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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/28/14

Jan 28, 2014|

Answer me damnit!

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time for answers the question jerk answer the question which -- -- Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question -- Our Mike adams' here we answer your questions everyday at this time any question any subject brought you by air -- restoration specialists of your property your facility manager. The daughter of the cold weather disaster plan in place be prepared contact -- -- at 8774611111. Or go to heiress serve dot com I'm Mike I have a question for you please what you -- away do you like my new shoes let's say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the shoes of a much younger man. Thank you and that's exactly work out. How are you coming to Idaho -- -- -- find my old the wing tips and you're ready to go party in the bush is the problem as you were in the shoes but with a Frazier. That's reached out c'mon be isn't just the greatest business world beater if you wanna be tired for three. That tired but time -- time if you wanna be a tired tired tired again -- free stuff men it's awesome to what you're getting here that may be you know the answer to this first question who is the best bloody Mary in Boston. I don't know I don't drink bloody Mary she gently there too early for me today. If it goes afternoon period now not have to be had to have to be consumed before noon why. I don't it's a place in the morning drink this morning after that you will want to afternoon and evening drinks that you of the sponsorship for air I did it and that. You know what you get Clinton get are usually you know that you portray -- -- -- -- wasn't. You're regular -- so shut up or my dad -- -- to see him over -- there's probably did what we do divided attention to anti. Texting with somebody it triggers that nut graph not ground up graphed and graft. You know -- in the second -- Johnny crock I think it was a good bloody Mary you idiots Weston John Sunday brunch at Weston -- good bloody Mary arrogant papers to connect ability -- you know he's the blues and notes there we kind of wanted to use the little little little well not right you don't want to feel like you're just consuming public. So what's it horseradish celery stalk you house celery salt is important in a bloody Mary and fresh to me again the Internet managers is a place in Milwaukee where the midst of specialty and they have like fifty different continents and that you can have -- millennia -- fried -- floating topic you can -- -- Bird's nest you know a couple of -- from bloody marys is unions the place in the south and the Washington street union grill or unions don't think the only real right union union they are very lucrative place. Bigger homered Jack Edwards or Tommy Hunter -- bombing -- who. That guy twice and Jack -- Jack because they're both homers but Tommy at least we'll give you coaching points. He will tell you things. About -- -- the inside of the game and really get in the if you don't know but hold on. -- not paid to do that. Jack to play by play guy he's not a color analyst I -- -- like I tell -- -- what the what the distinction. That's what Tommy is he's a color analyst that is our job is to give you those that talk. I got -- that's not where it got. Go to Italy Tommy telling what Jack has ever been told to show up by by a rep for re -- -- every. -- at him. -- -- -- -- indicated here if you are out there outsold well that's donuts couldn't -- -- I don't remember Tommy Aybar singled to fully appreciate basketball to come down into the arena abuser and has lobbied all right -- it's only a great game. -- does -- got a -- -- that's not being a homer that's totally different conversation. Who's the bigger homered and taught me you can't know where his jacket -- Jack makes up flights is Canada. When the skies are losing -- it makes it -- well that's like you've got the competitive that is your fitness to. And but generals. Compares. I mean in Chicago and as usual. He's one of the biggest there. Weren't. Anybody in congress this is not what your -- yet push -- every time -- about slow certainly puts out. -- -- pretty bad. We're dangerous ballclub. We're like a guy who you just knocked down you think you got him out. And all of a sudden he gets the second wind. It was when they were last pleased that. Are you bet you make a good point about Tommy mideast is the biggest over the -- Maybe the referee thing is so big to him that it just overshadows all the other not just laughter it was it left and the guy who. Pop -- off off off what it was a guy who felled down or got knocked down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hopefully get out -- and -- Etc. and again and Mikey used to -- -- it my -- to have a bomb in your home where your car. Houses and old -- it used not in your car note you can -- Don't that's an instant paraphernalia -- defeated busted -- drink veteran Irish -- But that was the best are terrible on your -- it's the water -- waters the stinky stuff Milosevic that car looks at new. Schooled. In 22. Came out. That's dedication -- it is later was he doing now. Probably still drive -- That when you go to sell that car like either back to the dealer on Craig's list how do you. How do you term that he only had sports. It's an option it's an. It's like latest cars were more than you think that as those smoke option option. You're gonna going to. Love that. What the lowest and highest percentage tip you'll give to -- later. So let's start the lowest lows the low like bad service to reveal your character right now that's our lowest. Percentage you'll ever get too so that's this is ballots are like obnoxious about it defied that serves. Not just the food is Lee Patterson screwed up there that attitude has been that way it was apologetic right on the -- were obnoxious and out the fact that I -- -- and have a nice -- if all of that was true -- like a little attitude you've taught a course -- -- -- -- this conversation before a higher budget. But she can't help but -- add everything hired which it is -- Including just that I mean -- every question with highs throughout highest thirty. She's wicket. Where somebody gives you Barton would like you've spent. Your meal should be thirty dollars and that they have taken fifteen off the bill for just you just give that an active directory you act resilience at fifteen dollars under tipping off what -- -- capsule and probably yeah price and almost definitely. A lot of extra. Next question. -- -- Robert profound question Robert -- blue shirts with the white collar sharp look we're stuck in 1987. -- -- he does look like he should be in the movie Wall Street. If you believe it. -- -- I think is the only had appealed. To hand him right he does not like he's stuck in 1987 but it's still a sharp look at works for him. It doesn't look like is that -- -- and it looks like he's trying to become. Looks like he's trying to become Ralph Lauren. If you look at Ralph Lauren and Robert Kraft and I told you know their Brothers you know you'll believe me what. About Ralph Lauren and Robert. I don't know if in the -- -- Sources try to become Ralph -- it. Look at this Jonathan where -- sometimes other parts. We -- -- -- and he's got him again when he gets an offer last night was what NFL players being arrested what is that the nine well -- was connection two nights ago you know to argue I knew you know who touched -- that was last night knows who's today's Tuesday. Really -- Sunday night it was Friday or Thursday of last week marked yet. Did you want to service. Which you know if I thought it. You don't -- I you know yours -- by your very abrupt -- by via a -- into the show acuity go home I thought maybe it that we should propose to you some perspective. Signature goodbyes to sign an official with coconut and I go on cued up for what is that Betty yes -- -- -- I like that I don't know based on the day though I thought you're gonna go Donald trumps all surprised that you -- that out here just because again you know it'd be kind of get out of -- lot of -- sound of music that you -- others are just that loss for him just for now wanted to wanted aren't upset -- parents and having some abuse. Julie Julie Andrews yes I did -- with a yes I did or hours -- might -- -- an -- -- heels were a -- pick it up next. Andy hit the signature go by so we can get out of here.

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