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Richard Sherman stays in the news

Jan 27, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing Richard Sherman remaining all over the news this weekend and how busy his Super Bowl week will be.

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Weekend observations my friend weekend observations. Old. L cool. Three times in the opening number called drunken -- Under the auspices of the category should say of of sarcasm. Aussies seem just buying these days and I'm pretty sure that Daft Punk is going to have a long and productive career like a car car. Yeah there's seven out of gas seventies they'll be -- a -- Daft Punk. -- that our staff -- and hang in with McCartney and -- stuff just hang him at that they went -- offers the same had a couple cocked her as she talked about the old guys still be doing that thing will not that -- those two guys to Google somewhere and claimed that was me I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is really subtle the Chicago trombone player is still a raging Specter. I didn't notice him. Now he tries to -- I saw Chicago probably years -- -- yeah yeah yeah and he's up over the trombone -- around and try to draw attention to himself. The probable in my estimation apps Leo -- watched ten times as much Grammy as -- watch the pro ball. About the KG Paul Pierce stuff was interesting in that you could tell both guys both tough guys. Were moved to if not tears almost two years. And I think -- -- protectorate to -- week. That that Celtics team that we watched last night that's the same team that people wanted to win games are there and that's yes they'll repetitive right. Nature there are three teams in the MBA actually there's two teams below them in the ambient air time with Philly fifteen essentially know that those of fourteen but they essentially are tied. Easy to get below fairly -- -- for our if you did you heartened to walk mind I would like Milwaukee beat cup and I just said. Bottom three that's the goal every chance there on scheduled to reach the bottom -- but it was. Pretty amazing how many TVs. Change the channel after the -- tribute. What is. They were both great that he brilliant job on -- videos I thought the ball great TV it was very entertaining but as soon as the Prius was -- over you over. Why am -- watching this now it is. Brad Stevens is doing his job they're doing great there on combat losses capsule that's what we're looking for but man watching it. And second half for watching him down the stretch is hard to do and the -- especially if you're thinking is supposed to. It doesn't doesn't challenge the concept of death entertainment dollar. -- I mean with all due respect to them trying to out there. With the exception of Rondo it's an entertaining team to watch -- -- -- his cell enters not entertaining nice player lose thirty he does some nice player if they get -- these picks it will be good complementary or. There fourth -- really good team but not you can't. Can't watch me get -- watch and sweetener. No hard I'll do -- you know you look for reasons half of the reason you -- last night obviously Pearson. And at. The opposition -- the -- -- other team it's -- who's. Interesting whose common public Carmelo get Tuesday night right. They get the feeling for a lot of people lastly what's that appears that he wanted not just the game ended the season what has -- -- our right yeah what's. I'll make sure there was its -- and maybe I missed some I know I know many hands and viscous he has most sold. But watching it again very well done. Very emotional tributes. But is it. Hard to watch you know Paul Pierson an enemy uniform do you have a difficult time with -- No I don't have the least I was able to stomach I don't have the smallest problem with that at all I mean. Does anyone think it was not. Good ideas and Yvonne if you're 28 may be tough place to start Dixon and he's got -- so old and he's out there -- people in the stands -- -- you know women with Paul Pierce. Greens on the -- -- it's right now that Jews should promote. Do that I don't think these tributes are that was kind of an emotional song it was like a slow song what do what Jim was in this kind of song designed to achieve in the heart and it didn't. About like the like with -- project Mickelson Tom Cruise in the middle I was kind of clueless little diversion but -- -- that the song was designed to grab you by the -- it worked on U -- -- -- -- leader it was close very close you know -- -- Missed but does anyone really think that's too bad they're gone I mean. It is. If you wanted to and the only reaction to the Celtics is. Applause I mean they are doing it right they do what they have to do they get a coach for long term who's ready to go with a growing pains in the losing. The fans are too I have to check. The fans are okay with this also correct I think most of the fans even the ones at the giving it to whatever you do don't tackle this -- competitive policies some victories realize now there's no -- near championship driven basketball is no ordinary playoff basketball and it can all we're still here it would a couple of -- Garnett to could be you know whatever. 56 games better right now right to score it would ruin everything I mean -- and -- accurate at this point that's what it might trade offs. Right if it would Magnus says the traded them they loaded up on draft picks they doing the right thing. And and I -- amend it's not it's very hard to watch it wouldn't wanna be the -- the rights holder. There's no one's watching you just listen in but a little ought to be micro attendee who sits in the front row and spend a 100000 dollars on tickets for this year in in June. Late June you'll be glad that think back to this -- think back to this time it's -- point. They did right and Andrew Wiggins is on the board and Jabari Parker's somewhat and you have the third. Best chance in but the bottom free. You get the top one of the top three picks right. You can't fallout if you're are one of the four right. If you're the bottom three don't -- at one of the top four iron just right correct me if I'm Margaret. And you're most likely get one of the top three and clearly it's five or sixty -- got three guys at least you -- probably 45 guys in mind so we get the guy he wants. And then in the wheel in -- on begins and then you look for competitive team maybe next year. Maybe next year he says let's compete you know you know for playoff spot but for now you cannot know to complain to do it right. You're doing right now and that I was very impressed with the way they've gone in the tank. You and especially with Rondo back to about winning at a at a at a raped. It's all not open at all all know now. But it was tough because. Last night pierce and Garnett -- Different shirts than they used to Wear these ethics and all else on -- -- your heart my heart I put that on I saw them it was so weird. I was so I I don't you know what that didn't hit me at all last that's so weird. I'm asking the party this year right you've seen them before the trade was a long time ago. The you know guards probable in the nets Jersey up on the day that Richard do exactly what you -- -- that that's the other -- of trying to league experience in the city where you're sauce from the different uniforms support that's. That's really it's not right. On February pork avalanche Bobby -- go to blockbuster former workers there -- want to that was -- and yet I guess sort would have qualified but that's million years ago amid a generally I'm with you and -- On it just hurts. Her about -- about holes there. -- -- good -- follow. This and I'm misting up again if ready and get the little clamped. The youngest he -- do with the -- a film ultimately please hold it went when Steve Mariucci said the word for clamped Australia are sap fell over laughing. Exit on the little -- and work and I know what he had no didn't he said what does that mean that they'll settle out again. Were clamped because she could doesn't mean in what is -- -- -- come from internally upset. I know that dictionary definition but we'll come from that words that you dish out yes solemn it's. Brazilian was always -- was personally it is American I think he's right advocate is it's resilient from that it's -- it is. The what you had done -- this weekend was resilient. That's true yeah yeah it was good and and and you point out Richard Sherman I'm with you yesterday morning watching all of it just play that conversation again it's that if they will play -- and nobody more conversations the the the the campaign. To get us to embrace it and and love and respect. Richard -- is never ending it is just relentless. I'd be by next Sunday. We're gonna have trouble distinguishing Richard Sherman from the lower Xavier Rosa park -- it's going to be hard to tell the difference by next Sunday -- seven more days to these. These. Stooges in the media -- would tell us what a wonderful guy and and how he's not a thug and the like for me I don't know who call him a plug. What are what it is is -- taken mountain and then end up that doesn't count got -- but that's what they've done nobody everyone every time mayor references the media people into the media and it really -- not show me. Show me the media of people who are calling thug and if they did I want -- -- Twitter compiled in part called. He did. Well and as we said last Monday when we broke up the definition of the you can. Like -- If if -- definition of a thug is different from mine and yours didn't the one we came up with criminal that's fine mr. make your case I got no problem with a I I don't. And I understand that you know and probably five years from now -- will be. Verbal and -- use that right or from our language you like to support that he will be the -- and I was. If somebody wrote that somebody did over the week right called it the -- were they didn't wanna use the word desperate. Now I don't Gasper was referred to media members who called me did you can't read about on Twitter yesterday it may be blacks against -- it's Saturday ordered. And -- he of people called -- and I'm just curious I'm sure there out there but. And is -- prominent media member media person. -- -- if not the level is the ultimate straw man -- the ultimate straw man argument and and he intentionally exacerbated by saying you know that now in this day and age equals the Edward. It went a little bit faster. That T word went at least one of the Boston Herald style book. At a page is said and by the way. Bug is now you know I'll find -- -- over the weekend it was a mean -- was a woman. Exit did -- use the word. And call that that -- word so it -- to the point where some and and I know how this works five years some opinions from now. Everybody will be saying the T word because you will be on you won't be allowed to call it if it's Aaron Hernandez. Won't be allowed to call is sluggers DuPont tournament hours ago my point on Sherman. When acting like -- -- don't be surprised people interpret that we'd be who you war. Not you'll see we came up with the definition of thug has to include criminal activity correct but that was our definition right. DuPont has a different definition that's fine I'm sure -- could make his case it is not the inward at least not yet. Is much Sherman would like it to be because -- play in the victim he's the victim. The other thing that I hear the other guys like you know you can back if you go back and that's the argument from the the -- cards of the world that if you can back it up it's okay. How many -- and every time. And agree treatments of the great Richard Sherman. Or just marked the GPA and hear this from people's. -- Larry Bird talked lot of trash or of this Michael Jordan. Haven't gotten another great example if you ever seen Kevin Garnett Larry Bird Michael Jordan after -- game -- chairman. Comparison again is just so flawed. And wrong. What is. At least I'm not. I wasn't our students on -- on court papers were that your. I don't that's so if hawkish. If Sherman just -- all game and Michael Crabtree at the end of the game. Didn't some went to -- in -- -- into an interview and didn't chase after Crabtree didn't do the double jokes. Would there be any you're with at any course of course so don't. I can't change the arguments sake Garnett on the court a lot of trash war. Larry Bird talk trash is talked about Sherman on field the game we did an outfielder in the game. But -- jokes. It's. That choke sign is it is comparable. No different from trash talking -- -- -- in the N word fifty times in the game which is worse the jokes I was at the end of course that is that. The -- question again is sure jokes -- worker Garnett using the N word out for it again which is worse. Talking about the game behavior and a woman if you question. Whether it is -- question. As I make the point is or make the point. It is nothing to do the in game behavior and what is what is -- and body -- in game behavior. God. Can you answer question but no I cannot. Say -- you deity that's worse than that and that's gonna work you test the T word it's. But see your fall into the -- It has nothing to do with -- a -- to know which term it's a -- not. I. Asked the question for policy was a view it's a month sure. Anybody in eight teams sport who behaved after game winner chairman would be if not not pressed. I want athlete who did that denigrated the -- is bull before and after the contest Ali and I should note did too deep to -- If he'd detract from his teammates accomplishment -- -- And he has not done you know. It's not comparable that's -- that's one guy. The the the point I'm sure -- W right on that stage I answers but every time I hear discussed its. Byrd amendment. Charles Barkley -- whatever you name get other trash talkers the -- I can't pick one amassing guys to choke sign in games before. They get -- -- Cedric Maxwell. -- -- final true magic missed free so it was just the other day David double joke right. And you thought it was cool back. To. Its what did it before opera. Show you do have accused showed that first error. There are you from -- greens Greenwald and nobles -- whatever it's called you what you did to them that it would walk in Avon old farms get. Out. It's like that commercial which Sherman Garnett going to -- to be on. And aren't in in in your pro athletic career yeah did you ever compete against African American ball. Advocate a complete. But I didn't -- they recruit them. And they you know they keep score. We more than you do. And your your team picture scenery. -- This too is your right about that yeah not not there. -- maybe there's one not on the Olympic dress off yeah I don't think there was a prep school Sharia law on your team. We had two guys in the guys the guys great guys who have put our -- Bring it got a pretty quick summary of best friend a -- in high school all the -- -- ball. But you watch by the yeah you think you're sick -- search out CM. It's not that I'm sick -- notes I'm sick of this is this transparent. Attempt to make him. Companies not like. It can't be pitcher buddy so go there on the Twitter here's what you hear he all of them -- issued to -- don't. Because he's so Smart because he studies the game. Says silky you can't column names. Now how do you make deadly that it -- he's really Smart. He's really good player so you can't call him names to Charlotte is interesting. He's the trash talker but it's more about honesty you -- guys who doesn't like. Praises those he does so this -- -- next I think the next tweets as you can column names of CNET. They Muslim but the -- in place talks that. Doesn't bother me it's part of -- these days. Article Sherman nasty names when he -- respect for the game standing tall quarterback that might -- -- so. You can't column nasty names because he studies -- cornerbacks. Can you help me with that -- yes. Do you more than anybody I try to -- missed you last week but let me make another attempt at what you have at work here is the columnist concept. The visceral reaction to the Erin Andrews Richard Sherman rant -- post game was. While large. Negative. Open -- taken away his friends his teammates all that sort of stuff. The person who wants to stand out look out. -- wants to be little bit different writes a different idea that says this is a fine of that's not different he -- me that's what kept it after the -- it was different. What he did after the game Tuesday from Utah mom media members who were defending him or supporting up to be different. Special action across this country and certainly on his Twitter account social media and all that sort of stuff. Was very negative toward Richard Sherman -- -- a lot of people jump on that is that well. If they felt is 90% think this way tonight somehow write a column that offensive to us or us or just the opposite the media. I mean Twitter whatever I mean you know what happens on Twitter crazy people come out from under the rocks. Ever tell you heard about yes I asked. And there's no editing you know there's there's no. You know what is. So someone could just sit there and troll -- used the N word or worse used -- -- and say and then rich richer -- and look look at people call me but in the media. I guarantee is so rookies them in the in the majority down in new York New Jersey. This week who say he's so Smart he's charming to -- a chance get to know. Again I'd love to know. What -- what the connections between his brains and we know we Smart. He's really Smart he's really well spoken I saw the Kenny -- sit down I've seen about six times already at all. Yes I eventually I gave up -- -- Kenny Maine and he was fine the conversation was -- have no problem with that was public trash talk and imagine Larry Bird economical and what he did on the field. And and what he did off the field at two different things -- did the end of the game was unprecedented. The idea that this is just an honest athlete let it all out. We get to that point where you can chased on your opponent taught him get the choke sign of the opposing quarterback. Colin can't predict it'll go off like a lunatic -- Erin Andrews and that's just the guy you know being passionate. I I kept a a casual not official count I think got some or Richard Sherman this weekend and low on the progress and commercial -- -- I turn -- any thing in the areas you can remain there and it's just begun yeah. They'd just got to if it. The it would or get a Super Bowl week picking up super weak right now action yesterday that bowl teams arrive if we were there are not ruling by the way that decision anybody know. On liability always a bottle made that decision. And now let's get some new fancy title and you decide its and his guys in the guys told me these -- talked with some guess again it's going to be -- we can -- but to have dozens pros -- hopes -- Franco harris' -- -- cream. Of -- I would I'd Florida Franco yes nothing -- bush troop and let him hang in eleven bring via McConnell. Stressed that it goes everywhere that that the cut out Joseph Paterno yeah that would be good -- I don't Marty album which what does this is that we. -- not he and we were Sunday. And we were going to media day would you spend any amount of time as I said he is going to be the most bald guy -- probably will begin Peyton Manning of the B 11 in terms of volume of media members and cameras around him. Would you -- -- while. Try to get him to say something. I mean probably say something's it would be worth while because if year ESPN Michigan you know a couple hours -- problem on. Or home for us long term I mean yeah capsule chairman. You know he said he into Sports Illustrated somebody. Wrote this over the weekend of government into Sports Illustrated a couple of months ago he says it's all about. -- read books children talk -- yes yes spanning from -- and putting himself in the any enemy uses the the Seattle's. There on the West Coast -- an excuse and we need to raise -- profile we need to get some publicity for this West Coast. Team but it's really about him. And it worked as you go right from the Sherman interviewed -- of the beats commercial and here's this fifth round pick make a 550 grand. And you cities as I'm as big deal nationally as any player including Peyton Manning. You're always cognizant of it as a football players especially in today's world where where everybody is looking for story advise trying to -- their name in the paper. They're bright they're gonna to give the quickest. Way to get headline McCain you know embryos are going jump on so I think their vice cognizant of in their rise aware of what could definitely gave some potential SoundBite but. You know there's always come down to who plays the best football. -- logs used or twice will he provide bulletin board material this week will he be able to help -- -- week he will not discipline himself and not say something in. Something nice to have the Archos Sonya right I guess -- that they -- beat like that I think you'll be okay. I don't really use lots of big words because he's really Smart and -- -- -- this with Stanford it's hard guy Smart guy but. Any Smart enough to not. He would say -- -- -- you started the party tried Kenny man estimate to marry is Thomas and Eric Decker and peace -- owns the numbers don't sing their praises. But he'll say outrageous things it'll just be about whatever Crabtree or will be about skip Bayless or be about the media. He'll he'll be entertaining you'll you'll two will play cuts from them all week. But it won't be. Bulletin board material about the Broncos. I'm just a guy trying to be best -- I'm a guy that wants to help this team win in and is a fiery competitor who goes out there and and puts his life into his work and and -- -- everything in this fashion and who was working. I got has come from humble beginnings in and came from a place not allowed to make it out of it. -- -- the world a positive way. Felt like -- got you like that when you hear that right there and affect the world in a positive way as teammates seem to like him right by and large haven't heard anybody -- negative about him he's a terrific player. When I miss you you you thought you'd hear teammates say negative things about video retro here already you're ready single whisper play callers upsets early read that it took away from their moment and he did it to players. And -- publicly of course not of course on the play -- say that publicly but -- that's what he did he took away from their moment yes. Do you find it as we go to break in the least bit interesting or notable. At Super Bowl week kicks off which will hopefully if the NFL has its way be the best game the best defense vs the best offense. Some sort of you know. Rolling cataclysmic. Ending where somebody wins on the last play of the game like Richard Sherman or like Peyton Manning. But that week kicks off with a single most horrible. Not creating. -- Un watchable football game to begin Super Bowl. I think that's a little all -- the top I don't know argument by terrific I mean it's not great really not. Was it was only five man was close -- score. What you call sort of -- of the -- calls weren't loved it loved it I mean he could not pass up an opportunity to Leo much better it was this year he was last few when they showed the video from last year. When they were just locked in through plays in fallen down it was really bad which is one of the change the rules. It doesn't matter it'll get great great I don't have a good that's and put it all but I don't yet but what do you want to be one from what -- -- them to do you think I have a solution for when we come back and rule how they can fix this. When we come back.

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