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NFL Sunday: The Postmortem Edition - Evaluating the Patriots Loss in the AFC Championship and How they Rebuild From Here

Jan 26, 2014|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price are together on Pro Bowl Sunday to discuss ... anything but the Pro Bowl! The boys discuss the tough loss for the Pats last Sunday in Denver and what went wrong in a game they were thoroughly beaten. They talk about Brady's weapons and how to add more going into next season. Also, Danny Amendola - was this acquisition a success and can he improve next season? They also talk about the loss of Aqib Talib after the collision with Welker and how that affected the game.

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I'm not actually sure how much probable -- section we're gonna do here today between now 1 o'clock. You know Chris is gonna take team. Rice and Matt's gonna take team standards and there we're gonna break it Obama and honest to god I watched about four minutes of the draft the other night or one day of the draft I guess it was a two day affair. The unit that was embarrassing itself -- this thing they would somehow taken approval -- worse. -- I didn't think that was possible I really do and I heard I heard Mike -- made the claim on Friday. About the probable that the mobile television rating tonight will still be better in the World Series race. I have a hard time believing that he may be right it certainly won't be the case in Boston says the Red Sox were in the World Series obviously I was talking about the national TV. -- I I hit the global by accident when I when I do see it it's like are skipping through the channels. And you see guy you know Alia -- -- keep right on go on yeah it was just awful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I this'll this'll be kind of way out of show some. Super Bowl looking ahead but that's still a week away this will be some patriots -- section in what's going on. Can we start with a basic premise here and and listening to patriots fans all week long as I have on the radio and and listening to the reaction. Is it safe to say that we have a general problem. Just did not lodging that the other team was better -- we just have -- a hard time saying you know what we just weren't good and I I get that. Literally it at least once a week on Twitter where someone will successfully execute an opponent will successfully execute a play in in people's all you know. So once screwed up -- police well know sometimes. It is just -- perfectly executed play there's nothing you can do about it -- other side of the ball but yeah I think this is a case. Where do you look at this game you look at the Broncos you look the patriots you look at that if CG Puget game. Start to finish both sides of the ball -- Yeah they weren't now and I think what makes allege that came they were 00 I have excellent and no way I'm gonna disagree without oh but it will make it harder to suggest as you're trying to put your mind around you saw them across from one another couple -- part of that. And from a personnel standpoint at that point they weren't discernible about. And so you wanna think well what happened and that didn't happen now both rosters of change a little bit. I think the Denver defense is relieved of the biggest change in the improvements they made in those last two months and you know the the beauty of the movement in that group I think is really what was the difference in the game as much as the quarterback battle all accounts up. I was really impressed with an appointment dudes name -- pork chop he's been pot roast she's not reported different names here this week and lost and none of it's very complimentary about. We did talk about him a little the last week and I think -- that guy. Pop off of film and wasn't even a guy that I had -- -- first time around so did to -- the inaction -- -- a good game in the -- he was very active. Jim Bailey played a little better I think than people thought. He would you you know also suburbs a few little pieces that had improved and been better than they were prior to that and in the -- of skill set is as good as it's always been so. Yeah I get that now they are but I understand the difficulty -- did just that because it certainly didn't feel that -- two months ago and -- thought was pretty. Even handed you know announced -- able -- thought literally I remember spending an entire week going into that game last week saying. Look dude there's nothing you can take out of it first in the -- -- you know there but applies on afforded those teams were as different -- is two different teams could be right who faced each other over what are a six week -- week -- just in terms of personnel in terms of not having Julius Thomas in terms of you know Jamie Collins not being a part of the next Rob Gronkowski. Up up and down just those two teams were just completely completely different. When he met November as opposed where they met last week and the result of. Well let me let me start with a confession of my -- Why I thought the patriots were gonna win the game last week and okay part of it -- exactly right -- what we have seen two months prior to that same two teams. You had no reason to believe that one was clearly better than the other. But I'm gonna of this is self confession I'm not putting these words in your mouth this is me talking. I got I got overconfident. By the skills and abilities of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. And I didn't acknowledge. That lets be honest this team didn't even deserve to be in the AFC championship. If you look at it from up up personnel point of view and the players that they had remaining by the time they got to the end of the regular season and into the playoffs. I'm going to be honestly -- looking at it now in hindsight which a lot clearer than foresight was some miracle they were in an AFC championship game. I think this team was given the benefit of of of one week in you know -- talked about this in Denver and in the -- of a game this team was really I think that good this team was a final fourteen. And I think. They were able to the coaching staff Belichick Brady whomever. They were able to wring every single bit out of this team that they could to get as far as they did this team ultimately we compared them over the course you're several times to. This team really reminded me of the 2060 news and in a lot of ways that they were able to get to a point in the season. Where a lot of people didn't think that they would get there -- I think in in hindsight. It's tough decisions say it is now but I think in hindsight when we remember the 2013 patriots. -- or member team that ultimately over achieved given all the injuries that took place over the courts he has I watched that game. You know. Reviewing the thing I fault but there was a sort of tipping point for the offence were they had figured Denver out the issue that a -- you know you wanna go on the road at that -- again you know a week later what -- happened differently. The one thing we don't know is -- the -- ever stop them so I didn't seem like it -- exactly when you don't sort of methodical drives -- that drive to start the second half was an absolute clinic by the -- -- in terms of death by a thousand cuts did you just -- in the year -- the -- bugged all that said. When I went back and watch I also came away with a feeling that there was a lot of correct double stop formerly a really good example that the pop off the pages I felt the same way everyone else well when -- Bennett was -- -- -- chemical were employed. -- to matters like you know he's just too good. That's a bad matchup that's not you know it's not good for him. Well I go back and watch he's been maligned across and numerous earlier in the season or I believe which checked out by. He's played bigger physical guys before I've seen him Jim better than I've seen -- hold up the bigger people at marquee schools and Jimmy Graham when he got a shot it's not that he can't do that. What was disappointing was to me the scheme on that particular play is go back and watch it you would you watch more on the little skinny post. And what are actually doing is with doctor hightower and Steve Gregory to that same side this sensibly have a double on the rain on the back. You can imagine -- -- -- safety and down help and it would be natural to give that help to the Marius in the red zone. It's a -- my point is OK yes he's better. Portal -- there's a much better way to play that two bit if you had to do wouldn't go -- -- up in the -- watch film of it you could've made that play to court to stop that thing in. I certainly have secure digital death of a thousand cuts thing because they really marked ball on the field. But the good okay in the red zone polled don't feel Israel's -- -- -- great win but through our stuff scheme that likely will they. If they had to do it again I think they could get stopped again we put Denver at a aren't aren't just last week to thirty point 726. Apart that's. Not terribly -- because he collector could have been more it was Malcolm talked importantly dominated in parliament session brought stuff. The one that was difficult to put your head around was doubled putting up sixteen points on the -- themselves and that's sort worthy of the crux of the of of the whole issue as well let me get your opinion on this -- -- and you guys know I've asked you this question on a number of occasions in the past. It's always the same thing for me. How much blame to like give acts how much credit to like give one -- how much blame do like give Tom Brady for not being sharp again. And he wasn't in the AFC championship game and how much credit to like give the Denver defense for making him that. I think you start out by saying that it was not Brady's finest hour and I think it build those and this throws early on the one gentleman the one -- -- the -- Slater now we can get in the play caller whether or not to play caller that situation was was was the right move but it being greedy. Was out of sorts offensively and -- needed to jets. Not a perfect game from them it at the start because it was so important we talked about this last week it was so important to be able to control the tempo of that game from the jump. Indeed couldn't get any sort of offensive traction as a result in anything be -- by any -- on what you're not going to be able post. Comebacks against this team be ready when your out there as opposed to you know the Sunday night team that was here back in November I just think it's. It was impossible -- behind me ball from the use of the word go in brief he certainly did -- with -- -- it's just write it and we. Heard bill from the podium say this if it does come office cliched and it -- office you know. Like it's a throwaway comment but hold no one played good kind of thing. It often -- said were like well everyone's response when the -- spots like kind of thing. And it but I have the feeling as I went through this I really really -- and back through who played really well. What is it -- opened on the roster again I like all I'm literally give Californians. -- -- played well. -- element played well -- a punter had a great that they're OK I do those three -- for me and wrote about the -- bulls a three your commute to outplay you don't want one of your three yeah probably end up winning I don't I don't -- he did a great job in the first half. Doing what he needed to do to -- the field to put three inside the twenty Ryan Allen -- all the we talked about foreign terms injury whether I -- -- like get a great debt and on element had a great depth ordering at a great analogy we -- was -- Edited there you know old he got burned you know that the one that plated Julius Thomas but you'll frankly up with a pretty good and -- -- enjoyed -- it's Egyptian -- that -- there was a lot of good stuff like if you go back to look at that -- overall game and -- overhead. The game but he gave up a critical play -- a bad time simple slogan there's a lot of really good stuff on their Logan's blocking critical play at a bad time. Palm there's action a lot of Ehrlich who throws but the urged those three -- for the we talked about the huge missed opportunities and inevitably while. -- them not score points. And that's just come accustomed -- big games you can't do I mean generally they've boiled down to meet players making plays in big moments in the worst so many missed opportunities in that game that. Don't miss tackles which you know is something to talk about what this year especially in a place where it's it it should be third and four and ends up being -- first hour conversion work you know some defensive backs and bad and no pressure on me that's the lesson -- into any wasn't necessarily does and I I -- and went back and forth between your idea of whether or not they were sending. Yeah enough pressure. Or it was just guys in about three and always for -- a couple snaps a five or Bakken re watching that begin win a lot of individual match terms to get pressure front there was a lot of one on one stuff. In the really didn't do a good job at -- did okay on the edges overall thought a up the middle there was nothing and that's tough when you you know you can't collapse in front of them he's gonna feel lawful stop on the sides there was good pressure -- play -- -- that one probably Manning's worth all of a bit more -- should -- -- -- -- -- when he floated out there -- over to set -- landed in the west slogan -- read all the coverage. We could have been an easy pick six I thought for him. But that was morals moments were again I'm I'm going to missed opportunities like those the kind of things if you really wanna be a championship team somebody's got to make a play. Let me let me take it back -- 'cause we got off we got off the topic that I started which is bring you already -- -- because. Let's be honest the and several big gains here of late -- he has performed less than we expect. Certainly less than what we saw the beginning of his career where he became big game Brady he got better. As the lights got brighter he got better as the stage got even larger. And the last several times that hasn't been the case AFC championship game here where let's be honest he wasn't very good. And the AFC championship game in Denver he was not Tom Brady like why. Under the answered this is where this is making an excuse forum which is bad form I -- that -- -- in. He still leads to overcome this is Campion excuse but it kept popping into my head and I kept seeing him or were throw. Deep balls for the outside the people heard cattlemen global -- -- their for the half. This sounds silly but by god love to -- reform quarterbacks miles to find out if it's just via split. This -- patient thing affect downfield throws the way affects kicks. I don't sound silly but I saw him air -- him I mean they're going on for a party specific parts of the features specific parts of the field when -- have to deport -- -- the ball in any misses that badly. Not having an opportunist or wrong calibrate because on Saturday practice it usually when a third -- -- as -- -- routes from its ultimate you know maybe get a few of those in the pregame -- when I saw missed -- badly handled the ball early in the game misses the Korean league downfield mrs. later the -- One of the bad -- I thought it was a bullet to third our conversion play were green and run a little -- and got himself rolling nicely Katherine to have back shipment but the overly bad. Downfield missed opportunities -- -- first and second or throat and I wondered if that was like a part of the adjustment to buy them argue missed a couple of opportunities and maybe it's now too late. The other thing I wondered about -- you know game in his report -- the -- love him for the he's been so good -- for for all these years. I wonder if with the Slater play just -- virtue of him being. You know substitute and I'm wondering if that's coming from the sideline what he's meant to be his first -- But I also wonder if there's an audible portion to that if if that's. In our third and three in the way he was being played in -- pop them like you know he was on -- -- like -- have to make up. Row they're trying too hard if -- yeah if they are -- citing that right Slater is the guy is gonna is gonna shock the Denver bronco -- right. I mean how many catches did Matthew Slater had this year that -- none yeah Iran when you watch back -- -- there or at -- level -- the first -- doubt there is a -- I -- -- -- opened so that so maybe that's beyond just throws maybe that's decision or see that's the I don't know what that come from the -- I don't hear people say well that's where the coverage took Brady was Matthew Slater. All on the I don't know I've seen the all 22 still sold you guys he had guys open at the sticks. He had decided. Priests snap that's org on now your point is fewer of them from Joshua was that from him now but either way. One of the things that we've always thought set him apart from everybody else was decision making him and his decision making was more. There's some cases where you can look at him over the last 345 years and you look at his -- postseason performances and you can chalk it up to the fact that he was playing Baltimore because Baltimore always please emperor while most of the bad matchup for. But I will -- this last Sunday. Against and we went over the numbers on the show against -- Jack Del Rio defense. Or him to put up those kind of numbers in that situation look it's not all him but frankly. -- you know this is why you're the quarterback display from the big city this is -- you get that annual twenty. Run eighty million dollars a year because you're you you can too -- the credit to what to blame in those situations Bryant but you know to your point -- format you need to have. Great performances in those situations from those guys because you've got him. From from those guys before you know in in in that moment. In that team in that setting and -- -- there were there was an oval that popped out to me viewed the two point conversion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If that if the draw Cole was what the original call was are checked into and against that -- I don't think that would in the correct checks or just seemed like they had other options and so may be. Usually he's that next level exceptional guy playmaker decision making and the throw part to mean there were couple decision issued a cost -- couple throw issues that cost them. And then the oval office of ticked that I thought was -- important that they they found sort of found money kind of thing couch -- points or whatever was. The of the Ridley and green outside running game. Which to me I wonder with with my -- making all of the charts were the tone for the silent that's the -- don't know. But they hit their head against the wall it's a nine man looks were didn't make sense with the with the blog stopped early. And with parents night and be as good as he wasn't as much of an animal and for what reason they were blocking back on him he was in single window of his agreement to the release and currently. When you have that much weight. But I was curious to me that the -- continue to block at that way ran her head on the wall against looks that didn't look like you -- to those kind of interior run calls. And then by the time it figured out there were down 23. It's typical what you saw the -- the drive that -- the score of the when they were down point through the next core of the along. There were like half dozen runs on the truck -- would -- would relief for eight distorted off the -- second if you really good marine stuff. But that was like the stuff that okay that's what should've been done early that -- the vulnerability is an affront not so it's not broken elements and how much is that there was been replaying the defense that we needed because reporters during the second half meters aren't a horrible -- -- Possibly -- but at least at least we thought we looked at -- front with a -- to the guys was perpetrator if you know him well he's room. Good -- America play in the middle fuel -- -- the good big knows who's had a tough to handle bubbles or otherwise. The judges seemed to -- will make more sense top the gold that -- -- -- run and hopes you'll run crazy the last several weeks but that's -- applicable building and the fact that didn't discover 23 quarter was. Little but too little too. Where a lot talked about today coaching changes on the patriots staff -- this team go from here. Hot they continue to remain competitive in the AFC a lot to talk about between now 1 o'clock this is NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance. At the plant ski they shops -- use a visit to plant ski dot com today. I get that role they played very well it -- all of at five carrier overall though. You know we've we've really been scored -- fourth quarter and then it just wasn't enough. And we weren't able to make all the plays that we needed to make it back in the game like onside -- or. You know the -- stop that the get the ball right back him when he had a ball just wasn't enough. Patriots head coach bill ballot check yeah he did mention the 500 yards of offense in the two games that they played against the Denver Broncos. I don't they split the two games in one won -- lost when they gave up a thousand yards offense in the two games. Now Denver was the most prolific offense in NFL history. They were great they threw the ball really well they scored all those things. If you have a thousand yards and two games against the patriots this year to. I think the bottom and fox for American artist but -- -- -- -- -- was like 2.2 problems and -- to right are you -- -- -- yards and you know. It looks unbelievable on a statute but just in terms of yards allowed but yeah I mean it to 26 points ultimately be into the vacant and Broncos. It is gonna be a tall order you know and in and week at a Reno on the that the Denver defense a little bit you know -- at the -- underestimated before but you know. Based drug pot roast. That is a good looking suddenly go look at -- credit here in the quote from build a ruler crown or -- who took part -- -- was -- -- and post game. I don't know how much you guys saw more of them have talked about this but. After the team. He was extraordinarily reflective. About this group and there are a couple of times I really liked him -- done about that dead in and he kind of there are a couple times for the press conference kind of -- go Holton in CC team stepped in -- guys that's in -- kind of back to know ya wanna keep talking about this team. I don't want to acknowledge. This team and in again today AI go back to effect we talked about this before I think that this team I think to really like this team to your point dale and I also think that he recognized at that moment. He was able to rings so much out of his team and his team keep him probably more than other teams in the past with a similar. -- let's go back to my original point -- -- not and I don't know note could you actually lead me back to some than I was gonna ask you about. Let's go to the offseason. Obviously there is no way when the patriots were drafting in May. They had any idea of what was gonna happen in June -- they had no way of predicting. That one of their two top receiving players was gonna end up behind bars and accused of power. Start with that -- They probably had a pretty good idea that Rob Gronkowski was gonna have a hard time staying healthy. Because he does to his credit he plays the game in such a way -- to such a -- fearless and reckless degree. He's gonna get hurt it's gonna happen. Did -- -- a goal and and I'll use the term I've heard so often put the weapons around their hall of fame quarterback to make this offense effective and I know. For awhile there in the middle of the season when gronkowski was healthy and that was those games really did skew the numbers for the year. In all this talk about a they with a third highest scoring offense in the NFL that was when they had drunk house -- Did they have enough weapons are round Tom Brady to give him the chance to compete with a guy like Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Well in the event that all those guys have stayed healthy I think it's enough but they have health issues this year that it's not a it's not it sounds like an excuse but I feel like. If I had to go you know plays junior GM and blog picked the bodies and say did you build around -- He went up the big body wide receiver who have some trouble staying healthy opinion of the year. Camera -- -- didn't spend a -- but maybe you found -- a future fourth receiver kind of thing he wasn't healthy either. -- -- Maybe he's a good player we don't know we can stay healthy you know assigned to dying knowing what is injury history writes about that's kind of your point -- right rock thing like that was. I didn't potentially predictable so celeb look I thought that I thought that if they made a mistake. It was. It was not having an outside the numbers guy that was a reliable pass catcher that was a veteran. You know Brandon Lloyd I'm not saying majority -- back guy. But somewhere in the event that things went the way they win now. At towards him your health is all of please like you're Deion Branch and -- -- is not you know that's not an exciting -- when I'm done nothing to fall to save him three years ago or -- going to be. But somewhere whim when. The asks hits the fan kind of situation were you have dependable people it did get that sentiment game and I wonder -- Push them towards the decision to become more of a two back team because that just keeps to wide receiver on the field maybe the the feeling that because of health. Because development and because of the -- stop playing the plane with a torn groin. Did this what they weren't deep enough to have three and four on the field each and every snap at the one thing. That from a team building perspective in which you were to -- of -- neatest thing happened at literally the worst possible time. The court -- was gone to great agency with over her -- so you were scrambling at that point to be able to Brett and I -- to give them a pass about. Yeah it was nothing they could do about it it'll literally again and we all know that the series is the situation again from a team believe perspective that happened at the absolute worst -- the time of the year because you -- an -- no recourse in terms of guys -- yet. But I think -- we kind of did it tongue in cheek over the course of the year the Tom Brady confidence index I think that. It was telling. The Brady in Amendola talk lead in the year and into the post season about still wanting to get on the same page with each other. And talking about how that would mean they work in progress. Again you knew the guy when you signed him. And you knew the injury history there and quite frankly I talk to someone the other day who said that you know maybe he should have been on -- for book of the year. He didn't have a problem wishing marine but. That big guys coming up big in big situation got guys you know you want like we talked about before in terms of -- Brady Mankins in in those mormons. I just think that while Lehman dole had to -- Not a little game they came in Miami the team in buffalo -- he fell off the radar screen weak to walk the year. He really he was an absolute non factor in terms of separation. In terms of in terms of props into whatever you want across the board Tom Brady wouldn't throw on the ball son he is it was he just yet no desire to throw on the football it was just for me in the heat doing this because you'd never know. How hurt a guy rilya from your -- -- studio in a depressed are never offered a rebellious. But I have to think if there is something through the fact that Tom Brady does not have confidence when it comes to throw the ball to the union. I also think that they've they've butted up against in issued that they probably could have predicted. By virtue of settlement haven't such a great season. I think you get redundancy I mean it really difficult to build on offense where. Where there's two of those guys to smaller quicker and tear people. The reason it was good work you had Hernandez's one of those in west says the other is there a little bit different body -- -- drawing different people on them. When you have to small and tear people. How do you build how do you build of the -- pass progression it's weird offensively burn any other team's belief that have multiple slot. Receivers on the -- the same time the tunnel I mean it's not it's not a luxury situation being that it's not really how most traditional offenses were built. So they had an issue they spent on a guy. Who ended up being very similar to a guy that overproduced and -- and all the sudden you're stuck with an issue are. -- we don't have album was going to be this good we -- -- best -- and wide receiver we'll know more on the missile similar. So that would be the the sort of unpredictable but now it's your mistake -- be compounded because you because you asked -- Amendola. And now -- article yet another productive -- that's water the other thing too is you're not you're not gonna cut Amendola and marketing credit I don't want to avoid -- -- -- -- of that money -- gentlemen -- out what it is that it's actually surprisingly reasonable in terms of actually cutting him loose talk to a couple of cap guys this weekend -- it is it's surprisingly reasonable but you're not gonna make that move after one year in the system. I don't know whether it would be your admission of failure or what but I -- I don't think you're gonna move on from him. But you're going to be your gonna happen next year ostensibly if you if you re sign -- I think the finder waited that night you're gonna have those two guys again. The rookies have Gradkowski -- you'll have. Someone else I'm assuming they did they're gonna bring -- probably through free agency the draft -- -- -- guessing it's going to be -- you read it they're pretty young already been our best to keep building new adoptions there and I think he's going to be erode employer in this league but it's a developmental type thing. So I'll sign a guy like Eric Decker for an yes right the problem is with that signing. Is it plays against bill Belichick's tight we don't go -- and spend the big money on on up on a well especially skill position player we don't do that here. Well then then just keep limping along and maybe get into an AFC championship game and not being able to compete -- only problem is they did do that last year in them in ought to pick the right one and that's that's what it's typical. And if there's any doubt that they didn't pick -- right -- going to. It's terrible when it comes to -- in -- talk to a bit of scout this week about it and he's -- said the same thing to produce dissenting mr. where they. Yet five or six veterans and certain position in the sift through those names in the figure of -- who can't play you know keep the one or two guys who can play in the you'll -- the rest over. Well again is my glass half full kind of version in the event that I I really hard time -- that number emblem haven't released study whether cowboys and how this might slot as far as allocation for the position group. Have a hard time seeing how they can keep both settlement and chemical like the idea of a funeral with -- -- to deploy in the sleepy to really take over that role. Put him handcuffed from a little bit and the book -- thing my glass half full part of it would be. You know what I'd like to -- a healthy -- I'm -- -- but obviously you made a point -- but it's not gonna that's part of the formula the -- human or CF for for sixteen. But in the event that he is I don't think he's like this straight out bust. Because we so we could be for a couple games we know who's playing with a torn groin but part of the form he has obviously couldn't do it for sixteenth. So bump in the event that he can when healthy season ago it was like the biggest difference if there ever was. It's not that you use you got Chad Johnson to get a guide your roster and he's -- -- eleven balls and won't we knew that you re emerged Groupon now want. This is more in the vein of you got a good players yet injury history played to that history played her for -- which is tough for me it is a little different had to leave them on the growing or. -- for the last two months he gave you something that certainly isn't what we you know what you thought to bought. But it does give -- -- a a glimmer of hope for the next season that you know now back in the season if he can pull himself together health wise he's not. But I'm not good player. Where that's well and -- you brought -- the point about. You know they'd they'd they didn't hit on this one they didn't hit on that one and I agree with -- yet. When they hit. You -- they hit into gimme gimme a wide receiver that they hit on lease at Ole. I figured out -- America but it's early. But I think he he didn't have Keenan Allen kind of early first rookie production when we go back and look at a lot of democracy review what the -- Dez Bryant and those guys he's right in that range. Of 500 issue art 600 charged forty scarier whatever the -- I mean the point is you could put a thousand yard season most don't and a first year. But as I watched him but the biggest thing that I look for. Is does he stressed the DB on him in week after week even when he was not so also healthy he looks like a body type that gives. Quarters trouble which is a good site now again were never were nowhere near the point where he's Tom's guy and he's giving -- the high target rate. But there's a reasonable expectation that Mike calm in the next year del -- you talk about free agency the draft would create and read all -- We -- right well I'd I'd be wanted to add the draft because the draft because I don't know if -- -- you at that position. Tight end they nailed it right they drafted too tight ends who lets be honest if things hadn't turned out the way they did you'd be looking at the greatest tight and -- may be in the history of the NFL. Wide receiver I'm hard pressed to think they've found that would complementary guys -- and when it comes to work wonders when you a couple of yeah ticket complementary -- into what this that's what they do -- defying these guys -- BP you'll fit their system. Eons plug me in I'm thinking about that and think about the top of something about the guys like the Jabar Gaffney. In the Donte' Stallworth when he was here again these are not high ticket guys these are not I don't agencies but it but in terms of god what they ask them to do. They're pretty good at what he'd do I agree with you the point where they have they have trouble drafting developing wide receivers the last decade view only what do we want that they were -- you know. Really be the moment we deal and it's 2002. As a rookie again obviously you know. Dobson options careers is very early -- ultimately -- -- heat he's going to be -- -- some people. But in terms of being able to find elite level wide receivers I -- I think could be found some guys. -- they've been able to plug in in me pretty good wide receivers in the system but in terms of like top shelf guys they see I think I think we fall into this trap each year. -- An expectation mobile -- draft pick. To contribute a lot in your one and I actually usually doesn't happen doesn't necessary skill positions it and now it can't but my point is if you wanted to and now he says a compliment to that whole argument. I think more reasonable you should have been a freeagent a big guy in the news and you mentioned they missed on that it appears with the mental thing but. But I guess I'm going back to there are freeagent pre production -- and in talking to Tom about this and how. How his eyes would light up. About manners -- what this season was going to be with those three guys what would be the next four to grow and I know that is -- fans much as you want more now thank. But I think we do fall to strap on -- they get the first round and that's gonna help this year's offense sometimes that doesn't what was and other -- I -- -- was the -- like when they traded for Randy -- Yeah. When they brought Randy Moss again now that was a trade was in a free agent signing once in a draft. But when they brought a world class wide receiver and what was this offense. Was exactly like which just -- them the Denver Broncos to latch. Yeah so tell me don't give me as it doesn't work it work. Now he wore out his welcome he eventually kind of shot his way out of town I understand all. But it worked well based on -- Chad Johnson was the year prior numbering and I thought that was another move in that direction I mean at least on the surface I noted that way so I mean that was the last time I think they swung in that particular direction Danny is a different kind of dark as he was a younger player. But Chad kind of have that same feel like people not talk about Butler missed your role as a trade partner something like that. It's. Chad was the last time I saw them go get the big name guy that -- it's been super productive and been much ore production dropped. And that it works they may have felt like a little burned in nattering -- Jewelers where real quick break. In one ball and reports credentialing free agent yes but it receiver reports. When you add them up. I can actually get a wide receiver this'll sound and outside air NFL Sunday presented by complaints key insurance that the plans Keating shops or use save. -- at a plant ski dot com today. You know -- -- you evaluate. That our coaches do all that -- You know he worked really hard spot and nobody -- in her career either here. Or did everything he. You are really into her work with them to be very you know other paparazzi -- and. That's Tom Brady talking about Danny Amendola sometimes it's what you don't say that matters more than what you do Sunday. And when I heard that response about a -- and all the while it's not for me to evaluate. How he you know assimilated himself and the offense on rule. When you're the guy thrown the ball or as was the case last Sunday refusing to from the ball even at times when he was open yet it is for you to evaluate. You know what I thought was interesting it -- whenever you ask you you know guys in trouble though there when you ask specific questions whether we're bill about certain player and he brought Russia. Is there well you know we all got to improve we will that we we gotta get that happened earlier in the with the doctor sorry that happened a couple indices. With the agreement when not a Nazis but it's always a warning sign of the guys central -- we've talked about the offense in the wide receiver for a minute let's let's switch it over just a little bit. For the second straight year is it safe to say that an AFC championship game blew up because Aqib Talib got hurt. I think -- played a role. But I don't think that was the singular reason as to why the patriots and a losing football I think I. I'll say this I'm not sure Aqib -- plate thing could've stopped the Denver Broncos tight but without him. I only bad that you know it and I don't think and we've talked about this before I don't I think a fun to -- a lot of -- things boosters and -- Hugh Reid to step up in that situation. And take the mantle of number one corner I think Logan Ryan. Was. And exposed but I don't think he's ready for that big steadier and and again admittedly I'm taking kind of you know coming coming kind of broad brush assessments here the situation but I I think that look he even -- -- -- place. They end up losing a game by seven as opposed to ten. This was sort of mighty -- busts sort of mission this week because not curbed I always get a little comfortable in -- separate one guy from the herd as if this guy had been here in a team sport would have been different. And a 10 I think the thing that got sort of brushed past year. Which doesn't fit the story and I don't even have to have an opinion -- to simply stated as fact if you go back and watch the snapped that we did have in the first half. Not subjectively just simply where he was when the ball was being thrown. He did not cover any better or any worse than Alfonso dinner did and Marius Thomas. First play of the game he runs the overall human -- rubble much hope how open element was -- was missed on the deep -- market watcher first play of the game to Marius is about four or not further on top of Cleveland running away from where he had the -- The open all -- is just the first and cut and run and over he ran away from an and that could have been a touch on the first play from scrimmage. Others the first first later in the drive there was a third down conversion -- decorate a come back up at the sticks. The -- strengths -- run against lead we've pulled down it was more wide open and Erica was. I was in trouble you always control what does -- go back to a stat sheet and look -- at the target presumably got it didn't get the throw to him. Was somehow covered. Up case and I think the sort of mean that they started to target him. The sort decoded Marius once Talib left his extra -- well. From the moment that the -- was hurt is there were eight throws between -- and the ninth throw was the first time the marriage -- -- to leave one out. -- -- A ninth ball until it finally went back to the merits that's important. And I think also just this notion that he wasn't you know that that he wasn't going to go to Emery wasn't going to what we was out there at the biggest role of the game went. To the Marius and reporting at reception against Talib amendment coverage and also -- play that he got -- -- He was beat him being targeted as well so I think the idea that. It would have been different with him that but you're not say now saying all of that. They were. Individually having trouble with that guy in both guys anyone would have had I just thought adjusting to various promises that -- working needs to draw additional coverage so we believe in the game I would give them a much better chance for this reason because. You can allow him to be physical and start giving him help so I think I -- -- I'm sort of contradicting myself I just don't like the idea that hey he would have been left alone and it would have been foreign. I think the answer is they would have been better but because. They would have had to change the coverages they were -- they would've had to reconfigure what they do it's league's ability that these jam -- -- -- by himself. Would have given a little more a fighting chance but the notion that. She would have covered him in the other guys couldn't is false and to prove we -- here go back and look at. Here's the overall issue right now with the patriots defense and I understand the injuries I'm not I'm not pretending they didn't happen. The patriots in my opinion just as an observer have not seem to value. That pass rushing you know I who can rush degree or rush for and be in the quarterback's -- consistently. They don't have that guy as often as I've seen other teams -- they don't. They don't put as much pressure on the quarterback. Unless they blitz which their loath to do from time to time they don't have that cover corner and I look at the Seattle Seahawks secondary. Fifth and sixth round draft choices some they nailed. -- -- They they hit all -- a body -- when you noted was gonna at all because they're all being laundered -- -- order of allowing five -- -- -- are fast guys but they're they're borderline -- it's -- style choice you know what the patriots don't have. Talib was kind of that cover quarter. And and I understand that it's a rare commodity and I'm not knocking just the patriots and saying. Lets you you improve your cover corner. And unless you improve your pressure on the quarterback I think this defense is gonna have problems from time to time especially against a quarterback like -- And I agree in any credible system -- -- lose interest and -- Becker watch an agreement that I don't think. What legally in Philippines throws when more than ten -- it was all really quick stuff not especially a lot of deep stuff. I very juggled around and I -- I just ends I didn't get the ball and they -- his face. That's it that's what talk about four that did I went back and forth between specifically -- specific to that dean. I didn't see going back Henry watching and I didn't see a lot of those guys up front. Winning a lot of those match winning a lot of those individual matchup and went back -- about elderly Russian for five of the drop from what you guys coverage threesome Jeff -- and ended in their -- you know they're they're they're being mindful in terms of protecting muddled field in -- the transcript of repeat but. Even when they were in me in on me in situations I didn't see a lot of winnable match up there for what ever occur on a consistent basis. There were situations were Chandler was able that there was -- they were -- got a hand on meaning that was that was public that was a over the went over to the exact opposite Andre Carter got one got in there in in in got to -- anonymous well. And being in touch mediating get to know ignore a lot of that speaks to team defense and -- about it speaks of the fact of what. Pete played as about as well as you can play it in a situation like that but at the same time you need to. Haven't we talked about this before the game last week only get six boys. You gotta be able to pressure you know -- argue this is this is this life in the big city. They weren't able to win the match what the thing that's I just pretty frustrating. I I look at their two bookends and every teams got there too right I think their tumors gorges and he wants to mean it's maybe not I'm economic embargo -- 12 or three but I mean during that conversation work. You don't require an upgrade of either side. But what I would say is from a game plan standpoint they made the decision. The use Rob Ninkovich the last several weeks as sort of their. -- they're. Swiss army now I've kind of thing. He dropped a lot you know he rerouted and then rush a lot so it's hard for him and -- -- he's probably frustrated I'm a love I love rob if you -- -- -- which candidates to do -- sports and out of Russia with a guy ever play after prep player. He wins at a high rate. What he is kind of the Willie mcinnis what you remember Willy wasn't gaining twelve and fifteen -- seasons because he was asked to do a lot of things where he would -- income. You know or he would be part of you know blood drop and you rat -- clerk is so long and could do stuff. Rob is really holding a role now so your market you're gonna look at the end of civil Rob Ninkovich only have you know two pressures while rob needs to get more pressure. He's tough to judge though and I can imagine his first or because he's a ruling could competent pass rusher but he has he wasn't used that way much lesser weeks try to help the team kind of thing. The thing with Chandler that I would say is. He didn't win the -- very enough last week. But he was good in the past for past -- with the power Russia reportedly demanding slapped him made him for comfortable throws. Which -- of the Robert Ayers -- console like he never had that one just breakthrough beat him fast. Because both put similar to from the other side of the ball Denver early rush for most of the game as well. And they didn't order in Brady's face a lot. A lot but you know what it is in these those game changing plays we talked about early you don't necessarily have to come away with twenty pressures for the game. The amount -- make three or four big place it really a semi release at the end of the day in the biggest games in the biggest moment she need to breakthrough few times that the parents and I didn't sack overload him. That the one Robert Ayers and timely moment she need to get there. I'm also concerned about how many knockdowns and -- pressures is just you need to -- -- -- player which I think channel would be I think he's in the good but not great area right now. To get to the next level in the biggest moment you've got a break through one or two times for full series you need to tickle. He has the ability to do but I would say in this game. He was a notch down from where I think. When we come back we'll talk about changes on the patriots coaching staff what it portends for the immediate future. This is NFL Sunday presented by compliance key insurance at the plants keep they shop so use a visit to Penske dot com today.

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