particular. Glasses because my lifestyle -- out in the in the outside all the time deal with kids that you go right and into environment and they automatically -- and from a broadcasting -- standpoint or. While working these things can differentiate indoor lighting from outdoor -- so out when you're in the Booth and they come to him once in awhile. -- and issued flood you with a slight -- if it stays clean urine you can see. So when I'm watching the game down a little bit extra help for the distance but I also need to to see teleprompters and and cards that are placed in front of me so. It works really well so. The transition partnership is has been one of those that. It was built that it needed first but I enjoy the heck out of -- but being with these quality people. But the way you speak about people -- future that you find out more transitions dot com. Transitions dot com on FaceBook it's FaceBook dot com slash transitions. Lenses you've got to get out he got orders to do. Really appreciate the time today Canada for warming me up I got -- gonna say this again about that when he more time with those he -- it here first of we appreciate if we should get. Hargrove a study just a thought that he put that caveat transitions lenses guys he would about it cal seven. Go Eagles got to get out here -- doubt that you're gonna stay here it's so much thanks so much for your time -- -- at all Faber joining us here.

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