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DJ Bean joins John Ryder

Jan 27, 2014|

DJ Bean joins John Ryder and Lenny to talk Bruins

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-- -- -- Jack Jack Edwards with the column on nests and John Rocker Lenny Magglio -- via an unhappy is always to be joined by DJ being interpreted job. Right and cover in the bronze in the NHL on WEEI duck comic of foam on Twitter at DJ. Underscore -- And and DJ you were prophetic because today he wrote about the of the Bruins are gonna have to look at offense during the trade deadline well if these past two games or in any indication that's what twelve -- twelve goals. Including tonight the 63 win. Right go to scored six goals to let the rest of the way it should be relatively few people in the game. That's yet to the guy you score six each idea probably have a pretty good shot but double at duke in 070. Yeah you know I'll would. Now -- the whole focus and ever since it happened and I was Mata how could not be a huge concern I actually think it's been -- and an underrated stood to an extent conserve but I'm sure not around Deborah and circles is the loss of Dennis Seidenberg. And you know -- not to take -- exactly replace him away he brings especially in the post season but. I would think it would be any secret do you think date they make a move here to add another veteran defenseman. Yeah I do they have to in my mind inducted David Wood in the -- I think better -- child or the war over their last seven but. I think here's the difference between what they did last year and this is no knock -- not are a key difference between. Being forced to play not our coast cued up for parole. Indeed pleasantly surprised by what he brings but he beat what was prize but having him he had a good all the option -- -- -- the Rangers -- they had a five game. Hillary Clinton and actually going into the playoffs. With that in your plan with your plan being that -- Archos ski. Is going to be the guy on the left side that second Perry playing -- -- played all these post -- And I mean that would block. Seidenberg I would vote did -- the other day and I was say in this. -- Dennis Seidenberg goes down these things. All right the Bruins need to replace that are Seidenberg now but -- -- -- -- -- really replaces her with her. With side -- -- sharp guy who was the right up there with our. That would be certain that really strong cycle here with boy chuck that would really allow. -- -- -- -- -- Now with no -- -- Dennis Seidenberg battle you wondering who get up and a popular which aren't their options there was like normal or chuck. But you really you guys who played a lot like it -- so I think that it looks old like guys like did Girardi. I think that ultimately you really to the left side guy. It. DJ what about names you can just page did -- party but just a few names. The idea that you've been here and out terrorism potential trade bait. Let's hope -- -- they love to hear the names. Right -- -- Girardi said he. He's he's but it terrible loss but. But I think he's right he's right chuck guy so if you get -- -- probably to put that on the pop art which are replaced Seidenberg not sense. But there are blocked shot guys go it was double the guy that played the god they played tonight and he's the guy who'd been. I think he's seven the league in -- completely. Over there playing left side with the older. Use -- lose sight I kind of erupt gold little late now actually. This. Among the six voters are so you what -- what really. Is all the -- verses. Right now we've got -- not so good team and he's played a lot of minutes for them. You -- there he goes through -- Bruins are much better if you that the Mets are accurate now if you bought -- a third wearing guy. Kristol and other -- you'll hear but. I'm not for the better they're going to be the place where they're gonna wanna deal and that's that's a operate now is that what you look for me it seems like you're willing to deal. As we approach this little. Roster freeze that that get take place prior revealed the break a lot of teams still think there and it's so. As what it is I think that he might wanna get things done sooner rather than later I would not expect the big deal or. What -- and now Obama in terms of one thing I do think this team has assembled them were were mentioned on the need defense of but I fellow log amyloid the depth of this team and you look at. The unexpected Riley Smith and you can touch on the depth to what they might have to give up in terms of vote prospects or whatever might be in return for. Whichever defenseman they end up acquiring -- The other part of the question is have you ever seen a streaky player that Brad martians. Don't know right now but they're certainly not dating back to two -- last -- we did not play against the Blackhawks in disguise for much. Stop as he gave I would say get put it. Pride -- it was kind of right there with the match in Stratford riders are not producing anything. It will begin at about the most well and so. In -- yet that awful position the post season yet that awful start -- he's been our goal for 34 games but. I mean. He started skating better and start shooting the puck a lot more that's what things haven't got underrated in this certain broad margin that. He's shooting the puck leaves you get in trouble one more shot on goal per game. Since that. Bad first 34 games. So. I mean a lot of things you do differently and you wonder it's kind of a chicken and egg situation with guys like him and guys like -- Eric -- where. Is this season started you we Erickson not too impressive right now. The trees burst rounds that -- that you wonder if that was about it I was a factor of how a guy who is -- nothing that it will our circle number even a month back yet that stretch. Workers he played OK get the conduct but really good behavior that got more attention else. And the next game he took it. A lot of they would not able of the players it seemed like it was low low for him but that steady turnaround. As far as the best thing goes. Going into the -- job I I I thought that maybe the first slide might be better than it was important if we get looked good but something. A regular he's upgrade. Pulpit -- in the second run would make -- much better than what they get really out there at last looked like it was gonna be something of a black hole that Chris Kelly that. It didn't equate these. And liquor -- -- sort of bird. Certainly did -- -- the rule is really like Riley deflected for a long time I didn't know anything about the kids are getting what you think about this kid. So. We're good verbalize it but that's the bit and local writers here is really rather. In Ottawa is give them that doubt. Now it makes the Gallic -- in -- who if the brewers are so inclined to treat him. They actually might be the position do so and to get something they want. Did you you got the Bruins. Got Pittsburgh you're at Chicago and -- I'm leading their divisions. Did you see that as a final four and who else. And again this. Premature in my idea apart Breton who wells. Around -- -- who could be Willis who could be pretenders who could you know the in the hunt for a cup. Everyone just said let me except for -- -- out of the within I think that they're they're too small and it spears from the Blue Line and so. If they can get a delegate majority think that the bigger game changer for them that it would be -- routine that. Acute at the services I don't know the ducks are but that LB illogical to go for the receipt if they can get them. The -- I mean that they've been good for so long that they but for them to not just in the cup finals with this team all the years. Kind of blow me be viewed that as a pretender. The blues are legit the kings obviously. I mean. You can never overlooked are -- I think that -- that it -- though it's just. I think it's really it's -- I think that if the girl that -- Nobody else really scared I think it -- -- -- over the years for a -- will be a little bit worried about -- well. I told other teams just don't worry I think that that you. The vast majority of the guilty plea in that the real cup contenders are. Eight are over the last well I think that. The good. It's like the MBA that links yet they tell -- -- -- I mean that the Bruins should have a relatively not easy but. A very doable and playable this is assuming that they do upgrade on on the back and they will have a relatively. Label have. To the Eastern Conference finals I think that in the west and upper left final period but. I mean I'll look at those -- the what the look at Chicago I'll look at LA a look at Saint Louis. The real heavy hitters over there. And why can't we get place. Plays like younger I like that and him all the sudden. Right well let's say it has two goals tonight all the -- -- -- emigres is with the though I mean Nancy kissel in and I Kessel and -- in the top twelve snoring and meanwhile we've we gave a lot of way here. You know I. I mean. It took the -- Peter sure Elliott in the early work I really think. They buy the these other players. Illegal with with younger advocates of they were going to be rebuilt the right outside their offense and -- just -- -- right out totally and again when you look at Catholic -- In their capital I think that I know I know it's early added I think when he traded castle. That he -- you -- leave incident scored how to golden did you know I think that I think that for what the Bruins are trying to do. I don't think so -- mind seeing these players go to other places in and put up big numbers because at the end of the day. I think that he knows what his team needs to win and if you're you're out. He got his kind of scores where they get kind of scored that he got the into the -- system. Louis Erickson who at six goals this season and obviously. It's been kind of a -- you are given the questions in that lottery game and play. And at what he's been coming up a concert but. He's a really strong league guy -- how to lead if you were out that. Bergeron -- -- play well they were able to really -- and that's what happened the public and I think it is that. That that is so locked in there but I think that of those three -- to really -- could have made from may be the best to realize in the entire game. That and then that I got electoral would -- look who look Clayton is an important beautifully the power forward really good power play. I don't think that would surely look the Palestinian numbers and so couple numbers keep -- stop and I really need that guy who were greatly missed exact guy because they're doing at -- different ways it as we thoughtful those players just wasn't -- conducive to the group. Yes it's all you guys I mean doesn't it we've heard this over the -- system and end. That's pretty much the bottom line in two way guys lastly DJ you know I guess one issue early sitting indices are one question mark was. No backup goalie to Tuukka Rask and how I know would Tuukka -- give burned out. Planned how many games you know -- -- what do you think about Chad Johnson and in also conversely would Tuukka and it went through that rough patch I know. Got to straighten things out the steam lately but. I guess I had known as the generalizations but any concerns there and also what do you think about Chad Johnson season so far. Well and on to golf say that and I was there in the he had -- -- are talking with the other day as well. Did you make the same argument for both sides of the argument here with -- because. He played so he gave -- put more hockey last year between the lockout. The regular season. In the end that -- long -- on that he'd ever played well that you were able to handle so. The argument -- India being able to be a big push like he's -- it but he just did it last year. I make if they -- going to talk about the idea of now you you'll have to do this thing back to back he's in his body which is. You look at the very wiry guy. You're not -- those. Big. Big huge goal it -- to get in that state their. You wonder if that Brady kept it for two season. So far he's been healthy so I mean I guess yes to that point as far as Chad Johnson goes I think that. -- Just I think he's just barely by her backup goalie I think that for the book to be out -- so clearly that he can be beaten on wraparound. It's concerning. But this the Bruins team that. You never see them -- and for the the president stroke either never got to be the best regular season team. They've generally been last few years -- Julian. About getting into the playoffs and it really turned it on that are so ideally through the Bruins. Doctor BC -- Johnson. In those games anyway. But I think the jobs and overall -- DJ your own personal wishlists Bruins in the -- okay let's let's start with that. Who would you like to see them play rematch with the hawks by Cox or. What would you well would you like totally. Iowa I mean I would love to see the little black -- yet that was such a good period etiquette. It was it was almost the city to to the hockey world that it was only six games here that people forget that. 'cause I needed and in such you know that the bats in the you'll Brit I was only sixteen -- It's so many games over time though that probably solitude and negate your right yeah I mean I I I love watching the Blackhawks play. I think those who he really do have a lot of respect for each other. Obviously there was some should be inside during the cup battle -- anyway but I mean nothing compared cheap -- the -- -- -- -- knock. Those teams he played the I wanted to play similar outlook -- the what looks a lot more -- lot faster than the -- but. I need to be the seemed to play each other so well it was -- -- about all the years outlook -- And I know he'll be on again DJ and will be attacked you down the road here. Yet at sucking out always says DJB and thanks WEEI dot com we got our final segment we get to phone calls -- -- touch Wilbur Lester. Ortiz in that situation set. And also John it's John -- will also would -- letting meg will look read his story about Super Bowl and a little bit of of -- those -- -- preview piece together metro west daily news -- little tongue in -- a little humor and may be a little -- you know me -- all over the -- I like it I like it thanks for deployment of course and -- feel pretty -- 6177797937. And we'll be back after this.

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