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Jerry Remy will return to the Sox broadcast booth in 2014...

Jan 27, 2014|

We talk about the return of Jerry Remy to the booth after Remy gave an emotional sit down to some press members and announced he would return, despite the tough times he's been through recently concerning his family.

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I guess I think he has got -- I don't know I was age. News came out earlier heard Sussman said just during the 4 o'clock a sports flashed. The Jerry Remy is gonna return to the Booth for Nelson this year I think that's a surprise to some who thought then. This is gonna be at that it was gonna be too difficult for Jerry Remy after his son was accused of murder that -- there was no way he was going to be able. To come back. In in the Booth this year and yet that's what he says is gonna do. Yeah the texture so far with the conservatives and from your response to -- TT tech on everything possible. Most of the text are positive a lot of people saying great good for really. His son did this it's not it's all he has nothing to do with it. And I think that's I mean -- that sensible and it's logical. The big question is what did you do win. Something comes up with the trial. And will he be a part of it will rule he'd be drawn into this thing and all and if he was drawn into it. What is nest and do and -- -- -- -- and write the questions you don't know the answer to but based on what we know now -- it around now that that's gonna happen. I think you're right that the -- None of us have any reason to tell Jerry Remy that he can't do this again he's been accused of no crime. He's been great at doing this job for as long as he has -- mean there's no reason if this had never happened that he would be out of the Booth so he did not commit a crime. His son committed a crime and I'm not sure he needs to be held responsible for that. The question though is. How will you know will he be able to do the job the way it needs to be done and I don't know the answer that we'll find out. And -- actually doesn't mean he's Jerry Remy able to go out there and -- -- Donald solo. -- -- -- -- be easier for our way to the left part of the job right that's what I'm that's -- -- that is part of the job cuts martyrs they're able to go out there with with or solo. Joke around laugh about Wally and and you know it. Or or or was he not gonna do that anymore it's gonna have a an evolution. Of the Red Sox broadcast or it's little more seriously use today. That this thing is this the sound strange because when Jeremy played. You would never call himself this as a player Rosie is a good solid second baseman for the angels and for the Red Sox. It was good. He is a larger than life as a broadcaster it is not just a broadcaster is an entertainer even so the fact that he goes into his job. As an entertainer laughing and joking around making light situations happen on the on a baseball field doesn't mean that. He is looking at life that way all the time in the QE QB. Allow him to separate. His job from the reality of what's going on with this family. So I don't think people. Can't hold that against them Kenya is Jerry Remy is the last. In the seventh inning of game in April it doesn't mean that he's totally forgotten. About what is this what is done is accused of doing. So. I don't think it becomes really tricky until. There's a trial. And specifics -- put out there and if he is named if he has. Part. The discussion the -- and has to figure out what it wants to -- maybe give -- a series offered him a week off. Or or whatever I can see it with the parallel. -- something there's some bombs killed during the day 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the trial and then at 7 o'clock at night. He's just laughed and put Don Marcelo -- had to address that that might turn to. He addressed that a US and go to WEEI dot com rob Bradford has the story there on on -- is returned it one of the questions asked of him and they were seven reporters who were talking to home was -- talked about how you're going to be lights during the broadcast again. And his answer is yes he asked me that question today is a matter of fact I said Don I'm gonna be myself. That's what I've always been I don't see how oil -- can do it if I didn't think I can be myself I wouldn't do. I hope that doesn't come off as insensitive and made some. But it's the only when -- had to do my job he asked the same question 45 minutes ago and again the same answer -- -- we'll take it as we always -- the game is most important first of -- anything that flows off the game -- go with it. If people think that's insensitive I'm sure I'll hear about it. As Jerry Remy talking about whether or not it's gonna be okay for him to Joseph. Around during the broadcast. Yeah -- -- if it's not okay for him to joke around her and broadcasters and brought back. You can't have you can't have him be somebody he's not that's what his. His style is as an analyst he gives -- some -- tells you what he thinks. Is behind a move or some strategy but you're also. A lot of 19 a one gains. And a lot of games against teams that you really not too fired up about games are out of control don't. 103 in the seventh. Some light moments. -- and it. Member of the time they had a they say they had a camera focused on -- praying mantis -- the 2000 camper somewhere in the technical backed radio needs. Laughing about it and then -- comments on in the whole Wally moment. They have to do that that's just. That's what they are he's also last year about the -- family corsets it's Jim Martell who was murdered and he says I spoke to them in a courtroom appearance. We felt obviously that we had to go up and say something -- not discuss -- come back with them. I certainly hope that they understand this is what I know this is my job this is what I've done that he can't do it outside the public guy as I said it's no easier for media day. -- it was on August the fifteenth -- Jerry Remy. Speaking today you can read the entire the entire report in all of his economy as a full. Everything said by Jerry -- today full transcript available WEEI. Dot com I tried to keep rob -- rob. Is busy today you were you part of the small exclusive club that was invited to go talk to. Jerry Remy today about his return to the broadcast Booth how many people seven people seven reporters. That -- so your part of the elites of. Hollow dislike the Bob Kraft thing literally we're talking about you -- three. So I guess are expanding it yes the -- seven but it was just -- career highlight for you now know Miami and I life. You sit there and I've known Jerry for awhile. I had the privilege of -- and -- a do stop -- NASA and I feel privileged to do that with them. And watching the pain that he was in today it was. It was sad that he was and so you would describe as -- Sosa thing. Yeah lol you know he he -- had about a twelve minute opening statement this was in person -- this was a conference call don't know -- as a person game in two conference room. And -- -- about twelve minute opening statement and went through everything basically from the time. Wary he found out his son -- arrested he was on the road Toronto. And everything from men and to cut to the case he said that he even as of the end of this year or last year January 1 you think -- coming back. But he kept him encouragement he referenced how. When he was a player you know today he would overcome things and kept commented coming almost quit kept coming kept government almost quit and kept doing it and the same sort of thing he wasn't gonna do it. Getting Kurt went from a small group of friends from his wife. And then once you get the clean bill of health was through ten days ago in an economic casket and we know he would lung cancer and depression. That he said OK I can do it and he feels like he can do you feel like he wants to start kind of living his life again. What was he did -- get any sense that. NASA was on the fence that are -- and Jerry got a lot of encouragement from -- from his friends and family on -- mirror on the fence about what to do about Jeremy. No army Jerry has so that NASA in one and kept saying they want you want him back want him back cast a few would come back he's even last year. And he said he wasn't ready. When I say about emotional sad. I mean I -- it goes back to what the what you want to emphasize which was how sad he was for the Martell -- And Jennifer -- obviously the young woman who died. And how Saturday and how heartbreaking it was -- and that the child that they have which. And his wife has put in for custody to other parties including the mark health and we -- support team for custody. That is just that's I don't care who you are reporter whatever that's just heartbreaking. Of seeing a parent go through that talk about this sort of stuff. But the situation and Jerry Remy is he a makes the announcement today that he will return. To the Red Sox broadcast Booth this year for NASA and do what you guys think and we were talking about before he came on. You think there's anything to. Hold joking around things like if Jeremy comes back. A -- few minutes ago. Gonna bring him back let him being who we -- the broadcasters and everybody says it's going to be as an entertainer do you think it is there are. Is there any thought that that isn't that sending an insensitive message. To the listeners because of controversial. At all I didn't own listeners viewers well. I mean I think that he says -- he said that some people won't like him some people take the wrong way but once he gets the broadcast Booth he has to be who he always has been. And I only you know he thinks he can -- -- I think he I think he does think that he will be but until you get that situation routes. Who knows and to your point. I don't think there's going to be. Everybody's gonna say oh look there's Jerry Remy that's okay. There's going to be a faction that is an okay -- -- obviously and he knows that he said that not everybody is gonna be OK with it but he felt like this was the right decision. And it's that this thing is as a parent. It's just something that. There is no. There is no method to -- and no I don't certain families that have. All of their kids. I went to that I believe in and other kids are successful and have great jobs and -- there's no issues nurse from families where. You know the oldest kid. Have a great job and the middle kid has gotten -- trying to find himself from the youngest kid is -- that's found trouble you don't know so it. Well it's tough it's tough to it is very very dangerous the play that game to criticize him as a as a parent I'll say this he is yet Jerry answered every question there was a lot of questions that lasts about thirty minutes. And one of the questions was along those lines you have any regrets about -- basically paraphrasing you -- regrets about your parent. It's here on the road a lot and we can all sympathize being on the road a lot how difficult that is. And he said. I did my best but the one thing I wanna emphasize is that my wife. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job conceded and that's what he kept coming Ben Ali just said listen I did my best. And here's his answer it's no excuse it's no excuse there are a lot of people that have jobs that caused travel. That down the cause them to be away from their families a lot it's no excuse Jarrett -- issues -- -- very young age and we is the family tried to deal them as best as possible. To address those issues it takes two to tango. Everybody knows about his past like I said I'll be damned if my wife didn't do the best possible job. Any mother could do I've tried to do the best possible job I can do sometimes things just don't work out. That's Jeremy speaking today and and that's -- was just alluding to.

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