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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Media Day Edition - 01/28/14

Jan 28, 2014|

We discuss four topics involving past and present NFL Superbowl Media days, notably ones the Patriots were involved in.

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Was two for four. It's totally swollen or. Board or. More fun cleaning. -- -- Well we've solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. Do agree about. The circus music for. We apartment it was you know the Bruins -- home camping that. It's not the Big Apple circus -- -- outside the tent today and called up for that. Must be immediate day to day under -- and must be media day they are. Then what are we got media day related questions that I got clowns. Well we've got four media -- questions and if you have any problems with any questions you want answered yourself just call us here to post it right I'm not the best job. -- question number one. Which immediate date yes it was the most memorable there's been a lot of great ones over the years. Press a remind remind me some of the great -- -- pieces ready what exactly do you mean -- -- calling out Shannon -- being incredibly ugly and Michael ports. Is it like mr. Shoe fits. -- -- are accurate. I don't think he doesn't look mr. and tough apparent. Well forgot the other I was red X -- -- the threat before. None of that was media day out album yet themselves to -- needed to what do you do when I'm in whatever it is my answers for -- -- it was before mediated -- what -- did -- turn him -- -- days to write his -- Contingent of media is -- Ingram. -- -- he always delivers. -- and number 37 Harrison. A -- for him. -- Thomas Anderson called. Steelers quarterback Taylor Branch on stupid what the great had a great lines that he couldn't spell something what was it can spoke at a game this in the area like that that privacy in two years -- at that spot him and seen here. When he threw 25. And 37 which is Harrison I guess them for years and when did you bill. That's my answer anything for I love the whole Freddie Mitchell Aggies are all right Harris and all of that he's terrible when he was that he was all we did nothing in the game -- nothing ever again. But really not done anything up until that point is terrible. But what do you -- at least a picture of you wanna talk about Richard Sherman. What he's the guy who caught the pass on fourth and 26. At a port of 26. Did he make that one catch -- he -- yet knows him and it's the only thing that -- check out our fair enough to report that when he's but that was it. They Richard -- and how to curl and pop. How old you are a fourth and 26. Was Ray Rice Ray Rice had one. Hillary scampered for most of it it was like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My good buddy wants out of -- -- -- Russell Warren -- -- that he was there and in approach. Because he was already in the media at that point right. He was yet mistresses -- -- he wasn't on the T mean he wasn't related to the game and anyway on the -- commons. So that I had a pretty good game I think it is. The good of the biggest media -- this was once -- to. -- -- give him. Jamie's words. It was actually the system. Would agree that it what did you do to him and complete personal. Would you do it awards. I was seeing here that he. -- and some. It's so I'm walking with a fine young woman -- PR person. I'm matched their -- got an accident you know mysteries. Excuse me mr. -- would you please. We'd put you in the run. Get -- -- that thing out. And more did you get a -- -- are not just initiative did you should have done him what he did to Mike Sherman. -- that they're going off the walked off the field manager Theo. But it Jersey on -- to the coach because they server would have to say I was dubious place did. If so now he's Oliphant is -- servant called and are pleased that it told art snapped the furniture let's go lift the federal on the field right now I'd like you verses. The hall of fame defensive tackle. Wars that -- -- There's a lot of strange occurrences. At media day. Such as Palermo and his son graduate explain crucifixion Jimmy means protest against fell. -- Recruits -- I don't know it was center of the weirdest things I'd ever -- export. Alia trying to get our birthplace Calgary and -- and oh well I regret. So in your opinion what is the weirdest thing that ever happened on media. That Tom Brady -- proposal that and yes. That's think -- that's what cheap but but the weird dress right there isn't a wedding dress. Yeah he responded I've got a few miss bradys in violent. Heard it was our men and yet right now it wasn't that good ideas that he had a -- all 60 harassed yet to different Inez -- I don't scenes right. This is Inez Gomez most familiar Inez Gomez to ensure that. -- Wow yeah. What's your name first. In the it's that beautiful name and it. I got a few miss bradys in my life -- hey hey hey girl hey Larry. So Reggie White talking about the crucifixion said quote he was healing the sick and the doctors got mad. He was raised in the dead -- funeral home directors. They're all records. But the doing this and thank 1997. If you execute the -- almost back through the talking -- I don't know. And almost next. Our literature where is Jesus accused of that yes is an -- bristles at an accusation. That's an accusation though it was an accusation. Second ovals that your people -- that I've never heard that before many things. Economy. Ichiro a breakdown you can bring -- -- -- breakdown are with what's -- that maybe you know rank. It's vertebrae and -- for video four -- -- I'd like you to give me everything there is a no -- Jesus and four minutes make it -- Three. At the circus of media day has resulted as always in ethnically stupid questions and this year is no exception. Couple of the stupid questions -- front which one is the dumbest of this year's media day. Hands down the parents -- got a winner young Ben. Doug's talk. I've got a winner this question was posed. To Shaun Phillips. Question. Is this a must win game that's. Is Super -- Is this a must win game it is the dumbest question but it's actually very funny to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like this I mean that's the dumbest questions like actually -- the funniest way without the funny I like this one here for Eric Decker. Eric why don't you Wear cup don't you worry about the little Eric deckers. A little -- what was his answer I don't know what his answer as I -- know that was the question they don't you worry about the little Eric deckers. Well here we -- is that I'm just try to protect the double deckers. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not so many good ones and it still won't know -- Multinationals. And job of that action -- -- -- -- that. Just don't think we'll talk. Multinationals. Practical if you can just let -- do that's what it is this kind of personal tone and -- and you know. I think what mr. lynch is saying you're talking about with the vote. Next question please. You via an English into it and which one are gonna host Saturday. -- -- -- -- This week over there this week ago so this week. Not this week round of Max -- but he he -- -- -- artists who don't know that I'll be there next week. Let's and it's better to be your Saturday night live with -- -- and be like that Eugene Robinson if you got upset of Biscayne boulevard. What this who it. They're accurate with. Whether he'd rather see Andy Reid or -- man you know -- ball. Good question. And he read it and if you don't see mark win geno you know ever go I don't know how did you not use Chris Christie in this analogy when you're in New York. That's what they can. He wasn't thinking that the question wasn't that mark Reggie knows grosser than any of those people get it if not a Smart -- -- -- definitely fattest guy I've ever seen in person on the silence. I guess that's coach of -- -- -- Saturday. It's Charlie Weis he's much fatter and -- -- -- fatter than Rex ever why can't be read to farming so fattest guy I've ever since Holmgren -- got up there. Ballooned up but not as bad as me and you know he's gigantic -- The. Media -- gives us unprecedented access to the players and coaches involved in the Super Bowl. So he -- to one player coach from another sport and put him in media day. Who would you -- A player coach and from another sport it is prime Dennis -- them would have been the choice for someone that's right just completely insane every Tyson. You know in the Rodman. Rodman didn't say. How many memorable things that he thought he would get the opportunity to be an NFL make it today. I have so many time it was just all about what he had on -- what he was wearing what is here with Dylan. But when he gets -- get him in front of a microphone. Not much of the get like Chris Jericho to do this or somebody from wrestling. Some of those guys are gonna be really good -- skills they would have been tremendous this. How about our guy Hulk Hogan brother I think he -- been there the patriots have made it. You would -- -- -- shown a -- and there was molecule was that much on board Paul coconut have been worked in the room. So what are they doing this by the way. Media day was it actually outside I don't think so is everyone seems fairly comfortable. So to have to have been inside and some stadium in new worked the stadium -- -- -- so -- always felt sorry can't do it outside of work people be concerned for their own safely. I think that's fair new works and don't. What a complete dump the Wikipedia religious guys there this year -- you know the guys from it give you hunger clove road 700 club and they ask every athlete. -- But I could've gotten the entire Russell Wilson interview he's right you comment team. Are you guys have some good answers here in the -- TT tech sign Bernard Hopkins on media day. Ozzie Guillen. Shaq. Shaq would have ended Yogi Berra. I'm going to go to -- advocate Pedro. Bobby Valentine and come -- Schilling will be good KG. To tell about -- ball Brian Wilson a little closer Rick Pitino pretty much anybody who enjoys a lot of attention right. Immediately if you want him. Point seven seconds. With a thirteen seconds 72 along for the -- the fifteenth day of triple admitted fifteen. You're the outsider and a rosy of -- kind of stamina. That is for sport today as always brought to you by -- on the go back to couple of a couple of stories not just not just media day which again. I thought it was a pretty good media day today there's some good stuff the came out of it then the the stuff Richard Sherman. Just -- a minute on Sherman before we get -- -- obviously. Minister unless like I think about it I got somebody who's out. Best person immediate day. Out almost as Ares 110. Win. In one. Bad hit to talk to Bill Belichick away from Geithner -- to leave that I can't tell -- -- immediately even that different from from Marchand and -- -- what -- -- what I would think re basically the same kinds of answers and what makes -- on -- money is what makes Aqib -- funny now but the -- to -- to play the game he talks. Can't. Be hanging out Giselle well -- is now the -- are about to have on video the now. Now I'm not Natalie Louis Nadal now. To demands to -- got hurt otherwise he could dogmatic. When -- oh lead against. Fans ran away from me.

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