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Should David Ortiz get an extension?

Jan 29, 2014|

The guys took calls on whether or not the Sox should give Ortiz an extension. John Tomase thinks so.

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And I still stuck at sixty degrees they tell us we're gonna get to 2261777979837. As a -- going to the break. The -- I don't -- policies called Washington globe one year at a time please. And the headline on John tomorrow -- column Red Sox beat I should say in the Boston Herald -- well worth. The price and then sub headline Sox wouldn't regret extension of personal doesn't know that. Just know whether they would regret and extension or not doesn't depend on what you get for your money down the road with the regret it or not -- think they regret the 2008. Extension for partially I think I love that as an argument as is basis for a I haven't. Have they given a Schilling right out of work out that it was just. A mistaken Mike why is it technical terms that's called -- must make -- And I don't think that's. That's the way you make in the case that for for Ortiz give him the money could you give she'll -- to Basra to buys him. All kinds of good will on October performance which is -- too -- likely run a business. And David Ortiz fifteen million dollars for no reason of Little League is compensated for that he was I was paid for last year did check ideologically very well yes it's not like he's you know Richard Sherman on his rookie contract air. Make a fifteen million a year all right here's an intimacy and I said. Did a great job on the -- piece yesterday not so much on the popular and not just as I disagree with them there are some fallacies here I know that right the sub headlines -- Wouldn't regret the extension whoever wrote that headline doesn't know whether they would or not at this. At this juncture. -- he writes the ball there are plenty of things that don't make sense about the local sports scene but the -- rial. That meets every mention of an Ortiz extension might pop. The lips now we've discussed -- whether we think you should or should not vitriol toward David in this town is their. Not bad choice at all quite the -- -- in fact I wrote this fast today I -- on what you're given chose I wrote yesterday we talked with today's dueling -- but. You set the standard I -- I don't -- wrote a book that you while -- -- decided decided just in time tomorrow three days to to get it done but. In the Chilo stand -- he was creepy music doctor evil it wasn't it was like I don't know the commercials for that Russian -- billion with a culture of drafts -- that's ahead. Don't mind that there -- actions like that it will he has thick yellow we deal assures that as black sleeves that he -- but the Obama that you our ideals -- -- and that's fine but. Do you do an interview. On big in them on sports final of the viewers that -- -- -- and you think. Is a good time how -- -- wawa on my lap yankees historical and arrogant nobody suing but it was all promotion firm that for some. Chart it was Ortiz doing all -- for a a rescue dog yeah yeah there was rescue dog dog food bank is so relative to at all so it'll it'll it'll -- -- -- stocks you close by so he's off with sports final and Steve Burton and this is the comment that government talk about oh well guess what the broken record David Ortiz is skipping again. Do you wanna retire as a Red Sox player say I would like to I would like to our own fund has been -- override them on the side being here. But like I always keep on -- people of this business. Sometimes you gotta do what is the best for you and your family. And the longer they keep on offering -- -- jobs and and I keep on doing what I suppose what I'm supposed to do it and there's been -- to keep on building up. But I do either of two. Going -- on the uniform. What are they don't offer you a long term deal this time around phantom alone trajectory see yourself playing for another team I haven't seen -- files to. I got a choice I'm not gonna quit -- -- effective only in the ball the way. -- -- -- -- units I area. So you -- a long term contract what oh it's time to move one now here's where if I were an editor for the Boston Herald Jerry. I would call to lawsuits it you have to remove. This paragraph it is insane. It is incorrect. It makes no sense whatsoever it's the paragraph the fall -- one I just read. -- writes the -- the same people who have no problem. With the Red Sox blowing untold millions on the likes of Crawford or Beckett or Dice-K. Suddenly become hawkish comptroller's. At the mere concept of paying Ortiz. Make a list of people who had no problem blowing money on Crawford or Daisuke or Josh Beckett who are those people everybody there. Same -- -- -- analysts and people who call Richard Sherman -- I have no use for the speed and that would be no turning rotten people they're as -- buddy who doesn't have a problem with what Carl Crawford got from the Boston red -- but there's nobody so just lose that pair up the new I don't know anyone who really loves Daisuke. That's true. Nice. Might be a whole the whole argument in Ortiz favor as they straw man argument. There is no case for him there is no case for paying David Ortiz -- make stuff up like. Well you know everybody says it's -- to Crawford money at 688. In the in the World Series race and and he's the best DH and and and a traditional -- -- the sort of of the great arguments ever before keys -- Daria is heading in a free agent yeah that's what about race absolutely according note that's an excellent point because I heard England and -- this is an amazing number of people. Who are in favor of throwing this money is given them the -- He -- fifteen not what -- -- might be one of about my comp cast Kevin might have Coker was not mean -- -- focus a basic you know what. East -- to be excellent rule so he's earned a right to get fifteen it's silly it's so I think it's just silly but his government Feller could have been. -- when he or other bodies. They said but they -- -- -- with -- follow said. -- sixteen million. What you have to pray I'm like no you don't Powell is and if it is this is I -- -- -- one -- the more maddening debates because there is no case -- -- he's not -- he's not a free -- he's not really gonna play for anyone at a -- not getting any younger. Shot a few points out he has no leverage at this point but let me give you the five bullet points from Tomas -- argument they are as follows he says this a few reminders apparently are in order about David Ortiz. He's the greatest designated hitter in history -- or Paul won't know that. Ortiz is the most feared hitter in the Red Sox lineup. Bullet point number three Ortiz is three months removed from one of the most dominant World Series performances ever. David Ortiz for bullet point at least relative to the rest of baseball has been wildly underpaid. For his entire red eye drops in rare perhaps on troop -- -- -- and -- David Ortiz even at age 38 has shown few signs of slowing down. Does he think you play forever. I mean we all -- you get -- simpler right while the into the steel will be 39. Next November when he gets free agency will be 39. Does everyone here at the QB as effective Willie B 310300. Guy. Next here -- make -- -- 2015 the answer is a little peculiar and -- history history budget in the it is very rare for a big bones slugger a big strong. Slugger. To keep up the pace at thirty now it's been it's been amazing hosed on this is there is an incredible story always continued to -- and I'm a veteran of the guys -- gotten Barry Bonds. Sammy Sosa. -- Palmeiro was deployed appeals Romero and it's rare if you're stuck it happens but it is rare and down and taking the other tactics -- you know. And and makes a good argument here. But he gets the drill you can write about poppy without putting palm fronds down in front of speed as he walks in and rose petals on his head. He goes bends over backwards to praise David to start this -- Ortiz a legitimate and -- god. He's also Smart thoughtful caring and charitable -- time for everyone is Boston baseball's -- a Christmas a latter date bambino Sports Illustrated almost made in 2013 sportsman of the year. Ortiz is a guy who could drop an F bomb on live television. And be madly applauded for his eloquence so this is that's standard operating procedure after you read about David got to leave him that you got a leader but that got to make sure that. Can you say all the right things about him. He -- he's also the guy who gathered his teammates in the dug it in Saint Louis and told them to play like champions and they played like champions. But now he comes to his senses -- sent to analogous to the logical. It's simply bad business for the Red Sox to talk about contract extension for DH will be 39 years old at the end of it. He says this deal this is exactly my point. This deal smacks of a guy who wants to get paid for a year after he's finished now the most logical. Thing he's ever written. Let's see how David Ortiz looks in 2014. Right -- what to -- about what you wanna do that. Everybody knows he's don't know where everybody knows he's not complain and of the uniform and yet they allow him. To play that card like it's real it's not is not going anywhere if he hits won't likely in the year if he hits this year. All star break. On the other end of July its decision to go another fifty -- this year is that the Tomas who wrote that though -- the strangest thing Eurotunnel call. That he's reaching feels like he's reaching -- -- back -- -- he believes -- or public had a right. Let's put a little game since signing a four year 52 million dollar extension 2006. Ortiz made roughly 95 million. -- signed a seven year 95 million dollar deal before the 2007 season that contract would go down as one of the most teen friendly history. Any money he makes going forward he has already -- Which suits her cigarette making earned money so which for you. Do to help pay somebody in the future for what they did 20089. It is it's silly he is very well paid as -- -- ago. He's the highest paid the -- entity ever. And he certainly clutch and certainly lovable certainly accessible and all those things. He's very well compensated for that. And he will get paid if he keeps it. I think it's one more deal one more thing that generic is done right why would you want a sport that. Let's wait and see how he does. 61777979837. -- in Plymouth record actually DNC good morning Rick. I like I do I peak my interest on the key deal. Player always wanted to be paid. For the last year they've played so I mean obviously be what he thinks he's not get what you deserve it all is wanna paid what they're going -- the future. The people to do a lot to that all the white -- that when the only way. Well it's group and ticket prices is -- like that that are. The they have a problem with opera keep the contract is that one I still think he's pissed. At a late hit it and I'm sorry to -- dirty. The other thing in he'd Wear gloves every time you play and actually team yet that happened popped up. Well when he takes out a locker. So how can you give a guy eight contract extension nearing forty year old. Guy at the plate -- and you have a high -- -- to play and actually. We want to have that hurt the most yeah it was good the World Series that was not a problem. Problem not a problem as a man that's not why not signing him today now that's not the big he's the best hitter on the team that should count for some police he is. Well let's talk about all about a three year contract extension I would doubt that -- forty I mean and as I bet. Look I'm sorry. The numbers don't lie you'll get seemed to be keep all the rock climb on I think you pick them up and -- -- I think it's it's fair to Specter I ask -- -- -- were free agent right now mr. of this for the offseason saying it was a middle of November write him off that your would you give him at his age. Two years forty million dollars he'll get another offer closely. He's supremely confident guy. Right as a hitter and UC sure. One -- are confident in his ability to get it Contra because he knows -- father time eventually catches every photo and bring us out of for a one year extension or woody looked like a year ago we're in spring training he was up there would like Boyle and could not participate. He was doing these very ginger little kind of Agassi college dogs in the outfield about how games that he missed the beginning industries that twenty play -- we orange a year ago we were sure that David Ortiz was could ever play baseball again. You think that might be in the back David's mind he's one night I went back agro. I went back and read the column I wrote a year ago when each is the he had the ruptured Achilles. That ends careers that's kind of injury that ends career especially when your big strong guy in Europe and -- -- only eight or nine years old. He came back from that -- just come back from that came back from that and incredibly years and had -- just an epic post season what he did was amazing. -- get paid for and you know what happened don't have a last year. When he came off that Achilles. -- it made him his top priority he was a free agent for seven days. Any sign in to this two year essentially thirty million dollar direct at the -- I was nuts. 37 almost 38 year old guy with a blown out Achilles and he's giving him thirty million a single risky. And it worked -- paid up to this -- he's got one year left and its bottom half. It just you just say Davis understood and you want to scope perform and we'll talk later. Barely. -- is the cut to the chase in the Shaughnessy peace is something that should have been bullet point number six. In John to mosque east peace the only reason to extend David Ortiz now would be to make him feel below. That's -- -- second that's of people who'll watch David Ortiz side. Make him feel a -- makes you feel appreciate that's just the bandit bullet -- because a year from now he has agreed he can do it again it's never gonna end to Ortiz is falls off the face of earth that doesn't want to be create. You know again there are guys who want to be free agents and they know that they'll get paid. He doesn't like that considering his lack of leverage personable known nationally team -- interest could correct and no Pineiro. You know team that has designated hitter and complaints there even the big budget teams are like signing DH is important. You know back up first baseman or third baseman or left field right catchers at DH as Deb points out the Yankees the angels and the Rangers already stocked with fat contracts for older players. Who could be your DH stalked two. John general John your next that the NCH. A guy. A look at protein content I cannot see inside -- likely to contract it was a free agent well John it is freeagent. I know pretty good but watching got to be looking at it like and I get an audience not a free agent so immediately. He's not going to be a free agent the word is leverage John. David doesn't have any. I write about it -- the -- It brings people into this week so that will show up next year you don't give give -- -- -- doesn't give me an extension that takes him two years down the road. They would let our people be happy about it and out of your achievement making sure that. People in New England John do you think will refuse to buy a ticket to Fenway Park -- David Ortiz is not get a contract extension and David Ortiz is playing this year how many. -- -- -- -- -- Well it's it's because they want to because Ortiz is is that what's crazy is you know fans -- that -- with the Dodgers and low but the team has done since then. And what they want them to do now flies in the face and they've done since saturate and it's it's not consistent I guess that they love Ortiz dams in the -- damn good morning. Yes. Doesn't promote local I'm not arguing in -- group giving them an extension now I understand where he's coming from where he thinks he's. What hundred people last year a much money into direct talks medium profit last year. Millions will what -- can do is second to do that maybe it is responsible for. 27 point 3%. Didn't. Understand why. It might think -- we're under pretty that's not that's not why why did -- sign a thirty million dollar contract. I thought that was enough. -- -- -- I'm not let's not the issue is did this. Things here that the contract negotiation -- that I vehicle packed up everything. You don't get continue to put the true value just like. In India -- into -- -- fifteen million you're not going to be out in the central. I'm not saying that the thirty million more than unfair but -- here at the point of view. So liquid the -- -- -- -- -- -- before would be the call up talk about ticket prices of all that. The only -- to make billions of dollars ticket prices are going up. Dan do you think do you think Dave Ortiz when he inked the two year thirty million dollar extension thought he was underpaid. You think occurred to him for a second the thirty million dollars for the next two years is not enough. I think he thought I'd just. Yeah rob the Bangalore in -- got that. Because he's a wonderful guy yet and I wanted to show him the love and the most beloved athlete Boston I don't think anyone else could get away with this could get the kind of support he gets. Including Tom Brady I don't think Tom Brady he did this at that could be more of dissension in the ranks. You think of Brady that this should have this poll is the latest on the pole. It's 20% of 30000. People tend to be inducted into the less the less than 101000 like 9600. People and when asked this question what should the Red Sox to -- David Ortiz three options. Number one nothing he's under contract that should and shouldn't be an issue that's the correct answer that's our answer 32%. That's a third of the fewer than 13 the presses that frankly. Second tack on another year after his great 2013 season. 40% and this is my favorite. Give them what ever he wants. He's a Red Sox legend. 28%. Almost ten. Thousand people. But that was into the question give him. He wants anything he wants because and it's just a quick question because he's poppy because he's a legend you there's no one else nobody else. Pedro in his prime Tom Brady no one shoots it about is him whatever he wants. Easily it's more your fault call John Morgan and Joseph will talk John Morgan jokes could say it the other way. John Joseph and Morgan. -- we commit.

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