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Richard "Dick" Sherman: Love him or hate him, he's sure built his "brand" this week

Jan 28, 2014|

We talk about Dick.. Dick Sherman that is. Is he all that he claims he is? Or is this all just one big marketing gimmick. We discuss.

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I you know -- that this quarterback discussion. Can I can I introduce. Our audience to a a man who who has pretty good credentials at at the position. Ty Law dialogue pretty good corner this American art -- law. Having a conversation with him a couple of weeks ago. And it's just interesting we -- and we talked about this before so I just football players but it's just interest to me here. Athletes that they they kind of speak in he had a different code they have different things they look at. The -- Outside of the game they've been insiders. They're more impressed by things that we are their less impressed by things that we find press. So the tide. Was. -- means that you got media members. Guys have to stop focusing on interceptions have come -- play football gods talking interceptions. When evaluating the corner is good and he said the toward brown. He's able to -- realizes realize. There Richard Sherman. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that either. To counter with saying it's like Asante Samuel. They're not following guys all over the field and I didn't know this about Sherman I thought. That he was just one of those corners up to the best receiver. Where you know left side right side. It does make a difference to me. But he lined up on the same side of the field I don't know is that they I mean he does but is that something that a quarterback chooses or is that just a coach's philosophy on what they wanted to I don't know. What generally guy will say I'll take him no matter where you I don't think Deion Sanders said I'm just going to be on this side of the field. It's okay he's got a got -- right side of human -- criminal outside a follow on the left side I'm not gonna pass them off to anybody. I'll I'll go wherever I need to go -- one thing. The other thing and I thought that was interest in talking -- Richard -- the other thing is. Sherman says he's the best corner in the week. I think he's in the conversation. Is hard to. Do you just go by interceptions. We go by interceptions shore. Call on the -- Which take Patrick Peterson. Over Richard -- Would you know I would take Richard German ordered about at the quarterback position right now yes the combination of the. His size his speed his quality I think it depends on what kind of more yards and Peterson even have the speed computers and a -- he's got the size and enough speed that it doesn't computers and it's not as most represented a spontaneous and with the disorder musicality the chairman had any junkie nobody throws and the -- twice in the San Francisco game one of those balls ended up being picked off. I just I think I think he's a physical freak it took a long time to get airman and of people watched him at Stanford when he is making the transition as much from Mercedes and of course terrible. When he was caught any people laughed at him what -- Sherman doing it knowing -- he had no idea what he was doing at the position he was constantly look in the wrong way and eventually he got. And it -- -- at all. And respond we think we can debate all day whether it's all right Patrick Peterson Rick Richard Sharon but we've had something during the break ups and surprise and share this with the audit I said you. I would give up the first of the patriots their first round pick is going to be in the twenties right I would trade. The patriots first rounder for Darrelle Revis and you said no chance I can say no chance but I wish he would do not only guy would do that twenty year old cornerback not but I would like Darrelle Revis on my team I would do it but I wouldn't give up a first round pick form of -- given up first round pick. I think I want more than a Darrell Revis I just I would want what we're looking for a while at that your pick in the twenties. What do you what what else you gonna get me to wrote Revis at 28 years old. I looked double check this triple check this. Played in all sixteen games last year. So that's the what are your big concerns about general -- but he's a year coming all major knee surgery that's another I don't I'm not the other positive is. The year after -- is when you start to regain your quickness and when you start to look like the same guy. Not but I wouldn't be interest in Darrelle Revis on the team and only give up a first round pick form six or 777979837. Scots in the car has got. I got that up. A couple -- Comment about chairman. It seemed like everybody keeps making excuses we don't know hey Smart. In the great educated but from current and yeah. Who Richard -- and oh yeah. I've known as well. I mean it's. Not about being he's I beat nearly it. Sure is an act. To what is. Called on other than the other than the moment today in question when he is in the final moments of the San Francisco game. What does he done since -- A at all zero I don't think he sees -- this backlash at all Scott I don't think he sees it that way at all -- he loves publicity. If so why why why not why not you're -- -- where don't I don't go to new -- here appear publicity hound if you're if you're addicted to the spotlight. You're in the right place. Here in New York may need limit -- experiment he wanted to say something today at media day or in the over in the press conferences last few days that was incredibly. Explosive if you didn't know when to shut up don't you think you would've said something about to -- is Thomas or Wes Welker or somebody on the Broncos that he was truly so devoid of class. And so incapable shutting up wisely said anything on the grandest stage. About him and now he's already done it. It parted and Crabtree Downey -- given everybody that chokes I think a lot of what at this point would be you know then and stop the response -- -- Exactly when to shut up. He knows exactly when to shut up he got everybody's got about a minute to shut out out there that he's not me you wouldn't say you wouldn't describe him as a classy guy which I don't think class is the word I'd use I think. So there's got it right but I really gets the same thing about you wouldn't -- deal on a classy guy and I wouldn't mean that that's not the phrase -- -- for any of those guys -- a jerk who should shut his mouth and blew his whole career and acted like a bad guy for the entirety of his career no. Now he's on NFL network -- is a revered. I don't -- Sherman will be later I think you made a good point last week. When you said there's something a little less likable about him. Then there is about Deon may be because he does think he's so Smart and that I think is the thing that aggravating about them is always backs up -- I'm really Smart. He says that -- basically said that. He. That's a little bit of -- does he have been out there uses those words but he kind of does right. It is a few bad. Yeah that that kind of a he's he he definitely is not hurting for self confidence it is not anything lacking in Richard -- -- Michaels in the car Michael. Michael in the -- Michael. -- does not read and -- Thank you I am told by I was totally a juror you can fit and so I've heard the conversation this morning. And he was talking about. You know the whole situation and I just couldn't do you know about he was. Wondering about. Michael -- Michael quite -- may may be just lost sister republics which is fine and happens. -- think he was trying to. Trying to make a statement or trying to make a point advocate just -- guys that are you know what what the message said he was. He was disappointed that Jerry Remy was coming back -- not about Jerry -- earlier. This interview on the station this morning check it out on WEEI dot com really good interview. It and there are some people with Steve Buckley is one of the wrote about it Steve Buckley doesn't feel that. -- should have returned I think most people just listening to the calls reading the text. I think most people say welcome back -- -- there is a faction out there how large it is I don't know but there's a faction of people out there who say. You should've should've stayed. I also wonder of that factor how many of them really mean it. I -- other people who who like to jump on the moralist bandwagon. But how many of them really mean how many of the people who say. I will never watch the Red Sox game the same way are serious -- am actually find that that's the case and how many of them eventually forget about it because that's kind of what we deal with a call earlier said we have a tendency to forget about these things and amount equating Michael Vick -- Jared Grammy but not the same thing and of course Jarrett is the one can accuse something not Jerry. But people plenty of people said they would never support Michael Vick again and ended up watching him and supporting him and seeing the way he carried on afterwards. And as I said earlier what's to say the Jerry Remy doesn't uses Red Sox job as a platform. For talking about domestic violence and some of the dangers that surround it but you're a -- calls or sex -- W yet. What's up guys you don't connect it was all that. I'm now margin it -- the weigh in on this sought confrontation you guys are -- about Sherman. I'm not surprised -- got taken a position that you saw I mean he had a big market. I overheard you talking about this with another caller like like what what is the sense since that incident -- championship game group. It's seem to feel like I think it really meant. It I don't. I don't think that's true at all bodily Tony that is not the way that organization operates and I disagree -- -- in this case I think what this'll global I think somebody gotten here. And that you are not gonna make -- national and want that market. They don't view without way Tony you got to understand what the culture is like. On that team in their building and in that city where they believe that they are southeast Alaska and nobody ever pays him any attention and they are site the people in Seattle our site does elevating Richard Sherman is their profits they love this somebody is finally talking about their team for the first time ever. -- look look at what circuit I think you're right up until now because. Pete Carroll allowed him to be -- kind of player he has and how the kind of -- and Portuguese got on that team until now quite big big real demand for the Super -- I don't know I would that would really surprise me Tony I mean you know we're all speculating on what's going on neither Muster in the meetings but that was surprising that that's not Pete Carroll's way it's not the way that team does business. They let him be himself -- the -- that's that's who they are and it's not lucky stopped answering questions he's been out there said he could've done media day all day. He spent about an hour -- so answering question. -- did it take you hatred which this is what it's like if you're talking about. Great dockers. In the NBA they are guys who -- great in the dunk contest. And there guys work who do great in game dunks. But they're not necessarily great contest. Richard Sherman is an in game trash talker but in a press conference situation are great there's nothing he said in a press conference. They're really gets my attention. He has a guy. He got Tom Brady's attention right after the game ended with that tweet right he got Michael Crabtree detention. During the game and then right I don't -- Saturday interview yet but NA. On any unit Wednesday Thursday situation. You won't believe what -- -- Sherman said today. He's not like -- -- but he he's just honest during those titles that have become just honestly answers questions how we see you need to -- better track of dollars and are generally better we got to live with that dealer Tom Brady wasn't his top five and he's got -- at times it may not be in a press conference setting but I mean he wrote the article thank Tom Brady didn't belong and it's -- top five quarterbacks team put him in there was any -- Trash talking put down. Even almost apologize but you -- back into -- on the T even been funny at all in the stuff with Crabtree was left on private fuel that's funny is -- mat bro that's kind of funny but that you know. It's not like great trash -- -- it was one line note was good it was good because. -- and injures and Nokia developer on purpose she played cosell. Through Sherman's Ali Napster talking about here. -- -- should do you think I hit the guy knows who I -- though is why did what she god knows what that is that got to here got to hear her saying. I'm talking about. It looked good on offense than what makes this apartment to try to get -- it's like from my coach on fear tobacco cauliflower thoroughbred. Email like that to the talking about it -- I definitely -- -- -- anchor for Fred has been hanging on for like two hours we're committed to Bruins stopped at a red -- Tim Thomas is that the garden tonight he reading. I insurance plan -- -- -- short novel I think he is put stated you meet on now. You are -- When the planet that hockey yup C troops fired up. Dallas battle -- ballot. And then. Chicago LA. And then the last two games is important to twelve called the teams on site you are also -- especially held it back playing great. Now -- get six games left before the Olympic break and three point. In Montreal Vancouver. And down it will I'm looking forward what you -- -- -- -- -- I'd sit back talking about. Well look at me Fred you do recognizes a lot going on -- talked a brutal bit Chris Kelly comes back tonight brought Spooner was sent down I don't -- -- -- were sent down but I understand it. I mean what you wanna set -- playing great hockey right now there's a lot to our economy get the Super Bowl this week you may have heard that people like the NFL right. It did you know I think we're here for 2011. That's parade. But there are thousands and thousands of them and that. It's different don't want to outnumber talk amber was with the right now just does a lot going on there's a lot right now the Bruins playing great hockey would mention that a few times. We talked to the collage orally. Techsters couple of things from -- one says. Hangovers funny when you're stone -- fair. So but you. I have to go to go to or watch the movie that's not a good sign for your move to get some good stuff now it's -- your system one that's dude where is my -- -- all time you don't need to be -- fanaticism on any I could think of one thing that. Was that the Chinese restaurant yes well that's funny plays stuff funny. The stuff with -- salt and the stuff little bubble wrap that he's really funny it's underrated and other sectors in this Portland being growth in return and he could do that. -- Yeah. How to. Act. Of facial expressions so good to do with budget Crabtree. Who's talking about you know not -- Yeah. She really wants the note to what you just horrified because the bodies found in the bottom camera accurately calls a locked on -- we got Jerry Angelo talking about Bill Belichick says he screwed up this season by being too rigid about his philosophy he got Jerry -- coming back again Richard Sherman saying he's the best. -- the Bruins are playing the best hockey ever according to Fred he's not wrong it's not now WE yeah.

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