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Paul Pierce and KG return to Boston

Jan 27, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss Paul Pierce's and KG's emotional return to the Garden last night.

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Pot today will spend a little -- Super Bowl but I wanted to start with what we saw last night the garden because there are certain moments where. I'd just don't believe that -- necessarily happens. Outside a sports city like Boston and there were great sports cities. But what you saw last night was authentic it was real. It was emotional and it was so I was so well on the return to KG Paul Pierce I can't speak enough to the way to crowd reacted the video tributes and the experience of seeing these two. Future Celtic. You know hall favors -- we wanna put it back in Boston and you've. Okay. You don't I've felt two different emotions for each guy won respect. Different -- Because we KG we UC KG and it brings a smile to your face. A -- you think about beat -- the last time we've seen a character like this. I mean like this -- and -- -- this guy had. You know whether it was like -- show and it's -- the Jersey the front of the Jersey. At the head butts. On the knicks jets the emotion everything KG. -- you loved so -- I saw him. Saw the video. It was -- miss that guy you know all that was so much fun. Being able to follow him and -- watched games in the interest appreciate Kevin Garnett so that was like it was a smile on my face. Watch and -- video celebration for Kevin Garnett a smile. That would make it Paul Pierce. It was different you know it was it was appreciation. But it was sat. Read because because there's more a Mosher raw emotion that I -- get emotional. With Paul Pierce beat that press conference. When -- -- went through certain of Brooklyn introduced the Brooklyn net. I mean it was like he was called back -- -- we've played it's not like he was depressed to be general was asked that they had sunk -- -- He didn't want to leave he understood the scenario what the situation was in Boston it's almost like those two guys and Jason Terry. As they did itself the favor of great deal -- change. The gonna continue to get these pics from Brooklyn is going to be lottery pick from -- given up next three years great mold. You know for the Boston Celtics the Paul Pierce did not want to happen you could see its -- it was more emotional. It's emotional with KG. Was it a more emotionally. Close to tears watching KG celebration open -- Kevin Garnett. Was just Paul Pierce right. It was is it differ minder -- KG Ursa -- what he did for this franchise when he got here. Paul Pierce who is a reminder of what he did from the day he was drafted it was you're at the great way of putting it's two different motions and I can only speak for myself that it was. He felt different with pierce. -- is Paul Pierce went through some bad years here okay. All meant ugly as our guy calls Paul Pierce. Went through some years that were good like my favorite part. Of the Paul Pierce tribute came at the beginning. When they showed Paul Pierce it is -- Jersey pierce 34. And Antoine Walker number eight next to right because there was a time where is a Celtic fan. Those two guys who wore the Celtics for a group of us that were a little too old to really remember what -- meant to the Celtics right and I you know that -- ten years old in 1990. Or was at the point where his backers hurting its Indiana never saw. Outside of -- all the NBA videocassettes and and now YouTube how good he was so for me. For a long time the NBA the Celtics. Were pierce and K what pierce and Antoine Walker. And that's that he gets -- with Paul Pierce and the Indiana rip the shirt up there are some there was a lot more back story with Paul Pierce. He has more intertwined in the fabric of the -- the organization. That is Kevin Garnett. And for whatever reason I I agree on a percent we'll find out -- if people felt the same way. It was warm ocean to -- Paul because he we went through more -- he didn't suffer an eight inning. I guess is they did suffered a real way being stabbed at a night club in Boston. He went through war suffering. As a Boston Celtic -- -- Kevin Garnett did. KG suffered a Minnesota is those teams sucked many of them once he got here. All you know was wedding you know winning a championship first year you -- intensity you knew. Back to a finals again it probably should of won that second championship. Against the lakers it. Eight -- -- the heart strings because pierce had more of a history with the Celtics and again in a -- cents suffered more. The -- Garnett guard that was the bright light gauge what I was changing every. Against organization combination we we've we've had guys come in and you know motive Vader semi I don't know if you compare inning. In a split like Johnny gold to slow roll right with the Red Sox and kind of how we speak and up beneath. Saying these things he's got good quotes good guy half the games. That type thing but the ability to skills not Kevin Garnett level. -- to have a Kevin Garnett it's almost like a Pedro Martinez who electrified Fenway. Does he was skilled and he was just that type of guy talking to the media but still not as intense as Kevin Garnett and right committee Kevin Garnett stepped on the floor he changed a lot of things XT but -- -- great article today talking about how do you know. Don't tell me to Kevin Garnett is not a Celtic appears to have been here for six years lets down its some what he brought. And I can't remember having more fun watching. One guy on a nightly basis it would he would get fired up whether -- be -- -- after the game press conferences after the game. Tuesday intensity brought each and every day was like unmatched in here the players talking about a practice. The GE demand them to work hard at practice even when the MBA at times I'm sure that just -- just got to go walked through. Not KG's intensity. It was open was there till. And really those years they went shipping -- defense. And we saw what the team was like when he wasn't on the court -- plus minus numbers. American how many years she's here he deserves to have that number up -- and -- -- no question about it -- talked about coming back to Boston last -- part of a lengthy post game of ball the ball. It really hit me until I got to see their listeners. To -- to see all the guys who made our stay worth it Phil lynch Tony -- Those guys Don Imus moment Brian do -- because of people who don't know what made this whole thing go around. -- -- Like possum and sued numerous friendships as you walk through to place the security guard stuff. The ball boys everybody Amanda that their source depreciation -- How far the hardest caused me that I have to focus this is this is bigger in Minnesota when -- back to Minnesota with my friends. I think about a lot -- probably associate him around the NBA's -- Minnesota Timberwolves for life and Indians that getting trading here we fought that trade -- McMullen. Broke the news member of what they was gonna except the was intercepted Jackie decide -- decide -- finds out. Of he's gonna be treated while. Kevin Garnett coming here and that that's what changed everything sorry doc sorry re I know those guys all came together -- the new thing analyst Paul Pierce. It was Kevin Garnett that would change everything when he bought in two -- system that is different to presumed to return to Minnesota things and exactly and well. You know before him. In Minnesota yeah eyes so I think you return to Boston turn when a championship. Is a step up ball appears to talk about. That game last night and -- yeah how tough it was compared it to the other big games. Almost on America and almost summer everybody knows that this is the toughest -- -- rather play. Suffered in any championship game any game seven. This game was -- -- to lose his focus. Really concentrated along bull's -- hand. I think that day we had a game to play it was sort of really focused. -- at the -- -- same thing right when he came down. You know when he first came back to Boston and those coaches -- at the help me out here tonight is that on Wednesday for an admitted they did -- -- had help no questions of -- -- And it's funny because you know the introduction is emotional. Ending -- in the game and it's like the first basket of the fans cheering and it almost seems that just when you start to -- just play basketball again. That's when they give you the video montage in the first order -- -- tonight just lost for the rest of the for the rest of the half. You know you did before the game maybe they can move on but it I would get it we -- the first quarter's going to be awkward. And it features when you get all of that awkwardness. Now's when -- -- to give you the video and you gonna be lost for the rest of the half. It was -- it about making it needs you you work over their great job by Comcast to stick with that you're presented by four dealers got the sponsor read it and stuck with the -- videos. -- up old videos on top of that. Op Paul Pierce didn't I miss a shot that it did miss a chance even to stop this -- take a shot at his old friend here. In Boston focus -- on so many friends. So many people are known for years. Let me cornbread Maxwell back there -- name of as a starter begin soon. Here are routinely are routinely come and get ready for a game and as this you just never settled in as us. Just thought about the times the friendships the relationships it was us. Then you can shower -- loved throughout the whole game if you look up you see so many cabins are these monitors are so many posters. -- every every second you're on the bench every second during the game people are calling and they knew it was really tough to the folks today. You know we're having we've got are overweight and over for playing basketball. Videos -- plus reaction from the players eight plus Tennessee tears yeah I had tears from KG Paul Pierce I don't think you -- cried. Reaction of the fans eight plus plus right there was. Most of -- -- swallow loans -- by about five seconds understand when. And trying to -- plus plus I found -- who have little boy here. He slogan -- it's no worse that really -- just -- -- laden. Okay. Tremendous. My favorite thing may be of all of that. Was the shot they showed the video they showed up watching at home not there but they showed the two empty spots. Lomax wanna forget who else is number on the of the banners up there. They absolutely need to retire -- these numbers like immediately to get a text your KG I bitch KG and ray but KG doesn't blow appears Russell and thirty kidding me. Those banners -- for the -- They show the two empty spots up there Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce Allen deserve to be there they will be there someday. And they should be this idea that Paul critic Kevin Garnett specifically. Wasn't a Celtic long been up -- -- played here six seasons. Is what the Dulles and have ever. Like you if you watched the Celtics -- paid attention this team for any seconds of time. You recognize that he would immediately got here he bought it in what -- Celtic -- Paul Pierce beat a better Celtic. It doesn't matter how many years she played -- to me. Kevin Garnett should be right there next our 34. With those two spots in the rafters much are you argue otherwise. Would agree and I know it was six years with retired numbers. Bill. And it's early about hall of fame even though uses Heidi indicates he was no question first ballot hall of fame -- appears to be hall of fame Maria won't be a hall of Famer. There there's a difference I think retired numbers this is about what you meant that organization. What you accomplished. The championship is there. I think the effect the -- head on on the organization. I just think about the way that they've changed with the Celtics -- From that bird era the kind of the day that trade was made 2007. What they became. Where they are now even though they are struggling still has fans still there -- places still people still go to watch the Celtics as bad as they are right now. That you put the organization back on the map now Paul was there through tough times -- KG came in the decent body in the week talking ball being -- -- the yep. It retired numbers for special individuals believe an impact the organization. Now it's up we'll physicians decide which special individuals. Deserve it or not. I don't think is any question KG is deserving. -- I'm sure you can make the argument maybe don't like the fact he's going at the six years. Annually compared the numbers that are up there that's but we can do that. Because the impact ethic is there it should be about impact not longevity. You know pierce has -- Kevin Garnett doesn't have a longevity he has the impact of it and so. I immediately saw that night and that was not taken aback by it it was it was great. It made perfect sense of their foreshadowing they're gonna retire those two numbers. I am curious what you guys think is immediately the AT&T text -- 37937. He should not be up there but he wasn't here long enough. And -- texture says you retire Kevin Garnett you have to retiring. Well rails a different story like a back and talk about him in addition to what you saw last night at 61777979837. AT&T Tex -- At 37937. That you actually can retire Kevin Garnett number. Not retire ray Allen's L explainable talk about it next -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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