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NFL Sunday: The Richard Sherman Saga Has the World's Attention

Jan 26, 2014|

The NFL Sunday gang chat about the fallout of the Richard Sherman wrestling-like promo after beating the 49ers and what was going through his head at the time and in the aftermath. Chatham is not a fan of his "me first" mentality, but Price is a little more understanding of his bravado.

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Let me ask you didn't. Yeah. We threw away a lot of. -- -- I really don't know hardly anybody else. I'm -- only be myself and you know it it. Obviously learn from from our mistakes in and try to do a better -- work situations like that better in and be more mature about situation understand a moment. But you know you can't -- can't be anybody else can make things up now you know it's gotten us this far. And could it be hard to make some notes and be somebody else in -- gonna be myself. Here's the problem for Richard Sherman. He wasn't trying to be himself. He was trying to beat a WW weak character he was trying to cut the hot -- -- because Richard Sherman. -- by all indications and intelligent articulate well educated young man. That wasn't Richard Sherman that you heard after the game that was a caricature that was a was that a WW we wrestler cutting a promo so. I'm I'm gonna leave the the buzz words out of this OK I'm not gonna use bug or Hong -- all of those words that we try to come up with. To show how upset we are with somebody I'm just gonna say it was classless. It was just like classless way to handle win from report. Orders point of view. It was interest in watching the whole thing go down because it reminded me of conversation I was running there's a few years ago before he retired and when you talked to a guy after a team like that in -- you can speak to this guy is often go to a place. Where they get themselves worked up into such an emotional state they're not. Easy to talk to in when you talk to them after the game they're not gonna do of answers. In Kerry really characteristic rubio or is -- to be -- real individuals did they get themselves worked up into such a -- Rodney said to me -- imagine. You get into a car crash. In Europe the adrenaline going in your banged up in all of this is going on trying to sort everything out in your brain. And you have to go talk to reporters to go beyond can't instantly you know revenue and in in the -- what happened I almost. In and we had this conversation over the course the year where where you're you're an advocate for you know kind of going to need to do a guy after agreement like players violent or something as opposed the locker room and getting -- in the -- of the victory. -- or defeat or whatever victories maybe. I thought it was really interesting to juxtapose that Richard Sherman with the Richard Sherman we saw earlier in the week steaming at the podium. Delivering really. Thoughtful intelligent answers because against your point bill that's not Richard term in a -- that game was not -- not Richard Sherman and I think. That was kind of an -- up version of Richard Sherman and I think. That happens when you talk to guys a lot of times in the week -- give up on the field look you have to be on the field in the wake of big -- And you talk to guys were veterans in the eagle do you view the economy enters that the usually give you because again they're in such an emotional state. In the week and again we talked about Julian settlement before about how he was careful they'll really kind of really emotional after the UFC championship game. Guys are kind of out of character in our constituents or don't think it's fair to paint Richard Herman in that light as that kind of guy in the weaken it and I think -- is -- purpose. What here's why because she got multiple second chances you get more at bats and continued missed the -- away and here's what I've while I was thinking so. Beyond just you know. The thing that blew my mind when I first saw was just understand you logistically what's going on while this is happening. The idea that. These spots about Michael Crabtree were running about turner has opposed -- -- suitable like you don't understand how incredibly overwhelming and humbling though. For a person is young -- him to lose I'm going this like how could there how could something so petty and so irrelevant. Islam offseason thing in Arizona conversation Africa -- overwhelmed. We are going to the Super Bowl spot. The idea that it was mine was there tells these incredibly immature to. Buddy buddy Danny came about it was is that he did come back -- look at -- at all about me you know -- -- a -- after that after -- -- -- -- to -- -- the -- until he recognized. What he did and he recognized the error of his ways -- to a little bit about it but here's why Antonia I don't -- it. Because. He's got the second chance the podium which is the secretary which could still saving your little off. And he just kept hammering -- -- -- thing which to me he undermines his case of being such a good player you don't you don't. You don't degrade the guys -- played -- you really think for the best the world I'm better than them I mean -- -- state your case much better than -- they also congress. But he comes off -- damage to -- comes off computers and you know normally use -- me it's like. You don't have to palace you know like a playbook I play with Darrelle Revis these guys don't have to say. In discussions ago -- to put your fears but to me the third swing. Is he -- -- Monday Morning Quarterback thing he has got a chance to -- them he got a chance to sit down and write and collect his thoughts. And he still seems small. He's still admits a little bit of of culpability but he still lines like. Don't don't judge me on what I do on the field. You know judgment my -- and I -- agree with that did you -- we -- a lot of person about you know how -- -- her family charity and all things off the field. But I also feel like there's a bunker mentality were to learn more about a guy how to conduct themselves and the most strenuous moments -- -- a conversation with this one of the best -- agreements. Minutes of the worst possible places and the mentality there is I think the real true wisdom is. That you learn more about someone in the situation how you composure self wanted you don't have to do -- that way in the most intense moments and -- or a little bit more not that he's a bright. What is maturity level was eagle four for Elvis is out of control. And I go back and oracle he makes points he goes out of his way to still continue. A rib that Michael Crabtree and it's so small it's so beneath him he is one of the best personally -- a bright guy. Put this is a dude does a lot of growing to do it goes out of his way to the referenced the Arizona thing again he says. But that's not wild but don't like the man he's spending texts still going wrestling days later it was something he said to me in the offseason error in Arizona that you have to ask him about that would bring it -- -- -- every minute -- passive aggressive -- do so I'm Larry Fitzgerald's. Charity event. What I'm worried about is what Michael Crabtree is -- small -- that in meant to how much of that is the position how much of that is in we've talked about this before the -- need to the a different kind of guy to be a successful court in this league you need to have a level of confidence the border -- has -- reporter through cock in his. -- you need to be able to -- that kind of guy I'm not a tightening that not a situation though but it but it it's only the great quarters that -- you've seen it. Over the course of last twenty years approach at the same way. I agree but they don't shut up and you know what I I mean -- -- a guy who loves to talk trash you know tired of the talk trash view on what the talk trash. When his team went to the -- the ground you didn't exodus was kind of offensive to me to remind -- with the name of the reporter once. It's earning under Erin Andrew jump off the the screen to me that she is female and like you know what I mean like if I get the the -- -- What it just felt like. Really disrespectful cause he was just in her face and allowed and I just cows like you want. This is a time to kind of which is by the way why fox -- plot yeah it was a semester and quickly as it did. Fox said this is going down a road that that we don't know where it's gonna end up. We got -- ended I get I just you know I thought -- -- you know it -- if -- have the full story was true that it was in the moment and then you know even still being small and going hammering the word new Yorker. When he got a chance to sit down and write this stuff. Thirst there's a lot of excuse me it's making in this column and it still says god is -- did and I know he's bright I think when -- -- and now he's gonna order at all the second and certainly eager to your -- as bright as people say. Even dispute communications meters Stanford's will speak here. I'm just -- by poking fun but I -- to communicate with miniature car that I own -- media people get sensitive -- that you mention that sort of the top easiest up and uses the Forbes every major to it myself. I think that I I think it is definitely an issue do -- bright as ever -- says that it's something over grow later life he does seem like mr. dude. It at that notion that you say things like I'm a passionate guy and you don't understand the difference between passionate selfishness. Balls are two different things saying that you do can be loud and still be respectful you can be extremely competitive -- even -- grating but somehow still be able to cut ties. Inaudible do them -- -- something up to grow -- -- for. He was was interesting in that. He'd -- degraded Crabtree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a really great end of season in into the postseason run in terms of times he's been thrown that. George he's -- -- he's allowed a situation like that and that's really the hearted defense but I just to get from a reporter's perspective. I take everything that athletes say in that kind of situation with a grain of salt. You regardless of the -- when I was about to California again or go broke the -- put. That we went through this a number of times -- was on the team and Kevin woods you know would be. In the wake of a huge game win loss and he with a look to give me five minutes it can't torture in our senior deadlines so. I'm almost I can almost understand now the other 1015 minute cooling off period where guys get a chance to kind of get there it's getting kind of understand what the need to say in the waiting -- -- Here's the problem I I I believe for Richard -- I think in two Pete's credit he obviously pulled. Richard Sherman aside because I think there were players in Richard Sherman locker room who didn't like how he. Made it all about him not about the team and winning the NFC championship and going to Super Bowl. That was the one regret he he expressed later on in the week but here's the problem he's obviously got some enablers around. Did you see the quote from his agent today. All that outburst is that earned him five million dollars in endorsement money in this soft -- as it is what it is so so he's got an agent Hussein. Let correct Richard's exactly golf all ethical. Media members like it to me to make some more interest -- just -- talk about -- who's -- -- -- and I would -- -- tremendous to cover but -- look you know football -- just a -- -- -- like on a regular basis is just applicable for -- but the thing that always drives you nuts about this I think I actually agree with the idea of of that -- become more interest and we have a villain and a fuel or -- order. Multiple different personalities holocaust off. What football is not baseball it's not basketball like it's really. So subject pitchers so awful but it did you gotta buy into the team thing and it's sounds like a lot of other elements of -- -- doesn't mean from the way he plays he buys into team. He just needs to forget about reminding everyone how good he thinks he has each and every time he gets an opportunity one of the quotes jumps up to. And negative and and you didn't interject that in the second is get this out of the way because. I love. Oaks like the guy and the AT&T text what are racist statement dale. Could Sherman went to Stanford you juxtapose what he should sound and act like may -- both situations are Sherman don't put him in a box. Music can't let him legally is maybe they should stop sticking a Mike in the face of players just to get -- first minute quote. It's not racists to say you'd like -- set. It's it's it's OK to say you'd like woody said and you don't have to be racist to say. I mean it is so it is so small minded of people like this dope on the text line is -- -- are you liked what he said are racist. People that responded that way and I -- you both you know this if you river written these -- are you done segments and you watch what people say -- If you really wanna focus on the two or three crazy people at the end of a pondered comment list or something like that you confine him and I know there were people that went on Twitter in the were people that went that way which is wrong. But I think that the big thing and I actually pointed -- -- -- when I'm looking in his column he brings that stuff up so there's a bit of him sort of framing this I'm the real victim in this kind of thing -- the -- which to me is -- -- he does need to do that well he said also that that using the word thug is is -- -- -- using -- and work what you know what it is is distracting for the main point if you just wanna say I'm -- -- move on I'm bigger -- the -- about it like he was sort of apparently portion upon -- go there because you're looking for distraction to look for excuses wanna give alliance he builds and here which to mused just. I don't think he gets it is it was loud and it was in the moment and it was just a small part of -- like. The volume. Was an issue with your -- in particular arena there was in the moment when I do I don't hype that I buying into part of that. I buy into the idea again go back what is imports and emotional moment is allowed the pressure it's a no no. One delegate to edit posted August and its ultimate -- he's a museum Altria -- it is actually it is the second throwing him in a third Sony's still in the I'm in the middle ground also. -- I think that's in the moment I could understand -- and I can understand him doing what he did in in saying what he said because at that position and again. I honestly believe this you need to be just needs to be Indian -- just a different kind of guy journal league quarterback you feel that way. In -- that we go back to business and that's the way you do which he talked about team defense do -- that's the one position. Where. A guy came -- I'd never seen anyone goes over the top and be soap and yes I -- -- I mean there are cover quarters and a review these good teams are comfortable lead guys I've never seen cica reporter goes crazy and that is what generally happens is. And that's a great team would be over there you know that. The more you build up Michael crap makes you look at an addict I guess it's on Saturday and I think in retrospect if if you doubt another parent who knows if he had an attitude that I would like to think it would. You know been able to see that in in the wake up and put it to I don't Arnold your emotions running through. Here's -- in the in that double that post chemo and America talk but can't column as a whole surrounding an agreement on that but just in terms of that -- common off the field -- -- -- -- -- -- It is just the it can come offered to bring -- -- and that's why I thought it was the column you -- more because he goes and it you know you addresses that is you may you mediocre guys mediocre and talking -- right about it again. And he goes into a comparison of crap you vs Josh Gordon has if this is some sort of insightful thing like he's literally doing a breakdown whether or not users in new Yorker. Crabtree was injured most the season that last five we -- -- it's a silly like yeah it's just it's too small and beneath him he's a good player he's probably a bright guy he'll grow up later. What this is something that need to happen this is NFL Sunday present at Michael plants key insurance. The -- -- they shops or use a visit -- plants he dot com today.

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