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NFL Sunday: How Can the NFL Fix the Pro Bowl?

Jan 26, 2014|

The boys talk about the Pro Bowl and why they feel it is boring and almost not watchable. Roger Goodell has talked about possibly doing away with the game, but the guys don't think it will come to that. They don't like this "captain" format, but think the NFL will continue to think out-of-the-box to spice up the event. Dale discusses a possible skills competition instead of a game.

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My god -- that CM punk music's -- I just can't help whenever Matt plays that I just feel the urge that the Walt. Jude dorks and Fredricka yeah actually watch it though you'll know -- -- yeah well I like I much rather watch or ruffled dress up. You know it's funny because the commissioner. There was a story earlier today saying the commissioner is very serious. About the idea of eliminating the Pro -- I think when whites are back up the commissioner there was a story earlier today it was a lot reading where the commission is very serious. About the possibility of eliminating. The probable now I I think All Star Games in general are dumb ideas I think date they have outlived their usefulness. I mean the NHL all star game bears no resemblance to the game of hockey not it ends up being a 1211 game. You know nobody hits anybody it's all of it's it's it's just the opportunity laden. It's a big skills competition NBA all star game ends up in a 16158. -- baseball is the only one that's close. To being. -- -- -- They got a mess around with you know like -- -- -- pitcher and everybody's got a library but for the most part it's at least Rihanna looks -- -- -- -- -- -- at all. Pro Bowl not only is it not football. You're asking guys who finished playing six weeks ago to play in this game. I mean obviously I was not that kind of player and I never had to play well but I always wondered about that trying to five weeks to -- what -- and what -- back up again one last hole that you had to keep her body where you felt safe for you or McGraw and that's a part of it. Not -- not wanting to get injured because it's not a real came up because. I just strategist you know one on the treadmill but it looked a little waits for the last six weeks to sort of -- to what Warner and that's -- doing these two ladies in Hawaii the week leading up to. I had no I would rather have their their later cops how absurd that the Pro Bowl is Deion -- serious about playing them. Again passes before they added they found a way to make the probably worse the story with a with a healthy injection Deion Sanders into the -- this just. Strikes me -- -- weight is. You know what -- we just reach a point where it's outlived its usefulness from a football perspective there would be better served by having some sort of skill competition. Some sort of on and on earth to line up ten quarterbacks and improved football throughout a long ago. Retires on the Saturday is tunneling -- bonus money and don't -- yeah I do give the I do give the idea though that. It has its it's of weekend that they need viewers for right. So I I totally agree to appoint deal which interface into exhibition contact sports for sure hockey -- for the going to be the worst of the basketball becomes you know about competition America thank. What I do you agree that it you know fans wanna see the guy is that the law of and that seems to be sort of move that I've played a part in the process the -- I get that. But the business remain a political board game like maybe the skills competition thing would be injuries and quarterback competition recruitment groups and you know maybe a forty yard dash paying him linebacker and it acts up with -- answer in it that's that's real throughput. I get that you wanna give him -- and in quite frankly I bet that they can get a similar rating point doing that stuff as opposed to doing a big game. But yet we've got to a point in your game you know me I've been and I'm not a fan of a lot of the ideas the Rogers come up with malaska -- I think. Entertaining the idea of dropping this is maybe one of the best things she's come up with. Being on the other thing being altering and eliminating extra points or negative and is now there's a couple of veteran. I'm gonna save that one 'cause I I knew it was something that was going to be right your wheel house. Look in and maybe Mike -- right he made the point on Friday that they'll have a higher national TV rating tonight for the Pro Bowl. The they had for the World Series true that's true but okay fine. Is that how we decide whether it's a worthwhile endeavor or not. Just because it is interesting does not throwing -- good news. Did you you you go to something like that and I think one of the reasons that it will draw some viewers is because. People -- so on yeah exactly because it's not because it's football and it's on TV and narrated their point right now where there is no football on TV and if you will put -- arena football on and that need you you'll you'll get ratings would any football you put on. On a Sunday night where there is no whether football usually my kid would watch wipe out if they did wipe out and make the guy's got a good equipment to make them go through the the obstacle course BI you gotta get creative here I think this. Brand of creativity because this extra player generated the whole draft thing this came from -- well I'll. And and the and by the way it was the NFL PA that I read this morning it's phenomenal -- serious. About eliminating this thing. Well good I mean. It's not a good idea where to route home field advantage ago to the baseball and we just thought it was just -- -- -- some guy playing for the Kansas City Royals Israel concerned about the American -- and getting home field advantage in the World Series I thought that hole they they try so hard. In all these sports to make it a legitimate sporting event that they just make it less of a legitimate sporting event the whole raft that the -- trades today did you say. But team team rice and and -- and Sanders made -- trade today. It's just the you just wonder at what point self indulgent at some. That's exactly into an -- back to him about the and I just this just reeks of -- wanting to be in front of the camera and wanting to do -- type of things. I did they have to Figaro Bibby you have to figure out away. To meet this relevant whether it's through skills competition whether it's through -- in the game whether -- point like football for goodness you just you have to find something better -- As a football fan again. As it as a football fan of football fan dead serious now. I'd rather watch that come by and watch the pro ball. To meet com buying is more interest and this is -- Different than that but I think some more because if you bring up the com -- it's starting to do the evaluation process I mean I think it's a little early for the guys but. Why can you because motto is a dominant as legitimate question. Why are senior bulls in east we're trying to change things like that. Prior to the into the season doesn't really handicap those couple coaches I know you can still send staff and scouting department and stuff like that but. It's kind of silly me I mean I think it turned run at the right next week. Because they don't move approval prior to it would limit or so I think that -- -- -- a Senior Bowl right there I think -- -- be changed going forward now because the draft was pushed back a little bit yeah and I think logistically now wouldn't get sorted out a space -- exactly before with the drafting in Bermuda. Parcel it out and say OK you know we need to do this this state to state to state. In -- think now we have. The draft being put Specter will be made double would have a more time and I think they're gonna revisit the original is the Senior Bowl on a particular because that'll be some of the more -- players who sort of orbit. But I mean immune imagine Munich coach Belichick are being a barrel big time guy the -- you are writing from what I went right from Denver but there were pictures of him. -- the senior -- on Tuesday -- After the of this this. Well he wasn't much and I don't know that yet Emmy Saturday at the famous press there's in the Judy there's been been a day after used on its a critical part of the process I mean it's the one opportunity where you didn't say. See them play real football of them on on from old cultural. We'll take a break we'll talk to Tommy current as well we've got an hour to go on NFL Sunday presented by the plants -- insurance at the Penske they shops or use save visit Lansky dot com today.

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