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Bill Romanowski with Mut and Lou on Radio Row

Jan 29, 2014|

4 time Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski joins Mut and Lou to talk about playing in Boston and Super Bowl experiences.

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We're talking about winners and and letting it hide it separate your own or Super Bowl rings so okay veterans to separate quarterbacks and a guy who played 514 rings. Bill Romanowski sits down and joins -- bill like you look at the seed. Hey great beyond got -- -- your boss is not that you saw a little later -- what you would have my plot they love I was in office god. You know -- you know I take out his bracket PC like a year ago and I was like. Almighty god I love that I can't believe. You know what is happened with BCM. You know it's amazing what what -- sports town. Boston -- been a great sports town. But it seems like it keeps getting better it -- -- get better you BC Eagles it's like yeah they can't get to particulate. They would hockey championships left and right it's a -- wanted to talk with a broad right iron out of the clock and whenever -- -- that. You south but hey it's it's awesome I. I love my days in Boston in -- at some level and that that's what I am I grew up on the East Coast and you know. You talk with you guys kind their relive men you know a lot of those great memories I have Mateo. It was a great time in my life. He said it's. Always when he could have been better the Broncos wouldn't be here and the patriots could be here yeah how we spent a couple of days built talking about why the patriots aren't here. One of the store one of things to come up with a talked about as they did put off pal around Tom Brady. That -- quarterback you should do what the Broncos did which is big series got to the various Thomas Eric Decker Julius Thomas -- by the way. Go -- Wes Welker as you watch the patriots this year. That they make a mistake in not putting enough talent around Tom Brady offensively. You know to let Wes Welker get away. Mind boggling to me. That really is that -- of but you have to be -- make tough decisions. As a head coach and you may have a off you know. Do you call the AFC championship -- an off year on some level when you're the New England Patriots. You do. Okay not letting you get the Super Bowl is an off year and it should be that way. Because you've built a reputation of being one of the best organizations you clearly have still -- the best quarterbacks but guys had a lot of injuries if and you take away those injuries. And Yves then one of the big injuries in a game. We all know the match up with the marriage Thomas. And you know them lose and to leave it right got that right there come on guys. We'll see I'm with you because you'll go in a year you think you will what are the odds of what you got to know one of our better tight ends allegedly -- murdering three -- an extremely elusive in June. That you -- rough Gradkowski would -- does come back yeah given abilities. The yield -- who always -- -- Roy's but. I look at this offseason is it okay area does not go back robbed -- just -- we can stay healthy the Denver Broncos that we got some weapons we've brought in Peyton Manning. We know what I straight his -- to score points I still think they got to strengthen their strength and asked Tom Brady. -- apps absolutely. You know -- the game is up all the horses you've got to have the talent. Break in the talent. And make sure you have more talent around Tom Brady. -- to me look at what did Denver Broncos did. They've made sure they were deep -- receiver. A guy. And what date they win gains by Al. You know -- scoring people. That's usually. What knowingly does. Hats off though to New England with what they were able to do would change things. It turned themselves into a little more of -- come -- to go off that's. Phenomenal coach. -- so yeah. They didn't get it done this year they came up short in the AFC championship game you live and learn you build well Jack you learn from this year. And I think he's gonna learn I think he's gonna make some of those you got to do that through their draft. He got it do that by. You know really cultivating young talent. And when those young guys -- pop. -- the excuse my French when I say that in the air balls drop in the -- turn that it is subject around here and noble and a leg just had a vasectomy coupled I guess our I. Tell your wallet they're sure about right now that's our right -- But you know it paid these young guys up there ball's got to drop. And I got to step it up and. We're talking to Bill Romanowski you but -- ask this question I'm sure but as patriot fans the debate rages on. If Peyton Manning wins this Super Bowl. Is he going to be considered. Right there with -- one of the best quarterbacks ever is it fair to put a Super Bowl ring -- that lot of demarcation between quarterbacks top of their profession. You know absolutely. And you know I say this you know sometimes it becomes. You know I season the season. I look at Brady and I just got to be honest with the I don't think he was real accurate this year. I allied major prisoner abuse that split the page appears to look at it experienced weapons miscommunication. You know I. You have to me you just gotta call what it is and if Tom Tom Brady. -- step it up and saying you know what I need to be better. And I always had that our approach. Every year I played that. Me if I'd make that play or did not do that missed that tackle or -- it for him that he may fifth -- or did the try and you can only see eight teams so much of the quarterback on some level you are that team. But you don't we ask you this though because you know he loves to post quarterback Jimmy would allocated to young Elway for God's sakes. And they'll say Bill Romanowski was to go go save Joseph wanted it was fortunately don't see you were to -- -- -- -- those who knew there. They forget about your side of the ball it's the ultimate team sport yet they did and yet they put it all on one. I did say that their mind boggling part gap but you know think about it -- it -- the patriots were key commands. What is Super -- think about that defense joy to finish it -- you know it does get overshadowed by your real football people. There're real guys that really know the game. Know that they could have done it without deadbeat parents because they haven't done -- sense draw guy south -- -- in San Francisco. When we were winning Super Bowls Joseph Montana. You know I got off pads out West Coast offense was getting all behind him. -- -- we always had you know top 1234. Defense. -- -- blow it -- all up and that's enough respect this month and a guy in if you just realize that's a way. Well they get a defense. What was your reaction. This idea -- the league wants to create -- strike zone for you to -- -- they wanna say you can't hit a mile ready we know that. Rocker -- got hurt the reaction was all we don't want to go Loney or don't target and he's the -- the league might say as a defender you communities all I can do is take you. -- in the chest is that realistic and it's out of 10-Q as a defender that they would take the ability to go away. -- -- -- It's hard but guess what football's heart in a professional athletes hard. There's certain things you gotta do and it's. You know you have to learn you have to learn how to tackle differently if those are the rules you have to appeal of a play within them. So you don't hurt your team. And you know should they be the next the inability to go -- -- -- guy and you know but you can go low and play. You know there -- guys like. Andre waters and not -- this anymore got dresses solved -- Guys hated like he's -- fly opted to take a -- law. And you know so they and I think the turf has. I'll play in this too because a lot of people have more at the artificial terse. Then they'd do their real grass you know in so there's a lot of things at the end of the day the league is trying to make the game safer that is the goal. And if you look at if -- intentions are real. In the -- Then. He got to say hey they are trying to do the right thing. If your career was now a frustrating would that be for you as a play your route the -- -- -- that it -- That a guy like James Harrison who's got all the -- with the league every time right. -- -- of those guys at this this isn't -- economic actually put a good gig we get Ronnie Lott out there right old school. This is how we play why try to take that from my aggression yeah right now. Thank you -- you Roger would elongated to this if you're Roger wouldn't go along with -- -- they got -- Like guys said I just have respect for the game. Right it is an average start for the NFL I ever start for what they're trying to do is trying to make a game. That is violence. Safer yes what are they really have it. On some level. It's all PER yup it's all money. In it's all about money and trying to say they're doing right. At the end of the day is -- violence or gas wife Lotta times the most pilot teams. Win so get violin players that know how to hit it still hit violently. But in a strike zone. Alaska about nutrition 53 dot com and second you say violence to the Seattle Seahawks have enough violence to slow down the Denver -- of them absolutely they do. You know it to me I think this is a game that could come down to not get a guy out. And if Seattle. Is able -- knock out one of those receivers. And I see one at that theory. So the he got ER Decker to bears Thomas Wes Welker what do those story I think we'll get hit it hit hard. And if they get knocked out that's where I give the edge to Seattle. If we don't know if they don't knock a guy out straight up across the board. I think to Denver Broncos -- witnessed before is it is their tears start with a quarterback try to put it on the court but it comes down to it. Are good -- you good years. It -- it played well. Still lose this -- Yeah it will hold that. Against him right because that's the loss you know at times it you've seen this. They've been taking a lot of field goals when they get in the red zone. It seems like you know the last part of this season. It's gotten a little tougher for him you know test score touchdowns so. Let's talk about you're here to talk football but also but nutrition 53 dot com website and a group that you become very passionate about you're walking around here. Helping guys like me out with this league wants movie yeah there's only ally we have a strike they'll king -- it out. Fell as the owner in Boston and -- -- -- tell me it's number once -- sold the Cotchery Alain wants the it's a fat burning me a replacement. And my passion is nutrition guys. I started nutrition company this is our flagship product he -- nutrition 53 dot com. For free samples get 50% off any of our products. Four Super Bowl wage place and I get to talk football with guys like Q and I live nutrition during the wait I got a very light through the kingdom in Newbury Street yeah regular tour right there -- -- greatly needed everything fat burning Heidi this rest of the day. And that we love -- Boston without the fans love you appreciate the not talking football tells about nutrition degree -- thank you guys I appreciate it --

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