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The McCourty twins joins Mut and Lou

Jan 28, 2014|

Patriots safety Devin McCourty and Titans cornerback Jason McCourty join the show to discuss this season's end, and get into it a little bit about who's position is more difficult to play.

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Back Janet -- load ID 37 WE BI radio row Super Bowl 48 the patriots are here without a patriot. And his brother Jason it -- according hang out they have teamed up with the embrace Kids Foundation to launch the tackle sickle cell campaign. Which one asked these guys about find out why it's. Such a close. Event close group to their -- we'll talk some football first that's what -- voice. -- -- and I was more was going on that's gonna say we talk to you. -- to end the season facing them this season at Gillette Stadium bit just over a week ago. Is that that's kinda had to hitch it's it's been a week now your season's over this seeing Peyton Manning and -- on TV to see the Broncos and Seahawks. Bring back some of the pain of of -- and -- the season be over. Yeah I mean you we want to be in this game we wanted to be apparent Newsweek's to play in the biggest game I think. -- we're like all other thirty teams prepare for it and we just have to -- closer than most ovals so. We know we're close we just know we got to put a little more work and get it done hopefully I got bloggers I get that they attacked by the way walking around here for the did you give all my -- -- wash -- which was definite -- -- what do we get done a lot. I bet you do because shared border town right -- we're just talking about -- let Jason jump on my Twitter account my rookie year and if you put in bad spots as he Kamal relate deceased -- to rebuild my kitchen. If you get in trouble I understand how stuff has ran -- -- side. I'm not gonna get him and he -- he's just like me we both here Bill Belichick. -- down -- from seven to instill fear. -- I don't know about that -- I'll keep him out of trouble lots of them. Let's talk about the CC said the it's at thirty teams and get here DeVon for you. As you look back on -- somebody injuries for your team to get to a point where. We said the team had to but he injuries to overcome was that was that part of what happened in Denver now lost the broncos' home I. I think that was really our story all year but I thought. We understood. We just need to be better and seems on one day out of the week and we just -- sure that Sunday you know and I was alone Sunday where. We didn't we deeply -- in Denver and you know. It should be debating and almost seamlessly delivers a better team then you know we had on the field book. Our goal wasn't to be -- in Denver Sunday. 3 o'clock whenever it was a weekly government. We felt shorted us. -- -- the season because of injuries that was our goal and like it always is it just try to win on Sunday and we did a good job all year just felt sort of. But you still risky today thoughts -- to safety they -- your brother out Beers controlled hole he good at corner or you think you can make that transition itself it needed. Maybe attend -- -- now. Well I still got even a billion people on their is there any trash talking because what you just said he's still the speed ability utilities that we save -- he had to make the move nods his tone of his retirement his back there if rescission would no pressure just you know. Call me is more responsibility. Calling all the shots and stuff like to have well. Physically he's -- it does that prove breaking from the movie theater season giving you total victors comfort zone now changed the position go to -- -- have everything you Freddie. You feel. I'm definitely Kovalev the position. I feel like this all season -- and next season. The smuggled -- see how I can become a better player as far as being a playmaker and being able to do more things from position. You know we're still doing your responsibilities. In an all -- was seeing you know where you can take chances and you know how. Muscular -- can make me a better player safety -- Still trying to learn more and get better at a boost definitely feel way more possible. Than a year ago when there was movement and -- are going back and going back before. We're talking to Devin and Jason recording you guys can both speak to this made. Got a quarterback former quarterback who's in retirement what's what's the biggest difference here when he when he I look at those two positions you guys evaluate quarterback for the safety. What's the biggest difference in the way played host. I think one of the biggest things it has ankles. When you play corner I'm always come from the outside in. The running backs was the outbreaks due to -- -- -- I'll be chasing from outside and trying to get them let's be real and certainly -- of every street corners they like to stay on their blocks and house not you must not watch my film with a set us up athletically you moved to saves he does the biggest thing now everything's right in front you all your brakes after the downhill -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dig route to -- us double the middle soft I think that's one of the biggest things alone communication. So all responsibilities to better athlete because -- recently I got when I look better athletic quarterbacks were you saying -- know you definitely need more technique I think corner it is. -- -- -- Just line up and go out there play corner is a lot of technical things and I think is harder when you see guys coming back off injuries are missing time and score me just come and is not a disease just to pick up and I think. You know I safety have a little more leeway just closed. You have to know which are doing and give people lines of -- You'll have to be as good on technique wise as far as jam receivers and you know attorney ahead at the right time not passenger fares and -- myself. Is definitely are some pretty big differences of those two positions additionally -- she didn't dog in the fight I was younger than just your brother played in the game -- The play across the middle the west book we spent a lot of time talking about this -- play as a quarter. What are you trying to do observers say well I mean it keeps trying to go in the -- wanted to be outside that the west try to get to do when you saw them play what did you think in Saudi defense. Really you recall that I believe they probably called some definitely use the same -- believe college history. Literacy was going across a little wanna try to get directly behind them because you know and often it's a player's gonna try to pick so you get directly behind the guy you defended. He can't pitching without taking his own guy and this thoughts for a defender on the there's a rule there's a thousand rules in the game for ways where we have to hit a receiver you can hear you can have him there. If you do a fifteen yard penalty. But the dolphins can line up -- -- its McEntee that it not be a penalty itself unless it's this is tough thing in you know terrorism masters that they play. This -- personal I think of course the pages and -- -- -- gain on the escorted us to help ourselves on it that way and the rest told us is legal within a yard line -- -- This is tough game for defense and you've got to just find ways to combat it. Did you think it definitely was was dirty and anyway there's two guys try to get their position. I just think it was a -- that was a normal they plan mean I've gotten the wind knocked out of me on the same exact play it by -- and I don't think they were it. Trying to hurt him but he was trying to hit open that was the point and played a -- -- plus in this league as a defender you have to make sure. You navigate -- inevitably get out of relentless off. Finally it is tough for you revenue cargo -- could -- you don't reward him to visit the and then the talk was well maybe now we get outlaw hit low blow right through -- and -- you give -- you can't hit -- -- he can't be defenseless it's. It's just -- job almost support level where the hell can I hit -- -- It is true and it's not like guys are getting smaller and as -- I remember a coma Tony doesn't like when gross coming down the middle I mean. -- not so many guys that didn't literally sit back this element is gonna move this success but still he -- his shoulder president you go to movies and then you over. So it is definitely tough you know. You have to you have to try to play Smart out there and play fast at the same time and no which you can and can't do on -- coach Belichick stays on us and a you've got to be always so that you gotta go midsection alone. Is just asked a rules and and he tells us closer as a team we can't afford. To just six shots on Gaza -- and get mad at the rules and just take fifteen yard penalties. You save that section are lower there's a thought guys that they wanna take that low hit away altogether they wanna say the -- shot we similar to funny shall we cannot -- guided me. Nobody better to answer this question is that realistic that these -- says. This is the strike zone this is the jet that's the only area could hit it to go for the we'll fifty girls who spend their real quick visit when that happened with the warm up -- that I target -- knee Julio Lugo. I actually get his head I don't know if you really try to target the -- enough -- weeks prior you've seen it you know it in in if you go against the patriots. This gonna show you plays a Rob Gronkowski is dragon for five guys there was -- mind just bounces off like a little boy. In those meetings he saved -- -- -- you have. The goal lol right without adult and not just brought on me. What their blood Stephen -- vehicles has their run the ball extremely hard you've got to go low income around the legs it. This almost not realistic to not have to go a top on the it's amazing that when you wash NFL week go by. Off by Tuesday accused fifteen phones going -- across the -- for everybody. Got hit high or did some part of that's a part of the game so to say that you can have a guy high you can edit dialogue. Moving that fast as possible. To hit a guy every time in his midsection could you can aim for that midsection almost a guy catches won't. Natural instinct is to protect yourself so guys dropped it has to drop their shoulders and they go low and that's how guys that got hit helmet down. Derek give -- hit ought to keep the Levys and created this year fielded a million phone calls on last week oughta bring him back -- a break back your stamp what its safety. What does she met this team how important to keep to leave your defense. He's very important I mean. You've seen the last two years and big gains where. We've got -- needed all hands on day can when he's out -- it changes our defense you know. Guys have to move around. This year we did a pretty good job early in the season when he when he. He got off to a great start thing that's on there was no corner playing better and imminent in the NFL. When he went down I thought we did a pretty good job. Just. Playing good football guy stepping up in. His worth and what he brings it to defense thing is -- as it is hard to say can be replaced. I mean I hope everything works out then and he comes back. I think both sides want to hear you know the players do I think he wants -- -- coaching staff so. Everyone knows NFL's of business and it's hard to predict what will happen once free agency you know last a star's book. Hopefully series he's become a good friend of mine and for that we all work well in a secondary -- -- with the guys we have there. Did you think he wants to be here longer yeah I think he wants to be there. You know I want to know -- -- you -- your brother here's a trash talker that cornered him in if so is that the key to lead level he's -- he's special he's not a he's not gonna -- a bad guy Keisel different. Out there. That's also great realizing early in the season and who England against Julio jewels AJ green into any any it was a legitimate drill our -- game -- The funniest to me was probably do. The saints game when he went in coverage Amy Grant because no one expected it and he jumped on Jimmy Graham so fast and I think as a tight -- knows a little different for him. Seen in a corner like he does I mean -- 61 and a half to -- over 200 pounds. So he was able to get up there could jam home jump in his face and then wanted to -- as you -- so yes well now Danica he's got over rubble rail. Until people Tom I don't think TV speaking English when he jumped to a million. I think he's UCL a mystery missile Conrad dollars and cents I thought I thought through that game NASA to told defensively. And coming up playing Iowa. Are you guys are not just -- talk football you hear about the partnership you've come up with. With a -- Kids Foundation if you watched the tackles sickle cell campaign. Last people to explain what it is a wise become so that he does like -- called. Well we started to slash doing blood drives a five K walk just to raise money. Four and embrace kids and to tackle sickle cell last year were able to raise 40000 dollars and a 30000 and I went directly to school scholarship itself has been awesome experience and now we started as a single cell disease than our family. Our father had to trade have on the local both suffer from the disease and I'll watch -- -- on throughout our life to struggle like that in every day. Now what -- every day battles this Eagles who. Live and probably double pass -- -- expect to live by has motivated us to really use our platform will be able to get back in this area. And it's a great way guys -- evolve all the details of Jason is talking about -- tackle sickle cell dot org that's tackle. Sickle -- -- or their parents their blood drives. All right their retreat check it out tackle sickle cell bot or a doable -- question did you and he came up in discussion talking about next year. You -- you're finally here we deal. Did you will you review started anything with the patriots talk about an extension it'll bump the salary next year congratulations -- crucial will they be. Something in the works and every so talk to the patriot. I don't know. For me I don't even worry about it my agent doesn't self. If anything happens I'll know what is -- book. Enough for me I just focus off of all and let the risk -- is you don't look at the -- off his parents visited with snow mobile poured their money well -- -- said that every year so there. Mario Cuomo look like does the classes when you -- Tennessee got a I just didn't play together -- Orlando being. Database and -- unemployed. I BA safety limited a quarterback's basement he is never recorded these sort of guys thank you so much Michelle got it on the football. Tell us about tackle sickle cell I don't think you can. -- get a break come back and talk to you -- 6177797937. Here radio robot Louis Sports Radio.

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