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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Irrelevance Edition - 01/27/14

Jan 27, 2014|

We tackle four topics all centered around irrelevance in Boston Sports history.

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-- And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball for. Fun game. Mean -- -- -- Our 44 brought to you by CB on your technology ally you have a business to manage wanna let's see beyond manager technology Dan what we have that well in honor of the grammys and the Pro -- It's more for a team is irrelevance. Of so we'll start with the pro -- After the completely revamp the global rules in the way the teams are chosen this year as the global suddenly become relevant your mind they did have a 2221. Final score. And it seemed to be a more exciting competitive game but did it become relevant. I don't buy the premise. The Pro Bowl as irrelevant. I watched it capital for. What a football. On Sunday when there's no other football around it's all right you see the ratings. Probably pretty pretty good at what they were okay they are actually down from where they were last year approval -- 67 overnight rating. I just to give you some perspective of what that is equates to pick -- the NBA all star game last year did a eight or 959. Rocker are baseball's post all star game this year did a 881. Of so it is sort of in between the NBA and the baseball that's not bad toward the Democrat last year is about a 77. You know I may have thrown people off a little bit the creative -- creativity. Of the NFL on the Pro Bowl may have thrown people off because. You're tuning in to watch either -- you know AFC players in NC players and you're saying. Guys on the same team. In different conferences it's a little confused so maybe it was a fund draft with the trash talking between Deion Sanders Gary right right. But the result was a lot of teams you're not really sure yeah I was thinking. I think they just got I think that it was about would have the rating would have been the same as it was plastered it -- -- -- -- -- sure enough I -- the -- I know that there's people around. Do you want to -- Grammy commentary DJ -- all over it. You know DJ has his own blog separate from WEEI dot com. Where he blogs about the grammys are great I love it I mean like I read I didn't -- any of the audience he was talking about and you -- like all these bands that I see on Saturday Night Live and passport through like -- -- watch a minute that I think is terrible about sport that's who owns the grammys but -- like. He blogs about it very seriously he's weird as the nastiest music channels which is the mirror was this old are. I like that he doesn't it's not on the cheek and all he seriously breaks down every Grammy category. So I think that -- hurt the the F I want last night an end. For me the Pro Bowl is very simple if I'm not doing anything else and it's on fine but it is a low price it is zero -- I saw Logan Mankins blocking for him but he didn't -- -- -- is that what you re release that. It was a really blocking -- Count and extra point vote -- good form. Look at that excite you. The whole thing -- -- did not mean they look at my guys can take -- bad -- you know possibly hurt those guys pop out of surgery reform. Yes we are Michael Bud Selig was forced to change to MLB all star game rules. Because of the tie in his hometown of Milwaukee like this program. There are. Do you think MLB also gave -- more relevant and exciting now that the winner gets home field advantage in the World Series. I don't write I decide to -- almost bravest. But if you're on the phone hello. This is Ben Fong Torres certainly overlook it at. I don't think it is any more relevant now that they do it but I do like that they do and I know everybody hates it I don't mind it at all. I don't see what the problem it's not like before they started allowing the all star game to decide who gets home field advantage that it was done by best record. Before it was the all star game it was just alternating it year after year there was never any thing that gave one team or another home field. Other than blind blocked it happened be your year or not your year according to weather was even or -- So I like the fact that the older theory does that it's a very serious talk you think the Red Sox put a win the World Series. -- Louis cardinals had home field advantage yes. Editor of but it took a minute I guess they DO. But I I just I don't know what's it it does why does that bother people. Who cares because it's better than having just -- well I know how to wipe out people because it's an exhibition you're trying to bring something serious to an exhibition it's either an exhibition -- -- -- We put in the -- what can be between if not immature but there may -- white candidate. That's what they're saying is it's it's in between it's a little bit more of an exhibition -- he used to be in obviously is still not. Can decide too much in the world but it's better than just allowing that that and its -- now he told me that the other idea was to allow the team with the best record in baseball hosts the all star game for host the -- have them have home field advantage. I -- that I would prefer that to to allowing the all star game to decide it but as long as your other option is even -- odd year. I greatly prefer decided by something of at least some tangible value. Dexter wants to know why would you watch the grammys the Celtics are playing. Which you could do was watch grammys in DVR the Celtics. We could do that what you just watched the Celtics or -- and he watched the like performances from the grammys later on on the Internet. You wanna -- doing things now into all the things in 2014 it's amazing. You just need an option -- you have time to do any of that. Two I have to write it out of Iran is -- you can say OK I'm gonna watch this DVR that and that. But the grammys like four hours long would you -- played a a block long enough we go without your kids crawling all over you and your wife one. What are you gonna do that. Well why does not crawl -- hope that it didn't MEI garage door and I thought about it that. How is -- certain fastball curve ball Celtics. And approval. Of two -- Three. Well hopefully now you missed out on the royal rumble. Question number three NHL has tried many gimmicks to get fans interested in the all star game weekend they do have a great skills competition but the game itself as lacking. Is the NHL all star game relevant. All. Know. It's not relevant but the battles. The NHL Australia why it is not on the watch I don't think there's. You know there really isn't such a thing as -- battles -- You're the best players in the world together having fun playing the sport in in some -- playing some form of the sport. Have fun just that alone I would describe it to you in my exaggerating anything that's players in the world. Together having fun playing some version of their sports how's that. It is that it's bad. It takes it could just be irrelevant. I I I mean -- the Indy Pro Bowl and they say what you will still football also get to 67 rating you know against the grammys last night fine. Baseball really looks like a baseball game -- the best all star game all of them for the most part the NBA game I don't doesn't look exactly like an NBA game. There's some similarity fine by the end of the game they definitely get -- the back and -- -- gets sick the NHL game just it it doesn't work it just for whatever reason it's not as much fun to watch those guys. Play in that environment -- right that's -- the skills competition might be the best that anybody house. But the actual game itself just for whatever reason does not work. A lot of promise you this -- great call -- NHL all star game is called the Olympics. Absolutely right now that's that's what. That's what an all star game it's what it can't be but it's what you wanted to do but that means something that means a lot more than heck aren't playing for their countries. You know you have bad yep -- better talent. -- not necessarily better caliber talent that is. That is picked to complement each other it's not just a random collection of talent to actually -- right. So I don't know if all star game what you practice not really all star practices are -- that's a -- and that's a joke all star practice. But practicing for the Olympics is actually real building. And and that brings us to the final of the major offs -- games the MBA all star game. It used to have the most exciting weekend festivities. And now it's just a big stinking pile of crap. Is the NBA all star weekend at all relevant or would you rather watch something like the grammys or another awards show -- lot depends are they still gonna do three ball they still do that. Though they called it. We had the MBA players the WNBA players in the anyway legend. Probably if they still. That I've been. Now. Remember I remember magic he was like 400 pounds he magic ever magic about things Matic respect. Yeah. He was huge he looked gigantic. It's gross -- and he just looked gigantic he was trying to he was trying to compete in the where you've got a three man remembered. -- order not to remember the election planning now Oscar Robertson without their actually playing I don't remember that -- like all of a basketball. -- -- they should be able to do that now could -- Opposite. Thing Dominic right now play dominate -- -- and docile dealt with authority Mary. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Company beat up again who's trying to shake -- money really. And a -- food on anything about this isn't like one of those one of those commercials they did with -- uncle whatever. The the carrier record but it's not one of those -- -- -- grow older and older this is actually army -- In the -- day he would he would sit in his broadcast location as -- and from behind and he just turns up and grabs me just. Shelves and I would -- how old is -- now if -- -- fifty. -- -- it you're depicting exactly 61. So how he can still don't put your -- -- gets a what you put him in the like -- -- short shorts and a tank top he gets up -- get he rears back and eat it yet you think that woody. Woody could you wouldn't twenties on one of 27. F fifty get over around wrecked at least 54 people now -- 54 hours -- wonder why don't 54 he could -- with authority not just don't. But the wrote down par 68. Still. Didn't. Knees replaced or not I don't know. All the dollars dunking like -- it but it was young. A pretty well on the how he was always pictured told me just don't don't collect data reflect the whole -- was able to get. Elbow or elbows above the rim so now only to throw it down I -- -- authority -- -- he can dunk but not with the I want to Michael now. We legacy Michael's final -- of the nor'easter. Is. Michael Jordan fifty wanted to evacuate as -- -- -- the whole deal last year Michael Jordan fifty. So he's got to be the next month turns 51. Human -- What no I would personally don't look but I I just wanna Knoll. Whether what those guys are -- to bring -- -- -- because I imagine if Jordan -- to -- Harry you know what Jordan would -- -- -- down for little little turnaround jumpers. -- price will be good that wasn't John -- job back if -- is now. They had the celebrity -- -- game with some of the legends and Mitch Richmond was playing last year how big is it humongous really there could jump could you. We could still -- you know I don't know -- or not -- moved chemical. So what can KG hit a 74. It Mitch Richmond can still -- -- back quite a bit -- and the arrangement apparently Joseph Jonas trying to block it. I don't Kevin Hart plays -- games to a celebrity games he's got to a 5152. Soria maybe that's we had trying to second. I guess that it's maybe easier about why don't some of the players on the Celtics aren't that much better I feel like KG should and Italy's various seventeen footer last manner that is today's -- four. Let's look at -- you know -- and I'm 54 and a secure or not. -- -- feel -- is any. Man.

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