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NFL media day

Jan 29, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing yesterday's NFL media day.

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You know seems to me the Seahawks held one player who likes to talk too much they have another player that doesn't talk at that what doesn't talk enough if at all. I have a question for you to this morning the morning after. The Tuesday media day in New York if you think Sherman should shut his gap. Can you criticize Marshawn Lynch for being reluctant to open his. Now now. I'm not talking about doctor -- want a grade I oaks and she should emerge as yet -- media day I mean it's console but that's why it's there and -- he was the big star and you see that wide shot of the crowd. Hello I'm Richard chairman. And I terrific here are some guys say they love it I think it's a blast that Sherman revels in it. Other guys obviously it's like the dentist but this is his moment he gets to talk about other things and ask him a blow whenever -- about strippers which can do. Was the question do you have any advice for women who might go in the stripping. To get them to convince them otherwise and he says. I've never been in the strip club and of course all that trained seals in the -- He's tactic of human -- any any believes women should limit themselves to do. He feels it's limiting to women strippers so he's looking down his nose on treacherous -- on more -- looking girls. It's funny listening to the -- he's -- did you hear that he's never abandoned the strip club. Never. It's like never took a library it's like -- only candidate -- -- -- smoked -- no never it was a -- so he's never smoked pot I mean. Do you really believe that in -- Media members. -- Gary ten -- sitting idle rich sure it's never in the strip club I guess it's possible but that doesn't mean right at a strip club means it was never -- -- that was me like they get the odd night I I think he's been in one I just think he's enjoying this. This relationship he has with the media which he says it's Upton and the ages by it you know he. He -- to -- like it's SeaWorld put them little fish in their dolphins and their or their seals and eating them and he's just love in the fact that there eating. Out of my guess is all across the country today there are people who filed stores which of these men the young Latin literature which is exactly right she bought the whole thing to wonder -- Boris human being agree -- by which you should put their rose petals come with that like its secure its senses this and that is just suggested that. She's probably never spend a minute with him. Outside of football ever. But you can see these are really great he is very charming like he's articulate he's Smart he's from Compton but it went to Stanford. And each I think he's laugh and it these people who just suggests that saw a lot of as Briscoe was. He says it's too bad people for focus. Don't focus on the game. And they get all caught up in his. So called -- that's what -- called after the game right it's too bad people they'll focus on the game at right and there are certainly you know he's right media. The members of the musical we should focus on the came -- stopped getting distracted by that that little ring of death. -- On the -- you idiots it's mean. You really sit there and and date that was all happy talk I didn't hear tough question it was all monies to the super talk. He says that and there was no wants and well Richard. As somebody make the point that with everybody bends over backwards and twists themselves into pretzels trying to ask the provocative question. That anybody who dare ask a football question is really the person that stands out -- they get ridiculed yeah no question and and I know it's there's not a red zone and it's probably. Not the date for the football questions could you go live in the guys in costumes in the 83 year old lady who just want to hug. Who she worked for by the way. She looked -- and just have a hug that statement gave her a hug is elected David Letterman thing I don't know corporal coach. -- very small. It's true the UK it just and I I don't think I did -- inappropriate would someone say -- some old football. If you go to the fourth rate we've -- -- pressure which issue four man front. People look at him. Talk about strippers this is needed -- just. For football pool and do that tomorrow. But with that you think if you think that the charm and is part of an axis marsh chairman -- to come back like a tough my sunglasses on -- that's also give it hasn't talked all year long I don't but it's it's the characters. It is it does he get fine for the -- I think it's. -- that gets a small funding that the fifty grand. Is if you don't do it all neither man -- obligation he did an article said he met his obligation. Don't you think this at me he didn't he -- six minutes lead six minutes of legitimate exert power beyond. Think our long bright day correct and Sherman showed a parolee who did more than our state an hour later that that it. It shouldn't count if you talked to Deion Sanders the growth that's like that's like yes that's like talk and one of the stripper at scores I mean that's just. That that doesn't that's not. Media member who showed up mapped it was mostly news directors won the Seahawks started you shot at 1250. So with ten minutes left he finally shows up he did not fine for that did not have a podium and in fact he said the Seahawks are raised its so he would not have a podium. They went over and stood -- are heavily offensive linemen who are we gonna hang out and you know -- her nose and -- lead him to step down their weight. Did six -- something 25 seconds left him back. Left disgust with the NFL players association. And the league whether he was -- in violation or not came back a second time and -- a minute thirty would be on -- and just think it's -- adjusted to it. And that. I think now might not -- thing but when he talked to deal on we have that -- right -- gonna play right now sounds like every other player it's not like he's. It's like he hates. Those tough questions that you get from beyond that they make him comfortable he sounded to -- silent just. Another southern reluctantly summit like he -- wanted to do Levy sounded like I'll give you shortest answer pot as it possibly can't. But -- being the you know David Frost in PW NFL that -- not live up would not let -- doesn't sound stupid that he doesn't sound like is the speech impediment turn either language problem no. Sounds like any other player -- why not just promote. At whatever 1230 and sit there and and I answered the question because marsh and lynch says it's not my thing that we told the -- Just don't wanna talk really. Multinationals. And ready to go giving -- did you just like you do that's what it is. I never saying no talking winning then yeah. -- like -- its own little. Injuries like that. Libya's stupid. And a police but it beyoncé and what was the judge response just like the go get these like to go give it. This exclusive deal is not a journalist. -- play play that again the second well played again. -- -- Just don't wanna talk really from Jamal that action -- bred to go giving did you just like you do this what it is. I never saying no talking when Noonan yeah. And like this -- our own little. Luxuries like that. Brilliant he was just warming up the easy stuff later in the interview and get to that at some point I thought we had a fair. Deal starts asking incisive uncomfortable questions like. What surprises you about the Super Bowl yeah what do that you like about -- deal to what you like about the Joseph Mike Wallace moves Astaro. Am isn't that mostly which again if you went to a podium I mean in stupid stuff bottle and you marry me year and it means that most of -- you get short subprime and that's. He wouldn't be deal would beat the by someone else actually did ask good questions -- do you feel that I'm being serious. He said the -- do you feel of Denver stops you. They will stop the Seahawks. Got a good answer that here's this entire thing or -- Very good sugar ESP degrade other star from the NFL network this is -- this is the law in what's called long -- for a long for an interview. Send it. Real emotions. So when you guys didn't like big stop feuding stuff is too. Let's just a moment. You don't like -- -- -- -- The loan. Just go sit in the pennant this year this -- you do. What you like about this week. This -- okay. Surprise. Switching your good. The only way this. Term limits the room in the -- Washington Obama. So grateful. -- -- -- -- I appreciate the. Marshall -- loves -- And larger game I could see -- it's I mean -- with a tough questions like -- -- -- comfortable all the time outcome uncomfortable all the time on -- -- -- kitten -- and -- like Mike Mike walls in the old days -- the aunts and add it below what you are excited about you know what. The biggest. The most high profile endorsement of the mall yes the -- so it'll jobs vinegar and pick Sherman is two against headphones you went into that before he. One on the -- It has so called -- So called -- -- on Latin hasn't stopped from cash and and I mean I think he'll he'll make it a little fine basketballs per annum. A lot I'm sure there. And they can hold a special Seattle seahawk version of -- -- Stuart Scott holed up last night and he gets they're paying ten grand ten grand for every touchdown. And he eats scandals during the day before and during the game euphoria. Now I have no problem with -- -- too much I have no problem we're portion lynch not yapping enough what do you do have a problem with is a Denver star. Who doesn't talk too little doesn't talk too much he talks just the right amount of words. He is just never said anything Wes Welker the boring. I would say probably grabbed. The region that you don't need grads would probably be the lowest of lows and -- and that's. That's about that's about -- close to get through its. And you know in high school to have a couple times understand cause me a couple times and then. NFL let things happen a couple times. That ten years and he's -- the guy who -- You're joking rank -- -- You know. I don't know. It's it's all about you know how they. How they go about you know who's the it's. That's the most incisive interesting thing he's ever talks about these -- as he has in this one again. Could say so yes and and and give us all the stir the -- Oh man could ever when it's one guy who disliked -- maybe. Haven't got a couple drinks and so open and chest open I expecting the -- sort of veiled shot yesterday and oh yeah it's something -- -- with a forty jokes keep score yes the gospel -- like -- -- at the -- said on TV on to a live TV select mystic at the bill and this is with him sit there for an hour getting grilled. And he gives us nothing -- -- he talked about being grabbed him up no other member region's most fifteenth M I'll say this is far more discipline Belichick. Belichick. Made made a big point and -- made a point not to do which -- Belichick Griese Q. Google what you if you write columns wouldn't UB deep golden Welker yesterday. And just hold -- just -- and Providence. Can't say some jerk. That's what they did guys did for our Ron Borges did nothing. And still got enough that he right disciplines the word he does not QB Andy maybe he's still afraid to -- peace in the middle to -- and he was afraid of bill -- I still think -- -- -- -- -- -- records are right pre season just just with the season began -- I still think about what bill would think if I say this. That's kind of for a -- -- -- -- -- -- sort of like you know they estimate well you know on a year -- not so he wouldn't even say. That he learned that -- that -- -- that pick. Hear me how that would have been in the Simpson hey what do you think I learned that you know -- top yes. He's slightly. -- in incendiary but not really. Mean he does have discipline I mean he's also. Bland and boring and all that but he -- have discipline to not give -- that to be half a dozen. New England guys around you know what you're right no question I have not been right -- enough. This together build this like he should love them. Gives -- happened. On some stuff. He's done some stuff may be your solution to get a couple of drinks in him pollution -- Is what probably got him in trouble with bill on the first of Denver wins and we have around the post game for an hour and party got a -- and a few that we may get. That shot across that I will be the time to hang out blocker and I do think Welker. Is Smart enough to know that he's never coming back here so if you wanted to keep that door opened that and -- and Wright that's old. But do you think he looks at let's say was a victim it's taken a beating Ole Bob -- and -- do you think Welker in some way shape or form looks at how. Bill has treated Mangini and doesn't wanna be in that category somehow -- is so fearful of bill. I don't know I don't know it seems like I mean he's mischievous he's come out. He's a little bit -- -- there wouldn't -- -- Europe but in this case he just -- -- plus it doesn't appear that anything on the football field scares him. I mean a guy that size without body goes over the middle gets rushed. 45 times a game and gets up never afraid of any -- possibly get a director from from fox Federer L player whoever was shut out the sweet thing. Winning. And losing aside who would you like to see having good Sunday I mean on the when the patriots beat the Eagles. Reynolds had a great game -- green and with a broken leg with a broken leg just came up huge and everyone hated him one and have a bad game he did not he lost. And everyone was -- around here but Owens came up. McNabb came -- small. Would you like to see -- win -- lose come up as they I'd like to see Pete Carroll out coach John Fox would that be a starter for me. I'll be okay were made that I don't think the rest of the countries on board that the -- a little bit of an outlaw yeah yeah. You know because of all the CDs 'cause of the way they play him and you can't play like Sherman plays. Without your coach's blessing and and I think Pete again it is it is these geniuses and letting the boys play. And go to the edge and sent them over the edge and he's OK with that so I'm what you I know you know Pete and like Pete and -- would like to see him. Have a good day -- player standpoint. Let's -- -- -- or you're against bunkers again this year the big game a big game you know -- CC could tell expect up when you're probably communal lines and old -- ten game at that catches yet completely we see our economic see that -- but it could happen because of the focus them on the -- and and -- he could go into the -- It could be one of those little holes in the in the game plan runs today. They're gonna focus on stop and all these guys and I don't know -- Is is Earl Thomas he's great easy -- -- government missiles -- -- OK and he's good very good player church can be real tough match or there may be an opportunity for him to shine if indeed what most people think is going to happen Sherman is -- be on to -- Thomas -- should have been on the left side and doesn't move so it's up to Denver it's up to Denver Toms is on the right pennies on. He's on chairman right so so if they donate to Marius Thomas and throw -- alliance. Then that opens a door for other guys including Wes -- able to -- benefits -- just sit. Their eyes and Denver whatever debt debt and is does -- do everything. -- isn't Thomas going to be the deck is going to be there Welker security there and then in other gonna. -- -- have a lot of motion but they do the shift and they do move when they do mix it up I'm sure if you -- you have no idea. -- -- was gonna do mean you have the talent and you have this in the players you could get demanding you can. Stop them they do you don't find to be the most amazing stat that jumped on this a lot of them at the number one defense in the more -- Seattle gets up 172. Yards a game of the year. That's seventy. Yards lower than the average. And they are the best team in the NFC so. Every week. They're getting thrown at every week and -- up or their quote usually the best team gives up a lot of passing yards because. That up right I'm -- Denver I mean -- up. But 23 touchdowns. The other teams thrown a lot of times you're bending but not breaking capital -- the patriots last few years do that is an aberration I'm just guessing you haven't studied it but the best team in the NFC. Gives up. The fewest passing yards I mean the few shards and wanting a rushing yards but the fewest passing especially in a passing league against passing teams. Teams that are trailing you and they are pro once you give up seventy yards. Fewer in the league average is pretty amazing to me they are a great pass defense team pass rushing pass defense coverage whatever. They can't stop a pass attack there. I'm not sure how many revelations there workers I didn't listen every interview at every podium for all one hour -- guy. But I think there was one thing revealed. Pete Carroll. Address the fact or explain why I guess is better stated he is so passionate what he is so competitive and why he is so jacked -- pump when he's coaching football. The biggest change really did happen after -- the -- that hit the moon that was really the biggest opportunity to shift. Couldn't really the first time has chested as some time -- semi -- for -- -- -- whatever -- -- in the -- had a chance to sit back. And they all I had to kick into a real competitive mode does the job market was gonna come up against a set up for one season and in that time and I think to the competitiveness really really elevated me that I needed to get right I needed to do everything I could think it is as prepared as possible. There yelled I was CES they didn't see Pete's a whole -- view. Unlike the post doc within FL network in the stock -- Richard Sherman didn't CP. -- yes to a 9/11. Marketable whereas now you not my cup she -- -- I would be surprised if we weren't sit in the for an hour and some of the New York Post didn't ask about it but. He's got to do two more days of mandatory you know hour long session yet but that was the venue for the crazy question based on football question you know they're gonna be in their hotels now at tables for the next couple days. Well we'll find out -- the hole. In view but if he -- some inflammatory it would probably -- answer -- and look for less bright eyed Nazi questions for as a that's surprising. A and expect someone to pursue that. But they probably want a tube -- lady wanted to -- so if you by the fact that Peyton Manning doesn't fully understand the word legacy. I think he understands that more than in my hands were good answer oh what a better answer send people asked him his legacy and his 25 yes. And the and he says you know like -- supposed to be done you done when playing. When you have a legacy he -- he is suppose move. Yeah I'm not I've been I've been being harassed throughout my legacy since I was about 45 years old which. I'm not sure you can have a legacy when you're 25 years old and or even 37 what you had to be like seventy. -- had a legacy so not under 200% sure what the word even means. I'm still the middle of my career. Let me rephrase that I'm down the homestretch of my career but but I'm still a still -- it's not it's not overreacted so. It's still player out -- know pursues them. The second chapter in my career and it's an exciting chapter in I'm surely excited. To be back in the Super Bowl you don't have to -- Broncos. That proves to me he puts as much preparation in to yesterday's media session as he does into game film and planning for a team. He had that planned out he knew he was going to be asked about legacy and isn't that the perfect answer. To -- -- as opposed say what I think com in the conversation or I win this game I'll be in the conversation or lose this game I'll be out of the conversation he said I'm still play and it's it's it was the right perfect answer the doesn't create any follow up -- have been created a controversy doesn't light and brush fires under Joseph Montana or Tom Brady your anybody else who wants to detract or or praise Peyton Manning out of. Did you guys look and -- into sole applicant did this to know what I mean he to me he looks confident. And that and I'm glad I mean does not look scared it is not look warrior -- -- -- brave last week you were content right at the patriots that's what this and that the Brady played very well. Squeeze it. Change you played OK -- says well no I tell him we very well. No he said he he thought -- -- well yes and well and he triple article about the big difference high. It got me I just said well. He's I thought it was going to be -- the wanna simply like -- I shouldn't say was that. It was so one of the people in the afternoon one of -- yeah yes yeah somebody in the afternoon to garbage yet someone else's it was awful -- -- -- was dreadful like at all the adjectives. -- mediocre isn't demanding wins this game plays well that's a big difference then he played great against Belichick and Brady play ball against the toughest defenses have played against the big spot problem that helps out the costs and forget it I mean -- you can say he's not as good as Brady or Montana but he's there he's in that top three or four. Get the heat like -- people really hate them. For example. I think I think the feeling toward Manning is different year. In this region. Bennett is perhaps in Terre Haute, Indiana as an exit was the it was bad examples from fortunate that -- it in Florida or Nebraska Portland -- or you're putting more people here I think because they think if he succeeds it makes Brady Law. Less fine but. He's not he does not. -- -- good could not credible but I think they're rooting against him here more than they are in middle America against Bashir but against -- -- -- -- -- Magic Johnson was different as a rival hate. Bill in the year they hate right. -- -- -- It. That's great human being he's never seen -- love me some Richard Vanilla female breast as I've ever done on -- -- Saving themselves. I would I would not mind at all to -- Sunday night mental problem which you. All that I thought that you make you queasy it would. All right 6177797937. Much Super Bowl talk about at some point. We are going to discuss duel in columns. As it applies to David Ortiz. And we were quite pleased yesterday to have the opportunity to. Talked in long form there's that term again with Jerry Remy on the day that. In fact just an hour after I read all of his words but he spoke at NASA. In the newspaper and online. And in my estimation there was a difference between reading what he said and believing how contrite -- -- was based on the seven reporter's description. Vs hearing him when he called into the Dennis and Callahan program yesterday it was a dramatic difference in my estimation will replay our conversational -- next.

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