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Green Street Podcast - Recapping an unforgettable Celtics tribute

Jan 27, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Ben Rohrbach on unforgettable Celtics tribute to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

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Welcome to TD garden on a very special night as the Boston Celtics honored to of their elections. Former captain Paul Pierce saying Kevin Garnett. In a stirring tribute on causeway street -- Mike the trial yet joined by Celtics expert writer for WEEI dot com Ben roar back. Then obviously this is more night that's gonna go down in celtics' floor I think and I don't think that's hyperbole I think that really is what tonight was all about. Two separate video tributes to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for everything they meant to Celtics nation. Yeah it was it was unbelievable. One thing that struck me was they showed the two empty spots. And the retired in the where all the retired numbers -- there's two empty spots. And it. Obviously pierce will be up there and everyone speculated about KG and I think he'll how he'll definitely be up there. And you know just to have two more guys that are Celtics legends come back here was amazing night and you know what I I think the reason Kevin Garnett and belongs up in those rafters is because of what I wrote over the weekend and that is Kevin nobody really personified with Celtics pride is all about. Then when Kevin Garnett said we're all about Britain balls and that's what the Celtics are all about it's that intensity that desire that fight. And that's what I think when -- one of the big reasons why Kevin Garnett is so beloved by Celtics fans and I think that came across tonight after the game. Kevin Garnett said it was wonderful to be showered with love by the Celtics fans. And Paul Pierce said that -- you know this is one of those nights that was as hard for him to play in -- any game he's ever had in his career. Even a game seven I think that was the case it was just so hard for them to focus and you could tell that on -- tell that early on in the game. Yet they those to really understand boxed and they understand the crowd they understand fans they understand. They use they know that fans recognize effort. You know I always think of Trot Nixon when I think what. Those two really got that and and the fans. Showed up tonight and as you -- expected in and there was just. Just emotions were high for everybody let's. Break down the two tributes the first one came to 25. Left in the first quarter was after a timeout. And one thing that struck me was the Celtics Coach Brad Stevens said. He actually shorten his time out and his time with the team in the huddle so that he could take it in his players could take it and and really appreciate what was going on in those video tributes. He said I know. I don't often that I often think just played a play to play and possession to possession but tonight I made an exception. And I think it was worthwhile and I thought in Kevin Garnett case. When he looked up. He really felt felt it in his heart and -- in this throat as he said after the game. Yes it was there was the strange night because it was more about the tributes that it was about the actual game. And for pierce and Garnett to the you can tell they came out low. Off on their game and -- room was waiting for the tributes to happen. And when they did. You know. The emotions really came out of those guys I think pierce said he almost cried in and KGS that he posted to SO. Yet that it was just an amazing amazing. Job by the Celtics capturing that and it in they. They've done -- well for Perkins and those guys but this was it even bigger night and they nailed it they really dead and you know. For -- pierce and Garnett. To talk after the game about how I met much it meant for them. In their careers to come back here they probably will never have another moment like this. In the rest of their career is because Boston is something special and they know. Now onto another matter and you were in the celtics' locker room after the game. Paul Pierce was asked after the game whether or not he thought his successor as captain of the Celtics -- Rajon Rondo. Is ready to be a leader of the Celtics a true leader. Through good times and in bad and he said that Paul Pierce said yeah I think he is ready. But after the game you were in the locker room with Russia on Rondo and he wasn't exactly proposed -- and now. He's any comparison between himself at age 27 and Paul Pierce in terms of maturity maturity. And his answer was just no. Which is is a typical Rondo answered this year and you know we don't know what his leadership style is behind closed doors but at least. Outs in the media it's. Let's just a hint it's not the same as KG and Paul he's not that he's not taking on. That leadership role. In the media. And the media responsibility is a significant one in Boston but I think to your point and I think it's an excellent one we have no idea what goes on. In behind closed doors and I don't think Danny Ainge would be assigning him the captaincy. If it wasn't for the fact that he thought that Rondo wouldn't embrace the role of leader. Behind closed doors and if you watch Rondo on the court he is certainly vocal and he directs people. Left and right and he wants people the right place at the right time and I think that's what -- season Rondo as a potential leader on this team. Yeah coach Stephenson said the same thing in and his teammates have said the same thing about him showing up. You know early before training camp inviting everyone to his house doing those sorts of things behind closed doors. And that says a lot about him if if if he continues to have this relationship with coach Stevens going forward. And his teammates obviously respect and Brett Avery Bradley raves about him every chance he can get. So so maybe it is there but there. Blakey said there is something to coming on the media it answering all the questions so that your teammates don't have too that's another thing. You know that people's. People think that the media makes too -- -- big deal about it but. It is something we are the conduit of forest from the players to the fans and were ideally maybe somebody should explain this to. -- John FP they haven't already we are trying to make it easier for the players as the conduit to get their message across to the fans. Some players feel honestly they don't need the media to do that job they know that the fans are gonna love them further. Actions on the court not their words after the game and rightfully so rightfully so. And there is definitely something to a guy appears that it after every game KG did it after every game. They came out they give answers to every question. Eloquently. And -- though this year at least since he's been back his dispute and the one word answers. And you know been kind of flippant. Which you know is fine for fans and everything but I wonder if that. Says something to his teammates well I I'd. Then I really think it that in this case what is said behind closed doors that's were the words really mean something. And you know we're always gonna wonder what really happened between Raj on. And Doc Rivers. Out the door because that's certainly was controversial there was a lot of speculation about who said -- who charged it too. And there's obviously some tension on the way out and I think that marriage had and then it did but now this is Rajon Rondo is team and he got a glimpse of what could be. In terms of the -- of for him. If he is able to fulfill the legacy. Of Paul Pierce and -- and Kevin Garnett which is what we saw on display in full effect here on this very special night. At TD garden a final was the nets. 85 and the Celtics 79 piercing Garnett six points and peace in their emotional victorious return. To causeway street for -- were back. I'm Mike the -- -- WEEI dot com.

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