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NFL Sunday: The Controversial "Pick Play" - Was it Legal?

Jan 26, 2014|

Dale, Chatham and Price discuss the play that made Bill Belichick lose his mind when Wes Welker basically took out Aqib Talib and forced him out of the game. The guys know it was out of character for Bill, but Chatham thinks it may have just simply been Bill showing support for a future free agent. The guys all agree it wasn't dirty, but that doesn't mean a flag shouldn't have been thrown.

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Our number three the next the last edition of NFL Sunday for this season Sports Radio WEEI. My name's Dale Arnold Chris price from WEEI dot com is across the table. Former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham who got goosebumps watching himself when -- Super Bowl champion -- a moment ago. Is here as well we'll talk Tommy Curran a little bit later on in the program. Outlets start with a piece written by Bob Bryan in today's Boston Globe the headline is Bill Belichick. In barrister himself on Wes Welker pretty strong opinion by Bob Bryan who I'd love them and love reading his stuff. Problem. He he basically said and and I'm gonna quote you directly here. He said about Belichick's comments on Monday it was rampant hyperbole. And it was ludicrous. I've seen harder hits in the New York subway the idea of Wes Welker mini assassin -- in the saying in that same game on quote. Let's start with one thing to begin. I don't think it was a dirty play I do think it was an illegal. Now dean blamed Dina doesn't agree with me by the -- course this is the same team blend Dino. Who didn't think there was an interference penalty in the end zone of the Carolina game so I'm sorry I don't believe anything being -- -- says. Whatever the officials do dean Glenn -- rubber -- sit -- it out there and -- don't you worry. They may have the right call here. That's a joke in my opinion I don't think it was a dirty play I -- think it was a penalty that could have been should have been call. The tough thing and I agree we view on. The first point that it under the it was a dirty play -- -- you -- it's tough because the rule is open to interpretation a little bit. Did you can. It's as long as it's a neighborhood play and now I think that's with a reference kind of fell back on the fact that well you know there were a lot of guys come together in the same area the same point. And it wasn't necessarily on the offensive player although you can make a real argument forward but again I think one of the things that they've fallen back on the fact is that it's -- There's some -- in I don't necessarily agree with it but basically you know this is the situations. Well think that you know of the -- always drives me nuts about I'd trust you know give back to your point about bill but first on just the -- -- get back to I don't have a military woman to -- is not give back their but. But the thing that jumps out to me about this is how. Much safety focus which I think a lot has been bogus. Which I think sort of takes out the integrity of certain plays with a difference if you were stopped and like -- the big deal was made and of cost the patron to game this year. With the jets were the you know the count the amount of people left or right of center on a -- goal like that seems to me so obscure and so bizarre. But the idea that and this is commonplace it's not a patriots thing but the idea that. It's okay allowed. To run routes to draw routes on your charts you know basically to build routes that are intended to run into what the other Billick had chicken be a part of it and have -- Be okay and accepted provided the receiver pretends to be -- in Iraq the real -- not running. It's like NBA and like that the you know the flopping like it's this is silly and it is a legitimate thing I think is probably and I don't think this is what bill was alluding to but as forest. Worst I've ever seen -- these kind of collisions on a crossing route that was predictable normally these rob plays aren't quite that not exactly exactly but it's definitely the worst of one of those have ever seen I don't know if that's what he was getting netbook. Yeah it it is uncomfortable putting it according to phrases or the first thing to jump -- my head. Was that while from a player's perspective what if -- -- to -- I wondered if there was a play on sort of you know what. I'm not is is it hurt me any. I'm gonna go out there and release support my guy that I might be now going back after in free agency or wondered if there was that in this sort of like a plate to say that. And to get him to say damn that's my coach and he stood up for me all this kind of thing. And maybe I'd give readers rate has got to meet you like that kind of things here's -- I don't think they're gonna money chased the guy but I think it. You build a good report with a guy that you went out publicly stood before. And you know that the relationship with west has its own complicated -- and I don't even know what's there or not. But the irony obvious he doesn't have much feeling positive about -- well yes but. What possessed by the good athlete and a feel badly for keep. Quickly turned out on Beckham watches which had no chance to yesterday. There's little overplayed by the receiver to take out the Q. No attempt to get open and politically handle discipline on that play it's not for me -- decide -- sort of worst -- assessing. That's -- concerned about that. So I just from the standpoint if you're a player now locker room I'm sure -- -- that's a united need to go there has been put some of them -- it's amount -- comparable positions -- like government Korean. And -- -- -- rob I saw some courts -- of people and 100 Carter forward pressed on the exact same thing you don't wanna have to weigh in whether it's dirty or not well the funny thing what do you middle qualifying situation there's this split. Defensive players think it was a bad -- across the leak didn't want to play us all say we don't let kids do back. Offensive players think it was OK EIA's Jim Leonard from the bills that I have of really interesting tweet in the wake of -- single -- -- suicide mission they're going across credible opener. I thought it was interesting and Donte' Stallworth came on this station and that like you know. It bill bill was in keeping -- it would tip the Barbara dancing eating separately you know it was the worst thing he's ever seen frankly it was interesting too because he perfected that route. While he was here -- Into it's it's you cannot talk about Wes Welker. In his overall evolution as a wide receiver without including the fact that he felt some interest in ways to dean separation of the point of over the course of his career. Point number one. Working on the pick -- Robert was able to do what you're doing and you -- public number regretted. Interesting because. His career really -- -- after the two thousand nineties when he moved the umpire. From about five to seven feet behind the line of scrimmage. He was. Freeze all said this he was one of the best in the game -- using you know part in that situation to create a little separation and now he started to use more and more. Of these -- please these rob plays in the wake of that so. I don't look at this in the back I've given my opinion as a casual observer of the game right you played again. With that a penalty. I think it was -- toll from just the the bam bam the -- I I can't give them I can't give them. You know I think technically when you watch a lot of the talk about the minimum plays -- happened so quickly that maybe they don't they hold the flag. Because it appeared to be so intentional that you just know that the -- designed to do exactly that not have that level collision but because them later in or was. Was later in the game early and that -- with a million -- call I believe was earlier in Indy because that -- again yes because that was sold. A little fighting Irish. And the oval was like -- -- legitimate closure on the battlefield and we got to know that their own design their routes to root for dynamic clearly helped. Give them open their way out through the flight I mean -- I actually that they were being allowed to fight a little bit on the outside it was cool because -- -- -- the flags for the Mac and AFLAC. What dirty thing Mel and I think right and I and I guess at the same I didn't think it was dirty and I just thought it was a penalty. -- so you know and that that was sort of -- my going -- field the only thing that that. You know like with with Wes just knowing his personality I would practice some of the quotes there and Steve Gregory seemed a quasi developed from like no he's not that kind of guy and I don't really think that that was what was going on. According would have sort of moral but I'm response is well his exact quote was teams to a lot of that just to give guys a true separation in the open up the passing game sort of group when the idea there was something. Outside the box but what's tough is one player. Is put in this position to have to answer whether or not you think your coach was right that's literally tough spot to be -- especially when he goes on -- call someone out especially in the wake of lost your your leaving in earnings on annual after it's these kind of questions after. So I think. Where bill is usually brilliant and never putting employers and that kind of position this was an unusual situation. Probably something that although I think he probably earned equity -- to leave. It was out of character for some of the unifil the other team if those interest into recently you know I'm not gonna talk about. What the fines and penalties for all the police handled that well let's just connect him office -- a -- will of course the league but he's a good about the he has no control over the players of the situation. It -- like this I'm not you know I've. I think what he was saying I'm not gonna say that the players should be suspended or find yeah -- let the league -- that order reminded me of though I don't like that technique when anyone uses it and it's a player it's something on up that'll -- it's it's commonplace it's commonplace on Twitter it's commonplace with a lot of media members I think where they say while. Or or even or even the color guys are doing games. Wonder he's gonna get a FedEx about -- it's almost like alerting the -- to the play on a level you know to -- it's like -- we get health illegally at a fairly well I don't deserve fair and it was -- in that situation respectively and it will save our bill says it will not -- -- Carlos all of you talking about bill I'm just -- -- like when. You know when you see -- -- of while. -- who's gonna do you want him out longer you know it's like what the -- do that you know let them police have -- what did you think was that a penalty. We we've all that you don't have a great fuel wasn't a dirty yeah it was a dirty play is you out. If I was a player I would want them to be officiating to be consistent. In I would you know it in it if that is a penalty in the first quarter award be totally in the fourth quarter it was a penalty. Don't mean stuff with -- panel. It is not the same play but again it speaks to the idea of consistency officiating. And I just wanna know -- player OK this is gonna be called this is not to be called -- know the post season. They give them a little bit more leeway when it comes to situations like -- will say that's ultimately I don't think that was I don't think it was a dirty play on the part of welcome penalty he went out there to deliberately not -- and we all agree that situation real quickly I think it's is important just because of how it's going to be received internally I believe -- even though was a little but I can't perform a couple guys have to provide quotes. I think the aftermath of this though is even though if it's perceived in -- Bob's column however to have been way out of character and bad for bill. I think in the house. Guys will really appreciate the fact that he went slowing -- even if they believe deep down that maybe was not right. The idea that you really went out of his way to protect one of those guys is the kind of thing the bid to really digital locker. You dream beyond just leave in free agency and all I'm just saying the idea of it. Your coach goes out there it goes to bat for you and he's gonna review wanted to before this and has. I think guys really do appreciate especially in the wake -- little lost. One of the things that Bob Ryan mentioned in his piece today is that and he's absolutely right. Bill Belichick and here you're -- everybody else thanks for the endorsement out Denver plays cells. That's a given we all agreement. But he looked really -- He looked he he did the exact same thing that if you was a player did it Matt when you're playing for them. You'd have got one of those taken from you the next morning unit got one of those come. Don't talk like that you know he did the exact same thing he wouldn't allow his team did which is make an excuse. I think the other point to is that in this comes up on the column the hyperbole involved. Having -- a little bit over the top all the way do you think Matt's point is very well taken and that I think it could be viewed as a way to stick Oprah's -- doesn't locker room. You know in in BB kind of start to set the table for a return for Aqib Talib you know coming back on the road because he's a -- I don't know why do I thought it was a bit -- that question from. We just talked about what are the chances Danny Amendola is gonna -- what are the chances that Rob Gronkowski in -- -- -- what are the chances Aqib Talib is gonna stay healthy I can't do a lot and sign him in the office. I think much the same way like. They don't care when we think you know and and they evaluate as they evaluate but I think that's important on this one because. I think publicly we've gotten to a point where there's a little bit of fatigue about which -- again you know and that. Played royal wolf for a stretch in September or October and them played OK after that usually for a few weeks and then there was good for others. Well I think if you listen to bill's comments you really hold the guy and I steam which means a lot more than into the -- percent. So I don't I don't know if they'll do it -- bill -- the indications that the -- fond of one another which often tells me to figure out a way to get it done. I look at -- look at coaching coach when he really -- ago when he really believes in god you won't Kuwata -- when he's -- -- prompted by questions of some and all this was also doing all right stated I'm seem to be on the big indication of this particular thing in other weeks talking about things she's really been effusive with with collegiate. Which tells me a lot more than. You know wanted to be in matters what our perceptions of things are. Two things having first of all I think when you look at the background there and it was Jeff -- from the general's -- very good piece. Before the FC championship game saying look I really wasn't in the week before a team of the patriots I was gonna my apprenticeship are really learn how to play defense. I really learned how to become an NFL player when a team the patriots. The other thing too is I just I wonder if were looking at a situation where. If you create a contract to keep him here if you're looking at a situation with playtime incentives political like what they did with the CBS. This past offseason where integrated sample -- -- really natural commit yet a terrible bring it back it's like look we will set this sub we will incentivized this contract to the -- -- if you are healthy for all sixteen games you'll be able to get. This much money as opposed to ten games twelve Lindsay -- -- what what's difficult I think if you're if you're sitting on the side of the table for two -- -- whatever you're trying to frame this approve this guy is. The word to leave the were shut down get thrown around a lot but a lot of these contracts are often dictated by production. And he has no immunity playmaker in which is -- when exposed to -- -- -- picks in September and he was much different player a good player. But if you're gonna make the top five top ten market of those division camped could be in -- devalued but much more than your own team. In in the health question it's all involved and gets murky so I think the team to make a pretty strong case that the contract should be. Pretty some more of your your bassist when he was -- now just now long term. But with conditions I think via the Ballmer. Is spot on the football -- comparison. The text or who asked simple question dale the real question Arctic plays on offense legal the answers northern. That's why don't independently run him though it is in -- that put -- talk about -- gray area and -- with its its exact plane was not legal. It if in what they're what they're hanging their hat on. Is it was so close to the moment the ball hit the receivers and a bank bet that made it legal you know what then there's two kinds of these places is important note there's a different emirates are rob and -- -- will be some in the he runs the route in a different -- he supposed to catch it in the catch and run as a panic you know I mean like he was posted. -- been blocked as it happened as opposed to because you know what that's happening right over the ball it's not meant to free Yemen -- the ball -- completed -- -- four flat he -- to regarded MB was you know you already have the separation was gonna get the ball can be completed with out that their growth happening. The pick -- was gonna simply help him. You know catch -- play like -- -- to open more. Bad news for you know Crying Game didn't get the job I know I saw that. Sorry thought that a quality. When we come back we'll talk about Richard Sherman and out his part in the histrionics of conference championship weekend NFL Sunday presented by -- ski insurance. At the Polanski they shops or use save visit to plant -- dot com today.

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