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NFL Sunday: The Coaches That Are Leaving and the Coaches That are Staying in New England

Jan 26, 2014|

After the loss to the Broncos, this week has been filled with post-season Patriots news. Some of the bigger stories are that Pepper Johnson has chosen to move on and Dante Scarnecchia is retiring. Change is inevitable in the NFL. Also, Josh McDaniels appears to be staying as well as director of player personnel Nick Caserio after 2 interviews with the Dolphins regarding their opening at GM.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI our next to last. Episode of this season. We will be -- Super Bowl Sunday and lead you into the pregame show the extensive pregame show the Westwood One radio hasn't you'll hear the Super Bowl here on Sports Radio. And your team's not in it but it is still late gigantic -- Important. Sporting event out I'll say this ticket prices fallen through the war. And -- rebel is now saying that based on how the numbers are going at the moment. This could end up being the the least expensive Super Bowl since 2002. And I that part of that sorry Roger Goodell. If you're playing the Super Bowl on a cold what are -- cold weather outdoor city. And on his interest and sit there and watch unit and and and he's never gonna would knowledge that so it's an argument for another day back toward discussion the patriots. And the patriots have had three departures from their coaching staff so far in this offseason. All of them are totally understandable one of them is totally perplexed. Our linebackers coach pepper Johnson was the first ago. Our offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia. Retired he was the second. Tight ends coach George godsey departed joined bill O'Brien staff with the Houston Texans. -- and Scarnecchia are completely understandable George -- worked with bill O'Brien in the past he was here because of bill O'Brien. He had the opportunity to you know go back with -- O'Brien in and you know move up in the coaching ranks no no issues with that. Scarnecchia is understandable but man they -- -- this guy I think he's 68. Nice 65 dollar 66. Yeah they either one he said he was -- a six -- -- -- and he's decided it's time to retire and god knows anybody's earned it. After his thirty years of coaching he's decided you know what I've had enough. I heard -- talking with John and -- this week he -- that work -- that woodworking shop in the back of his garage and play with his grandkids in and good for him. Pepper Johnson totally completely. Baffles me. And if you guys have a reason why he left some. Happy to hear I tried to I don't know I think at the request -- think it hits them from a couple of different things -- -- this on Twitter this week talking about -- talk about politics. You're -- those two guys in with affected that I'm -- was -- Left following the 2011 and 2000 tenths of -- resigned in forever 2001 -- these are not necessarily. High profile guys these are not the guys who you think of as being major players in your organization but right -- ways sick copper. Those guys have a sizable amount of influence all over. Me -- key parts of your organization and not just from a continuity perspective in terms of being able to speak in short in with a coach. In knowing what bill needs and bill recognizing what they need to. It's just that and inability of the same guy can be an organ you'll probably think I walk into the door right -- of the day. A consistent message consistent theme this is not to run down anything that -- bootable. It's no wonder yeah they did that to us right if not totally bogus -- -- Harold Nash or whoever replaces George -- -- -- -- not much but I mean. It's gonna be interesting to see how they approach that going forward because those position coaches really are the eyes in years of the organization especially when it comes to communicate with. Only go back to pepper for just moment in his statement he said that it is still his goal to stay in football -- He arrived here when Bill Belichick arrived here in his departure let's be honest. Is a little puzzling. Right now I I I go back to when Matt Patricia was named the defensive coordinator for this team. And I wonder if that was the beginning of the yen -- pepper Johnson a guy who had toiled under ballot checked for all these many years had a print test. And probably in his own mind thought you know what that's the next step in the chain for me I deserve to be the defensive coordinators were called. Doctor had timeline. That has the -- been here for two years since Patricia is remainder covered up via -- been -- all that although I'm -- and Trish has been named. Purdue yet you got series title two seasons -- and yet also I -- over our review districts and deal that. That would have been my expected reaction to having been there for years of them and just how much respect for a further is in the building. And kind of expecting that that was the next move form you know like the -- could really be a good offensive coordinator or maybe even a college head coach her. At a big time school or he's that kind of guy. He's somebody that motivates people you think of over the years the people these mentor. He really was instrumental in bringing along -- he morally and richards' career. He was really instrumental in events as early days he was really instrumental with this whole linebacker group went to Mayo first came -- to two the doctor hightower this last jokes like he was huge huge spikes was his guy you know. So he -- issues from a perspective of of a player who you know when I think of the patriots and -- you know somewhere to -- as well. Because we're so used to his players. Different players -- there what Tom milieu Logan at -- point shelf on through the door one I think they're quotes patriots. I think about those people because those people are always there you know I mean I think of Dante and I think of pepper I think of those guys so I was I was puzzled look. I wouldn't have been puzzled if the move happened the year the Patricia happen -- value passed over I don't think there would have been animosity between bill and from the action economy here relationship him. It improperly close. But the -- it was obvious by -- -- yes -- -- -- idea that he made the decision after Stanford two years and if it's him -- to spread his wings that little little odd but I also think that that this is something very real. 26 years together. Is a long time so maybe is beyond that just. I -- do some else I don't -- I got a warning if there's something to the idea that he's -- -- -- I've been we have bill now mind -- has been associated with bill. For going on two plus decades. I wanna make my own I wanna go somewhere that's your defense of court and whether it's at the college level I was gonna say hello Whitney would be even better off. I mean look at when he got into the mix the jobs are gone yet at the professional level. They're gone but maybe he takes a year often in builds an Indian gold does something going full. I I have to match and he's got a pretty good -- you know the -- to -- to round lead believers from the -- he's the kind of guy to take on the responsibility on the road one thing and in the linebacker I'd be interest in your take on this Matt did the fact that. He's the only guy was the only guy and that coaching staff. To have professional playing experts. If he is the guy who right you can go to as a player and this is no disrespect anyone else on the coaching staff you go to him in he knows. What it's like. As a player -- survives that grind -- you know fell whereas someone ultimate coach except might not be aware of the rigors of of you know. Your daily life what's helpful for having a guy like that in the room is is the translator so. A lot of times as a coaching staff are gonna build a game plan they're gonna talk about what we think we can do against them what I think my guys can do. And it was always really helpful have heparin there and as a filter the say that's not reasonable and any comport itself and issues and say. How -- -- an enemy like it is that asking too much of the Mike linebacker is he gonna have this in his mind man that can be cut you know -- comedy for both the we need to fix to -- change it. He was really the translator in the room. For years. And he stretched himself because those remember he was he was a linebacker in that group of Carl banks and Taylor all those guys. And he book he wasn't a pass rusher perceive although it was a good off the ball pass rusher he ended up working with the almost the but one of the other examples like you have is it is is Eric Mangini right so Mangini goes often tries to do the sort of patriots south thing in New York. And replicated and who's one of the very first people he -- Brian Cox. It and Brian was really meant to serve I think the idea is that -- and sort of modeling after that franchise understanding the importance and vitality of that person whoever it may be and it sounds kind of crazy because I know we always sort of talk and stature and in titles and things like that but I don't think in bills mine. That pepper roll to the defense is any less violent incident in a salary standpoint necessarily but. Who is his defense of coordinator. Isn't is it. That much more important than that they have that got pepper there. You know also it's not that he felt like that was subordinate role to the other one because those guys are really heavily involved McCain plays well but you don't need to be to play caller you don't. The status of what kind of stuff let me ask you guys questioned several -- have brought this up. You said the Brandon Spikes was -- guy. Is it possible that what happened -- Brandon Spikes at the end of the season. Putting him on hi -- win apparently according to les is agent heated wanna go in and shouldn't ban on IR. Is it possible that that that was the straw that broke the camel's back for pepper Johnson that he didn't like the way Bill Belichick handled Brandon spike. I do know that there was a great deal of affection that -- for Britain's bikes after talking to separate from one and talk -- multiple occasions over the years. He clearly liked spikes in net not not just as a player when he saw a lot of himself and bill was bedecked in person number vacations. Did bill and pepper of the seem kind of doubts it can approach this kind of attitude toward the game in in I do wonder if you know the writing was on the wall in spikes essentially was told that -- for the year. Maybe I guess the thing I always think it was kind of like the scar example. He seemed to me like a guy that was transcending players he's here he's -- part of that she's always going to be. I also think that there is really something to be effective. Needing to spread my wings at some point the timing -- Patricia -- made more sense describe logically bush. The guys in here for ever you know for thirteen years in the same role beyond just you wanted to move up even if it was apparel Lou I think sometimes. On this inauguration you know -- in new and that's and that's a pretty natural thing. And I think the fact that we it was such mutual -- to admiration. What that may be both understand. It might be best for both of us you know sometimes some some type people need to hear new voice I think that from the coaching standpoint that's stuff that can be optical -- not doctors it's obviously but what everyone but him but I think I am I'm excited for government be watching as closely -- hoping it's a great game and I think whoever gets can be very lucky. I'm wanna go back to -- for -- moment and and I am section unabashed Dante Scarnecchia fan both personally and professionally. I mean to me he is he's he's a man's man you know he's the classic don't ask the question if you wanna hear the answer kind of guy. And and it is it is so obvious. There is not a single offensive lineman who has played for this team I can think. Who had a bad thing to say about Dante Scarnecchia even post patriots I can't think of a single guy. One of the best examples where personalities bodied. And you could see -- They could dislike each other would be Matt Light. But they don't I mean he has tremendous in my affection for each other and they they love each other mean it's like that with a -- like -- Leo Limon. But it's one of those situations where. And Matt would've had reason to because you've dark crap from the Dante is all us old guys do. But that said there was always sort of this threat of that it's left right -- like dot there was an -- -- like if you were -- India. Like literally a minute later was for drugs and it was for professional reasons and it was. The military kind of thing and in -- sort of like ass chewing deal put them it wasn't going to carry over or personalized. But in the Matt is a gregarious guy and a fun guy a guy analyst Joe Brown public more than -- likes him is like more straight -- room. And Joseph and you can thing Andrew you like you think proposal rooms like it was clown show their Manila also personalities with like you and Steve Neal and jolt. As for Don federal bureau were real close ties -- was no small feat I mean that that was a colorful group say the least. But I think you some of those situations where you find a guy whose personality is so disparate like it's just it couldn't be more different between -- and Matt. And they made it work and eventually rule we rule to persuade him I think at that point it's like all bets are off the Arctic could -- coach just about any. There's a reason and this franchise. Turned out. Excellent offensive linemen like -- like an assembly rated really in editing could go expect him in in large -- wrote this today that he was able to get aid sizable group of I'm gonna put maybe don't quote record average offensive lineman. And -- -- two free agency and allow them to get big contracts in the oven to get real really won't come within a thing about guys like Donald Thomas -- a spokesman. As -- Tom -- were able to come to knowing thanks Goran -- born exactly and all of a sudden become coveted free agents. And a lot of times these guys should should really you know. Cardinal carve out -- -- -- salary into the back to doctor I think it did when you look at this franchise -- -- look at the great offensive numbers the -- -- August focus on Tom Brady. The offensive line was a huge part of that and Dante Scarnecchia. Influence and involvement. A huge role in the development of this this off -- I think that's the bigger issue with offensive line coaches beyond -- the protections are what they are they have to make the adjustment to coaches his guys up per person for blitz packages of Tennessee. But the biggest asset is the development part of it. Because offense sublime and I think one of the positions the changes the most from the data come in the door told me to leave. 8910 years later. And guys like you mentioned it's a group lists like Tom Ashworth was the guy who. When he first walked in the door I duties were -- and -- -- -- I was uncertain times -- -- a friend of mine died in the news in the NFL player. And he became a ruling the right time. And and a lot of Alexei is at his as as a Dante's doorstep just. Challenging them constantly. You know never giving up on finding some seeds some thing amendment they do really well and sort of cultivate their game around that always put them in a good position and look at a guy like Marcus cannon. Like -- guys like that that either he's he's really good at some things but there's others -- limitations. Trying to build into the protections and put in the position to be to be able to be successful but what was always -- We talked about the guys who left when we come back we'll talk about the guys who stay up talking about coaches here. This is NFL Sunday present it like a plant key insurance at the plant ski they shops or use save visit the plants -- dot com today. And yeah. We talk about coaching departures let's talk about a couple of guys who -- left foot did. The Cleveland Browns I mean I've. I almost feel bad for what might have because he almost felt like he was the 75 choice to be the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. So much so that. After. Making a run -- Josh McDaniels early on the process -- reportedly circled back to him again. At the end of the process and we're told a second time that Josh was not interest that. Ended up hiring Mike -- he may be great -- coach I have no idea date they apparently made two runs Josh McDaniels. When I look at that where the Cleveland Browns are and and her -- when I look at the apparent. Confusion within the organization. -- Josh probably made the right call back saying here and do this and I know it's not a head coaching job. And I know being the offensive coordinator is not the same as being the head coach. I'm not sure that would have been a good move for that had been tough though at the same time I understand -- -- toxic given the ownership group and the relative instability but as an Ohio guy. Military I was -- noted psychic I got from Massachusetts being -- coaster of you know -- over the Red Sox it's just it's different -- it's just you know. Football in Ohio was like baseball here in New England to some extent so. BI I think in retrospect I think it's I think it's a good move I think it's it's better for him right now at this stage of his effort to stay in New England. Yeah do it I think it made sense and -- I think it's an interesting -- by the browns to pick up a valid patent that. It at the same time maybe you know they're gonna -- -- -- -- was our first so long man we always -- him but when you know we owe them the real situation. Yeah and unfortunately Cleveland beyond just simply not having a string of success. I think you're right the world liberal as you use that word toxic I think -- in that situation in the one worry that maybe the less appealing job work. You really had to find someone to take it as opposed to have. Interview candidates. Who you know who you would really want I looked at. I I said this kind of jokingly last week in an animate it it became apparent as they weren't remains the renewal before on the list work. And again this is not a knock Mike and I just don't know much about Mosley was brought her arm him with with Rex. And then did a nice job and of all the defense of their little things have so little to do with what -- -- going to be a coach who knows. But which is -- ski I started thinking north as again need to -- a few pretty typical like this is a guy who aren't gonna circle back as a sign up for sale like maybe bring Americans it would you know him by bad he didn't know if because of what will be on the other interesting twist here and it'd become sort of conventional wisdom that. I think is true that Unita quarterback in the standards you don't have to have a hall of Famer but -- -- have a good quarterback receiver out with a copy -- time teams at all since. And up at the end you gotta have a team that's got to gather. And so -- opposite of all the outside I think often gets a little more focused on the defense aside -- you look at Mike Zimmer and -- you look at patent in this job. Defensive coaches getting head coaching -- -- -- appointment they -- the first choice either but a couple franchises that have struggled that a -- who heads -- defense first guys. I wonder how to play out I mean and you know having him in a while there were just looking for someone to take the job that was -- what they did. Putnam Woolsey -- you know the most. Well apparently the only job worse than the head coaching job of the Cleveland Browns is the general manager's job for the Miami Dolphins. Ice crystal -- -- great play -- live. Now here's another guy who elected to not leave the patriots nick is stereo. I came out of nowhere that -- really -- battle field and all of a sudden nick has stereos in Miami -- interviewing for the job. Then it's nick is stereos got a second interview and at one point I know I was reading out of that one of them South Florida papers they had. Three GM candidates all in Miami at the same time I wondered if they stuck -- in different hotels real so that they weren't all ball put into each other in the lobby and compete and I don't. I've been -- as a player when I got caught in that last year by the jets. You'd go to the hotel. And you're in for work out. And you hassle linebackers. That I am no water. Here and it's that same idea but not. I I look at I look at -- the other jobs in the league in and you look at. The job all personal to that of the job mr. did this year I think as a personal and we got down that. But occupy or general in the years as the best jobs bills -- O'Donnell can stuff. To Syria would be hard guys because when you look at the job that this team -- holding it together a lot of that has quality depth. Pro personnel development on the flawed character that scouting on the -- trying to figure out who can help employed and judging whether or not that plug was right. So I would think if there were overtime and nick because he doesn't hold technically the GM title we know that the bill -- -- that. And you know you saw in the past. Atlanta's got Thomas -- it was a guy that's come from routes currently had job with them while as GM. That's I think a little different from the coaching question tree thing. And nick has seemed to have done even though a little bit lower responsibility. In my right that that. You'll never actually help time LG animals didn't hear them was still same pro personal it. But it would seem like the right time right they've provided from the right place for -- to do but in my right that nick is one listening -- not in Somalia -- Dead that that also to struck me really interest and a couple of holes -- -- talk to be able to common a couple of years ago and asking them. Is nick -- stereo going to be the next guy is he going to be the next promised him drop -- he could be the next season lights he could be because you're the commander of the the teachers' organization go on to another do you jump. Don't really knew all about. You're kind of a blank slate around the -- and I wonder if this job -- this process that he just went through was away for him. To introduce himself. Into kind of probably going to be -- to detect a kind of pave the way -- -- all right look you know here's what I would do if I was gonna put together for interest here's what I would verify if I was determined to -- into his. He was offered. But juicy interview for the colts job in 2012. Remember correctly Bryant did double -- the right Greeks and so I wonder if there is just something at this stage of his life Acosta is an armed -- -- They -- well -- that -- haven't heard from this area and and so we don't know the answer this. But I'd be curious to -- In just go through an interview he went through two interviews which gigabytes to me he was. Pretty serious something made in say no in division is a big thing. That that should not be overlooked the ice years that yeah -- ago and one thing to take the Atlanta job from New England one thing -- -- Going down south in the air ceases a big thanks so to your point maybe there was a conversation a bump on his own peril -- -- reported -- eyes. By the way I assumed that that that meant to stereo got himself a bit of a race here on May be a change in title I don't know but but I'm guessing that. He he helped his own individual position here. But but something caused him to say no -- -- and I'd love to know what -- and and you know it's unsaid and all this we still don't know what's gonna happen with the dolphins. As a result of the NFL's investigation. What -- maybe that makes the job a little less appealing you have no idea what's coming on the pipe immune defenses. If it's of enough and thing like -- always presumed it was or -- of our big things independent captioned someone with draft pick or some collect up but. That's I I honestly have to think about I think the biggest thing is going to be -- and division they had to be some pressure here to say. We'll sweeten the pot for you'd -- take that job hope that you -- here next year so the last got to make that move. Was Eric Mangini in 2005. Including the patriots and going in the divisional we all know how that turned so idea I think that that has something to do it and I think that because into the mix as well. But I think also happen like that again. He went their presumably thinking he wanted the job. Any state for second interview they're to go result of a lot of the job probably presume I I go out and Ohio would've gone if if what it was in the back of his mind and -- and dolphins. AFC east now I'm thank you I appreciate the offer but I'm not interest that he didn't do that. I think he wants to go to -- wants to have an opportunity to interview for a job in to put his name out there and to let people know that you'll only be one deep down the road I'm going to be community in it I legacy he used the dolphins -- regard. But he thinks. He entered into it with a very clear idea as to what you want that'll teach you walked in a six. I'm going to be even ex U of Miami Dolphins I don't think I also think -- in the context this conversations or to bring up the fact that. I don't think that's an ideal job for a couple of reasons including the fact that it's an unstable ownership. There we don't know Ross as you -- last few years gone up and down and noble hot and cold in terms of what he wants from coach what he wants from GM in its just you never know what you're gonna deal with Google. Two things first a Miller make sure clear on this the whole idea of not going with in the division is a -- -- of an issue with the coaches that are -- cubs an issue with your position and head coach you -- it's not it's not that there occur or nickel and have a problem with that necessarily so much. The second thing. Is. Its interest him in the -- jobs pop up but there's not a coaching change as well. But are those particular jobs less appealing because we thought the jets -- right one -- -- watcher guy and that's clearly not gonna happen there are so. Does that sort of play into I'm walking man and I'm being slotted in and I'm asking who -- pro personnel director as opposed to general manager our staffs. So maybe that makes it a little less appealing again that your first gig. So you want the title you want the job one way or the other but I don't know to what what model ever look at the mantra pat when he took that job and had to clean house almost the other guy who should get the job of grinding former -- in the universities university mean. Has some New England roots just you know locally to the franchise but just is a guy who really worked hard to make his bones with the jets with the cowboys. He's really well regarded in league circles he's the assistant GM and now in now would just seem to make the most sense he's got really. Is not campaigning for the job but is clearly a guy who should get that job and that -- -- Well let me ask you one more GM question before you get the break him and get back on field stuff here in just a moment. Should read anything into the fact that Scott Pioli. Became the assistant general manager of the Atlanta Falcons. And either wasn't given the opportunity to come back here or didn't wanna come back here. And -- -- -- different angle and now I did you get to see that the booed the TV right along -- that it could come a video of the win a falcons posted a video of the first time after they take the job of the press conference. Payment to -- popped in the car. -- away it was really it was it was good it was a good little bit because they its -- and dynamic think about Scott his box in -- mean. And now they're kind of flipped roles in it was interest in baby just simply have like a dash mounted camera and allow them to talk for the six minutes and let it play in the posted on the website. It was interest and you hear them talk because Scott's writing in the passenger seat and he still sounds like boss. You know like that the dynamic of who's talking over who -- talks first and who answers in just. It's going to be enters -- -- this happens in life from all circles is no issue with Thomas or -- first got there. They're both pros and don't get the figured out but it was it it just -- -- to see the dynamic weapon -- gonna work. I'm sure will but it was interest in you just simply looked confused not known history you wouldn't of known that the roles with the war. I AMI a founded interest thing I was listening to pioli. -- -- TV gigs on the NFL network for good by the way -- -- Daria and I thought it was excellent -- and Lloyd that well spoken and and I love when reported GM and the -- to get that extra set of sort of insular and he talked about it. Out why his family was still living in Kansas City. Dallas -- the kids were still living in Kansas City for people who don't know that's Bill Parcells daughter Dallas who was married Scott Pioli. Any said. You know they didn't know what the future was gonna hold for the yet he didn't wanna move his family movies kids for a year perhaps and then move them again and go somewhere else. He'd rather keep them in their house keep them in their. In their schools you know keep their lives as -- as it can be until he knows what's the future's gonna hole. GM job in Atlanta. Just wonder if the patriots could -- -- guy like pioli in the player personnel department here. Well it would have been interest and that comeback. It -- is it especially in the wake of guys. Long time guys around bill and -- pepper leaving -- like that back full. McChrystal and it's really the same time talking about -- although I mean equitably guy that would have been under -- -- maybe it's just not as appealing to him you know he's he's gone out made his own way and it didn't go perfectly in Kansas City and he's gotten another swing and he wants to do away from the -- about but. I mean I think you got to hear a lot of cool inside over the years I'm doing this is the TV visits the last year and -- okay you know from even -- player standpoint the way that they sort of port in the words the way you there thinking about the processes were cool for me to hear. So I think it's a good and second swing form a -- some good gig and I can understand the appeal not to come back here you know McConnell think it's a little bit about global -- pressure job to. Comparatively I don't know well know to be decides it all that -- -- -- -- -- a fiery Atlanta Falcons got to be thinking man we still underperformed last year ugly yet and that's -- to be in its it would be yet to be an assistant GM as opposed to the guy with appease the franchise on a regular basis I was expected. The situation here when Floyd Reese was with the patriots as opposed to being. The guy out front of the guy at the press conferences all the time he was kind of more behind the scenes guy I imagine that's going to be for the title. When it would replace the fuel we use in Atlanta will the thing armor most votes god is. You know much like sort of persona up and down that team is forest players and coaches. It was that like -- thing you know like. I'd be his glasses off rove and his eyes working on the morning lifting an ungodly hours and keep him crazy long hours and night in. Just I was the feel around the building we all do -- -- or hurt to win all the super balls. What he also seem like a guy that enjoyed the grind it like had that has blood much like bill. So -- TV's great community it's agree where chemically and I think you look at guys like -- Herman Edwards like you looks like he never is gonna wanna leave the -- Jon Gruden another guy is like never hurt no one believed that -- With the -- a Bill Polian he looks pretty comfortable he's not -- Go back and try to view Jim. What I was kind of wondered that about -- to -- -- have that -- blog was ruled good edit to give -- -- two data journal Paul can be a part of the team again dude wasn't surprising. We certainly never going to be the GM here I mean our our assumption all along and by the way we may all be wrong on this. Our assumption all along is that when bill is done coaching whenever that is. He's gonna slip into the front office and be the general manager and and you know whether it's Josh or somebody else someone will be will elevate to the head coaching position and they'll go from there. I still don't get any accents from Bill Belichick that that's anytime in the near future no I I agree I always go back to. You know we've we've talked before about bill kind of being a little bit like Bill Parcells and that you know. Team building approach coaching style all that I -- I think it'll look like a wall in the central workings -- -- -- -- kind of you know at a dual coach slash GM. In Walsh stepped away I believe was in his late sixties remember correctly and bill is -- prisoners early sixties at this point early to mid sixties. I would be interested to see what the shelf life is the coach and that we always you know think about I have to imagine -- it's going to be. In the same ballpark as when the quarterback decides to -- up. I I don't I don't think they're gonna walk off into the sunset together but I think it's going to be in Nazi. General timeframe which would probably put what -- four years or -- reporters. Well and and one of the conspiracy theorists on our AT&T Tex lines says here's the theory. The patriots meaning Belichick. Told McDaniel and assists and -- -- the stereo. It bill was gonna retiring two years opening up all the GM and head coach positions and that's why they elected is that. I don't picture ballot -- just walking away I guess it's possible right I -- erratic. I actually do for this reason I just don't it will here's one thing like. But Jim wouldn't be like a less strenuous maybe you know a bureaucracy from the cameras much of -- -- -- sixties I mean as a full time poll strenuous job here. If any -- sidewalk. I'm thinking more of like -- Floyd Reese a consultant kind of still. Finger but it but I've got to -- as -- sound terribly realistic you America's bill is such a lifer like. I don't have a hard time seeing him to a part time job in the NFL I always am guessing tabloid you're talking writer but. The idea that -- all in or not all and you know I mean when it's done is thought come above the fuel -- I was -- are smarter and healthier -- July and they did the transition. Rumored armored equipment racquets -- until you know what that might be announced when he's done in the past and he doesn't with a weekly to it would -- would be on the weekly segments of the poster. He he's actually he's really good on television. He can be really good when it comes to making something. It looks complicated kind of breaking it down as an okay that's what did -- stuff yet to teaching stuff when he's done TV in a limited Flash Memory to the Super Bowl broadcast a couple of years ago. Among once it was -- -- forty where he was there was brief filming talk about. He he's actually really good at that and I wouldn't be surprised to see him if when he decides to leave takes some sort of part time TV gig as a result. I don't picture him doing that knew you may be right I just. I'll help Parcells that. And I thought it was pretty good at a debit agency beloved as much as I thought it -- I don't yet that's the notes in the and that's a grip on and you have to really enjoyed. You're taking to TV you're really gonna have to enjoy. In in I don't know if he's going to be able to do it long term and kind of doing on a consistent basis but I I think I think you'll be bright will serve by being. At least a part time analyst working -- -- we have great respect for the people and unfulfilled so maybe that's but to the renewed pursuit. We'll take quick break when we come back we'll take a look at some of the other issues facing the patriots as they move forward. NFL Sunday presented by the -- -- insurance at the Penske they shops or use save the -- Penske dot com today.

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