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Jeff Howe Joins Mustard and Johson

Jan 25, 2014|

Boston Herald Patriots beat write Jeff Howe joins the show to discuss the Pats loss in the AFC Championship game as well their off-season needs and his expectations.

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What's gonna happen of the patriots in the 2014. Season and beyond. In here to help us -- that is Jeff how patriots writer for the Boston Herald good morning Jeff. Don't Jeff aria what's going on so patriots did not get the job done a lot of people fought that in spite of all the injuries and everything else -- me included that they would find a way. If Brady's a post season track record you surprised or are you pretty much not surprised about what happened last Sunday afternoon them. Well I picked to win but how I -- -- -- vaulted. In I think. What you have to be able surprised about the fact they were they are heavily outweighs every area of the game I mean it worked. There were two. Different levels of competition on that field that day and patriots were obviously Iran and other. -- I mean waking up to it maybe we shouldn't have been surprised because I think we thought they with they had be held at this point in the season and they were at period into the bronco. I thought they just the way that they had been playing over the previous three games that they were peaking. But their run game game a little more balanced they clearly never got -- in fact going. In what Aqib Talib went down defense just didn't have a chance to compete patent anything related in need to dial up or slow. I get surprised because they thought they were gonna win -- who we learns what they're really. What they had become because of all the injuries and everything they went through the seat and they just weren't good Archos. If they gave up bomb the wrong a little bit too -- I understand that certainly that was the broncos' strength on the defensive side of the ball but I admit -- got a little impatient. Being down three nothing then ten nothing in the first half. Well it's it's hard to say I -- because of the players are there to be made it. Some occasions and and the patriots have only limited that's I mean by the time. As the -- is such a great job of controlling the clock and possession I mean patriots were in two -- Lleyton at the end of the half and by coming up all the third quarter -- their primary precise -- a little. I mean I was I was. Are remote Iran bandwagon all season long and that is different from what I usually say I'm not usually you gotta run the ball -- -- up but first and by. The way they treat that round -- the seat and an incredible 46% of the time in their way and then only able 31% of the time and -- -- I thought they needed to invest heavily in the run game or at least a strong effort to it but I think. Circumstances. Kinda changed it a little bit as they. Moved through Denver there they realized probably they were in need quick actions. That they needed to take the ball away from Payton man anchored he needed. They needed to quick in the game because of what Peyton Manning was doing on the other side. It was he couldn't turn it into a ball control game because I think they recognize. -- Manning was doing to their feet. Jeff Powell you. Indicated also -- in and a great article you had the other day roster. -- section. The free agent situations coming up we're to believe blunt window. Element. Is in which guys who would you try to bring back. I'd start lead. Just I mean I don't think that's really don't know bottle him there by we know what he's done for this -- that's -- -- I just think it's it's been interesting that -- negotiations that are coming up first inaugural franchise Eric. That's gonna approached twelve million dollars that Lebanon after. Twelve million probably this year -- quarterback and I think believe would be perfectly happy to play that out you have all the leverage I wouldn't worry about. Giving him attack -- -- -- not cap flexibility. At the moment to really messed around here in our quarterback twelve million dollars regardless who is here vendors so that is it's. They're looking at I -- a baseline of about forty years and forty million dollars and maybe increase that appeared in green and then try to give -- You know five million dollars salary which he had this year. But then I start to wonder. You know what he's getting up into his it is late twenties you wanna give him four years and then if you don't you probably get increased to six million a year. Regardless they have the money. To make sure that they can bring him back. It's just that the big wild card as it was like well last year but the court cornerback mark -- crashed. Is routinely checks and bill or the raiders or somebody like that can try to bowled over -- one night at eleven million dollars the year. Over something like four years and it's something like that happened. He later I don't believe want to come back although he looked very Smart guy a -- and point. You would never -- leverage you would never say you want them back a tree you can do it this year in -- -- -- but it's obvious. At times and I've Stockton but he won't continuing when he while they were patriot -- you wouldn't make the state the Welker did. In terms of saying yeah I wanna be back here and all they -- -- -- it cannot do so. Andelman is another big one obviously. I think bellowing at the much more complicated. Dynamic here and Bill Belichick said on Monday -- it is. Even including news conference that and take all or eight weeks to try to figure out what you tell your agent approached them. I wouldn't be surprised the -- and one of those guys that it will be seven weeks that. Figure out what they're doing here. And I think from the standpoint of keeping -- go to prop the Iranian doled -- five years and upward of 31 million dollars and -- was white player that he was last beaten. And nobody will dispute that but I also don't think patriots to -- -- 31 million dollar. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to get something like she went twelve but the Welker. Bill Welker April contract they offered last year and then that the huge huge. The -- a lot of middle ground there it would be difficult for them to make up so applauding those. Negotiation to get very interesting because of it from two completely different sides of the ball park there what thing they have in their favorite -- -- -- -- -- getting something done. Adult and as threats by Don Yee who also recruitment on Brady often call only do they work very well together for anybody at the -- and stick a little bit. It might be those parties not indeed done situation with Welker last year and suddenly got really contentious but again that -- -- treaty negotiations. Since you mentioned Welker we've been trying to figure this sadden everybody has all year long and certainly came to ahead. On now Monday morning the day after you were their bella check referring to. Welker as a receiver. Who intentionally meant to harm to leave. From the best of your knowledge why is this so -- is simply contracts as -- go beyond that. I think it's I think Belichick ordered tickets Welker a bit and I think you also try and stick up for lead. And trying. Again technical -- of the free agency these. Guilty Belichick after another player the way that he -- Welker the other day. So clearly there's still some personal animosity there we can't take that out of it but I think its strength make sure that he can Boyce is backing Turkey police. And again its interest in you don't see it done and not absent from Belichick to offer different type strategy. But as things go back to it I mean didn't know Welker over the course of I've covered eight to five years so four or Welker. There's never. Any part of back yeah I mean I've been -- my dream since last week trying to find one place where I looked like while that was that was dirty they're they're locally got. Don't like well who was trying to -- that guy can't pick one in so. I don't know I mean look the block. Black worthy problem yup -- -- great battle they can have malicious intent. Hey I don't regular ruin your sources say you don't have the name names but. Don't any of these play is that you get to ever pull any of -- -- you natus atlas and I'd love to talk if you combine just can't I mean. I I just don't understand this this ballot -- control that he has over entire it team even play is that -- that leave. And you never get any information out of anybody. How frustrating is that to you as a reporter. That can be it can be very difficult thing you know I was I was open to work on an off season feature at one point and the player was like you know what I was all the -- talk with soft and so. If it goes it goes the level like that. Yet dot days -- -- -- stall -- are gonna ask you about the other guy out there in the second Donte' Stallworth. I was talking about that this week we DNC saying they it was a story you might have been involved you were you there in 07 you weren't there -- -- seven. Apparently on a story about that Randy Moss and his great catches and appear in the paper the next day and they were harshly. Criticized a profane Lee criticized by the coach -- -- the next day speaking of Dante Scarnecchia is that on his own volition it was a time to go what was -- the thought process for Dante Scarnecchia retiring after. So many years and so many administrations down their Foxboro. Yeah I doubt was I believe that was entirely in his own accord and when they brought in right it all on a year go to it was with the intention of making sure he could work with. With that today. It helps smooth that transition. And again not a guy who work close in the pocket and I think this is something that they've been preparing for for -- a year I don't know they knew exactly who would. Definitely want to -- wore navy was the time was dwindling it could actually be won here -- This is something they thought -- -- prepare for I decided. Interesting that they brought in able for that role. Indeed it all is not hired as the offensive line coach so -- period when there are going to be with which. Traditional coach is going forward but clearly felt with the latest this week -- I don't know they have. They even know who's going to be back all at this point -- are going into next season. Are you surprised to see aerials and for a second interview as we speak with the Miami Dolphins in let's say he did take that job. What kind of a problem if the it would be that the patriots would have to deal. I am I am surprised because of -- eased I'm not entirely sure from the -- -- people who work with and closely that he -- Completely ready for this type of job. Stephen or are we build it you load the big names you certainly look stick it to Robert Kraft Angel I've. I read somewhere right here I'm aware it's like the article but I read somewhere that they don't get along. I don't know them personally but I think that's another thing that he would love doing and the -- cycle. Saying that that he looked at war. And this would certainly -- that creating divisional -- Would prolong -- I think stereo guy who has. A long term future as a GM I just it might be a little too early and I think he got a really identify whether that the job that is he gonna that it will opt for. With success. And the what type of attack could have on the patriots later couple guys who would be in and out and get that the director pro scouting director called outing so. John Robinson VP candidate the other guy's name right I grow at a city tapered. Completely blanking on -- public entity that is again they set up to stereo or are no longer term success. He's been in this position director of player personnel in 2008 and what your organization for more than a decade. He is still again he's learning. They will and the knowledge gluten pioli put it it's there's a lot of progress that they are the lot and I think April reestablished foundation. -- whoever replaces him. But again you -- draw he's not experience I mean. He doesn't handle it is feeling as. That it experienced GM with more years as it. Jeff this -- the question Jeff does the question I would ask what it's all said and done let's face it Bill Belichick runs the operation on both sides on the field in the front office these guys are they all just underlings. At the media Belichick. Yes that's exactly right -- that is the bottom line and everybody around the week goes -- and I think that's partly like the scenarios out there interviewing. Because it's a chance to really advances courier in that regard. Going back to last week's game for a minute do you feel Brady had enough offensive power. To compete and possibly win that game. No no not not at the point of the season gotten -- -- -- -- a rookie you know what that thing. Date being set up with new site vote. New types of weapons this offseason and I think -- back to Vietnam and to beat duke and -- -- regret that type of money. In two players -- and Amendola Amendola beyond next year contract very friendly after that they literally and if the money. Dornin reporting fifteen but -- making sense so. You wanna spend. About six million dollars first season on Q waters deeper and settlement does more work outside but he told -- he -- up outside we -- -- work over the middle. We don't know that and they get struck out ski assuming he comes back in some capacity next beat them. So you wanna artists here. Here he capped at a little on the move on and go after it got like eaten expert Jeremy Maclin work. Or other guys who were outside receivers spread the field a little more. And and keep your offensive different dynamic to it and I think. There was. Put the other. Side of that -- you wanna throw all your -- and Danny Amendola mapped it out of a repeat performance to what happened this year and -- he was when you tell you training camp. He looked legitimately elect a 100 catchers fever and an outlook and media hyperbole here and I looked terrific in August. The -- he would. Hurt by that they're good in January and fortunate lot of great questions hopefully some of those will be answer will be following your column and and Becky that the good work Jeff. Aren't a lot. I think Boston Herald right here on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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