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Jerry Remy on his decision to return to the booth

Jan 28, 2014|

Red Sox color analyst Jerry Remy joined the show to discuss his decision to return to the booth after his son Jared was accused of murder. Jerry said that he feels awful for the Martel family but it is time for him to return to work.

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They joining us on the AT and he -- on AT&T -- -- -- more than 99% of all Americans are covered by AT&T. We've been talking about promote this morning Jerry Remy from Nelson joins us good morning Gerri. I well how did you think it where yesterday by the beep -- texts and the script and not the script that you had been -- at the stuff but I read in the paper is seems to me. That you struck all the right tone. You were deferential apologetic sympathetic to the family while explaining your story and your decision to come back how did you think it went yesterday for you. Well it was obviously a very difficult day tour. You know -- yeah I -- -- these -- -- and as they possibly could I try to be myself. And I competent and you know that I had not been looking bullet but I'm glad it all it. And I can now focus our net goal in the spring training you're doing great audience but. I can say in the decision did not mean -- made it very difficult one to. To come to -- You know I. I I just had to make maybe that would make a final decision. The -- he -- the -- and the Red -- Now and myself and you know that on -- political leaders right on. Is it accurate to describe as I have this morning -- we thought was wrong that essentially you were. Five and a half months with a self imposed house arrest by a large and you -- you went out had dinner recently took your grandson what basketball -- but by and large you were at home for five and half months behind closed doors. Now pretty much so I mean you know you gotta go he once awhile but there. You know Heidi. When you have something like this suspect. Natalie. You know it's not something that can easily. And you know -- -- -- over and over that ought to print it with a mark felt gambling in there and you know we. We feel awful I mean crisis yesterday you know they get up every morning. They can't speak with clarity and talk and there are. You know on the other side you know it also -- affected opt in only. It in a different. So you know so it's a lose lose where everybody. And you know part of my decision making that into account. You know there were accidentally or Houston and then what they think about this side you know -- -- at -- I don't know you know black. I had to kind of looked that a little bit without losing sight of well below what -- France iron and I had to make a decision on my Campbell -- myself. And as I said yesterday you know I've been -- days or forty years professional baseball and it's my release it is what I wanted to do it is what I. It's what I enjoyed doing with who graduated continue to do -- -- do for a long time so. I mean I just can't sit here and they have booked the last three months and in goal there's so much mine almost every minute of the day. To be active in some way like. Promise me I promise you that there this will never be put it's something that's stick with me obviously the rest of my life. And there's not a -- that go by that we don't think about it. I I have no doctor that this it changed you as a person and certainly change you as a father. Will it change you as a broadcaster will that will that be the same guy we hear in the Booth when you come back that that we heard. -- -- -- You know just as part of the one of the things that that was really battling you know in. I espouse a little bit different then than a lot of Alison you know. I I really did battle with pat and I it -- you know I separate from got to do this. I'm gonna have to do the Olympic out of the last 16 years and you know my hope is that it doesn't -- insensitive to people. Because that's certainly not -- -- -- You know we don't know what's happening games we don't script what's gonna happen and you just happened. You know hopefully it -- -- -- -- with a one game there will be -- I prevent I don't know well. But you know those those are issues that I had to deal with it would be best -- -- we haven't. In my own mine in. You know. -- morning comfortable with my decision and I know they'll be some backlash. I certainly expect that. But. To make one -- when that I could blow was it was best everybody about. End. And move on from here. You're considered just sitting out -- until the trial is over I understand that might not be till next October later did you think maybe I should just sit this out until all that stuff is done. Look Eric. I was gonna either you know come back and conduct. The longest period look there was no way there's going to be possible in the -- my analysis and taking treaty consideration. You know -- -- Would I put my bosses say you know I have and these are up. Because there's going to be a trial and there's going to be there's -- there's going to be I mean -- I had to make a decision now in the and you know my decision obviously was -- To continue on Vietnam. Hey I didn't. You know I had a gaunt who this Lou what friends intently. Back and -- since. Probably since the World Series was over. They had a lot of -- convincing to do. To me on wired should go back. And and they want out. Jury based on -- issues and arrests over many years did you think what allegedly happened was a possibility. Well. There's no question that Jarrett said a number of machines and you know we tried it apparently did the best you possibly could to to address those that. And you know it takes. It takes to either have to make things happen and and he did I think it would come to this no I didn't think it would come to this but I think there'd be trouble -- his -- you have a -- or you know right. I dreaded that. The cataract problem actually spent time in jail previous to this. You know world we -- their issues. And we try to do is gambling that we are we there. With -- you know be successful we would not successful. As I said yes there's if you wanna call primitive -- -- these aggressive than me. My wife has been a terrific -- but to our children. I think it's either going to the -- that she's going through so. You know it is somebody to blame -- just -- -- We he is who we hear from a lot of people a lot of skeptics -- that there's that does a fine line between supporting your child in enabling him do you do you look back and wonder. If you cross that line I mean obviously didn't know right out. Church -- sure regular epic about it all -- -- I think. You know this is brought a lot of reflection you know pass deflection. And then you know what we write what we do wrong. Was right able -- probably lies you know. With all my -- and what I do things differently now. Well obviously with the end result that I would hope he would. You know maybe do something different I don't know what I could have done different. It and you know I just feel. Just feel awful about. The fact that that would agree and go to brought about a mother was a very caring. The great loving. Woman who lives you know China -- -- -- a lifeless. Taking college courses to become a teacher. Very very close to -- and we also. Along with her family and you know it was. An incredible -- -- you reflect on all those things and in certain you know what -- done differently in the reps for tragic crazier every single day that she. That you think about an -- and you know why I. I don't know. I mean you know enable our you know in Taipei for an apartment -- you know I sort of things yes you know. That I encourage violence novel that I. Try to get help forum absolutely. So it's it's a complex issue and it's a complex issue that had a terrible result. -- -- Currently either your granddaughter is currently in Foster care is that right. Yeah I'd really rather not comment on on on our bat right now they're -- and are trying to get over. In custody and and it almost you have read it and so right now but it's it's a little girl looked. Is not gonna have a mother is not -- have a silent. Is gonna have issues to deal with obviously as she she goes out. We're fortunate that we do get -- Put I was inadequate and it stayed away from. Talk about. Jerry -- question is inappropriate I apologize ahead of time was the basis in your estimation and from what you've been able to glean from the people you tried to get help from. A Gerri it's issues psychologically based pharmaceutical based alcohol based or a culmination of all of it. Probably a combination of all of that there were steroids in the and learning issues that are. As a kid which developed into self confident -- she didn't. I really don't want what. It's it's you know there are -- recently as -- and you and we. Deals with -- differently some successful some not. In my case now. So. You know right now he's paying the price for a for his actions in the and he will be prolonged time. And not well. It's been a strain obviously firm. Life was changed places not what do woods prior to orchestra -- It and anybody who would tell you that you post I'm not they -- veterans full of Bologna at the country get back. It first pictures -- everyday at. Inserts on your mind when you go to bed at night in mind when you wake up in the morning. These days it is out today. It's still trickle down effect from the initial. Incident. It's incredible. In its wake up one day he's saying what what today news and she's not doing well. Are you convinced that you can do the job where you. Gonna just find out page is gonna come back and see how it goes. I'm just gonna come back and see how it goes and then you know as -- say -- and they you know I worked very very Smart people. Both in person and with the Red Sox -- -- been very very supportive. They'll know. Did you know this Smart people. I don't know whether a worker and artwork -- -- -- work on the proper adjustments but such. I'm confident that it will work in the if I don't I wouldn't be coming back. If I didn't think. Did you ask Don what he thought about coming back or did you just call him yesterday or some point recently and say I've made a decision I am coming back. Did you find out whether he wanted you back I guess is what Damascus. No I didn't I I tried to keep this. Ian you know co workers are bitten it but I've tried to. You know come out of my own decision. Really they have their own lives to live days days -- general assembly speaker bureau. There are issues that bill work they -- and don't mind. -- and we did speak here today prior to the press conference has sold on camera back and they're one of the questions he had to me is going to get its name and city and same. And and that's pretty much partly much at night I I didn't -- 91. Way or the other two -- any -- them. What my final decision was going to be because Serbs have been known to be certain that this does not direction. Did you get any any. Feedback or -- back from anybody NASA north in the Red Sox organization that they didn't watch your back. No they Yorkers support a had a meeting at the in the last season. There was some talk about possibly coming back at the end of last year I was not obviously in any condition to do that. We met with Nelson brass in Red Sox brass sole ownership. I have Fenway Park in. I expressed my concerns they've backed the purpose and in -- -- at that time at I was welcome back and that's the matter -- -- well. I have wanted to come back. In and so that was encouraging that you know. They had that the -- at -- very difficult time. That also weighed in to my decision that it didn't have. The backing of my bosses in the -- in the end. In don't you know it was really my decision to -- so. I've received many phone calls. You know through this period. And -- rarely -- as -- levers to pull out of you see is what you call John Henry. Who is so very supportive. It and you know I thank him for that. You know and it was never an issue. You know you know in coming -- got to find a different slot you. That it just wasn't the issue -- I'm gonna come back as a game analyst. In gonna had to make up my mind. And as I said earlier for the longest period of time there was no that was. -- old cliche in tough times is you're in our thoughts and prayers and I think it's certainly applies here you are in our thoughts and prayers. And my only regret is you're not sitting here in the studio with us. Looking it is AT&T text line one after the other after the other. Wishing you when your wife and your family the very very best and hoping things work out as well as they -- in a situation like this -- -- you -- -- the support you have on the sex machine. Well actually I appreciate. I know they'll be. Bill I know they'll be coming from the other side and his accountant and I I totally expect that. Maybe this was not something to do it today. This is something had to give up my chest is a decision that I had to make. In and bomb users aren't so it was a very very difficult decision to me. It remains difficult on. It and you know I know as time goes on since precious of this -- -- they'll be the naysayers and and I totally expect -- that something you know we knew from. Last August 15. When this tragedy this tragedy happened in the Arab. You know I just hope that. I hope that you know somehow. We get quiet. I can do the job that I love to do it in and hopefully bring. Red Sox baseball to the hands. The way it should be brought them. -- and we have another media. Well they're outnumbered I'll tell you that the naysayers are very much -- number and an elite and watching baseball. -- but did you hear what happened in October did you get anyone a pitch. Impacted I didn't I didn't like anything after the Americans who are the oil. And I did what -- World Series and in the region and that. Is that. I got tremendous support from from the the ball club itself -- The play is. It was an absolute -- -- actually has to be around a group regards. One of those one of the most enjoyable seasons that I crucially it at a broadcast that. To be around that Red Sox well ballclub last year the individual work you need. They were down to earth that they were competitive. They would just fun to be around and in during the World Series and playoffs I was getting text messages from John Farrell is a guy in the world -- is our house. It was taking time out. You know to see how I was doing I was getting messages from players. That that meant a lot to me obviously and -- You know but I couldn't watch I. When it went right what I mean I'm not able to work I can't watch him but I did watch. It grocers and I was so I was so happy to have them. That they were able to completely -- it started on the first is spring training. And you know as I said it was one of the one of the best groups. And they proved that to me through tough times. That I have ever been associated with. Gerri thank you for making time for the us this morning and also thank you for your candor will see when Fort -- best wish is my friend we'll talk Houston. Jury ridiculously Callahan on the AT&T -- one. Well you can hear paying attention you can hear pain. Do we have somebody who said he was vacant or somebody said he was you know. Heartless summer earlier today I hope they were lists and when that selfish selfish. Honest to god meant that. Here and I've never heard such pain ouch. Regrets the world but. Every moment of every day and looking back and wonder reexamine what every I have -- correct what could we have done up. And obviously his heart breaks for Jennifer -- -- family but for his wife to them insane. It's just not fair that she put in the effort to everything she could and this is Howard and so I mean. Essentially this is how would then you spent 34 years and struggling with this. Whether it's therapy or drugs or schools or counselors are institutionalized. Open one of them takes yet one I'm works and then finally. On August 15 2003 -- and say. Did more -- all the effort we spend the rest your life second guess. Everything you've done with them along the way you could say we did this we did that now but I'm sure he's thinking we did this that time this lead to that which -- we paid for the apartment. Is asleep to that you know it's just it's gonna second guess the rest of his life. Can't imagine that and again it's nothing compared to the pain now marked a fair jury as he pointed out time and again. But Regis and I hope he can. Do his job and do it well but even that doesn't sound like he's not sure I mean he's opened -- is not sure -- -- lot of answers likes to -- this point we'll take a break will talk with Jack and Ben and John and coupled -- will we get back.

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