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It's like the leaves falling... David Ortiz is complaining again about his contract, a new Boston annual tradition

Jan 27, 2014|

We discuss David Ortiz's comments to Steve Burton on Channel 4 about getting a new deal out of the Sox. Does Ortiz deserve that deal or is this just more whining about more money? We discuss...

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Now what we have you sitting here what would you do with David Ortiz who says pay me give me a multi year deal or trading or undergo somewhere else like him but yet three year. Mandy remaining two years as of yet well this year or next year -- and as of December that's what he wanted fifteen million dollars in. And I know what people say well why would you do dad is connected business yeah I think it is good business because I don't care how great you are in a city. You get to 39 years old and someone throws forty million dollars that do. You if you might take this is the last deal. -- I'm not saying that's going to happen but that's the risk you take might not locking him up and and I'd talk to distill a podcast to Pedroia and he along with south squad stock. Yeltsin talked about a. If he talked about Ortiz. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If there's one guy that you're willing to say you're willing to change your philosophy for -- someone like Ortiz has been the one constant through your three World Series champion. -- I should say it would the most interesting thing Pedroia said once he says I like when David Ortiz has a chip on -- that I said -- for the last five years we've been going through this right. Every single year. Is -- I likely have a chip on shall help disagree with the slightly though. I don't care about the past I do not care about his standing in the organization while Jonathan Papelbon says he's bigger than Ted Williams -- last year by the press because as a business. You have to do what's right for the team you can't be beholden. You know what happened use -- management -- we're such a management and I can't believe that I can't believe they're right or it has gotten that it has gotten to you now. Are gonna talk about integrity and I talked about god go to -- on Alistair do you taping that's what you're doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. I. And I'm very nice at all I think the nice thing is it's an argument that that doesn't really need to be had whether the philosophy is about the past -- whether the philosophies about the future. I think rob because your right it doesn't matter whether Michael -- right. Whether you wanna pay for the -- or not it almost doesn't matter because the deal makes sense for the current and Angelo writes I think so too and I. It all comes down to is another team you know is he gonna jump ship if the -- he'd go to another team -- no I think it does this -- Well you know why why didn't come out of that and come Matt Bradford. Hadn't had. Business that you -- the statute businesses. Should not have to be forced. To do something. Is doing something odd or is that something while ago. Canada and at the parents and he's comparing himself to Derek Jeter how ridiculous. Actually by. There -- a couple of guys in baseball. Couple guys and every sport where a bit problem and in basketball. You saw with the lakers and Kobe Bryant. It's called network 2530. Main argument that now. -- -- -- at this stage -- career but they're doing it because Kobe Bryant and we appreciate the rate we we know he can still play. Thanks for what you done and what you may do as a recruiter same thing David Ortiz saving Derek Jeter are they. Actually word that Willie B word that when he's forty years old. Probably not. But what he -- your organization. So you give a little bit more -- we give so wouldn't you do that give a little bit more because what he means the organization who believe what I but you know what if you blows out his Achilles today are you Michael Holly's gonna give him a fifty million dollar extension of the close of 2005. And -- You're talking about I've always really. Is obviously really heavy blows out of -- blows out of the Kelly it is important pretty yeah. Yeah. You don't RT not yeah. I understand we have Sam and listen I think that a big part of going forward is still a school with David Ortiz and there's a value to a business a value to our organization for that. But the most important thing to remember here is that he plays a position it has a skill set that is the rarest thing. In this world of baseball right now a power hitter and power is guidance -- -- Totally with you and the fact that he does happen to means so much to -- organization it -- doesn't hurt and if that doesn't mean you're giving him the incentive of the -- if you're just giving them a multiyear deal. You're not making him go through as Alex was saying earlier some vesting options in the second year that makes David Ortiz happy I think I'd be willing to do that I would ask you guys both. What to do here either way Paula you're not talking about like an eight year deal at most you're talking about three year old right here and he's probably good with two years -- -- talking about any gigantic risk that's gonna give her back is cute little one year after -- -- -- -- got a two year deal. I have a problem every Gordon needs story year to those court with the think that you know aren't there today but obviously you make up for right by -- actually writing about baseball. -- -- is probably meant to. -- -- passed by station's sports director Steve Burton if you would like to retire with the Red Sox for whom is played the last eleven years. Ortiz said in an idiot without -- what you wanna retire as a Red Sox player. Hey I would like to I would like to our own fund has been -- right there alongside -- here. But like I always keep them from people this business. Sometimes you gotta do what is the best for you and your family. And the longer they keep on offering me a job and and I keep on doing what I suppose what I'm supposed to do and and things that graciously coupon good enough. Are either of two the going -- on the uniform. Our shot right -- well I thought jobs -- They're probably that there are Republicans statement. What are district and so the question from. Burton was do you wanna play for the Red Sox electorate are threats. Yet -- and answer. -- more 95% of people -- this what they have a problem. I have problem the quote time to move on. But that was -- question. Burton asked what would happen that the team didn't offer him another long term deal. Time to move it. What if they don't offer you a long term deal this time around it's time to -- all -- see yourself player for another team I haven't seen it would for two. I got my choice yeah I think I don't like Michael what they don't like we'll get to get into it next. Is they don't like the idea of him digging in his heels that the more they made it sounds like Ortiz is gearing up for Ballinger and they've seen this happen a million times before I'll tell you how I would answer the challenger to get a I don't have a problem Ortiz saying it it all how I could not just doing what's best for supper he stick around you -- -- -- -- rob Bradford still here it's rockaholic WE play him. Pay debts in the end his mind what if they don't offer you a long term deal this time around -- them along -- see yourself play for another team. I haven't seen -- would have filed to. I got a choice I'm not gonna quit no longer effective only in the ball the way. People units I area. David Ortiz on with Steve Burton and channel four last night's alcohol in WE -- riders -- -- -- -- contract. -- -- -- -- -- -- I period. Tim Burton credit he gets a good answer at -- David Ortiz out so I you know. Interviewing style. Like those satellite we have the Dominican. So it's that people don't wanna hear about taxes just have a problem with him talking about -- contract -- even. Even if he's asked about it. This is what didn't work it -- -- -- you would do if -- David Ortiz what would you tell -- I would theoretically exactly what it is exactly what I would do which I would say use your standing in the community to put pressure on the Red Sox to give yourself a long term deal why wouldn't you. Why would need -- that he's never have the long term deal in Boston he's watched a lot of inferior players get paid a whole lot of money with a lot more security that he's ever had why should be watching Carl Crawford -- security -- -- -- watch Mike Napoli get multiple year deals what he's better than any of those guys are more important. Not only to the team but to the community so I were his agent I would absolutely tell him to do the -- -- to go over the top and he didn't. Just there are allowed a couple of key phrases like in another uniform. Time to move on those are the only things you need to say keep a subtle you need to go over the opportunity to rail against the inequities of already in a how awful you've been treated by the organization. To do that. Just say I'm really happy I love -- boss and I want long term deal and if they don't offer it this is what I would look like in another uniform so that all of us will start talking about David Ortiz wearing another uniform which immediately brings people to Ortiz in pinstripes which nobody wants to think about and for good read what happen that aren't but that -- leveraged. His leverage the threat of him now I don't have that it's -- -- -- average -- on. -- got a team full of DH. Urbana teams are it doesn't even need to be everybody's out today this year to leverage David Ortiz has is is the fear of him playing for another team and not playing for you. Leverage that he has it didn't it didn't have to be another team the -- that he has is what you mentioned standing in the community. Three championships. A clutch player in the post season. You saw what he did in the World Series this year. Popular player. That -- leverage your web bothers people so much because we're used to stress out spear -- earlier in and he does Rousseau and we've got. But. Alex has -- the questions -- what does. It has been charity because that's what his upper management think of this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Goes beyond planning in businesses having Ortiz is an emotional guy we've talked about this a million different times. All the things that you sell a lot of them. Leverage. And I guy I just got a contract for two years or 32 million dollars who isn't near the hitter he is no matter what age you're talking about. Ortiz is a better hitter that Mike Napoli right now. So that's how it -- that I don't blame them I don't blame him for looking out of that way not at all 6177797937. -- it's in Boston pilot. Big guys of the David Archie IE in the heat. And edit a few years ago or a year it was. Two million. Is that the one you're all I don't like fourteen and change then the two year thirty million contract or what they -- at thirty. And we're 100 million dollars. Such bars and there was bill that sort of month I think what bats program are already out there and -- But don't let that quote is there's a quote it is really jumps out of people do what you look abruptly that you sank into it there's a quote. But as -- as I always keep on telling people. This is big business. Sometimes you've got to do what's best for you when your family in other words not I can't afford anything beyond spam with the money I'm making in other words. If I have to go in my family's very comfortable here in Boston if I have to move to LA have to move to New York Chicago. -- -- it. When everybody -- -- guys. Oh as wells I do we cannot relate. The amount of money they're making -- they all they have enough money they can't talk about their family because they're always gonna talk about their -- -- always gonna talk. Like it's ten dollars forget about forty million dollars it's like ten dollars to them. If this is the life they live this is the life that they have set up don't be surprised do not try to get their head and relate to them it's a different world. Always does. Yeah and that money can mean a lot of things it can mean what you're able to do for not just your family but for other people the you know for people in your home country -- rob I know you've been down -- currencies seen some of the things that Ortiz does in the Dominican it can mean that -- can mean none of it. -- got nothing to do with the money -- -- -- Snyder respect that you deserve when you watch Mike Napoli get what you get saying I can't afford to live on the salary now that did you get that out of it now nobody thinks that it's up -- spree well okay well quite reasonable people something. Some -- but it that way and this comes back to. Will he go to another team and that's why aides say give him the fifty million dollars. Pass this year is because I don't care how ingrained you are a community. If you're presented. Forty million dollars for two years which could very really yet really happened could happen piazza you know like he did last year. He could get that two year twenty million dollar a year contract. How you turn that down at age 39 this is that. Especially coming up -- but I respect it but it's about the respect I started out there why wouldn't you don't have -- -- long term money randomly into other six point seven. 79 victory and we'll be right -- -- alcoholic WB. Kind of been all over the place today talked about Jerry Remy talked about the patriot -- -- whether or not he'll be back today. Guess wanna -- -- -- jump in their six point 777979837. Course we also began the day talking about the tributes last night at the garden. But just quickly saying. But the tributes but with the the cheering at the beginning where they gave pierce and Garnett can actual announcement almost as if they were home players. I love that after the emotion there in the cheering for those guys. Let's get right back up to blue jays can teaches. Law -- law. They hate you wife beater that you coach for the of the team we teach you a law of the blue -- -- immediately after all of the emotion for pierce and Garnett but that was nice touch. Celtics fans last -- all that on the several -- never forget nor should anybody have nobody should forget especially with a jerk like Jason it. -- and the final thing of course is David Ortiz who goes on channel four last night and the -- anything's he would seek -- now he just says if you don't wanna offer -- long term deal. We'll take my talents or else you could see me in another uniform you could see me play for another team I'm willing to do that. I'm not conceding all the leverage here and saying it's Boston or Boston willing to go somewhere else I still have a lot left to do my career -- any reason why the brits auction taken seriously. If any -- given a couple years turn their two different views on. In the -- to -- the two recent enactment date and welcomes. If David wants to play the family cars are hardworking families. Who pay exorbitant prices to go to the games that pay his salary. Well I have to say goodbye. And -- Ortiz got cute. But yes. Is trying to obstruct jockey didn't use the the all capitals the -- I know what he Kremlin on Twitter whatever I am angry usually look insane if you start using all capitals. Either for your tiger tweet or even for just like a couple of words -- your tweet especially if they're randomly capitalized there's no better way to look completely. Out this -- -- There in the get quote. The thing. About councilman geeks in the. Ortiz. Gave me non answers as fixer. Who wouldn't say -- their team doesn't offer them deal. And they are ready to retire -- goals. Anybody would say that right yes I'm willing to play somewhere else are so what what about it only wants. In my entire life. At a professional. Aptly ask me for a rise. On how to handle it okay who was only want to. Are you will tell who was short OK who was I had a great. Run we're a year to a year or two a great run for years to work like your boss maybe a year. A great run baseball player a baseball player and a great run for year started and aggression and that the middle reliever amid. Blog Daniel bark of course or why -- -- did a Barca keeper by so once upon a time. Speaking at them as a guest speaker at this rookie development program. And talking about my time in Boston. You know what what Boston fans. Expect what makes him angry. What what they appreciate and Daniel Bard. And I asked the question -- house today. What what what advice would you give. Buses leave myself -- you never talk about. -- can't win. Don't talk professional you don't wanna hear it. The people come into your game people come to your games make a lot more money that you did most of when you -- -- contract -- if you're right even if your guy and you've outperformed her contract and you're making. 500000 dollars and deserve to -- making two and a half 1000003 happening in the don't want here don't do so. Although I don't think David Ortiz started the conversation here -- answering questions. You never really win. What a character right there until it is -- -- down this road here OO. David Ortiz of and appreciate family right David Ortiz think. Banks that millions of dollars not a not to feed his family. It just you know you can what you're saying is you can have your -- say all these same things to the Red Sox you don't need to go through the media -- ever do it now but I also and you're right there are there are gonna be group of people that -- anger like the first guy. Of course if you don't like David Ortiz if you don't like spending the money on a salary than don't spend it. David thanks he's OK with that. He's OK -- -- not spending the money but you are we are willing to spend tons and tons of money to watch and to go to baseball games and that's why that the contracts are as high as they are for David Ortiz it's supply and demand that he's just playing that game 617779. 7937. Eric in Connecticut higher. What's going on hockey -- Well it -- what's up man I'm gonna -- pick out gays -- I'm. -- you do about them is running off no air America was clearing your phone call he ran out. -- look you know first off let it start I won't be part of I agree with the fact that he should get an extension. Based on his last year. He has and probably here at the plate and I don't think the Red Sox. Are disagreeing I just think he's under contract. A lot more pressing things to do have to worry about extending David Ortiz. Now the part that bothered me when I listened to him continually. Continually. Act like he's on a street corner holding a cup absent from money. I mean. Doesn't an item that's why I want to know rob was there he that you -- Have understand people are gonna compare themselves. What they do well anywhere you view of what to do and how much my -- now you'll hear about some of stop and I've heard into the -- Mentioned before about David Ortiz in the clinic -- And basically the watchful gaze he opened a lot of money to communities. -- and I don't know what that means that they are -- -- responding. A section and all the Dominican Republic. Where his money from the Red Sox -- -- -- quirky problem and I am worried that this guy is living really. Upon his knees and what he's gone we're gonna talk about him -- look at how walker now who's flat broke. I don't know I mean I don't know. That's a pretty big -- to to go from one place to another if David Ortiz makes fifteen million a year and he takes two million a year and does something within the Dominican I don't know that he does that. He certainly has an office he wants to live. The right kind of lifestyle that he wants to live -- I don't know whether he puts money away weather is 401 k.s and the it's a pretty big leap. To go immediately there -- he's made well over a hundred million dollars in his career. It. Sound like wanted to eat out early. You know but either way Eric and Eric here's the point. It's not even really any of our business what he does he's earned it. The supply and demand of baseball whether or not we like what they get paid or don't the supply and demand of baseball has got in the sky a tremendous amount of money. And whether it's his family or whether it's his extended family meaning the -- the country that he's come that he comes from a what's the difference he's earned the money and you go spend it however the. -- wants Castro -- the texture once you know I. Felt -- about advice. Current to professional at the yes -- says what about cousin Jesse Holley universe he progressed spurred by. Or Holdsclaw is Holdsclaw you're covered know if not -- clawed its -- -- sales. So cousin Jesse -- only advice forgave him -- got a considerable. Erica the boy had a big drop in a pre season here with the patriots. And that would. Drugmaker and a touchdown. Jesse. Wanna make it came don't lead to any amateur Dolan stopped got a great cats are and who and who's the other person. -- -- sales who was that. Don't know Nike's just I know little Shimmy Shimmy -- should be -- should -- holds me I don't -- -- I know we talk about unique earlier become familiar with I heard it should be -- tells me which you don't know me I've heard of should be equaled by don't know her nickname and I don't I'm not that familiar to our college basketball player Tennessee -- the WNBA. And then Nike's just failed play that you can't. You'll remember -- no username go -- you don't know that favorite moment Nike has failed she was two points away 2.2 way. -- when they had the cheap one the content back to the is yes -- -- remember that what was it for like this season record was at those single game record. All time all time record right and they chief did outdated and out of a brand that analysts and they Michael straight day. -- know what is your relationship to her my cousin she actually your -- if it actually market really. What -- be related to Candace -- I don't want to be related to get -- Parker don't what you don't want her to be your cousin didn't. It -- To a you have an actual cousin plays in the WNBA. Played -- she's done you still planning we not know this is your cousin I know but you know -- I -- -- to like your first cousin. League's second cousin -- believed. But when I went up what is your what is your relation to you she is my main. And I'm sorry man asked I media I don't regret I don't know it's it's my. My god your aren't great on where you're great at her. Grandmother. Bird that's okay. Yes I doubt your grandmother and her grandmother sisters and a structure structure. Now could -- fitted to is that as a right. She's okay now she's a -- related I can't remember what it is my aunt Wanda tell me about it went and went back to Ohio and -- -- RC you -- England. In Europe sports right at the globe your portrait ever get a chance in your cousin. Sportswriter. And we hero or cousin plays for UConn. Nike says sales he didn't do any of that investigation so when -- caller David Hurst cool that he's don't cover you can't go against them out I think com. Michael -- the globe to day. -- the season day she wasn't too excited die hard. Well I still treated you like a member of the media -- idea coming after -- primaries in Boston Globe I don't know I'm not happening out of -- really for the Hartford current -- -- That you're trying to trying to get some investigative stories she never gave each -- you know arrest you for advice after the announcement readily seen -- talked to her since. Haven't seen in years. Years -- his big holy family reunion that you find this thing fails that's the name of the fans know -- -- Stanley re instill family reunion -- we are invited to the average amount was about we don't go out why when we invite I don't know doesn't always gonna really know are you related to our blog that you have cousins you know they are you related to you re not really sure -- -- -- none of them -- famous I guess negligent assault. Off court right but you know that was a long time and it worked around nose before he was doing his thing yet. And he was doing it well -- -- and thankfully he decided that that he wasn't gonna make any money off limits of the salt nameless is thank you for that to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and Belcher town I GO. Hey I'm going to going on. I think -- -- quick check -- in the year old Elan that cut short hair and Persian. Well you're in the press -- -- and Richard -- -- keep in New York. He had brought in three vital. And they're going to be something bigger -- -- -- to -- in this. Am -- the only other guy who you would put on to a level like that in terms of his role in it is Tom Brady right. In terms of bringing three titles at least in recent history I mean I know some of the other some of the other patriots that were around for the first three. Ultimately -- the weather was Bruschi who finished at his career here or McGinest who ended up going somewhere else Brady is the only one is truly analogous to Ortiz right I mean he was. If not the single most important factor he was one of the most important factors in all three of those championships. Mean he's been the best hitter on the team. Other than for awhile maybe sharing that that role with Manny for a decade plus. Right I mean who else would you put at that level I can't think of anybody. Mean that that would be the only comparison that you would make -- Ortiz may be Bruschi. Right and and here's another guy that you never let play anywhere else I don't wanna see David Ortiz play anywhere -- at the end of his career. I think I think Ortiz and radio the guys on that level because Bruschi. Bruschi was never considered the best player on his team the best player. Whose value is indispensable. He was a playmaker. Understood what they were trying to do very -- very Smart all that. David Ortiz and Tom Brady. Have -- at the distinction of being right -- -- well decorated guys who are the best guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the NBA in its system mr. set up differently from baseball. And the system is -- baseball system does not screw you there's no reason why you need to move on from David Ortiz and what he's asking for the stage in his career he's don't need to terrorists -- you can afford to do that. There's an easier answer than that -- it's also the dealer he says more left in the tank I was just gonna say it's production right. -- can look at that that type of player that he is now compared to where it was five years ago. And the give Paul Pierce the player he is now to where it was five years ago you wouldn't extend. That sent to mentally you know you would you would love to have Paul Pierce. And his career as a felt it. Which -- like to do -- in -- terms you'd like to. Know he had that option in his contract maybe you declined the option hope that. You know you can recite them for five million dollars and let him and his career that way but you wouldn't say. They pollinate fifteen million dollars last year and -- you for two more years and seventeen right it just doesn't make any sense would have to Christie's in Rhode Island hikers to. Right. Two point love you guys. -- I'm an agreement with Q here at my thought. It's a business deal on both sides of my question is to Ben Carrington. We got bad. If -- even like peace is the number one player which heat is due to the team -- -- -- -- end. Into the media at rock which. What the heck are you thinking and by not doing this deal and get it done quickly so he doesn't go to the media and make stupid statement like he did last night. Business and big business to win the World Series and keep both feet building Fenway and then all the time the money that we spend and then this is no breakneck. Or damaged Christian registered you -- you want -- decided to a contract so he won't go to the media and say dumb things that. No no no no no no don't misunderstand me I want him to be fine so we can move on and deal with bigger things. He's the least of our problems he's more than proven himself. He's got the respect and he did a very. I think don't give I you know I I don't have a problem with signing him to contract extension that's not that therapy that's fine. There's another way of saying you know bench and aren't in your statement to him. Like here we move on another thing charity could do was say David you're under contract let's move on. To get -- that too so don't don't bring it back to well started to the contract so we can move on to move on out of the contract. Remember in the not I don't believe it was the World Series I think it was the one leading up to and I'm sorry -- That's I don't don't let your blog does -- -- details you've got got. Okay. Good illusion and they have an -- time they went into the dugout. Before they came back out no one knows what was said in that dugout I. Yeah I think there was this of those games we -- silence him okay. And we wind. What that. With Jonny Gomes. Got Jonny Gomes home run. Maybe David Ortiz says something to inspired -- go home. -- really big moment and and maybe should pay of just that and maybe or maybe it's just sit here here's -- -- is -- -- I keep reading the Ortiz stuff I keep reading through because it does when she says her phrase is stupid comments last night like I read it another time okay I've read this now price ten or fifteen times since last night. As I keep on telling right. The sound as well as they always keep but I just what as I always keep on telling people this is the business sometimes you gotta do it's best for you when your -- okay fine. As long as they keep offering me jobs and I keep doing what I'm supposed to do in the relationship. Keeps on building up I'm going to be there. Hopefully I won't have to go one way or another uniform there's no threat there right. That's hey if they you know if that -- hopefully there's no point at which they don't offer me a deal and I don't have to go play for somebody else hopefully. I won't have to go out Wear another uniform I wanna stay in Boston right. Burton then asked what would happen if the team didn't offer him a long term deal time to move on he said does that mean that he's threatening now. Right I mean it is David Ortiz is that specifically about the long term deal or is he read that and understand that as. What do they didn't offer you any deal right but what they didn't opportunity of one person I don't model no kidding so is it easy. I'd. Like to -- -- used to this derelict if I -- -- -- -- reading it again you know and that's I don't come a couple of big deal I think he read it. -- Other thing as a microphone in the tournament. Proper after this microphone typical is still here if you through here we can't -- your problem. You don't used to say this all the time these press conference. And it was it was it was a little annoying but I understand why did it. If you court asking a question -- some guys were very comfortable. And are. Your interviewing them they're silent and it. The chatter nervous yet they just can't deal we have the -- -- to know what's it to you and there was. Analysts that there until -- if you ask another question he'll sit there silently until you do right. That's one thing Hewitt and the other thing is when you get questions about hypotheticals and say. You're asking me to answer hypothetical I don't know. David any of this that water all boarding -- a type of a problem just simple government I don't do hypotheticals rescuers who appeared to you know I've. David Ortiz he could've said that Burton at the hypothetical. Or you're gonna give an answer. That gave valuable law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- contractors I don't -- late but the question I -- -- really reading it as or sick or hearing it as what do they -- -- field is he demanding multi years is that what he's saying is he really saying either give -- multiple years -- let me go or you're just saying they don't give -- contract at the end -- -- -- will -- somewhere else which by the way I don't think anybody would blame him for at some point to someone else is willing to offer more money. But I think he puts the pressure on the Red Sox and not let it get there what I have now don't let me become a free agent again let me be secure and I don't know why we would have any problem with that what would happen if the team didn't offer him another long term deal. Time to move on he said. I really. I don't know why we would have a problem with that is that saying I don't understand people and their families and I need to make more money than anybody in the were -- any of those -- here's here's the other thing I wanna be secure who would do -- problem with. That earnestness that element of particular sectors and take somebody somebody out there -- man David Ortiz just shut up and play those people to shut up and put it. So I'll take your -- cut let's say. Much shut up and play. I don't winning here. David Ortiz talk about a country I don't want the Red Sox for giving the Red Sox don't give -- David Ortiz had a losing season he had last year and the Red Sox repeat as World Series champs. And that dope from Rhode Island had a problem with -- -- -- Isn't really affects you a big fan -- that take away from the experience to speak when you saw David Ortiz hit the Grand Slam against the tiger laws. Did you think I'm not sharing of that guys always talking about his contract. That yeah but it go. Paris so far beyond that -- shut up and play may work with some people doesn't work with David Ortiz tell -- when axle -- W yet. My biggest problem is with David Ortiz I think is a -- -- a -- -- -- And that are gonna get out of upsets some pins out there what does that mean to you mean those are big words what do they mean Tom is having the -- partly it was -- well qualities -- -- let me see the return rate he's going on in the past year and a half about. You know he would not understand routine and a club halted and that it sort of what the -- -- -- Baltimore and get it but Torre get in this case there and -- -- in the RBIs. -- remain in anarchy that -- -- they'll not be fully back with this team. And he had an epitome of what apple with the chicken and beer. Like you please go away coming from back in twenty minutes Howard prince. That is -- like Rhode Island. Not coming back not fully on board -- the Red Sox again -- David Ortiz stopped. Honorable black guy's crazy we've seen some of those tax committee TT tech like 379837. It's a good -- place of or else you'll find out that Austin. You need Boston more than boss are your view that okay well. Now they don't -- -- -- be just what I think you'll find out that he -- Boston but hey here's an athlete he will miss Boston a chance to books and -- Tim morrow possible missile was not a -- your situation. Where they asked -- very excited to be here it's tough. If they asked David Ortiz of egos of the Dodgers and another year so there you have it obviously I'm excited. But here's why the whole idea of just shut up and play baseball doesn't work with David Ortiz could it be your theory is just shut up and play based on what -- -- your your contract. You don't get the -- David Ortiz personality. And the David Ortiz personality that does not just shut up and -- baseball also gives you this. Right and also give. It gives you that. That didn't go bulls and I went right coastal what you knew what I was talking about this little miscommunication. If you don't have David Ortiz the same guy that to a talk about a contract will say all the time. Occasion -- talked about right a Dempster thrown an Iraq if if he's not only do those things you also don't get the David Ortiz that's willing to say this is our -- and city when everybody needed him to stand up and say that. As part of what makes -- him. Took out the shouting him down now because oh you don't like that he wants more money course wants more money they want more money. Their baseball players or basketball players anything else and by the way so you know they're stopped people we all want more money right. I want more money you know more money makes things easier. It makes it easier no matter how much have you always -- all the more. War that -- more money more. Problem. More money more problems of who you believe that -- you don't really not really more money and -- just rattled or the Malcolm Gladwell book now I think it's an inverted U shaped curve for awhile more money helps and eventually more money well create more and I have a Malcolm grow we'll talk about the writer Christopher Wallace also known as. Small -- in case and I don't. -- -- there -- up in my cab or your other current -- L. Whose brought -- rookie he played it last year he played Villanova University. Wrote. That's another one of your cousins who played at no I don't know her brother cousin got on the bottom of the jamaicans who look at upload -- -- against those. It felt like there. He has had a name wrong -- this brother okay he played I don't know I don't him at a two point get -- well what any. -- Or can you be treated. Like -- treated in your when your inquiry -- holed it from place at the baseball about what a world church and yet you're gonna get some of the bad look good with a guy would generally be -- he bought an icon and I think you've beaten treaty. A situation where he retired in India and threats. You're related to Soupy Sales are you. That's not part of the sales families that that's related to -- -- has wanna make sure you're like all right Tony thank you for the fall caught I think I understand what you're saying do you consider him to be like Derek Jeter got you consider to be enough of an icon that you just say Hank. I don't wanna see this guy go anywhere has Jeter has been. Drastically. Overpaid this career and we're just hasn't. -- -- -- the rich Brooks sales brother Brooks. Played for from Villanova from nine B 802. Currently plays overseas in Spain. So that another -- your family that is how you shoot. In any of these guys seen me shoot what I got a -- did they have any idea why you don't get any of those genes that are you to shoot straight that's like Hewitt and heard about Jew lover you're the outcast no I didn't have family no gain public. Entities in Rhode Island what's up Anthony. And -- first time all longtime -- -- about Big Papi and got. And I thought they -- you -- the business I mean how old days. 38. I know there is no he -- about company's current contract thirty. Did I hit it out but I think since then got people upset. You always -- about it. I did you know I mean what are we don't know -- don't -- any benefit -- you don't have to. Meet the -- -- -- Is this all it's all drama Anthony and I think people every when he threw. Everybody relaxed because David Ortiz can shout from the rooftops I want a new contract it's it's clearly not affecting his performance when he doesn't get one. It doesn't affect -- performance when he does get one so. Okay that the Red Sox are not. They are not pressured to do anything he's under contract for this year if -- given a contract fine how perform. If they don't government contract he'll perform. It's all part of it's all part of the entertainment this is all entertainment in this spotter it is. It is chatter nice quiet Monday injured what's the big. So that every. I mean that he actually think I mean I got a public -- and -- I got my -- barely but it you pick up marketable game because he's up there and -- Not only -- thinks that at all but I think that they as a Red Sox fan don't you you'd like them around for another few years what you. 38 guys. On this 38 this year he was the best hitter on the team wasn't. -- and didn't show any signs this year that he was getting older that he was getting worse and it would -- We're at I don't remember -- is pretty damn I mean maybe -- confusing him with some of the other guys used pretty damn consistent this year he missed the first couple weeks that it was awesome. He really he he he was amazing this year -- one of the best years of his career terms of consistency are you -- some of the power that he had when he was younger. But he carried the team he was their best hitter in the playoffs for shore and he comes up -- -- huge moment it hits the big home runs. What else you looking for from David Ortiz and by the way is never made more than fifteen million dollars in his career in a year. He's going to be and not -- that's nothing but compare when you see Robinson can all make 125. When you see that he's coming over everything apart when you see this can come over from from Japan's defeat was never played a single game in the majors to make when he to a year. Right to Iraq it's gonna get 22 year from the Yankees and Ortiz is biggest here will be next year fifteen million he's never had a fifteen million dollar year before. You can see why and and meanwhile analyze other guys get the security of long term deals I can understand why he wants the money but let's get -- Go back to know that this may be tough to to remember to think of when when you weren't. Interested in radio more interest it in the media. Where you -- of these -- complaint people. That no carrier lightly I like. The the range of personalities the range of opinions. This a range of styles. That people have in sports now I know doing his job now you -- you want the Richard Sherman you want. People with that with strong opinions. And people who will say something. I don't know. If if if we weren't doing the job you want to. Now do you want that all the time of the -- what that all the time. I don't understand why why a guy talking about the contract all right well so why so little going on the -- -- Show me you ask me before it was in the media can't take you back to it to Pedro Martinez a camp with Pedro you probably you know well no but yes so when Pedro Martinez could he he pulled some some English and -- right space yeah but also to know. So what he did was. It bothered me that he did it but it was never because I was angry at him. I just what I mean I bought into as a fan of Pedro Martinez I bought into every time he's a way they that are -- Augusta Morales about him. Like I was I was a soccer for why don't wanna see him go somewhere else did I wish that he wasn't that kind of player that I wish he was likes somebody who would say hey you know what hometown discount on good I'll stick around I -- be here forever yes is a fan I did but really the -- -- -- wonders for him to stay here. I didn't really care what the reasoning was behind -- what the negotiating was I just wanted him to stay. And so whether it was him saying Arctic are giving discount or the team saying fine will overpay. I didn't care I just wanted my guy to stay in town to see there are a lot of things -- professional athletes can do this why is it's always dangerous to make the comparison between. What they do in in in what you do in your your work every day. Not only are are they able to perform. At the at these games that we can do things that we can physically. There's also. This notion of publicly complaining about the so essentially that's what that's what he's still -- call out. The -- condition called out Larry Lucchino John Henry three most that's what Pedro was doing. That's what David Ortiz and don't anybody talking about their contract what they're doing is something that you do privately. When you go out on Friday night. With your friends go drinking. Guys are talking about work and complain about the boss not you personally look -- I'm married -- -- so many of the things don't complain about here before tomorrow. Many of you know this but you're smarter about the -- That it did a publicly. Be over for. Professional athlete. That can be quoted on -- -- -- diplomatic statement. -- not a private conversation. The federal. Backed up off -- David Ortiz -- talking about the boss. Hey you better do. -- but you know what Ortiz has that none of us have leverage. The end of the day there's only one David Ortiz guy hit three on nine last year thirty home runs a 103 driven in. Those numbers don't grow on trees -- after saying earlier it's hard to find those guys you know the radio host -- another one. He's another guy to be a lawyer your law firm find another one he needs somebody else to dig the tunnel we can find somebody else you need another policeman -- can find somebody else who wants to do the job. He is irreplaceable. There isn't dammit there aren't that many people that can hit 309 with thirty home runs from the left side of the plate show -- the biggest moment and do what all in Boston. Aren't that many people like that -- in Rhode -- Geithner. Hey I -- what it Michael. It goes that aren't like I mean. You know what in the world they're out without David Ortiz op program island is that not fully backed out of his mind. It's her neighbor -- it is regardless you can -- Blake. -- I can tell how the craziest. And it. And I don't know but it and quite honestly. I don't totally agree with you it's because you know that six -- -- -- can't -- 130 year old -- did -- is about. You open up your development. You know I only part of the whole thing is it back -- got about why I talk about it so much because he's trying to put pressure on the. Obama -- hold out Terry -- you might be able to find somebody else who can hit for that kind of power but David Ortiz can't you know we can. And the only Akashi was money which you've got plenty of. And I like you know that's -- I think he's great -- taking -- -- you know a couple of. I -- crazy already gone and we've we've dealt with -- -- passed him. That says you know. And am I mean I don't wish bad mood and a little more old -- and unfortunate kind of like all right you want -- -- apoplectic. I'm not. I don't like -- and this is why this is getting twisted around Ortiz is not saying that. Ortiz is not saying I don't wanna be here he's not demanding anything he's got a contract for next year he was asked if they don't offer you would deal they don't offer you a multiyear deal would you play somewhere else to suggest. He's not putting he's not telling anybody anything he's not giving anyone an ultimatum you just asked would you place a -- yeah of course I -- a play baseball for eleven. That's what I do and certainly -- more and we wish is that Sheridan have more Belichick him. Well. It depends on what what Belichick would perceive the player. If he thought he had more use. If if he could use a player like you don't wanna be here in order to contract but you're under contract so you can go anywhere. And you gotta be on this team it's not always. Hey if you don't think if you don't like your situation on trading desk -- Belichick operates. It's what got you under contract. Value was pretty good -- And I don't care for unhappy but he has nobody here but he hasn't orphaned niece had signed guys before their contractors operate not everybody's gone to free agency. Bright and they've done extensions with guys before they needed to right or not but my my point is. It's not that Bill Belichick. Moves on from people who disagree with. His financial slotting of them. If he's ready to move on from him. You have time after their contract in the Amendola. Governor and I've got married so excited about I have forgotten about her horrible personal bar just a horrible guy right now why do you wish ill upon me in the Indian and I don't Nat -- and you just doesn't know why would you wish ill upon him what he ever deal he signed a contract only reason you wish -- thought of him is because of me she's clearly not turncoat. -- it's the only way that you have anything in my attic of the me now it's not you. It is if I don't think it was record Saint Louis and here's the other it's mostly because of me dropped -- past this bump at. Stop it stop it stop at stop but he did not drop -- I was Welker dropped the past Astro regalia and dole -- defender knocked it pull us away from him they are two different things the Welker catches an easy catch. The Amendola catch was nowhere close to that defends the practice squad to -- don't -- that and I make a play at. I don't care that's offended -- college football at you know. Wherever Point Park University the guy's domain politely go play in a theater club team I don't care. I still made a play aren't into the question coming up Mikey Adams is here he's already on fire text just 379837. Any question any subject. -- -- -- --

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