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Dan Marino with Mut and Lou on Radio Row

Jan 29, 2014|

Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino sits down with the boys in NYC to discuss a cold weather Super Bowl, Peyton Manning's performance in the AFC Championship, and makes a prediction for Sunday's game.

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Lunchtime -- bought elude ID 37 WEEI a couple he's got a chance to talk to the hall of Famer Dan Marino is nice enough to stop by part of radio row -- crowded in here today Dan rather crowd at was here's CEO if you poured here all these people would be crowd around right now thwarted little -- A congested did it again as though we're doing good but we're doing good the Super -- gonna play be played outside Sunday on talk some football here and tell people what life re imagined. -- here to talk about today do you like the idea. -- the outdoor Super Bowl the weather maybe played a factor of Sunday -- New Jersey. Being a former quarterback and I'd rather be perfect weather you know to me and ahead and also you deal with the fans and corporate Leone's people spend all this money. Come to a Super Bowl in the hopes that this isn't doing enough that they won't but it just you know could be a lot more difficult for them as far as weather is concerned. I would like to see you know probe whether because. -- -- as far as the players and teams working so hard to get to this point how hard it is to -- to some people you wouldn't want to see -- affect the game negative way. Yes -- just the odds in my opinion and that both teams that play no matter what the -- -- in the blizzard conditions and that that's what makes it fair that same time it's Super Bowl. Yeah looks -- kind of lucked out right it could have been along worsened Sunday that if snow on the ground could have freezing of the thirty degrees. But I -- but I that I agree with you -- if you get to this point I want to see the two teams at their fast. Break. And you know for. The worst weather can happen would be in the freezing rain -- wind. That's the -- -- -- of that. You know freezing weather. But that's that's because the quarterback and receivers quarterbacks just handle the ball that's that's whether you don't see it. Laid down to Miami like -- said what always -- we talked a win it seems to have that be more a big factor blows like for you going somewhere coming up in the wake island. In late December play in the show -- how tough was that it could be it could be an issue that time. They'll play into what -- it wasn't that much of -- problem from these forest -- Baldwin but. Of the issues those legacy of the cold rain that that was that was the problems that you know as far as in football. Not only for me but for for every quarterback but -- -- some of the valley where those -- special gloves they -- awareness. Over the last ten years and they perfected those things you know and I never -- -- so. It's it's a whole different story when it comes to deal with. Football not with the way -- quickly -- changed we will -- icy -- high sensitivity where the guys that are on the field I didn't I didn't but you know what. Always tell people look back on that guy living in my -- so gloves. But it's pretty is negative waves and I think it. I take credit for that because that's hard to do it it worked because I still remember those commercials obviously I did a great job is isotoner right -- -- sort look at her isotoner glove it was almost called them back -- we should do another look at history commercial would that you know something bring. Bring Dan back -- If I'd be into it now we you guys had a -- on CBS patriots Broncos AFC -- to -- we talked do you heading into what we talked about how break Peyton Manning before. -- -- basic perfect 500 yards total offense he went up and down on a patriot defense had the ball for thirty. Six minutes how do you explain the guy 372 back surgeries. Play the way he did a couple of days. Well I mean it's it's amazing to me it's hard to explain to a certain extent because he is 37 is coming off you know. It is assumed that that's a testament to his competitiveness. His knowledge of the game. The fact that you know yeah greatest -- about the greatest ever. People talk about his legacy you know out of the this game probably attention when we're young kids -- once and bulls broke every record injuries broken touchdown record twice and -- In this at 37 years old so it's pretty nice. Because -- moments after that -- -- very pretty thing to watch Peyton Manning and she -- appear to weapons that he did have and -- lot has do with injuries. The -- -- forty get to number he's entering that ages well Weathers got three years four years. The patriots have the ball and try to take advantage of the last maybe the window here for Tom Brady think it's awesome. You know. Yeah I mean they've they've always made out pretty good as far as you know. Politics are now you get players -- -- -- agents to come and help them among all it maybe you you know I would think that they're gonna continue developing young. And they did a pretty good job doing that this year we never thought -- saw some of the -- doing here there. -- -- really must talk about forcing your patience with the young guys. Year two ago maybe their patience wears little bits that I mean if you're Tom Brady and deep -- -- in that category you look at a young -- -- even as you can you to a better start seeing that progression my window is closing. You guys got to step up with a be even more pressure on these -- Hum to a certain extent I mean here's the thing going into played in the NFL that level there's always pressure you have to former you know on the either smoke. You have to. As time goes. Better especially with the expectations win -- -- so yeah I'm new. More pressure on them next year because they got -- Egypt. And they're still developing young players so you sort of expectation there for these young lives you. We're talking it didn't read or hear on radio rode the the relationship between a quarterback in an eighteen month curious your -- is your -- there were built around you and your radar. Did you ever go to management and say look I need more talent but I the offense is built throughout the in the passing game. Was the -- here we felt like they didn't put enough talent around you if they did what your record that would say here's what -- to make this office. Work you know I always involves someone at some of the you know free agent deals salute someone via personal stuff -- -- and ask my. Sure coach who was running the show so -- really up to him different as far as you know tell. That I thought they've always put pretty. And offensively defensively that's solid. Which never got to that point where you know we. The dominant team here her out. You know it it takes certain. Consistency certain positions. -- to do that and but I did you know there was times when into reproduced where it was. Sometimes can take my -- open. You don't know what you -- talking about. Just look around and in effectively shut down corners think Alec Regis he richer here. Wonder in light and you played in the -- of the unstated but you went against him. All that much coupled how much does a guy Peyton Manning look -- chairman and just say you know what why even bother what how would you approach. Look this year -- accorded me just -- -- feel like. Well I. I mean if you played Smart yes and you the only country to coverages and who who you're heroes you. It's a great players you know if you have a pretty good matchup. You know one earlier in my career woman who proclaim they were running fourth reason. That's McCain's Lester Hayes. The wind it is so they can just goes the other guys. But if you look at haven't seen maybe not quite as -- as good. Just go away and -- with the other half the field and all the pens with the coverages they Manning is such a Smart guy basically court. He's you'll know when to take his chances on the ones stay away from certain guys. That's what's going to be interesting to me is that. That matchup well how's he can handle what they're doing defensively. And how long how Seattle -- -- -- would they wanna do you get the pavement it's going to be. That's why it. When asked about life -- imagine -- the last three pick in this game you like -- -- to the -- collective defense feel I do I do them in a little. You know just because that what they went through that won't play against. When he's on his career so little little little motions on that side of the Denver Broncos loans on always on almost -- that I think it's going to be a game -- You know if you look at the game at home in its most award. So you know. What that's worth it to benefit a definite that they'll take an ethnic -- The -- on life re imagines you guys an NFL player management. Are teaming up here as pleasant process right. Well life we imagine as a program that I got involved with AARP is the life. Life and health. Styles. Welcome mr. ambassador James Brown who is my home. Coworkers -- BS GB -- -- GB. He is community ambassador Jim and I got together it was -- were working with. The NFL. On activation program to help transition players in their communities. To find jobs like internships -- the think about. Things outside the box would they wanna do -- career after football I think it's great program. And and the platform that life scum like for you imagine hands it's great for the players that understand that they can go different directions -- relationships in different communities. Businesses and whatever capacity is always have. You know while you're playing games played a little bit outside of walks with a lot when it went on the plane. Would do something that I might want to do that I can be successful -- I would make is that we're because people in the NFL Google. When he's averaging so they're not -- something else to rest your life you know and and understand that I think it's a great program. Troy Vincent who played with me in Miami -- play with the Eagles is an issue that is. With the NFL's -- to be something will be interesting to see how it operates through these very positive thing. It's great that you get do this after hopefully get to talk football mustn't be up right at united TV show host played so that was my life -- sadness that I. There's -- value bombs they're gonna and that's. There's no other than yourself -- there's not a thing he is not life re imagine -- AARP dot awards you're on Twitter follow them at life re imagined. And also on FaceBook and find out what they saw the degree program dad. Appreciate ticket if you that you got or it agreed to do so we -- on that guys that I Dan Marino -- favored joining us up on the program.

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