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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jeff Bauman to attend the State of the Union

Jan 28, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys discussed Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arrendondo being invited to the State of the Union address.

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I would get all the calls her second line that stick around headlines brought to you by AT&T that cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible 733. And twelve balmy degrees outside and also by precision equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment in. About. The negatives does reverend herbs for the top story difficult source corporate some good news -- news more good at -- like that Google has often duplicate. You do teacher's -- was placed on leave over racy photos hazard job at all all ray. Pearson. Back at work back to -- -- to school in back to new or modeling you know we're not known you mileage is doable. After she was. Suspended or Poland mystery of -- -- -- -- center model and publish the school her father tells WBZ TV. The score reads it became a Monday his -- made. -- actress students and her students I suspect are related to get back. You can -- In line to take that class yeah yeah I'm going up a break I'm going to -- -- -- asks you do have some social these guys you're going to cover. Yeah apps mostly continuing to weed out the picture of her on the motorcycle -- discuss this some new photos of -- Lovely Caitlin. I have some woman who would you agree -- -- I cancel and she just I mean and all my teachers look like that when I was in school there was usually -- a special needs teacher in my eight junior high school I remember she had that. That Parcells front fat. -- -- ass on back -- always Wear sweatpants and it was -- -- bloodstains on the hot head that a couple of I had a grade schoolteacher her nickname was there as missiles -- green teeth Kiefer at showing needed Al Green teeth she'd -- great looking teacher yes this Buchholz -- and it isn't that great it's great yeah -- actually great look gadget was. More cute than what does -- look at now. All nice -- where you're from the point Jessica Tandy and thankfully it it or quick -- quick story before -- -- the inside track today. Says that Jeff Bowman will be with Carlos deaths in the first lady's box for Brock Obama's state of the union the -- that's quite an honor. Pretty amazing item in -- -- she's not a favorite of the showed -- they'll turn down he ought to sit them walked the first lady's box like. The state of the -- right right that the monitor and yet. Mean -- I'm sure they didn't like that Jeff to -- whose politics are Carl Carlos and Occupy Boston is a radical yes so go to today's inside track. And read about that that's in today's Yeltsin today. And I don't see anything ulcer in the stands up -- go -- your heralded by the inside get paid page. And I and I find that Richard jewel of on the he'd Greg when they get picture in the three Richard jewels and -- -- it. Baseball -- But not yet here now I'm obstruct our weakness I really decide I want him to win and one -- -- win you root part of -- -- -- chairman blows it really think. There gonna lose so -- do. Against my rooting interest that with your brain and -- with your heart and and and either -- you win. The money to the team you want to win win here's what you do you do Floyd Mayweather. And he made a bet on the Broncos minus two. Ten point four million dollars on the -- about the war. It was it was a ten million enough I don't know it's a good question but here's here's a picture money Mayweather went as he actually makes the -- with hash takes -- -- exit the you can -- where he did. In Vegas as a subway in Vegas he changed the line change the line. It's. He has he has liquidators volleys inequities that the truth -- married and get some rest. Before that ten point point four million on the Broncos an extra on route to see how much money -- million dollars it is insane as. It's just getting one million. Eight of his of that would be like you'd like thousandth all this I'm better lies -- the UK's would you like to see him win or lose -- and I'll refer casinos. Agency yet with the right leaves a picture of this mop up this Seattle wins it's -- mean Deborah wins by one. He's given two point yet. And for wins by one he loses Seattle. Could do that it good for -- to win by one he loses money. Com. Richard -- goes home and like that -- even though he's a wonderful guy is about shields mark. Really really Smart whenever you refer to me whenever you speak to me whatever you address me address dressed as all pull Stafford graduate. -- -- -- You want double Wall Street to be shorter you know UNC Tamar yeah. That the expletive that's no you know and things that have the right there might have defeated the year and -- you my dear. Our house. That was -- -- -- growth on the while it is just. We'll fight against it here right outside my window the tweets I was in -- -- carrots -- -- carrots out did you ever consider some not as a vote last night with a bit scary part your life. Is America back from probably. I hope to see that this afternoon. So we'll run -- year -- and wolf of Wall Street. No I wouldn't stay at home to watch the deer and pass on the movie be the reason do that now this is reading I know -- story at hand it is so rate is easy to -- you wolf of Wall Street. Will be four hours. An extra hour four hours four hours and it I love the moment I was lot of fun. It was redundant wouldn't you agree collapsing -- needs another hour and even you can get but every shot was put -- the movie I've got extra hour. And they're gonna add an hour of what Quayle -- trips and speeches from Jordan gulf war for -- there were 506 of them in the movie. -- third to more than bill for actual book. So an extra power for hours and twelve minutes there's things I want or Matthew Madonna that that be okay it would -- evicted and little more it's going to be more character was great great going to be more of that. You know. Fighting drugs -- that's not in revenue or grab for an event. The other girl and that might be a better look normally the one. The stewardess that the guy who there was Omaha district -- -- -- you know you'll love money you'll love this yeah. So many hot chicks in the selector -- senior -- this almost to block jury. And a bully me I laughed. Twice every time is a funny line once at the line and -- the bottom of that watching it after that -- the beauty he was able to -- for our people probably and probably not mean when when Jordan Belfour gets caught his first -- and cheating. He's in the back of -- limo as the hot chick -- about these two lines for breasts. And his wife will be a limo -- can't schism Olympic and that -- I don't digger don't you know dry -- got out of that 10. Shot he forced me item that's -- -- -- -- to take a look at me can you blame me honey she was and it was cute but not not impressed won't okay that's an election looks good. -- but she was playing in the front and first -- Long Island but the second life. Probably five or six and a right that's true this loser all right that's headlines brought to you by AT&T.

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