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Bradford Files: Dustin Pedroia joins Rob

Jan 27, 2014|

Dustin Pedroia joins Rob and discusses his health, the upcoming season, Lester and Ortiz's contract situations and, of course, Sasquatch

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It's blue blue blue Bradford finals right now phone WEEI done. Well I'm fortunate enough to be joined today on the Bradford files by Dustin Pedroia. To Austin power -- -- Fantastic first look cute yoga you wrote a new house here brand spanking new house that you moved in to but you know last year. -- water slide in the house. Our own water -- So let's not let's luxury item. Are in it oh -- -- hero batting cage. Track record runner runner. On. Her. I call on. Like -- started to get ready to play -- ball. So you don't so you don't leave your house you don't. You do everything right there. Oh yeah boy pitchers they're crap I had. They go to rehab or. I can't work out like back of my -- out but then back -- -- all of. So that's a perfect Segway so how. What what is the status of Islam why are you RU doing baseball activities and won't Wear you out that. Our. Doctor -- I'm ORG aren't -- Doctor open a lot -- But -- Probably don't look at or both do well but what a great dirt -- oh. About cricket not a problem. About our problem all of our problems. Or opt out. It's good last year of playing electorate at that urge my left hand so I haven't powered it. And so have you have you -- you song about gravity beheading and dollars coming up. -- Your business. OK as there I don't I don't I know that's tennis that's gonna turn the tide on whether UN and the pennant or not if you tell me if you've been hitting it in January. That that the. I wanted to tell you any information because but he actually let it show. Thought -- you know -- -- optical. A lot. I bought out. What a great you know -- Also I I Gary you've been hitting but you have to dispose. Of its. And all that well. At the well all right so you talked about how it feels now compared to when you when you're playing tell me to tell me exactly how that fell in in. You talked a little bit about it the of the season by. -- -- Describe exactly what you were able to do when you -- on the back. As late as the playoffs -- as the World Series. Well. Like they're uncomfortable feeling like I didn't see it -- not that much straight at college -- -- There -- the contact point. And then it looked up our. China bashing -- any copy yet to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of pain that. All that out the problem all year and it looked at -- and I -- it. -- -- From beginning I tried it yet to figure -- away and get -- Kind of job a lot. But he thought I actually give her belt. Per game. -- -- game at a lot in the World Series. All right it's just. -- be hired by -- put. It was just the grip strength and all who were -- That -- -- do. Did that translate into not being able to to. -- of power. That translate into having to go the other way of now how did that changes that are. I'll watch it it basically -- art art but every Al. Everything -- -- and can't do dropping all all I'm not able to do that obviously. -- pocket or are. You know adequate. Everything in a minute. I put under -- -- out all of -- better. You know whatever. A strike that would take away you know. At all like that so. You don't had a picture -- art understand count situation. -- it got rejected. The job all bark because physically edit I'd articulate what that. So -- so obviously you chose not to have surgery was there any point. As the year went on where you you actually said hey you know what this is getting really bad. You know maybe that wants the right choice or maybe -- -- to do something different. Target myself on that but it person -- pay attention not for me. You know. Getting emotional I think in respect. -- you know now I want I. Got hurt but I always. I got out -- -- good -- try to find a way to. Impact came out -- are quite. The in just declare just to clarify in terms of you don't Tommy spearheading an but just to clarify when you hit spring training it will be via any restrictions and dollar. It'll be -- ago. I don't know I don't know what they have a career. I would think they're restriction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctor Rick. Again actually about our our our I can count on -- early on -- But he. He cut only at this stage out that. And you know -- great. Great start -- Economic willow you're still call -- quite. -- -- Now -- put -- restriction but there in the gold could be getting ready -- but he's in it and to be as strong as our 40 what do they have -- Whatever helped him out about a -- To switch gears a little bit your name was brought up the other day. At the Boston baseball writers' dinner event I know that view enjoyed the one time January you only went one time. Are you weren't quite. -- around the -- that time you Michael Florida so. Yes of that time by Jon Lester was here. And everyone was asking Jon -- about his contract because that's what we do that's what everyone does in the offseason the identify the guy whose contract is running out he asked about it. And he kept bringing up your name and your contractor in and be an example of it's just going to play in one place. And maybe leaving little that money on the table because you wanna play and that one place so much. So what the question I have for you it is. When you when you approach that you want a place somewhere so that how difficult visit to separate warning to play. Somewhere. For the rest your career. And knowing the business aspect. Having gone through now. On in order. It's a little different I mean everybody. -- different. In my case I mean I hear that. Rob -- going to be a free agent. No. -- Year hurt her two years or outlook so. And knowing the type of player he did and every single or out. In other concert that he could I should be obviously changes my market. And I and I just felt. I got to to a situation where -- -- -- contract and you know Mike I came -- wanna get the point where the Red Sox. You know. He you know what they got that. You know they felt like they couldn't. Eighty order you know it didn't want you or something like my main goal one of the red -- the only game I acknowledge in my life. And it's our family I you know. It's it's immune immune on the -- to play in one place in front of saint and then and year and you're out trying to find -- opposite circle. And you know so. In all white you know -- yup it's obviously -- fairly big big part you know conjure wife -- it'd be like. But but obviously my main my main goal and -- ankle. If -- up forever and and you know. They got it all these options that it happened. Men and okay it's it's it seems to me that that seems to be the case. More times than not with with guys are playing in Bosnia wanna stay there recently because they know -- probably to spend money noted they're probably gonna have pretty good chance of winning. And so -- commuted Jon Lester talked this way and you've talked to him and he played with them for the entirety of your career. So that probably doesn't surprise you what he said about as is his approach of the contract. Yeah out I mean I thought they haven't seen would be set. We're just playing with John and don't have the guy is -- He's very loyal is it seemed IE. He he worked right -- and it is mine that's always in the right place so. You know -- -- -- no -- that I mean I character I have an idea. Oh what he wants him and what he wants to do. -- said he wanted to stay in Boston he said it is said that. -- as long as he was paid more than Dustin Pedroia he didn't care. Yeah whatever man -- a matter -- hugs. I'm probably -- I'm. All. About it. -- it but you're but you know we're talking a vote again guys seem to wanna stay here and in a guy who. Who everyone perceived as the ultimate pay he'll go wherever the money is. And I don't think that entirely accurate it's too Colby to mobiles there. And even. Yeah I mean you know have -- at the other day he he took a contract that everybody would take it was impossible it turned out but. I don't know if you can talk about exactly how much he wanted to stay in Boston because I think he did. -- -- it sure it was. All right -- -- are the most he went out there of them last week and I think in the that's like for coming over. Tomorrow or something for better some. I'm in -- -- they'll autonomy. You know because he kind of got a situation where -- know. He wrote that great player what you don't feel. Changes the game even if he goes over or. You know he's really not a factor but his name in the lineup -- so those are. You don't elite players then and he's won a vote so no he got an offer that. He couldn't refuse and and I don't I don't think anybody in the world all of her for furcal and where he went. You know and in about not opt out -- guy. I putted well or we want you championships together everything. Was great now but. After what the season starts. Now. I hope he wins -- -- -- that's -- it goes you know but. -- we're worked for it worked well just like just like all all of my teammates are. -- earlier it together family go to the ups and downs and and in the -- inside you know you -- it was about. You know another teammate and friend is the current season. And we were down -- the Medicare and he's our target is contact a little bit -- one extension. And then he talked about it again yesterday. And we've been through every year with David talking about about how he really wants to stay but he really wants these extensions and and can you relate to how he feels is that. Do you sympathize -- with what he's saying because again he's he's. It's the same sort of conversation we seem to have a David Ortiz for four of the last five years. You know I mean I like to shield him to look. The book the art. I think everyone out there are one everyone thinks all of this you know this is gonna be the year that. You know it doesn't hit thirty home runs in -- and -- that is going to be you know he's getting older. You know -- -- -- that we're not gonna happen David and and just by the way he's talking away he's working. This is mind that everything it's not stop. You know and and and it is still like. It -- I love the fact that he always had that -- on a short video to prove people wrong and and that now I'd love that about him. Ala David I mean if I mean whatever. It might be very -- -- -- at 900 in the world there. You know I mean I mean he's he's one of the guys that walk in the spring training you're putting up the worry about that there -- here you know -- It started out -- -- play. Every year you it's perceived that you and gave her -- leaders of the team. As it does it surprise you that that. It has go on year to year to year for the most part the last whatever has been for five years. You ought I don't. Go out there I hate the business or baseball men I've really do I don't. I just flat out electric I mean I'm thrilled that I don't have to worry. Mike. You know I mean I I don't I don't. Look at David as how much money makes her order or you know what kind of numbers you put up -- look at David it. -- he restore achievement and how we can. Help us accomplish struggled and it goes a lot further than him just being at the age. These are you pretty optimistic about this team right now -- is hard not to be you have balls everyone coming back to you in the World Series by it. Having gone through it. Last year with some uncertainty heading -- last year. -- have a have a pretty good vibe about what year where -- gonna be diving into here in the bottom doubled to eight weeks. Are -- absolutely I mean where you know we got a lot of returning guys. You know we're. -- OLs left -- store signs. Oh he left. We mentioned it mentioned. Most of try to. To try to overcome promote currently being. Got to some bullpen pieces that mean we are starting pitching staff -- -- back community. You know we got we got everyone back I think the hardest thing for -- is gonna known that there. You know now knowing ever Wimbledon are practical outcome for -- -- You know where the World Series champs everyone everyone wants. To do that. So we got to work just as hard -- we got a real work and our target we did last year. To -- everybody -- to try to do it again. -- you do you remember that feeling. Back in 2008. Yup -- good feeling absolutely -- -- it's. You know you want strong play game and I figured in you wanna get their best every single -- makes you better picture came better. Popular way to compete. Lot the last question is we had created Jonathan Papelbon on the highly rated. And our if I asked him mom I have my biggest disappointment this offseason was. The fact that you guys did not as far as I know to get a chance to go out in the woods in and hunt sat squads. Number one has that happened has -- -- scenes of course has that happened and will happen if it hasn't. You know it didn't happen at all -- -- -- I got a late start the world's press. Yeah a great reasoning I mean -- target erotic we never. Without watch hunting so you know for the next eight years some. So. But we will do that. It's commissioners on TV that -- dollar ten dollar bounty particular -- yes. Article I I got a multi autumn and watch them all one day like -- like. Like go up Bender so that's going to be Mike -- and it. So yeah. I have to know in -- I know that he has a statue in his house -- -- you guys talk about allotment. And he -- says from where you grew up that's like the hot spot for SaaS wants tighter however you wanna -- plural Tom. But why why why do you actually think that these things exist. Who would -- why. Lol what tools do you. We approved or. That I know the hostages. The group yes. I have to Google. Google some things okay. Is it like made creature that. Talk. -- Iraq. -- -- There are out there. Are so so what it bought it for. Must called muscular. But -- it well and it was so what was what was the moment where you said. That I write that this is a real thing. It wasn't. The -- -- -- -- -- kid there my doubt on me so so you know and director of the redwood tree. And and they had a big like. Real community on deal. They got photos they got there are kind of stuff and so about a -- meant. Are are well. How to how can they argue that. Listen when you -- you know and apple even something. I guess we just have to fall -- Got one well. First of all this this couple things -- that number one is that if he shot -- Where is it -- number two is that would be I would imagine that's an endangered species. Bowl -- because you'd think it. OK so all right that comes back to my first point if he shot. Why are that are arguing it would have been ninety -- eighty. Washington at a big -- on their stay. Like. Deal you know -- welcome to you know California and -- got like. This you know they yellow flowers anchor welcome and other odds and they're little or whatever -- at a pictures of big foot apartment that. Because they carry the Henderson's his game now. Washington nationalize. Seattle Seattle. What a watcher and -- I believe I believe you but it would get -- aren't part of my life. -- slept. It thought later ago Lotta -- deal about that real okay well does the big noise thank you for joining Hanson. And we'll -- a couple of weeks.

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