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Jerry Remy returns to the booth

Jan 28, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Jerry Remy's decision to return to the booth.

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You've heard the F famous real estate. Parades that. What means everything real estate location location location today it's layers layers layers myself. Fourteen at my house -- Twelve points out so he always feel sorry to point my dad and he's got some high tech fading twelve point three and and my upstairs one is like two degrees warmer heat rises social are so it's always warm blood so to average between the two. Ten of the fourteen. Coldest days in this century wouldn't have been in this month. Is right -- try to put your mind around the world. Century obviously is only fourteen years old the support of the last fourteen years ten of the fourteen coldest days have been. Junior in January of 2014 is only the when he was called out this morning. -- well twelfth yeah yeah. Even doesn't seem bad west outreach to the outside in this month's policy twelve. About -- does not know the negative numbers about you know -- yeah it was thirteen. I had my ups or the securities Aussie I live in the bombing -- metro west at fourteen at my place anyway it's thirteen in Boston wind chill factor of four and it's gonna stay cool while. There are a bunch of people. Whose lives and occupations I do not -- I don't envy as an example. The pressure that. Doctor -- to scientists the noted heart surgeon must've felt throughout his career having to get up in the morning and knowing you literally are holding somebody's heart in your hand and their living where there are dying. Depends solely on your ability to do what's right at the operating table. I don't. Want any part of the Porta potty driver and collector guy but I Siegel on down -- When you tonight is when I take my trash note and I take my -- show those on days -- and yet. And I says some guy now were -- lives is going to bed. No on the when he wakes up in whatever it is 89 hours. He's gonna get a bundle up still dark coat. In the truck and go pick up and hang off the back to the truck -- off the back and even delivery guys get to get him out of left the FedEx truck at all and it just can't them even more miserable. Feeling the -- bad no and you gotta get up and in your nostrils -- fingers of frozen toes were frozen -- -- they pick a -- you don't care little book I feel sad for those guys that you do not your heart -- deserved week for them. Yes yes I do what I look it up between two people say oh goodness I did yes like I don't think it was sale says and I do you tip your trash guy I did last last policies you did a dead animal. Matter fact that did you. Absolutely absolutely you know what my wife did and they are so grateful. A lot a lot of people do it my wife gave my thirty pack last year in the guy the next day he brought it back it's that we can't take this. We felt that it was empty and nice that it's against the rules so we gave money and he and there are so good day yeah. We -- ago we can Punto like -- -- would have used the refrigerator. And we got an extent because we gave the guy sure you know fifteen bucks. It's a great investment. I don't can be -- in the summer I don't envy outdoor construction guy is or trash rappers in the winter. But most of all this morning as I read the papers and kind of grasp everything that happened at the -- and studios yesterday most of all I don't envy nests and and Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy today. Wasn't it -- But by all accounts it was it was measured it was thoughtful. It was contrite. It was appropriate. But he has decided to come back and I don't envy him having to do that job and figure out exactly how he handles being Jerry Remy. Given all that's going on his personal life. I don't either. Mean it's tough but I'll say this didn't. I disagree with Steve Buckley who wrote that -- it is not right for him to come back at this time. His well look at it he's got a trot Maine for in his situation right now. He's home he's alone as he points and -- can't just sit here in my room anymore right as a free man. But he's essentially in his observing his own sentence at home. Without being -- that do his job so he's got to try becomes back. And it does in a -- next month it becomes back or couple months when he's on the air. And it doesn't feel right -- and it doesn't sound right and it doesn't look right I think he will know we will know and it won't and it won't work. But I do think that. He will be OK I do think he's Smart I do think geez this is sensitive to the issues here of the the perception the perception is and I do think he will pick his spots and can ease back into being the guy that we know and we like. I kept under -- -- and not underestimate I can't estimate. Or or approximate how it's not going to be and feel and seem a little uncomfortable early on. In all of the credit ratings will be huge on the first broadcast they do I assume that's going to be from spring training and people wanna tune in to hear his tone. And to hear his tenor and hear how he doesn't and I don't expect him to do -- -- laugh -- -- joke and in the air guitar and all that early on. But no matter what he does there will be uncomfortable -- to it as people watch it and he knows people are watching don't see how he's going to be I think we. Overestimate how often he's Keeneland and I drew I mean there in the blowouts of may and spring training my guess was before yesterday. That he was gonna skips great spring training and come back in April may -- June sometime. That he felt it was appropriate to to spring training is not real serious baseball analysis I mean there's some obviously. But there's a lot of -- -- whatever legal laugh and giggle time yeah in spring training but I do you know he's not gonna -- is a product comeback first they with the air guitar correct. You know do when. What was that homer ending which is my fund the my favorite part funniest part. When he does the home reining in the blow to its that's wrote my first these guys get a way to go to a way to open it. And I don't think you'll do that for awhile but his. What I don't get you say -- he can't beat himself. Dan Shaughnessy has a quote in -- from -- Rory. Hold columnist. I'm from Washington Post when Kennedy does she says will never laughed again. This was the death of JFK you know obviously in the nation in mourning will never laughed again. Really special -- that's I mean it but an -- Shaughnessy treats it like that's a a Panama. A brilliant observation I mean I -- That's what you do when Mary -- right some you pretend it's profound but honestly. I know there was a time period there was a mourning period but did we ever left again did you get Johnny Carson. Ever laughed again I mean did did did did the nation did the comedians did. Did people that average citizens ever left again held the big JFK junior did Jackie Onassis what we've ever laugh again. It caught in that moment you do sometimes think that he thought that 9/11 but it's wrong isn't right -- you thought that with. With say the upcoming you'd think that it was but this is not that I mean this this is not that the Jerry Remy might be but. What's your -- because left yet of the Jerry Remy at some point will laugh again this has so much I don't tell family -- laughter I don't I mean but if he will he get a but he has that he has done it it's. It's not like if you laughed right now he -- here. And he had those sad eyes and I was sitting on her grave threat in and you and you told them to favor -- -- -- just chuckled. Does that mean he's doesn't care insensitive now of course not I think where overeating to an extent I think we're gonna feel comfortable with that but I'm looking at the polls and the reaction I think the fans feel. That they want this guy back meet personally I thought Remy was gonna take. A year that the -- announced yesterday if he takes a full year off by the time next spring training starts. The trials on will know everything at that point their thinks he said yesterday we don't know yeah yeah her story going to come -- are going to be revealed we've heard about these stories and he's going to be in the Booth. In Minnesota on July date may -- when this happens I think that's gonna be really uncomfortable for me is a viewer but. I don't think most people feel it's. I think he can't -- that big bombshell you'd think and that the story comes out that says. Vote Jerry put the fix and -- the wife her -- If he thought that were coming out he couldn't he wouldn't come back the fact of the matter to trial is scheduled to begin October 7 that he thinks is going to be setbacks and chances are he will get to this broadcast season. Without those details coming out while he is is that right I guess or settled. He didn't mention that but if you think about it. He didn't he practically said the kids going away right and the kid he's -- his son is cut is guilty I mean without saying that. He he essentially. Allegedly that he thinks that sun is guilty in the sun is not gonna fight very hard and certainly not -- Fight for his son to it you know to beat the rap. In any way so that I thought that was refreshing because there's nothing more insensitive. And -- in Gaza trial CO goes in you know you know bookstore real story will come out. He didn't leave any didn't open any of those kind of cans of worms. He basically said you of the quote funny you know what this is. This is going to be. It's going to be pretty neat and clean a trial and he's going away. He said he was asked to spell it just comment about it's pretty clear what's going to happen Jerry said to the gathered media membership -- it's pretty clear what's going to happen. He was asked to expand upon that well I think things are pretty clear he's in jail with Nobel bail this is not a case were trying to get away with murder. -- which. I I read that and I swear I wanted to stand up and applaud because nothing. Is more sensitive than these family members -- the only my family member like you know whenever OJ's name you name it right. Most of the time you hear I mean. -- -- -- Jarrett is iron off mother in a the once and that we Americans we -- we -- without her children we took her kids away I mean at times these these grieving parents can be. Not grieving these these. Insane parents feel that muscles parents and Neil Entwistle parents guy emerges EB. In this case Jerry basically said he's go to way he did it. And I applaud him for that I applaud -- for that that can door. Good forum. It would seem. Based on all the counselor -- of the seven media members that were there -- he did and said all the right things. He was very deferential almost apologetic to the -- family began and ended with not wanting to be insensitive to them. Are made it very clear that bit you know first and foremost. Their sympathies were with them and how horrible it's been a good point he's been in his house essentially since August 15. It's almost and he said he's got a -- recently a couple of times I guess took his grandson to a basketball game right but other than that he has been self. You know house arrest self imposed. Already talked. Do you think he could do that for another year younger I don't mean I think that Panasonic that we did definitely going to be over he'd go not yet and you know he's obviously battled depression -- -- -- -- through this year anyway I'm not saying please can -- life that I don't think he's done. Physically mentally make it through it I just don't feel the keys to the strain that -- is going to be too much for the adult life that the strain of not coming back right -- -- well be more would be more difficult maybe and I -- -- that -- It's it's a well he's welcome to -- and obviously he's a grown man he didn't kill him but he for me individually. It's gonna be strange but I think by and large if you ask our Red Sox fans nine you will signal how I want this guy back seat. I don't get I mean I know people think it be that comfortable -- about oh what the reason BP announced I'm not coming back. Would -- make any sense to say I'm not come back because how does that change it if I mean right doesn't change and change everything doesn't even mean again the trials October they'll probably be pushed back. I the only I would suspect like you said that if he -- I'm not coming back that there is in other -- -- drug users that bombshell story about. -- Jerry gut the room metal in some case. And used his influence is power and keep the -- keep his son on -- street on the street and and free to kill. But I don't think that's coming -- if it is he doesn't know if that stories break and sometime mid season and he thought it was coming out and whatever voicemail -- email. I don't think he would come back do you think he is anticipating a civil suit from the -- family. If indeed there were males or voicemails or any kind of evidence that says -- bigger they were looking for some sort of preferential treatment for Gerri great to get the gray areas did his wife to that break. And his wife did it and you have a and it's dice and you say. Wait that's on him but -- he culpable at that time. And I mean he knows they know she knows and they would guess that likes it he said I'm not coming back at camp that's all. There's more also a -- come -- lose -- well that's strange is really -- three different part three parties don't assume it's the grammys and I assume it's the mark tells I would -- the third party ought to -- is going to be -- on and on Columbia they have some fans honor and uncles aunts and uncles all over the play. Will be difficult for me without knowing a lot of specifics and say I'm gonna give this kid over to the -- family whose son killed them yet Jerry who's older is that sick. And a lot both mentally and physically and -- I don't. Strange that they would fight for -- guess you know Lou I don't know they have the means maybe they think they give the kid. About a Lance you know they have the money and but. Would you think less of them if they want involved in trying to gain custody of little girl not -- more of them have they said nation with a marked bills. Event and on the with a -- situations I don't know them financially -- anyway or anything maybe there you know I don't know maybe be the rams could mark tells -- can't do that right right -- Jeremy sat down with Jonathan -- -- us from WBZ TV. Last night. And we can check out his tone and his tenor in terms of how he wants to be sensitive to the -- firmly with this particular cut. You don't wanna offend anybody you don't wanna have might help him we feel like okay you're here you kind of snubbing them by cutting back. But the fact that this is my job and this is what I do. And baseball knowledge infamy today. Being released you know it's Finland's in my comfort zone for forty years. And I'm gonna continue to do. We are almost. What five or six months since the murder took place since he found out it was in Toronto. -- got a phone calls said -- trying to get in touch with you. And he thought it was a reporter referring to the night before were guess there was an incident and and restraining order was taken out. And he didn't immediately wanna call reporter back in got a weird feeling and called his wife from the team bus in Toronto where she told him the news. So he has essentially been. Dealing with this quietly by himself he's at three fell -- three very good friends and his wife since August 15. You're right you would stir crazy. Staying you know I'll sure he had thinking about this and I'm thinking about this and saying you know Holler politically done differently had we not see this comment whatever the case may -- -- visits. I'm in that amendment must beat. The idea of visiting him and talk a book called football right. And and -- no and what kind of monster you have spawned. Has to be just. Very little very -- or not I cannot imagine lay your head on the pillow at night and not just being. Just torn apart with just full of anguish knowing that that's. Your child I do I do think and here's -- I believe them it is that they did everything his wife in the did everything they could have -- when he would you agree that what you said earlier on the new issues he went to all the right schools all the best schools therapist medicine. You know he's they did what they they knew what they had on their hands I don't think. There was a report if I had to guess themselves they don't know we don't know but I don't think they were in denial I think they knew. What kind of issues with petty problems he had and they did their best. We know he went to a special school as enough ice and and and we know that they you know he was medicated we know all that and I guarantee 100 different therapists. And EE I think I liked that he said you know -- call me about father because he was traveled so much but. I'll be damned if my wife didn't do everything she could question is did she do too much in its terms of helping him stay on the street and free. What -- the questions posed yesterday at Nelson any parenting regrets with so much of your life on the road Remy was asked. He said it's no excuse there are a lot of people at a job that cause travel the causes them to be away from their families a lot so it's no excuse. Jered has had issues from a very young age. And we as a family tried to do the best we possibly can to address those issues it takes two to tango. Everybody knows about his past like I said I'll be damned -- my wife didn't do the best job. Any mother could do I've tried to do the best possible job I could do sometimes things just don't work out. But we tried the best we possibly could get him to help we needed. I'm sure they did in and I'm sure it was there are many nights -- -- travel and and in his hotel lowered -- in the boot. And his -- call and says you know he's in trouble or tees are controlled smashes -- fashioned things are threatening me at threatening them -- threatening her and and the you know Remy did his best from a distance and probably his heart just broke for his poor wife. Who had to deal with this monster. But to even out there on the must be saying what could we have done X 3434. Even deal with this nightmare of a child for thirty years. Any other kid has trouble too that's true and it's not it's not it's not been an easy run for them and you know. It's it's hard for me to criticize these people as parents when Jeremy is 34 years old at some point you have to say. All right whatever they did something wrong that something out 34 years old I kept under army can't work because 34 year old kid killed somebody. He says that we ever anticipate this he's talking about the shall follow up on the he has issues we try to deal with that for a lot of years. Did we ever anticipate this -- but it just ended up in a very very disgusting and tragic way. As I said we still have the benefit of talking and communicating. With him the mark tells don't have that benefit of talk about it. It was a little strange talking remote visiting him in pocket book called football because as he says the mark pills. I mean he didn't fail to mention mark pills I mean he mentioned them over and over and and beginning middle and yes. But I seem strange to go there in the talk about visiting them and welcome a football with the monster that you know orchard. -- is is out of is endorsement he -- to preclude by saying that this is not a good person and he should go to jail killed addressed each go to jail for the rest like that part so I mean you know EC -- -- question. I mean I I understand but this that would not be strange -- sit -- -- -- a forty you do if your son does that you just never visit him again. I don't know I guess a good job so I guess -- it's it's sucks it's awful -- you have -- five million different motions but it is your kids are trying to get them off. Out of jail -- going to talk to. Our quote the only time -- ever talked about it was in his initial conversation with his mother he made a comment. Since that time our conversations have basically been about. His children and football. College football which I know nothing about and he knows everything about sports and stuff like that you have to be careful what you say on the phone from jail anyway. Because everything is recorded you can't have much conversation about stuff like that. It's been very very difficult as I've said I've run the full gamut of emotions. But he is still my -- 61777. -- 793 several collecting your somebody make a case for why Jerry -- should not come back I can't do it. As you set I can -- a -- he can't. Earn a living he did not commit a murder. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you tell you got an absolutely I've got right back to work also from Seattle wanna see him. In in May when he -- a -- you're right I think we -- how often does when he's -- a personal eleven to two game. I think it's gonna be strange though from maybe -- but at okay what month does that make Mays or about June maybe opens -- -- It may be or about September eventually Agile we don't -- that other changes everything but eventually meet him in February or wins a first in March. India bring trading at some marched some in March it'll be weird in March and he'll es in them don't think the first day UB -- and how much. But I do think in June or July EU will tune in Red Sox game and your first thoughts on today right -- -- -- tell somebody how can laugh at that. You know that squirrel that ran into the outfield I mean it he won't beat it will fade just like. I I mentioned in on John Kennedy means that the president was assassinated -- them guess and a month later you know people on whatever which was -- Steve Allen at that time. -- show that were probably laughing it didn't seem possible at the time but six months eight months ten months later. There was some normalcy it just it's the way it works 61777. On 79837. Deficit -- fault lines -- let's hear from you.

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