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Jan 26, 2014|

Chris Price of WEEI.com joins the program to discuss the Super Bowl and the Patriots off-season

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Sports -- -- WEEI -- with you till 7 o'clock. And if you're hanging tight toxic Red Sox and Jon Lester continue to do so because that will get your phone calls work the end of the -- patience of virtue. Is right now to talk a little patriots. With Chris price WEEI dot com start but a ball on. This season and looking ahead towards next I don't Chris Robert Robert -- and doing allowed to get some sleep over the last week. Yeah -- you know it's nice having that kind of right never -- obviously their first beer. You off you for the patriots did you order ball proper job moving rather than politics particularly not that. The credit coach -- -- you know we'd interpret that you prefer it -- in the column in all blog -- so are -- gonna -- slowly and all these Politico. Well as we get to the Nazis and I mean before you start looking at additions -- the -- that feel like the patriots need to ensure they are. Take a snapshot of where they are right now where's the roster and it's a tough question because it's assuming reasonable health. Next season which is always tough to gauge. How far away it was the roster not the team that took the field Sunday but the roster as it was quote unquote supposed to look through the course of the season. Why didn't pick you up to date would agree that fault because -- -- so meanders over the course dispute with you know obviously court house you will fork -- Despite the Mayo would Ballmer took on and on I think that. The roster if -- always argued that the work in partnership in the past year and I think between that. Are a real testament to our philosophy I think what you look at the roster -- -- -- -- but a lot electrical different. On the roster -- the fuel the near future chipped it a week ago. I think that has presently constituted I think the assumption that you get. Wolf for Kelly. Ballmer Gradkowski male vocalist bodies back I think he's still have to consider the putrid your -- here is a week of and in terms of you know being a final four Q I think that there would be right there but I mean -- -- so much steam building to do between now on the 2014 you're in the pop out but it. Demi and I think that that would that you know it is it's been beat your roster big -- brought as much secret -- ought to -- our culture to -- -- the in in Denver last week and what we -- when you consider everything that they went through the course here. Yeah and another thing there are two considers to cap situation going Ford and that's being talked about a lot that was not a question marks there but one -- been talked about quite a bit is one of the names you mentioned Vince Wilfork. And his contract you see him being asked to to renegotiate where is his contract status right now. Yeah I hear the recorded -- last your view Wilfork you're looking at -- guys who I think would be bright for renegotiation Vince being one of them. I can imagine the rebooting Logan link that contract because both of those contractors ultimate outfit and I'm not there. It is you know not not -- not -- Portman entirely but we you have income spread -- a little bit more gold for the other -- think it it really do for a new deal. Even during the earlier this rookie contract that -- some -- -- played McCord it's an interest stories from them critically interest in a situation that. Wrote about the -- the web site that you've reached 80% of the snaps or vote for years to get peace salary goes from 900003. Point nine million. For 2014. -- -- that is another three million that the -- epic political stick out. So I think that you can mitigate that situation. By doing in new deal and spreading their money out over an extended period of time so -- -- -- -- I think. There are probably going to be revisited over the course -- -- he's been obviously there are other questions Toby. Open despite that the -- -- critic. In terms of redoing guilt I think Wilfork made in order to refuel and I think the feature to -- -- out of this policy. You anticipate any of those being challenged Jimmy clearly the patriots in Logan Mankins for example haven't always say shall we say see I I. On contract questions straight to speed challenge with -- any of the history. No lawyer if they may your important pick apart on the back and I think it -- -- an outlook that abomination excited bank entered nor reported from. Logan apparent contract. -- know how. To. The putrid differently a couple of. I think Chris is on a tough cell phone their summit throw him on hold exceed Shelby can grab them but yeah that's out. It exactly the point of feel like with the -- it with a lot of these guys with will work with Mankins it. Depends I guess on how the money -- idea to make it worth -- -- and you know people are floating question this week does it ever get to the point especially a guy like Vince Wilfork. We obviously -- Such an important part of the patriots team -- -- championship teams and everything else guided their projects a good player hall of fame caliber player may be. And if you got to the point we couldn't. Do a deal where you could renegotiated deal you cut ties with Vince Wilfork. It was that's something that you ever stepped to the plea deal. Do you want for. And it is it's a tough question to pat answer I have to imagine that the patriots construction of these and such a way. That it would. Naked it would -- Mankins who will thwart. In -- the quarry to be able to renegotiate -- 140 Palestinian cap space -- degree Chris -- back now. -- you and I have the worse cellphone reception like ever. I -- -- The -- do I can't catch you in your basement every time like. Oh no you -- what are going to be coming -- to get off topic reluctantly popular -- cut and driving around the combat it looking for good so they didn't know it all but just actually sitting in my driveway right now -- -- the really good -- -- if you -- court. WEEI dot com. -- guys to jump out to you is cap casualties it is easy cuts. I don't think that that first initial that it is probably I think so -- It's casket is relatively large computer you. What I would expected impact to be in 2014. In you're able to get good production at that spot down the stretch out of silver filling out. Not to see that's elegant gonna be all pro next year but I think that when you consider situation you would go out in. It will work it will come back and Charlie be able to come back to -- to get good production and -- to a lot of and so ago. I think it's still -- it's kind of extremist part in that regard so. I would be surprised to see them cut your -- later I don't couple people about about on Twitter about it but -- him -- I don't think that's gonna help. I think the top it would be too much I also think that they wanted to the year put him in that system hopefully completely healthy going or where they were making it sort of what was that. Well two of the guys that is we get away from capitol look at guys are gonna be free agents that are particularly interstate. Our Julie cattlemen and -- to leave and I feel like the big question for settlement. Is what's the market really going to be because you would think if any slot receiver was going to -- receiver of that style was gonna have a big market on -- suitors. It be Wes Welker strung together what five seasons there were kind of like -- Jewish settlement did this past year they really only about three teams interest to me. What kind of commit what kind of demand as they're gonna be for a moment on the market. Adamantly insisting got the couple's first of all your point about Welker I would still shocked it. Lack of interest he got relative to production over the previous six seasons when it freeagent elector. I think there's still a police out there in some -- it's not so -- into Welker thing. But it belief that slot receivers. Don't. Occurred what some of their outside program late. It is or something like a quick where FitzGerald. Those bigger receiver who make their money and outside. And most of the slot receivers who -- side of -- -- They're not. Pulpit is currently I think I don't believe that they're wrote that in the week of what happened west Lester kind of at the RC report what Welker or recruits. Don't get their work -- market I don't know why that case at Google well virtually. But they say that there are some questions about a -- in that regard to put that in context. And you look at government look at. All the site. Which I think helped the open market but there are still question about it -- all probability of a police or the first -- -- -- they'll play all sixteen. And so loyal -- their questions here or that they are questions around the league as to whether or not. Product of the system that lets you. I don't know in this city would get our ball. Was able to devote a good relationship a preview or preview. -- collective. -- to great effect is so I think that there are a lot of different. To consider which actually get treated that ultimately. I going to offer but they are competitive or interest going to offer. It'd -- if she decides that the they'll note that that would go or Quebec or were you the other -- sort well I I think that. A lot of return. When it simpler than that I think corporate America. How dangerous would be assigned to leave long term I mean people -- data from two lenses on one end. You see the impact clearly what he's not on the field the last two AFC championship games for example but. It'll flip side of that is he hasn't been on the field for the last two AFC championship game is a bigger the health concerns. You know I think in the park but this sedan and also and I think the best thing for both sides would be to reach agreement. Other contract it incentivizing. Playtime for them that says if you played 90% of the now over the course you're. You're able to get this vote -- if you play 80% reported that sport it's similar to the situation. It's a bachelor Ballmer out for the putrid smell the deal which he -- the assault the it's all built into how much he can stay on the field -- it sink in in a -- records for New England you're able to get him for for maybe -- two years. And you look at it any news that you know he's not a shutdown corner in the summit -- -- up for. But chill out that he treats to put guys in positions of strength of the defense to Barack's position strictly on the -- -- -- him. A big help other bidder is really to make that -- -- -- cornerbacks are open Logan -- is. Did it take that next at least have a consistent basis so aptly Barack about a couple years. You particular contract that load up on incentives they all come back the -- a preeminent think that that respectable world troubles me. Chris price WEEI dot com joining me crystal -- with a Sports Radio WEEI. One of the big conversation pieces for the patriots is bad about getting war weapons. -- surrounding Tom Brady even if Rob Gronkowski is back in is healthy. Do you anticipate with the pats -- An alteration of focus -- I mean by that is we talked about in the past is always this this desire. Be competitive for the next ten years in the mix for ten years rather than loading up for this year. But now Tom Brady's got what 34 more years left of where if we're baby being generous. Do the patriots dot org they win now mentality particularly when it pertains to surrounding Tom Brady with with guys from football -- I think you're always look at -- I think that they went all in on this in 2007. In the -- they're really kind of got approach. I mean if they're going to bet on the offensive side of the ball this offseason in the open -- specifically -- and into the bureau wide receiver political pentagon goal elected it between two public and to ultimately went untreated flaw in the -- for Welker that it be picked up you know got their stalwart and -- although. I think that they are going to make a concerted effort to bring it. Of mortality. Optically freak -- -- because I I don't think it's it's quite important in the -- younger. Because if you look at the skill position areas with the patriots they're pretty -- -- another thought about that the three rookie wide receivers -- you know you look at running back to the president. Your group compared the rest of the week I think they would be better sure by going out and -- a veteran wide receiver -- trying to understand. Why you don't quite make a pleasure -- -- -- -- and veteran computed to really good years I think in this system. But it's so I think if they're going to do what I think -- -- Eric -- the white. Affectionately from my viewpoint if it's got investors it has the potential applicants -- this -- It could bring a different dynamic to the field -- bigger receiver could help through the ballot and all who think it's -- -- about that. Finally Chris just about a minute last year and this comes from a texture and curious about it as well what's the status of Aaron Hernandez. Cap hit going forty to next year. That's still here at this point in this is against them and we got into the corner of Sunday it it's. Date they have to decide whether or not. He is responsible at least in some parts for the double homicide. Of applicable -- 2012. There is -- language in the contract that would allow them to nullify that contract. If indeed he has found it because it would in. That would free port captain for the patriots so. People -- -- somewhere -- marine -- Between three and six million dollars -- old -- that but it that there are some questions about whether or not they could get from apple we've. As it pertains here -- that -- situation that possibility is still there. I don't know the timetable on that going forward but that would be another -- Egypt's secular but -- financial flexibility. Well and -- just a quick follow up to that is dependent upon the trial wrapping up in other words any do you how do you approach the off season if you're the patriots because. Did you have to be found guilty is about to be that simple I you meet that standard gets that language of the contract. I don't know the particular right now there was actually a really good piece that I we got earlier today -- CBS -- quite. By or worried about the neutral court to enable the really good group operates at all though in terms of when the patriot I would note that he would be able to get back -- but I I do not know what the timetable at this point but. That is something that it could come play between now between the border situation between them kind of massaging the new deal -- me being able to spread so that more money. -- dimensional look at reported that you have a little bit of financial flexibility at the Specter of an -- well. Interesting stuff Chris price WEEI dot com on Twitter at -- price NFL Chris always appreciate the time but thank you. All right Chris price joining me -- NFL Sunday one more week this Sunday nine to noon leading into the Super Bowl coverage here and.

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