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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/27/14

Jan 27, 2014|

Answer me if I axe you somethin'!

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's time for answer the question -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. Mike Adams series -- killing us with stories hi Mikey. Hi you boys don't pay outsourcing a little song for you before you -- through this program. Ball all of a -- Now in. Our country -- yeah well Randy Wolf what you do that why you should know by now if any will and that I was testing. My objective and I sports analyses. After watching grammys last night Hamas song doubt really if you watched grammys it. I'm more than normally do what jumped out and the reason Washington because can you watch the pro ball. I can't I was watching I was watching the Super Bowl interviews last night I found myself I was watching Richard Sherman from like fifteen minutes. I really enjoyed watching Chris Kristofferson Merle Haggard Willie Nelson turned it just grateful -- the those guys are so -- with -- eighty Paulus Kris Kristofferson 77 went to Pomona College age old bastard now. Yeah it's the question brought -- by heiress restoration specialist of your property your facility manager was for so don't have big cold weather disaster and it's really it's just upbeat and -- to contact parents. 8774611111. Or go to -- served dot com August Oracle's ports of call -- duke did you really call whenever I -- -- Israel flooding what happened. Fortunately we did not -- -- needing them because the flooding didn't get that but it does not help I needed some of his advice is called -- Richardson it was the two yup collectible yup. And I was very much like the idea what to do. All good announcers you know to -- it is you know this part you -- that -- yes OK -- deal with my way when he moderates the out. And then check with me you know if the situation. Has not gotten better you know. You're thirty minutes away hope either if you don't you know he was in totally cool yeah. Three point instead mr. -- to -- at the end labs -- he called it looks looks old goods that lists not. Start doing that just yet exactly no he was great. Could not have been more help of course didn't end up needing him to come -- with the crew or anything like that but he was great. Walk me through what we needed to do with the plumber needed to do. To be assuaged your figures it all of those 604611111. Or go to a terrorist -- dot com is one of your neighbors pipes were reversed and flowed over somebody's apartment some questions for you guys today who would you prefer receiving concert Tina Turner or beyond. It's beyond me reflect to different generations -- our citizens expect -- bulls supposedly. Purchased by the way not the same evening. It's an eye opening theater few years before beyond. -- right after Ike as part I've stopped. Know what you saw the movie stars got back. Yeah that's seen in the -- on her to editors -- -- literally it -- -- -- -- greater for years ago that laughter that she's great she's strong she's she's how old is she now. It's probably -- -- -- -- now she's a pragmatist but for less money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- November 25 1930 now that's why do those protestors born in the thirties thing about that she was born before World War II. That's pretty old -- before. McCartney's can be 72 when jewelry -- -- now -- you know but she's not home McCartney you have to -- the Ringo Starr senseless. Now did -- -- at the grammys. Was drumming and can actually see real drama and I don't really -- He's 74. That was the older younger than Charlie he's the oldest old Charlie Watts Egypt right now but you know what's weird is like 101520. Years ago. The stones still looked reasonably young -- Charlie want to look like death warmed over but now they've all pass them yeah they all look older than he does no one -- star is one year older than Charlie Cook. Windows 7 31940. Mikey he should know this with mr. Turner's running. I can't remember. I -- it one time I read her book. And I have a right Tina enemy bullet hole you still think it's clear that the 49ers had that I've played for the named teacher. So we're gonna let those things -- record I was -- Tina Turner and Tina Turner I was there and Evan and in Eva Longoria. Cauliflower we'll probably even more bizarre parallel to us how do you think about it the same time in the same city. There was a Roger Craig with a yes -- yes the giant -- and Roger Craig. -- -- this that's a slightly -- is James city even an oval in Eva Longoria you know anybody else they Longoria. Don't change the subject -- -- and question. Of course are not gonna point out what is the musical -- he never got to see life but we share capital. Beastie Boys because of a sudden. I was never saw that. I was eleven years old -- -- and they're included. We will do what whose song would you most want to hear a lot -- life. She's like what would Millwood or or from perfect who song to see a lot with my generation. Love that sort of -- a decade -- -- and it still applies I got to go John Coltrane. McCoy Tyner. Just figures android thing you know I didn't think or coy -- is gonna come up with a court Kaiser a kid I -- expecting court Carter when I woke up this morning it was not a toll -- -- to my totally probably more underrated. And then. Paul here's jungle trees but it -- -- an acid trip but at 1970s so. Audience talent to go to -- it literally I'm really really regret that I never Sotheby's divorce it's not it's on me. And you couple -- bullies -- -- showed -- in the Charlotte but seeing the show on them and I could go to YouTube and watch a million performances don't care about that it's the energy to be in there it's not the same and you watch them. The video but doctors say Hendrix. Jimmy Smith sought and supply -- I saw sublime -- your old best on the moment I saw Hendrix did you really. Don't talk to me about -- talking Cuba -- -- thought about too -- -- -- -- -- soccer no -- -- 68 Hartford. Bushnell memorial review that what's on for four box where you -- -- no. Madrassa when trying to. I was fifteen a brother -- my mom would let me go that was not sixty's so that doesn't seem like the -- thing that -- -- what -- Amber's brother was -- because I had all the we'd. Bob Marley is another good good call when he loves you Bob Marley has Led Zeppelin. Berkeley coming. Couple weeks -- -- a good question guys why do they put the stupid sports -- on top of spring water bottles. I hate those sports types coach you always end up just like you never use that they don't work did you end up -- like do I always buy those really yeah I have to do my card is that we don't have to unscrew it happened since. Still little it's much easier if you're in the car I don't like drink and I don't know I find it very cultural and the water cases -- Is a water filter on. Yes they know our department daughter of Lucille Ball -- -- -- -- a water filters on big jugs of what do you do if the water -- like breaks and you don't have water filter for a few days. What would you do would you do you drink out of -- yes. That's eleven to -- run out of today's rundown of the storm by some bottled water for a couple days it mind over matter -- will once I get to the store but there. Where Richmond so I've been yes you can there really thirsty now you can definitely tell that to actually don't add plus I know like it's in my head and I think maybe it's Psycho somatic. But I don't think -- -- is good even if it actually tastes exactly the same. -- is very much in my head next question as a as a craft and public war. Actual -- Favorite not safe for work web sort. -- I kept Mike can tell you what you get it means serious -- here's the big question how do you feel about Lou getting the -- so that he can do whatever to his groupies without any fear. You -- -- that would only that's as big sniff odors or any announcer it's him he's done real he's out of the game. Okay what does that has a really effective. I don't know whether affects how that a -- that you do that. Not every -- -- -- -- -- do you wish now that may -- the whole court my -- and if you don't MI don't. Are you planning though. Why -- you are you done having -- does something about it that I don't I don't know. But somebody near might think -- -- -- -- today I don't want after this -- I'm done what would you do it would you like what you did it well because they -- -- birth control for the rest your life. Right. Indeed use condoms or why does need to use a birth control unit to use anything you just don't yours that you're good is no risk. But also going to charge Google calendar public there has risks you have to count that as a risk plus their days we don't have sex habits of birth because as you know vital -- you as you know there are days. But this is no risk. This is zero this what -- the whole world blows up -- -- only two people left you would this woman you're pretty -- well hopefully that other rehearsal and doesn't do micro vasectomy reversal that you're -- to go did you find you tell -- about I would take a -- I know that I should do it after the baby comes I don't. I don't know why it would intimidate me to do it I don't wanna do it but I probably should know you don't why would intimidate -- it says you know -- -- -- and I don't think they just use scissors -- pretty sure they -- better than Madden it's not like they're like hey these beloved pieces is that right what is it wasn't worried don't know it's like a little colored ones they using kindergarten class to think they're pretty -- what is comical. The -- local anesthesia just outlines that problem. I'm not -- anymore that's the other thing you've got to have anesthesia reconsider that decision now. Today forcibly expired. We'll talk to you guys on tomorrow at 2 o'clock. Mikey -- for hours and him coming of that divide.

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