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WrestleCast - Royal Rumble Preview

Jan 25, 2014|

The WrestleCast crew previews the Royal Rumble and predicts the winner.

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Edition of the WCI. -- cast as we are. Inching closer to the royal rumble it is time for our royal rumble preview and prediction show. As you hear the lead to our shoot today. -- it's now. And do you remember when no chance now made its debut it became this big -- the side. When was the debut -- -- no chance and -- off. 19371930s. That was there 1937. Of course it I think the first one wasn't. 1889. Right they give or take a year give or take about a hundred years off but yes 1999. It was the royal rumble hour. Steve Austin with number one it means put them there. Under the line you have no chance now. -- -- laws. Became the theme song -- -- the tag line no chance now. It's one that royal rumble we all remember. That being it is the music now fifteen years later. Your right your newer fans who did note that that we may just blow your. I remember that -- pretty good that that was fun rumble with. With Austin coming Austin McMahon won two and number it was on it was too that they were the first to. And they -- battle it out. Everywhere throughout the entire almost the entire arena and then if the government man. Basically took like a thirty minute rest and did commentary -- it was really fun to hear him do commentary -- at that -- had done it for. Almost three years. So about those kind of fun and -- good rumble. I remember. One thing I did like about the rumble as there was a little too much focus on the -- with them during the match. So there be a lot of times and you'd they'd showed just the two of them battling work just awesome on the outside instead of showing. What was going on during. In -- deleted that royal rumble is Vince made Austin number one he made itself number thirty initially. And that commissioner HBK. Came and it changed him made him number two. And in the weeks leading up all vignettes in the videos of the -- training. Chasing a chicken down a snowy road who's doing the -- two teams rights -- injury and leave that raw eggs -- -- -- this for the realities he's doing he's doing sadat's. Asked him I asked him you know over and over again and some of the best some of the best stuff leading up to that royal rumble. In Austin was one -- was two rescued ever right. Without a doubt that end. It's -- Austin out of the ring in two. A bathroom. On the concourse where he got jumped I am big boss man is just watch this yesterday I remembered well nobody -- this. It just gets job that it's taken away in an ambulance comes back to riding the ambulance in the best one of the best visuals you get. Is when you know as you said insists that it commentary. He's you know -- mr. -- still miserable announced ultimately and they don't watch what's going on the ring Austin on. Also a big cuts to the screen in DC Austin Trout -- an ambulance -- cut back divisions in his face is that classic like. So long ago it might just you know it's sprinkled. Face just his south classics patented over acting yeah which is beautiful watch I loved watching inspiring you hurt even doing anything just being involved and after he became -- -- them and everyone really truly use the box -- -- Most fans always -- But he was such curriculums so much fun to watch those great royal -- there's been so many good room rumbles. That leads us into the first top we want it was kind of the royal rumble rumble obviously deploy it. Looking back first. My guess is you have much earlier memory of the royal rumble write them a year older than I. You know -- just always -- -- we have always said you're more you're way you are. And early for energy is late eighties you know. That's that's my real steps. The first rumble -- remember. As a kid now -- gone back and watched the two previous -- the first what I remember was 1990. The first on Hogan won you won back to back 9091. And used. Champion at that time and the big angle leading into that match in ninety was warrior had this really. Big push behind him a lot of moments use Dicey champions really really popular. And Hogan in typical Hogan fashion. Skirt over his body in eliminated his buddy I remember correctly. So either he eliminated him or he caused warrior to be eliminated and it caused the friction it was almost a mirror of what had happened in 1989 with. Hogan and -- Hogan but basically eliminated macho man much as -- much of it was champion at the time Hogan ended up losing the rumble. Lame big giants stunned. So I remember ninety was my first one. 91 good memories he was -- -- earthquake at the time Hogan went on to win again. He was the champion. And 92. Was. 92 was the best royal -- I think hands down no the royal rumble comes close I think it was the absolute. Best for Obama I don't know if you can beat. In 92 and obviously I went back and watch that. So his eyes set on the show yeah I I I watched Saturday morning superstars on the little TV that's Hillary during breakfast but I wasn't really. In doing in this sense that I didn't -- paper views in you know. I didn't see all rumbles back then while. I didn't either what they did was. -- -- from blockbuster was still around is I used to like -- my mom let me go to blockbuster with her. And like my parents and -- -- whatever they want him my brother would write whatever he wanted and I would always choose a paper view royal rumble was usually -- go to that was my favorites to use the big spectacles the coolest as a kid. And so I don't know is get to watch from like eight months later I -- know what happened by the time right side. But that's one -- so I'd probably saw the 1990 rumble seen. November time. October November -- here but it was the Rick flair apple Rick flair comes in number three. And Bobby -- him in this was -- why I love Bobby the brain so much he was compensating with guerrilla. And he was just going crazy the whole match pulling for flurries -- player's manager he's pulled form the whole time I was so much fun. It was such a great -- he lasted. And that was the first rumble where it really action meant something he it was the only -- -- the world heavyweight did the WWS now WV. Title was on the line on line and he had an -- out winning game cut off some problem again. And from what I vaguely remember I've watched that one probably a couple of years was that. Player obviously coming from WCW the self proclaimed. World's heavyweight champion like the real champion. And I think one of the best parts of it was when he entered the Rangers certain superstars. Who had been former -- W guys stay -- went after him late date they kept that part. I think on -- was involved in. For -- Asserted it was right exactly Texas and man had. They -- a monster feud going back to like 1986. In the old NWA and cross over into the WC CW which was run out of Dallas at the. And then obviously from there it was supposed to be. We all believe Rick flare burst Hogan and it should have been wrestle mania should've been and that's that could be its probably yeah podcast for another day. But how that match I mean a match has happened since like it never really happened but it. Going back in the royal rumble -- mediate if you don't know. Which I'm assuming it was in the news podcast he probably are you know that -- in one it wasn't a paper news just on the same network there's like 35 minutes or something like that. It was as hot I was stinking garbage isn't there a royal rumble the floor. Royal rumble -- was at Schaefer stadium. AK Foxboro Stadium on televising the rain mixing up I think that's probably king of the rings king of the ring is one of those things they would. Before it was an -- on televised event it was one of those things that they could. Do these how shows and go around the country and -- the Cameron all the time in different cities. So I believe Bret Hart wanna king of the ring before -- -- became into the ring. But royal rumble in interest for -- back to about royals in the 50s60s and 70s80s. And -- -- basically all the way back to the Renaissance so you think about 1450. I think Leonardo Da Vinci -- the first royal rumble. For. 89 and as they surged over -- on stud and so it sucked I thought it's -- the first two years it was uninteresting and boring. And lame -- one man dug him. -- it was one of those guys -- was always really popular continued though to get over he he was just over naturally but I never liked that Jack yes. Always found him -- And boring now. Or still shows up -- pop on the updates I can't. I cheer for him bully because it's far he's a funny acts and I want summit -- arena in Framingham. In the old days on the firefighters components on tickets to shows the duties like really really crappy and he says it was a lot of fun. Broke rumble started off stinking and it just got really hot and she was awesome -- was the first when you remember remembers it. Well for me I mean he's heard me talking about 1999. At that time I lose. Still twelfth. That's the first one that I really watched your twelfth 1999. In January and -- answer those twelve -- there. That's the one that at the first time I've watched one line at the start to finish. You know it I think maybe by that point I'd gone back and I watched 98 cent in. Had that you know. Idea what happened to me it sticks out is because the first watched in my basement 48 Stevie a couple of friends. Good one massage is a good one you had any advocate undercard to call that. With though with a -- in mankind there match for the championship then. Well -- that was such a great brutal match all the chair shots area the chair shots to fully. We've seen beyond Mac that is light needs her ringside watching it in their reactions were. Real and they were crying. Oh yeah. What's so do his son duties was legitimately crying. Think he's a pro would have been 2005. Years old watching my dad is did. That craps kicked out of them if you knew was we know it's not know is not really exciting but. Still sounds looks like he's being hurt. There's a fairly badly now. And it next year 2000. I was looking around search -- stuff after the show. Lot of people say maybe top to bottom that's one of the best. Of 2000 not a on correct as the match it's. Correct me if I'm wrong on the undercard you have and that was the triple which cactus Jack street -- That was another very good. That -- that's a street -- so we know that fully use tax before yeah. But that was the first time I remember he took up on face first in a taxi took pedigree. To the thumb -- and I never want to cancel the event. He could -- one right. Thumb tacks like. They're very small everyone knows what contacts or you don't discuss the that this kind of get an idea like I don't. It appears he too deep but it's -- it's in the eyes it's gonna -- mr. Elop aloha. So that I was -- much. Does that match which attaches debut as a stirred anger and it was undefeated at the time. Do you -- Heatley was company knew it was him but he -- still waiting for that. And at that point I had already been a big ECW fan so I was. I was -- mark for -- I loved watching you so much fun that entrance theme everything about him was a lot of fun and that was. The only really good memory I have of tad torched in the W after the derby day. I don't know if it's to Houston or -- -- the injuries he's had. Both I mean he's not. He's not Vince's style in terms of big guys smaller guy he releases. For short guy in the grand scheme of things in the wrestling world. So. You'd never see him get over -- being the champion like he was CW and he was the most over I need CW for a little while. That was great fun match funny story about the silent watching issued visas now. And Foley was talking one time. About. That match. His no one at the W of really new. Has very well fully and work with them VCW. And Kurt angle before the match goes up to fully in says. What I would do if -- to really test me. And Foley just last kind of goes Kurt I don't think have to worry about that your Olympic gold medalist open and want to test you. And it's just kind of interesting -- like. Has reputation was always. Not necessarily out of him but he was a tough guy in the -- supports the crap audio. That was that was good fun match was great debut for tabs. And ankle is get there. Is being. Champion with the next six months. You know he obviously it was a lot of full ankle was so damn good she's too. It's a shame he's being -- team. Actually watched it he did -- estimated removes salt off the top of the cage match. But that -- so going back to his. To cover a little more Russell -- royal rumble history. So 93. Saw that horrible finish with Bret Hart and then. Lex Luger popular says the Lex -- where they dropped at the same time and ended up having to. Each case the champion -- -- and that wrestle mania in different matches. I come down -- 94 -- cruiser and a one. Deservedly so actually reverse those 93 jokers you won in 94 was the the the double finished 95. I believe was the first time Michael's. Michael's won in 9596. I don't remember which one was -- stuck my head -- came out first and use the first -- to go coast to coast. It was one of the two but it was a shorter royal rumble. Instead of doing the full two minutes between -- is -- which we know they don't really do. They speeded up -- depends. Lights yeah. Wherever it's needed so if there's a slow spot gold -- a couple people out basically but at that point in that rumble I think was 95 and that rumble -- was every minute. Was literally half the time we had to wrestle for 35 minutes -- -- -- an -- which was it's far more difficult obviously. 97. Austin thank you so -- that was a great one -- -- any means necessary -- gets a limited by Bret Hart. The refs don't see it Austin slides back into the ring and eliminates ever run outs and then -- the next want to get that fatal four way between. Austin invader undertaker and heart which led to that great match at wrestle mania. The submission match between -- awesome. Officially is a three time winner the only injury timely three time winner unless tonight John CNET editors in tonight tomorrow night whenever it is Sunday night. Mr. Johnson enters into the rubble to lose the championship the radio and wins for the third time they get emails in the match to -- for a third time on topic about it. Batiste has won one still Rios won once. -- if you make some appearances -- ones. I don't know anyone adults. Orton if he enters he's one H if he enters -- why -- -- triple experience and humble. Unless he's gonna win which would be the worst for arrogant thing to do. There's been some good -- rumbles into some great undercard matches 2001 I think had that. I kept my years screwed up 2002001. One of those years you saw a great latter match between Benoit Jericho for the IC title 12001. And then. One of those years you saw Benoit angle 2003 I was at the 2003 royal rumble Boston. And that had the worst frigate match I've ever seen in my life triple -- first night. Thought that sucked ass oh my god those so that. It was just belly to the belly to belly simplex fast that's all the did the whole match was terrible and then. And open lost saved the night. And I had a great angle to where I was pissed at the time -- Michaels came out first and Jericho was supposed to be second or third. And Christine came out on the -- pretend to be Jericho -- stuck behind eliminated him -- them up I was and then Alison great feud to. Atlanta terrorists -- match that year which is a very good match and obviously you know they had their -- the three of 44 years ago that was great as well yeah. There's been some great. Royal royal rumble moments are really -- its might be my favorite. After Russell maniacs wrestling news obviously the show of shows but while so much. And it's it's it's fun it's the countdown from ten every hundred meters so it's fun the crowd is always off by -- the second. They say zero it is the one on the clock never understood that with a crowd. Anywhere in any sport they can never count down. Correctly let's beyond that -- And Russell it's even if the crowd is chanting the shot clock in at a sometimes. Purposely their off yes will they get super fast but even then there's still even some guys they're trying to can't account for their team missed a lot things people -- people. A group of people cannot count down. -- -- -- keep people can't do much to. There's been some great moments there's been some great surprise entrances -- -- Favorite surprise entrance of the -- had just one. Well I mean this idiot cop now been there a couple of years ago. When when ash came on Booker T the road diesel even though I mean again we knew it was happening -- game. Unfortunately spoiled with pictures of the year or in. The cat -- an ideal -- going in that it might happen but still the the the reaction that the pop. In coming out was both the Petit anti animal. Local calls. Diesel. Now Michael Coles thanks Cecil he's actually pretty good and I know what the situation Baxter is. The -- there's been some great surprise entrances there's been some terrible ones in terms of celebrities get involved the -- to drew Cary. Fiasco that's socked. Cain dismissed them. Well he rose. I was. Those -- assuming. He's the -- amateur pianist because of so many -- That signs today Philadelphia and in the next year healthy he made three consecutive appearances. I can't remember that one as well I was watching the 09 rumble couple days ago I was in Detroit at rob van -- return that was kind of a surprise that was that when all the sudden they hear the music and I think it's triple -- -- -- -- -- -- and day out possibly charity come out. This from its and this from Tripoli to come out and number six and it was number -- that was the -- you do that rumble. But it an army he came -- later. Got a good reaction obviously from his home state at a good performance. To date now 2010. Was age at was the surprise return became -- one. 2011. -- it's not about action book team Del -- one now 1212. I don't remember that. -- twelve. -- one I don't think there was anything special about that one million last year you had. It's not Jericho was gone and he came back -- -- Surprise to no one knew that was coming and I'm not the biggest Jericho guy he's not my favorite but he's. Exceptionally talented. I think my favorite all time which I did not see coming. Was this a perfect. Mr. perfect comes back I think it's 2002. Perfect comes back on Sundays out in the rumble and put on over performance. And then acting as the next item -- -- match from Boston which is very good match. Perfect and still go. He arrows like super -- is always a lot of fun. So I was a great surprise I -- that only a honky tonk man always kind of popped up -- down again coaches. He did his -- to I've become more behind -- man as the years have gone by derelict executed but it doom -- Tax on somebody they bring back you know every almost every rumble every couple years because just you know he's the first waiters and elect a -- -- pushed back to push history and in. You know nothing Al Pacino he comes he's not a win. It's a staple of the room there's always there's always some a couple of interesting things you can count on and every royal -- one is the quick exit. The first what I remember was bush record -- blocking and doing it and remember the bush lakers' did that hand over hand pump as he walked. He walks into the ring. Earthquake grabs the back of his head walks -- the other side of the ring throws over the top. Bush writer -- without stopping keeps blocking streets of the -- it was. Awesome so I think that he was like to second elimination 32 nomination. And then it was 2009 the one I was watching. Is San -- comes out which is priceless doing his power -- hasn't beard winners hair cut at that point. I think you commit to pull off if you want to cut it would all like him I don't buys it but comes out. -- -- immediately close line over night at a discount and laws and that he thought it wasn't ready -- -- look at his cane. Maybe Kate it was what I was -- hurricane like smiling laughing and so it's as good -- I wasn't ready and -- -- -- and that cannot be beat a team cutie beat me instantly yes they can -- second but the amazing thing is that two years later. There was a 32 span in Boston when you're thinking. Like god -- is gonna win the royal rumble. When he was. Still this makes it it makes me cringe because. He got knocked out of the ring light on something Barry. Innocuous like a punch. And he's laying it. On the side of the ring maybe almost underneath the ring upper half an hour. And finally he -- comes to when the match ends and it was it was pretty I mean nobody remembered it was in the match at a cubs NN gallery as a -- and he knocks them out. One of the craziest royal rumble memories is and I I didn't see it live right -- back and looked at tennis recently. Was. The year Batiste one. Out now I I've read a report about this too. They totally messed up the whole ending his Batiste and seen in the ring. -- gets -- up for. -- -- the -- fuel out of the ring and the two pieces looked like geez it was a little too heavy for CNET to do that and they bowl fall backwards over the ropes and look pretty dangerous. And land and that wasn't supposed to happen. NEC McMahon all pissed walking down the ring on his coat on the ground doing his storming blocked. And also gets in the ring and blows out wolf. Both of these quads. Little pull out he's sitting in the ring against the ropes just yelling at people restart the match. -- imagine if you watched that ain't just focus on the referees. And even on -- Batiste. I mean I get I don't know exactly how that was supposed to and it may be was post and like -- supposed to hold on. -- and just but it does that mean it's not the sure it's not the easiest thing especially for bigger guy to do. So. It is today this is that awkward. You know the awkward point where you know commentators note that that's not supposed to happen so what do we say I'm sure -- in -- -- going. Crap. -- and then you know it's all spur of the moment he he's come storming out. NN right does it add things on heat he tears both of his quadriceps. On a given credit because. On the YE. They made it passable I thought now I've heard a lot of people say it was crap but I thought it was paso because. One thing's going into the -- that year was smacked numbers raw. The superstar from which one's gonna wind and seen it was on the tees and smackdown pressures on Merck. And at that point that. Smackdown CO smackdown apparent. And so the refs there's obviously broad -- -- smackdown -- in the smackdown -- a reason seen as and the progress or is it. So I thought it was fine I really -- them I don't like that ending but. I thought it played out. Mean OK -- if you. Gorgeous -- home we know them very much casual fan watching that. In fact even if I mean I see that line that was cut in my part of my -- -- down period. The dark to dark ages as I called the -- high school early college years where I had more important things to do. Like homework. And studying. When this goes and. But. Even feel we want you mean Madonna is thought to implement the plan once confusion -- But then it was -- it is sitting in the ring. Yet who spoke with who -- urge you to sit like a little media -- it all things considered. I mean you think he would be. In a lot of pain right there and he's just the surge was pump. Whatever. Camp. It was an interview with him later talking about it today users in Egan sitting the whole night in the back. Also got out quickly -- he's an older guy. Literally can't do that some time after a warm day there's a good road. Royal rumble elimination. Which was a complete surprise. And now I wanna say is 03 -- force that. When tough enough -- Conan -- -- one tough and I think it is theory. Or you might have been. I don't remember if that was when I was -- -- not. But. Maybe and goes in the ring and it's right in the middle of the undertaker. American bad ass thing. Is that guy this guy -- you know evils you yet which. I thought it was -- righty. But whatever so he's in the ring in his. The parties are in the ring eliminates the parties but they're trying to attack the undertaker may even drop kicks him take from behind it eliminates. As like I really. I think that was one of the Bay's best. -- surprises. That's for instance. Does a great surprise in the rubble may even though and then he and team comes back and grabs it eliminates and it beats crap animals. Look back at Tony's a really was for nothing though because Unix expect some elect -- happy it would help lead to something down the road ends and for some reason it's not made it would be this guy's gonna be a star bulletin at this moment and then. Nothing happens a candidate he look at tiger while what's going on a nightly back guys can it was a waste isn't what it was it was great presence. It has been. Great year elimination is a lot more recently doing a lot of the spots he had Kofi. With the chair -- -- fee. Copies on a couple hasn't he he's done. Hand stand locking on out outside the ring back to the steps yeah. You know John Morse and in Boston where he got was on the on the apron. Dot springboard into the barrier the notes Spiderman across it hop to the steps. Com. -- did the pocus that he -- of the chair back towards the ring yeah I was as so -- expects is gonna be something. Which is -- it -- they never really had that before they always had that you know oh some delegates are over the top but they've. -- that -- hang on to -- back over 2345. Those. You know royal rumble but now -- -- they're gonna have at least one. You know fancy fancy thing with Kofi you can rely. He's such a freaked and half you can rely on him do some cool and Shelton Benjamin was on those guys back in the day and you could line -- pretty cool he was. Possibly the greatest athlete to ever -- Gives an absolute freak. There's been some great -- rumbles I'm excited for this royal rumble coming up there's. There's uninteresting things gone down at this problem seems like there's a lot of undercard matches. Some more than normal T do you feel matters it's just me. I think I mean I think it's the normal limit doing one on the kick off show and that. Three. On the actual paper view but it wouldn't shock me if there's one as a match are -- at some -- some type of filler. -- and obviously it all depends so much time they're looking at the title match to have been -- the rumble is going to be. So let's. It's now focus on this coming at royal rumble we are he did that are needed to smooth transition. Just ruined my smooth turns and now now. Might go pound saints got that means. I don't either but I like that for saying so. Let's talk about the undercard first in. We'll give our got a preview and predictions and we've been getting some tweets and our people are thinking. In terms of winners and maybe surprises the kick off match is the new age outlaws. Against. Cody -- in gold dust. But he tag team championship. It's been very strange -- the outlaws. Back involved so -- -- right into the office I mean religion for under attack teams I mean when they when they were on old school -- but aren't -- -- -- with with punk. Allocated against an activist to finish off what -- -- Monday but they're still around and they turned their backs on punk. They had six date join the shields on smackdown at a tag team match with them. With them same team so there -- -- tag team. In the haven't really explained exactly. They did a little bit went wrote Doug was on commentary and there we go unseen and unmatched set we we didn't get noticed. And we now we have a championship match so warped. Make sense. There was a logical explanation. Obviously either in bed -- Your immediate authority DX is kind of back in a weird little way without really -- and hold the -- it again which is I think the right move. I have no problem with it it was a little. You know really done in broad -- Both -- slower now. By. I saw that there viable team I think it helps the tag team division even know it kinda. Snuff several outside a little bit I think it's good for the tag team if he can keep it gives another real tag team and said just mixing people together calling them tag team. Now I expect rose gold does to retain the titles. In the -- option I mean I would give the -- 2000 UH you know laws really know res dues that. Should give him matches and they can they look at the process but. I don't. I think -- tells him. I think it was the titles go I'll tell you why it's our setup what's gonna happen later actually with rose and gold dust now. At the same idea the difference in. So it's -- it's later on that. There's only three matches scheduled in the rumble. Bryant. -- -- why. That's a match you weren't sure was gonna happen because of the report concussion that Bryant suffered in the cage match where he turned back. To be. Good Daniel Bruntlett. Let's separate Jefferson because -- haven't talked since that happened. Now they obviously rushed that whole program. They did and I've heard it's because of the Michigan State yes Stan. So I I'd first say I was thinking I will be doing this doesn't make sense -- -- turning back already -- just turned him. And you knew he was really turning -- Really -- -- like he was kind of beat down yet Hughes beat downs its current you know whatever. And then -- -- votes to get -- mind -- yet join chairman. It was garbage that's. But it was the right decision really he's so over with the fans there's no point alienating the fans that have. Grunts loved him that guessed it is the biggest. I I was disappointed but. I think they did it well. But it was way too rushed. It was way too rushed than the response from the crowd Providence campus. -- validated at the right decision who cares those -- to cares if they screw it up a bit the crowd loves it that's in the -- one. Is will the ability matters yet in the end it's the crowd enjoyed it and behave Atlantic. Outs and then the reports came out the next stating its African content in that cage match to go back you watch the match. Tied at the end you look at notice a little -- little shaky. -- a point where at the end he's on top the cage very glee just sitting there. After -- done -- chance in the ring and apparently producer lying on the line on the ground looking up was saying you know keep doing it. They had to be prompted it. Some for a time it seemed as if he might be out for a couple weeks and who knows. -- it is I mean ziglar has been dealing with concussion symptoms are a year at Bryant has had concussions before. Recent years it's not a one time thing and if you've had a concussion before you know it's it messes up. It's scary you there's not a lot you can do when gosh the -- physically. And then. He was canceled from the period on events over the weekend and everything like that should expect even if the B unity one is potentially clear that points yet not worth you -- matching. At the -- pilots and pilots could stay home. But it shows up on he shows up on rock cutting a promo and you know at that point not okay he's still not a he's come out in two -- angle. I don't think that but any doubts that the match was going to happen at the royal rumble later on he had his little altercation where he came in attacked -- -- from behind. At that point I had seen officially cleared to wrestle but that my son that I'd say he's been cleared because. Even though he's the one doing the attack in you know not being hurt. Quote unquote. She could -- He did it -- anything because -- it is straight -- you can make has taken her miles out exactly so he was clear at that point. So it's that's obviously great news. To happen. On the paper view against -- allied. Question is what is the going to do with that match is it a blow off as Bryant when the match. And it has re why get his revenge on them it is Daniel -- going to be in the royal rumble match. All good questions -- that's all it's good quest and it let me answer all of us and 79 says -- I've known. -- liberty that is. And 3 AM hospitals I ain't that. There's been some good promise I thought that promo last week -- on Monday from -- to -- Brown's excellent. I'm looking forward to I'm curious to that really had no idea what I was gonna happen if this is the blow off for not I don't. I'm leaning towards the blow offs that elimination chamber right that's an excellent. That's what I am I believe the -- awful happened leading to another feud for Brian. Going to -- I've read somewhere that is set installment it's Daniel Bryan for Seamus and wrestle mania. I have read that I'm glad I read that this morning in preparation business and I have no idea out there yet that -- -- -- But at least we believe that James returns. It's really interesting this. Okay never mind I'll save that thought when we get to the royal rumble match itself. But with with Bryant. Promo way he announced the matches happening he said. You know I found out that harper -- will be in the rumbles that the parade you know by himself. -- what a world does that actually had a parade right Soledad leads you to believe that. This match Mena house on a finish and that is a very good chance he's gonna get the crap kicked out of him. While three. Which then leads me to. What will happen later in -- You know what I just out of this it's now. In that match I would be surprised if we see new. And new real member of the -- -- -- -- viewers. In that -- and harper don't interfere but there's a new member. It's Davis. Doubt be ridiculous I would Mankins is Twitter account is it clears it right -- -- -- follow any of these guys -- Twitter a Twitter. I just do I think it follow Paul -- maybe one other guy. That's I think I bet there's a new film remember right as a young man special. Why am I'm good for two more specials this podcasts let's move on to. Show vs Brock Lesnar. Which we know who's gonna win the match. Shadows doubt yeah obviously the big show right exactly if you look at a guy. No -- a small indeed hamper it's it's never happened to work it's clear that Brock will. The -- should. I think it'll be entertaining will be yet will be to be huge guys just. It'll be one of those matches where you will be arrested snatch dubious stiff actions match freedom look back like holy crap how -- strong is Brock Lesnar how can he do that too. 450 pound man. 85 story lines for his. -- we hobbled together -- comes on after. -- rates the -- Marc -- out -- again our extended period its nose at us that could have been interstate. Brock for mark and -- authors -- the first. The thought rockers mark entering the royal rumble because Mark Henry had been it's weird marketers had this roller coaster the last six months where it's like oh crap now as a big killer -- again. Which I didn't mind because he looks widget like he did kick the crap and you know -- the -- -- does he does but he's been so goofy at times. Crying in the ring it's -- crap about characters -- all over the place. I've been brought to influence. It doesn't it I think it's brought wins to set -- to make him look powers strong. He is Thabeet for wrestle mania and whether he's you know he's come out and said he's the number one contender. For the championship. So whether he goes -- championship and wrestle mania whether he faces the undertaker. Whether he faces. Right back Mark Henry I guess is he says the undertaker. And if you're gonna face terrorism made you have to beat the big show half -- -- -- I have to do something good. Illumination chamber. What -- the championship match. He WW the Aureus universal championship match John's sea -- radio hour. People aren't too excited about it it's and it's normal one on one match which is fine and mean. Does need to be into the latter match anything like that. I mean I. I expected to put on a good match as they normally do. They usually have good matches with the -- other. And it worked together a lot in order to one minute -- are a lot to watch a lot too much. You've had the John CNET senior involvement again mass captain -- four years ago. Mean I just looked at it for. -- which one of them is going to have the titles for wrestle mania at this point it's not. It's it's more of Stiller time just to see who wins and holds on the titles Tibetan dropping to whoever at wrestle mania. And obviously between now and then it has -- could happen -- -- take the championship. But honestly I -- the interest in the matches just. Almost just gets the end that's kind of a feeling I'm gonna -- These kids get to the end but it's over what's gonna happen. Yeah I don't care too much about the match itself. I'm just I'm fixated on this ninja mega blunder. On TV right now Cecil shows how much interest you match days -- really don't have that much interest is. I almost don't care I think either options not back -- of an option. Orton or is the life out of me sometimes sometimes I'm passing him by him but I feel more often than not just bored by him. He's kind of got this. He's got that -- mid two thousands triple H thing going on right now. Promos are too long they're boring they're drawn out his matches swallow. Technically they're actually pretty good matches. Again to drown out too boring. I'm a little bored with him right now maybe this goes someplace in to sing with him against the authority. But I don't really care too much -- or as a heel or face so man. Scene is obviously the face of the company the true face of the company. And they've been planting seeds for something. So Blake said actually gets in a match and CO plays out. I predict when or -- a regular will still be champion. I think whenever they -- John -- us media will be outside of the -- These values there is in the championship match last year. It's almost as if you don't wanna waste Sina in the championship match resonated that makes cents. Yet also liked the undertaker now it was all students here come back -- -- -- match the last few weeks that mark key united double dipping. One of the things I've learned in this this business is. Just because you don't have the championship doesn't mean you know the various. You know Hogan when I was growing up Hogan of the championship damage -- the biggest guy. And I've learned by watching shooter interviews from people like Jake the snake himself really say. I don't really need the title I'm so over with the fans actually might hurt. So it's interest thing you know -- doesn't need the type he just doesn't need it. -- -- kinda does. So I think you're probably right you're probably right Orton leaves. Somehow someway not clean. There's no way to be clean. It comes to the royal rumble match itself CM punk is the number one and treats what's sets them -- for about forty to fifty minute. You know. Time in the ring and you expect the expect you expect you expect him being contention at the end you know one of two cities are gonna make him number one. Just happened it dumped out ten minutes. One of two things -- definitely happen. Either he's in the last four. Or he's eliminated insanely early. Ala Sean Michael's 2000. Which I don't really see that happening and -- they're gonna make him -- 455066. Cents to be in the final four. And we know Batiste is in -- who really haven't talked about him. But he is in the rumble. And -- -- he's one of the favorites to me just -- would be he is it's being talked about one of the favorites and and then eighty look at the rest the list of people who were and it. Is now -- star power like entered into it as is already. -- upon you Batiste. You've -- in -- like we said but it made public guys you look at that. -- want it. Could be a -- -- -- winners don't Rios in it but you. At 0% chance that he's going to win again and like I said earlier ministerial in it but you know that's not going to happen -- whatever it is not a lot of firepower and outs out of pocket -- I think James comes in the right change it. There about I think -- ten spots that haven't been announced. -- -- Com. I alluded earlier -- Bryant my dream my scenario is it's happened before I think it's not. Not totally out of boxes he gets beaten down earlier in the day the first match of the paper used -- -- -- straight line it he gets beaten down not alliance. He comes out in the rumble 125267. All and it stopped. And comes out in eighty wins the thing. Or the very these puts it in good showing in. Somehow gets dumped out by one quiet again if that's gonna continue. Then -- start to think about other people who can appear. Chris Jericho is always snow around. Yeah there's the debate rumor obviously. Is staying. Yeah I don't think you'll -- I don't think you'll seem in the rumble. Is it the -- -- they've come to agreement yet but also they had come to an agreement stating it is going to appear at some point I don't think. The waste him. With the -- rubble appearance. Why would -- because he would make it bigger splash appearing not say the next night on raw because. All this on it that way every comes out not a -- the second -- he comes out. Everybody watching it starts texting their friends and say oh my god -- is not raw. You know the -- it's hard to be like -- all the rubble and order now but -- you know it doesn't have to do there are millions more eyes on. As opposed so we we tweeted it out com. Yeah I do legacy yours I don't I don't stink coming back at least for now. Not back coming to them at least that we we third out on Twitter. You know at W the -- cast. And we've got a couple predictions at Indy -- says. With the way they're ramping up -- got to be him fast -- for battle wrestling I completely disagree. I think rains led the big part in it and I think there will be big -- kind. Issue in their team you know plant further seeds have them breaking up the -- eliminates Ambrose or something. To set something up move forward and I. That doctor Jeff -- says you know it's going to be upon -- impromptu victory I don't see that happening either. I see punk. Somehow. Getting eliminated in screwed out of something to set up a feud for him. Here's one that I like it's from Patrick may and who we talked about on the show I believe he's the one who had the wedding. The the wrestle mania themed wedding not to long ago. And he's now following a fan of the show so he treated and he's -- -- she'll editor at the scene and the -- autopsy be pre planned by whoever's in charge pump one shield to three. Four. That's a good one. I mean in in the royal -- history you often see tag teams go Paulson back to back some after fighting each other and that they loved that spot royal rumble. That's in -- I could see that happening or maybe at least 12 and then the other member of the -- -- -- much later number whoever it may be. I would assume right rains comes out a little bit later. And another prediction from -- Josh and at lacked air hockey fan. The -- wins the wrong or so ago. The distance which would be -- mean -- be fun deceit which would be the third person go the distance after listeria added in 2006. -- comes back to he'll -- the authority. The very acts that happen that's I think that's plausible and then he says so Cain can face -- At the -- means king -- out -- -- elimination chambers to kinda. Finish off that little -- -- -- title match -- -- I think I think it's punk first Tripoli. -- so I don't -- on Quentin. I keep on getting suckered that I like that Jamison is part of the authority that would be good. A lot of people aren't choosing Batiste to I think Batiste was -- -- to -- -- and I'm disappointed about that too young to -- to Sina. So care expertise to lower. So care issues and these are we've already seen less and less the rest of the card is so amazing -- it. And I feel one completely underwhelmed by the -- him. Never really was. Thought he was anything too special to huge guy. He's OK in the ring he's had a couple decent matches. Never cut a grip problems best work was right before he left. Trees four years ago he was it was -- GQ he'll -- when he was all gone yeah -- doll line -- scenic publicity you know I'm just -- do you know why that was probably his best work partly because it was prod the most true to. What's really him. But now part of me is it's. Blue -- has been a little bit ruined for me. The character because of the actions of the guy getting in real -- beat up by Booker T. Yeah you never heard that sort you know. It's out of -- real quick I think it was at his summer slam like photo op. They had the whole like roster they're doing a photo up but he's apparently was just being a pain in the ass and -- to call them out. On it. -- do wish. And apparently. The story goes they go into the other room to settle it and Booker -- beats the crap out of Batiste. But -- gathering at the refinement to execute on little messed up in the face of brutalize shoot. Booker T one. So -- -- done but -- sick as an arrogant basket by Robert T not that book to his knowledge it's tough guy he is but. -- -- -- -- All right so. People are thinking of the -- tunnel and knew where it not too excited about that like I said though if the rest of the card. Did the -- wrestle mania card where it's. Let's say undertaker vs Lesnar punk vs triple H Kelly's Brian Brian -- Brian. Error. Makes sense though -- what that guy said though that about. At what was his name but whatever leaders. Who can crap Twitter. At Twitter at Twitter said cook. Said that she was comes back joins the authority makes perfect sense. She -- -- -- -- that that the you know they've had like six prior matches at wrestle mania David tell they had the one that was canceled -- an accountant wanted to please show -- this one insanity. And seconds. -- -- at a preached but they had reached at a crucial match it was supposed to be on the card -- ending next year was seventeen seconds which open which was the championship match and -- wrestling. So is -- -- bring that into it somehow. Yeah the -- get all in all Audi today. That match but you became the players are because yeah I mean that's and that's for the pro Moscow -- bring updates in second victory. But I won that match but you're more popular guy yet and James is jealous endurance authority. To put Brian back in his place or whatever you don't -- there's a couple of different ways you can go about it. But I think that makes sense -- what pat Twitter guy said. I think most people I think most people are disappointed. If Bryant is the -- the championship match isn't isn't as it. Was it that it's headed that way. Now fifties facing the undertaker I think it will say OK that's fine -- that -- Sometimes it and that's the bigger spot I I just don't. But I don't either because her -- think they're ready to give up the street yet. A Brock Lesnar verse undertaker makes the most sense they feuded in the past they have apparently real life he. You know undertake is still gonna win -- but that has that -- day of may be that people from the outside -- -- the undertaker Brock Lesnar I know him to what they're fighting each other -- media on this policy that you know there's just at a B interest in that. From the outs and you know -- though is look for the outside. Mainstream. No interest -- it yeah so that's for that come from. It beat at the coral rubble winner though just I think sadly I have to. Tease your activities to pick some different. Which sucks I don't wanna see I was for it in management supply. Idea of Brian all beat up -- comes out the 25 in the rubble. It pulls out crowd would go crazy insane. Crowd could -- that I would mark got a little bit too. It is that we could be fun to see you mean that's a great story. And it's. They could build a very cute matched -- CNET wrestle me for the title. Or you could probably -- Bryant or also. But I feel like eight the united waste that -- matches. Pricey at a one summer slam match which is a pretty good not as good match it's like -- -- -- it. Wrestle -- where again. It would be say it true -- But seen it would be here. He would just he would be he'd get his streaks in his cheers from the fans that -- that's our. But Bryant a 100%. It makes the makes no sense it under percent made it does make it makes sense because the crowd will like Dana Bryant. And then half the crowd likes CNET when he -- and the travel also like Sina. Yeah I mean seniors got this I like Sina thanks seen as better remembering them advertise than most you'll get credit for. Is character yet a little stale. You need that character. You need that guy. He's too big -- to popular. East he's entertaining on the Mike. I don't. See going that way. I think Brock Lesnar ends up in the rumble potentially. He said he's already and number one contenders no I don't you -- entry into it Sudan be like hey I am. Now. I think the reason they said I'm already the number one contender. Is really telling you he's not going to be zero school. -- -- -- -- that without actually getting championship at -- -- right I assume elimination chamber. But then again I don't. I don't know how the story line how you brand undertaker back. The last time we saw undertaker he got his ass kicked by the shielding -- power bombs through the announced today here at the bull. You think to eliminate shield. Them reignite that. -- -- That's something workable there definitely workable would you be interested game undertake your -- -- I could I could get interest in that. I'm not terribly interested in Roman -- I don't see what a lot of people see in him. I don't find him very compelling on the Mike I don't find an uninteresting in the ring he's big power guy but I hate the move the spear. That's your big finishing move the spear -- hate that. It was called legal it's only people on it again age right now. The same different things totally for the core. Pattern war veteran core but you know no one door no one does it as low as. Goldberg did and it made sense like overdo it being successful poplar. And a I don't know -- I'm not as sold on -- -- announces. I think all three members of the shield of -- a little bit shorter than I expected. Especially Ambrose that characters -- so all over the map I don't know what the hell they're doing it to see him by himself doing -- I'm not. Shield yeah. Nose and vote -- lone crazy guy. Which for him would be far more compelling doesn't have these other two he's great on -- two dozen of these other two that -- share Mike time. I think that would be better for him. The one that gets lost from me in the conversation about the she'll always is -- camera's name -- -- my head. Thousands -- Seth Rollins. I don't see anything out of him he's. Good in the ring he ten BI fire but he doesn't really do it. He's not piglet the other guys is not very good on the -- his voice sounds weird. What the hell I don't see much -- I see him as amid hard guy forever. In Chicago championship guide maybe sure. Find another tag team partner. So I think prevailing thoughts on this -- Things that would be surprised to see is the keys to winning. The shields. Not breaking up the line. Starting. Never Dave had started the process of breaking up and look like overboard cracks in the last couple weeks they fully back together so updates and that road Sunday night keeping -- tonight socialist. Something else -- its sales -- little you know bull ignite that. Probably with pumpkin -- it. Thinking of -- this is an obvious return. He'll yield the in those final ten and -- entrance or whatever you'll be thinking now maybe the undertaker. Maybe Chris Jericho. You'd never know may -- triple H. Tripoli which pocket wrestled me is that -- around Tripoli would be in the rubble I think so like we could you imagine this that. The story would be -- is still in there when number -- not come out. Triple H is in the back. And whoever was supposed to be thirty to say it was. We can't. It's hated the Fandango out Fonda was right about thirty Tripoli each pushed him aside it says -- I think it's more likely that -- -- to realize it yet. It I think it's came. I think -- the one that is getting involved with pumpkins and Haas group and out of it came in here came on and then -- upon Tripoli to think. You can wrap that up pretty. Nicely in and present it well. It's just I'm I'm I'm already disappointed in the rubble thinking about Batiste. Especially because that's probably what's going to end the show to yet because. The way we've already talked about or seen if that ends the show. At last there's some recruit you know increase the undertaker I mean we see events were undertaker has been in the -- and -- things happen like oh yeah. Normally with a paper view. If the championship match doesn't end it. I think it's stupid I think it's a bad idea. I think it takes way too much from the championship when it should be the focus -- not -- it's the royal. But the row rumbles exception I. I think the -- should all because that's the -- that's the the featured match. That you always close the show you get the biggest pop. It's out especially now with the titles being combined. Heat and technically -- you that title match right there. So Orton wins overseen by the -- next -- say when the rubble at the end you elect. Expertise to resort to wrestle mania that -- I mean that's that what it is at that point -- you know I mean you know it the other way around you know to I guess. And -- but it's it's almost it's likely that better that way to see -- rumble is going to face that practice yet kept ending itself entities. More I think about it with the -- other things fall. Unless. Oh I just threw myself curve ball. Why not this. Why not Brock beat up big -- fantastic we know he will do it. Brock and to the rumble. Rock can be -- to get into it eliminate job or whatever which where what. They go into a -- each other. It makes sense you have the two guys. That left WW the most tried their hand in which it an MMA they're both claim to the number went -- I can contender. They battle it out and and abroad contenders match at elimination chamber -- Ron whenever. -- that watches them there. Think it's still open a door for -- returning in facing undertaker which is the dream match ever on -- -- You know was the dream match fifteen years ago it would still -- -- like two years ago is he thought you've really got it was happening yet. It would make sense -- go to three years ago on -- before we wrap up. So. My buddies at restless excellence that we have closed close relationship with just got a text message and despite some EU. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight rejected wrestle mania card -- now. I don't know where they got this from oh. How low it's obvious I mean. If you if you spoil potentially listen to this right now it turns off you can you can turn up -- listen -- the -- Obviously a lot of people listen to a sale wrestling podcast are probably reading editors seats in -- have an idea what's going. So let's run through with this projected wrestle me -- is. And just think about it and it maybe not. Discuss too much this kind of let it marinate it become back after the rubble and see this is -- -- ago. Teased the rumble -- it seems very likely yeah it's east rivers Randy Orton in the championship match this. Agreed the Brock Lesnar vs the undertaker OK. I'd be excited to watch that this hour ago I built that with historians. One we've already talked about two or it's not to gain a driver's -- with the idea -- comes back joins the authority. Is getting to do debating to get Bryant the whole story of leaders like each human seventeen seconds you know bigger star. We see that -- -- has done that people have done that storyline but it was that's an easy story line to get across and it makes sense and you can. You can find real heat in that CM punk vs triple H yeah men's privacy and I saw we see that being involved with. Some of the screw job happening tonight. This one I wonder how they'd get to a great lie vs John -- Now I don't. I'm just confused and I am concerned about -- -- 'cause I think he's deemed most compelling character right now on TV. And -- feel like he's just being wasted now you can't with these guys. You can't have them come in make a big impact and then get. Beat down. It kills. Two years for them I feel like in my mind. I'd be interested in that match. The both two pretty big guys. Realize it's very good for. The big fat -- Very good and seen it can handle guy that size and -- can both work faster than Likud would potentially someone -- is bigger something like that. I that would be -- I could see that but it. As they think about this card this wrestle mania card I think it's a fantastic card even though I don't like -- -- superstores that much. There's enough others in that. Story line you can create a lot of things both members come from evolution to you can create compelling storyline even on not terribly instinet I could find myself getting into dissident. -- -- -- They're both pretty good on the Mike to butch is better than yet he used to be he's Regis too long we ended knowing it's a little more to point. I would actually be excited see that that's been a feud that's been going on for five years now 567 years now. Pro -- Sina I don't know how they get their what you said. I could get into that though I think. Why it's so compelling on the Mike that he I could get drawn into any match it is it is. Maybe do the same type fainted David Brian terms. Be down down trying to -- to join Thursday -- -- -- see the problem is they need someone actually joint. Now they'd be down Kofi Kingston took him out of action for awhile. To be Tim Kaine took him out of action for a -- -- back towards the authority. They need someone to legitimately joined them. -- outs in this whole thing doesn't it doesn't carry enough because if -- is actually joining you and your week. Even if you are shown you're you're weak. They need someone and it has to be some line in the I don't know someone -- in the middle but given little bit of cash they need someone to join in. Stick with them for a little while a couple of months six months eight months a year two years. They need someone else to -- to makes them one more one sting. That doesn't make sense the six bigger than. It would cookies. He would appease the influence that Euro -- and delegate news it you'd have to -- creative writing. Then you're taking that you're knocking -- -- pat down where he's not the leader anymore and sings the leader. I don't like having new leaders pop up if you can have a leader you're gonna go with that go with -- Have him be the leader he would have him be the strongest one of the group. You know what the best part of all this is is that has a chance we are a 100% wrong and that's good because there's this. Sony different things that could come out but tomorrow night. Sunday night around 1105. Wolf will have an idea. A pretty good idea where things are going. Chances are you know projects each other eleven tomorrow night and it's gonna be either seek a -- or. -- Did you -- -- good yet. So I hope it's the sort this good. I do obviously like one camera because I feel validated vindicated in -- understand certain parts of the business but. Alec -- or better. I like not understanding -- why they came to that conclusion and waiting for the next shoe to drop so I'm excited I'm excited for -- is the kick off wrestling season. The best have a wrestling here. And a. That's gonna wrap up our royal rumble preview prediction showed everyone Colin. Where definitely looking forward to it so. Hope you enjoy the royal rumble the -- wrestle mania beginning. With the rumble in Pittsburgh as -- -- thirty on April 6 it's so far away but it is is close. It is coming. Will be back hopefully soon will. We'll certainly be back before the nation's one out our thoughts on how things are shaping up to wrestle for resonated so. The shares to look out for that thanks for listening this has been the WE I wrestled cats with. And kitchen Scott's account where they find us on Twitter on Twitter at WEE. Wrestle cast and and act suit costs and act. Young -- WEE. WE. -- The WW the royal rumble. Is on paper view. We -- the WEEI. Wrestle cast on WEEI. Dot com. And the WE I can't punch in the face is and this.

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