WEEI>On Demand>>Edwards vs Gammons, round 3: FIGHT! Are baseball writers too snooty? Or are hockey folks just too sensitive?

Edwards vs Gammons, round 3: FIGHT! Are baseball writers too snooty? Or are hockey folks just too sensitive?

Jan 24, 2014|

We delve into DJ Bean's pod-man rush podcast which featured Jack vs Gammons live on the phone, and dissect all the opinions just so we can give ours. Can't we all just get along?

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Understand why people keep challenging me in the things yesterday. -- and I were challenged. It together on the spaghetti westerns. Were clearly made in Italy well more variety. And I kind of jumped out there beside. This does not -- that company at his side. I don't know force I -- I don't know what the right if -- was it. Don't any. Of new England and he doubted it. I was doubted that goes -- and I was Italian and -- it wanna believe it. Still need to be met to review to figure being challenged them quite the same challenge that just text me. -- that follows a pop assault texting me saying that -- lol not sweet. It -- like oxygen. That's weak sister and Google settled us with operator is the same guy. Who used to tell you saying yes that weren't necessarily accurate right like that now -- will that the Wilson from heart where the same families the Wilson of the beach -- And I settled this between you and your -- via. Looks like oxygen is a song by the British and sweet -- treatment groups guitars and he's got enter. And he scanned by the words shirt featuring a uniform stupidest things she ought to remember. To remember it's it was like the Boston with -- promote its if it as you remember not so stupid idiots in fact. Oh yeah that's beside yes was covered. And welcome them also sweet. And yes of these -- -- If I don't record hop record. The beside of the record -- cover girl which is also apparently by -- I don't know let's -- sweet songs I know. -- Let's not possibly randomly and and laws like oxygen -- -- -- They do sound almost to some -- they're my dad who's often wrong and things like this they do sound exactly like deal. Like that song and strange magic sound almost exactly. Flat out challenge you in. -- or was he does not accusatory it on Iran knows just. -- it straight up says that electrical or mr. Wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Computer and Friday your -- you're texting me on Google before he. Liked that. It's ridiculous aren't speaking of ridiculous statements that caused the risk now I don't think my dad -- giving in to a big feud over this of another missile and maybe not many people get back LaMont welcome. Anyway -- DJ -- -- I think very well to a to a weird flight that developed between two people who could not be more different. Peter the only similarity to Peter Gammons jacket -- to have is that they're both passionate about the games that they've really dedicated. A similar they were together. Okay. Neither one and -- -- there now. I guess they they both technically work for -- as games -- work witness and as well yet but a lot of similarities other than -- their -- -- -- respect worker if you missed again on Twitter last week or earlier this week after the after seeing the Calgary. Takeover fight the brawl and said you know it's things like this that are always keep hockey in my sport Jack point -- Defended the game hockey came on our show talked about now. -- was unqualified to say something like that because essentially baseballs and sport hockey. And that because games -- -- -- the race he has no right to talk about hockey that way or parts of credit to DJ being the odd man rush WEEI dot com. He gets both guys together and we'll start with Jack this is some of Jack Edwards. Those are some repeat some Peter -- this morning on the apartment Russia that it. Jack unlock. It -- -- very important. Are. This sport Gregor. On the war on the notion that you know the political mentality I use is what it's obvious here that -- -- There -- a lot of people. Around the country you go it's it's WW Lee it's me it is not actually ever -- Went largely -- So basically what what sort of relegated. Is that the the great point Petersburg it is yeah I mean it it's it's. But of course -- focusing on one part of the statement and Jack was really focusing on the other -- right I mean I write papers or whatever you want -- provider -- we can agree or disagree about what Hartley -- -- -- relegated but that's not what's at stake here you when -- major comment on Twitter you -- saying hey this is one of the things that is upsetting to me is a hockey -- and you were saying this is what makes hockey a minor sport -- any crazed hockey defender. You'll lose every credit everything the moment here. Minor sport. No I mean I know I'm not -- -- that was sitting it out from there's television contracts and all of us I didn't -- that. Always got a -- -- -- -- -- Yes I -- I have no doubt that he that Peter Gammons votes aren't he would. Gammons is known could obviously for his his baseball expertise his baseball connections his insight. And rightfully so hall of Famer no questions about that but he's really a huge sports fan. -- -- computer games talking about college basketball or basketball in general he's very very well informed. Makes sense is Smart guy Reiman is a reason he became Peter Gammons rating to a baseball that's the sporting chose but he he couldn't. On that -- and drop a sport so what does Jack have to say about all this and. All. What does it matter what Peter can't chances in India's. About -- All I respect leaders working based all he's not our job. For forty -- here. But I have seen it at. You know it's his opinion are a lot -- is or what it should be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For a -- There with it is. Probably. You all may I -- sports all of the guys quiet part that's about where all. I don't like anybody. I had seen the royals player or last by yours which stated they're playing well why the or. You ought to make it fit this argument but I think about things like. Five. And got -- Which probably greater contributing factors are then I heard that one coach told all the way. Upper subsequently. -- -- Is all of -- -- -- to get Jack and the AT&T plane home. That's our second focus on what we're saying is my desire I was focused on this around the poor quality are looked. I did hear that. Let's stop we gotta stop with the topic the whole being hit everything it its 2014. Now. The world is smaller even in New England is no way to -- smaller and smaller than it used to be. Peter Gammons is not. Was not will never being irrelevant. If he were relevant you wouldn't be responding to his tweet. Your response to his -- Tells you about his relevancy. As one being that break stop it stop paired. There are a lot of people watching this sport. Who care about the sport who have opinions we're not always gonna be there. And it's up to it's up to Jack it up to DJ -- it's up to flu though Kevin Paul DuPont for the people there. Doing your jobs at a high level bring us into the game give us insight give -- observations. That we cannot. Had I can you have to actually they have connection I agree with it -- they got a tip they have connections repeater gamut with every every day. Jack Edwards has connections that Peter Gammons will not have. He's not playing. He is talking with those guys he's talking that sport every -- I covered everything you're saying there -- -- -- church relevant again I just don't think it's relevant here I don't think I understand why keepers of the flame or you -- wanna I wanna say hey I have access and you don't or I show up when you don't and that's what makes me a little bit more knowledgeable on the subject and you. But that Patrick. -- incredibly relevant here after that -- even I have to tell you what we're talking hey you know I'm sorry the -- think Chara and Johnny boy -- don't like each other but I. I have inside access you've never showed up but the rank and let me tell you they do like each other I watch them go out to dinner together every night that's great great. Tell me about Iraq liked but this point here has nothing to do it acts as. You don't need to have think hockey's a major or minor sport you don't need to show up at the rink in order to tell -- is look at the ratings you his watch it decides you can talk to people you're -- that your game -- response. I want it. It is is tremendous and that's you know. Portable and practices -- -- -- would not be the issue. There are a couple of people who on this should go off. He talking again right -- part of that may have been. My reaction to watching it initially it's a one. Whatsoever. Story on -- On this Sunday morning. Aren't -- being accurately sense of blood collection since the -- America's kids kids see that as opposed to. Watching your quote the order a great player -- mean -- you know people -- -- -- those leads supplemental of them but the is that Russell. They're gonna Covert Google's social history editorials -- which are pretty well. But I mean for the country's commercial on the play also got fired at southern. On this -- here at third base for what likely got sent him to -- -- You know. For her -- from what we want the opposite applicable -- So I mean that's that that that that's my reaction that's -- about it. I hate to see. I mean. I laughed. You know when -- recreate the scene from. From like International Falls it. Whatever we'll try this cold -- also. In important in juniors when. Well Paul Holmgren mostly guys -- -- publisher -- what shall we are -- let me put. That's more like fiction that's not what hockey is. RSS Peter -- respond DC game is essentially trying to just take the wind projects sales right he's just saying hey I like the game you're coming after the wrong guy this is two people having an argument where they're not actually talking to each other about the same thing. Right and -- side is. I he's not acknowledging the fact that he called it minor sport he's saying he's talking about ESPN in the disrespect shown to hockey Jack saying no you're showing disrespect hockey anytime you see it's a minor sport and it brings up the larger question of how -- -- noticing today a Harris poll. Harris Interactive poll -- says 35% of Americans now say the NFL's their favorite sports which makes cents. 14%. Say baseball the and nobody. 6% say the NBA 5% say the NHL. Which suggests that it's not a minor sport that it's almost equivalent with the NBA so by that logic. Talkies right -- everything else and yet I think we all intrinsically know that outside of a couple of towns that's not really the case that hockey doesn't get the same level of respect doesn't have the same viewership doesn't have the same ratings because this is Paul unfortunately always has watcher number one. It most people like more than one sport right Lotta people like racquetball but yeah I also like baseball. I love the MBA but I also like ha ha what ever baseball or football or whatever. I think the problem hockey has that it doesn't always fall onto the number two or three for peoples like hey I like football basketball baseball. And that's a lot like. And they don't even think about -- And I think down yeah that's where hockey falls off and that's where you end up -- these people who are. So desperately trying to defend this game except as you said earlier at the moment everyone else comes up to watch. They get upset about it don't talk about where Rory game. We're real. Where were you for the last twenty years I don't know I just started liking it now what Norma. 1975 he can't like it now are right it isn't it. To watch hockey persons in order yet. But back and edit the game. I was -- -- -- it would appear below -- I can't believe now Jack we have Jack I want I have to ask -- -- job. Jack's job. What does he do you say what. They play by play guy Romo. After. -- People watching you on TV don't you. You want people watching Jack Garrity an ending luckily. As much as we try to bring you ocean and great sale. Church elders at the audience. Hockey or transmission than any other. I don't believe that -- -- hit -- over -- -- but does -- -- had that -- forever and I don't even think it's true you know it's all even if it mr. Some people just care. The people can't go I can't go to a game because of where they live Brian -- love the Boston Bruins let's say you live and LA just you can't make it. And they come out -- once a year. If indeed they play mechanics. Or maybe eleven may. Maybe is too much money. Let me just don't have the time. Are you recording negate your DVR and games and you watch him the next morning I. I just I disagree I disagree with that so strongly here for some you guys here gets and he gets to weigh in 6177797937. Christened Boston hikers. Oh -- it up. I think -- act like an oval where for art there are. I've played out pretty well I look in the baseball -- From real real problem. They're -- you're getting older game is getting lower. Like Clinton when he should be make it. -- eat up a little bit. And you know are not very. You know hockey helmet contact. People are getting more important that. And its. Parent at the airport that are really important job -- Dan basically. Yeah yeah the only Chris I agree with everything you said except for one thing I think what you say is right about Boston I don't know that that's true across the country. I don't know the people are getting more more interest in hockey across the country. I would agree that I would agree that that Jack I mean again maybe you need to you know experience. Or in person in particular. That thought should be woody should -- not if -- haven't that big shot is for sure that they. -- worry about your -- for now which -- a lot of issues now. Yeah exactly Christopher -- pick a Saturday era failure Goodyear. If the guy you thought was going to be different the answer and antidote to Barry Bonds. He's dirty air the body is not so in the players so these -- sport as legitimate. At least we know that our sport has lied about it in my question my question for I don't pillow elephants aren't -- Jack could I Clemson. Love hockey I didn't look I ditto. You think. As a a hockey person you are hockey person. Think the sports gonna go away because -- senator. -- I did so I used to think that our story about the sport if if if it's. Using Joseph Maddon word that the sport remain solvent -- If you're not worried about it just going belly up. What do what do you want my -- so if you want if if if he calls it a minor sport. Peter -- calls that a minor sport and you think he doesn't get it and hockey is not in jeopardy. Of going away. And you like the TV deal that it has right now and you've got -- stable franchise about your town. What's what difference what are you worried. I really it's that Jack is word I think Jack is just standing up for -- because he loves the sport but my -- for anybody to call minor is offensive to him I just think. The moment it became bigger than it was the moment hockey becomes the NFL is the moment hockey fancy -- to be better. It used to be good back when none of you like him but now that you all like it I'm not as interested and more I think that's some -- other -- a great. I always loved hockey now I actually get to see the highlights and ESPN at night. Now I actually get to see the hype now people are talking about like -- walk into the -- talk to my body about the sport that I loved instead of everybody looking at me like I'm crazy hate. What do you think should be on the third line -- comes back chipping hammers voter and instead people look at you -- other Super Bowls next week 88 why would you ever talk about -- -- -- every bit academic hockey fans matter but but everything is in place that OK so. The ESPN deal didn't work out. I wanna be a small fish in a big pond. I'm gonna go to you verses. At that you know Albright or life network at the time became vs political error. We have a deal with NBC. We have the NHL network so you're a hockey fair. In you wanna see hockey on a nightly basis you don't need ESPN givens and hang in hi Kevin. That's on our picture beyond -- IE. Actually called and outright reject ever comments and I only agree with some I know that a lot of people of Boston that. We'll get that thing I've played hockey my whole life but -- I just feel like having been to so many games growing out. And also watched grow and serve for decades now. It just it seems like a lot of play through the neutral zone a lot of the stretch place you'll get an appreciation for what the players are doing off the. I think most fans of them can I mean you may not because you understand the game as well as you do having played it. Most people get the idea you're right I mean not -- it is stretched forward is doing but you know what in a football player may not get to see what the right guard is doing. I'm -- at all and enjoy our right. You are you that I just again you're you may be right hockey may be better person fine. But I still think it's pretty damn good on TV special now and I don't need this card that was held by HD more out any other sport was looks great HD and especially we -- having -- number to call games I feel pretty damn lucky here like bricks is good and at an analyst as there -- in any sport. As essentially taught me the game of hockey you know what all all of it and as an aside we play off the jokes -- always the well known -- out. Now that's one that's Wachovia. That's before the outfit I think all of all all hockey guys are very gets you you know brick is. Bob Beers break him out there -- a lot of guys here talking about hockey. Who'd do a tremendous job and this thing -- you know being there in Pakistan and any sport. Helping -- an NBA game if you're courtside. Like -- when I was working for the globe covering the Celtics that's where the beat writers used to sit right this course title you could hear everything you hear the official in the players. Okay that's a great perspective but I watch basketball on TV and -- a basket -- -- but still great. A takeaway and there's an argument to be made on coming closer and closer to making and I'm not a 100% there yet but I think in a few years I will be. That there's one major sport and everything else is a minor sport there's the NFL this football and there's everything else that football is a major sport. Everybody football is everything in this country right now turn on ESPN radio CBS radio NBC radio Yahoo! Sports Radio whatever other national networks are out they're doing you know what they're talking about 80% of the time. Football it's everything. The NFL is a twelve month a year constant sport that everybody is invested in. And the other 345 sports whatever else you capital like our miners are sort of getting there -- not there yet Andrew but I -- those numbers are crazy. 35% vs the next highest at fourteen. The big difference what those numbers hobby until fall next Ron Borges one of the making people making football the most -- like anything I've aborted the Jonas Max alcoholic WEEI. All watch hockey is is a very in advance. Why apple experience. As as that's what you get the backlash. Once somebody rightly or wrongly was pursue it as being from the outside and I watched where it's 44 -- pre game. Well the National Hockey League. Makes the ball outside about what I should be all why it is not. Because what it is actually equals better any more sports that there -- -- Well nobody -- -- -- Jack Edwards loves hockey in the store and I or any other time. Would be ready miles as the earth. All of her. The most entertaining. For you could listen go go check out DJ beings odd man rush podcast WEEI dot com is the brought the warring factions have fields are represented by Peter Gammons in the mccoys is represented by Jack Edwards together. Onto one podcast and let them hash this whole thing out you know went. I'll say this more than more than Gammons. Jack. More than that that old debate I'm dead serious about -- I think. A lot of leagues would be better served have people like that what people with -- passion. That's part of the commissioner's office not necessarily commissioner not to make jacked the commissioner and NATO that and that's -- -- that would work -- -- But. To have people with passion for the sport forget about everybody else Jack Peter Gammons -- everybody else says about hockey nobody else gets it. What's your need for any sport is folks like that intelligent passionate people. Advising you on. How to make your how to take your -- absolutely and yet. And that to an end and end up in many of these -- don't have a right to have a lawyer who is said OK -- our charge now that it is the best way to increase the profit margin passion right passionately cash couldn't be more write about it and -- -- in this case I just think -- passion is misguided SRR -- most parents and both these guys -- here for two people that I like and respect as much as Peter Gammons and Jack Edwards I think they're both all -- on this entire conversation. Every part of it every single answer each one has given -- the way I've managed to disagree with all of it. And -- disagreeing with -- each other -- they're arguing two completely different points but they're not having a conversation with each other they're having a conversation with somebody else about the other one. I think -- initial comment is obnoxious to say this is why hockey will always remain a minor sports -- is not a minor sport. The major sports one of the four sports in this country and because one time I found five brawl happens that is not make hockey miners -- -- that don't. As having -- responses -- Peter -- showing up at the rink means nothing it doesn't matter whether -- shows up at the rink he's a fan like any other -- can comment on the game. At what he thinks the game looks like from a global perspective and if you want to have to answer first commentary he's right there on Twitter for everybody to -- them for goat get on to and they meet and Peters Peters next responses. I love hockey. So I don't know why you're mad at me. And why it doesn't -- what columns that tedious BM will only show this you called it minor sport and that's an insult to anybody who loves hockey. -- like -- keep going back and forth arguing with each other and each time I'm going. No you sound of not. Actually it's okay but this is -- this -- let's add another layer of obnoxious -- It's not an insult to anybody. Who who doesn't love -- overrated as an insult anybody who loves hockey is not. Before before -- moved to Boston to cover. The Cleveland Cavaliers. Very young covering that team and their broadcaster. A veteran guy. -- -- -- -- -- And I would see him on the road and joked hate loved listening to Rush Limbaugh joked hate loved. Opera whatever he completely get out of 2223 years old. He was not 2223 years old is a book bluntly about there go to Russia patriots like you -- so. So what do you -- Like hip -- a lot because it is madness I think it's so stupid today I hated. You know Joan okay. We disagree on that make you somehow make your CD yourself that you can learn like it but. Joseph okay. In his profile. And what he was then you did not like my music is not is not insulting to me issue. -- -- -- Jack you have. Outline who Peter Gammons did you think he's a hall of Famer and another sport you never see him at the rate on and on. Why do you care because of the words minor sports because my thought was degraded Peter diamond had said and this is why I don't like hockey. Then -- I don't think jackets upset. What's the difference is there's a difference he touches a nerve hockey fans are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's national does not just -- Bob internationally they look at ESPN which didn't give a lot of credit or credibility to hockey and then actually pushed it aside and said no thank you and now doesn't give it any candidate not a short -- they don't show it at all. People are always -- about what it was like yeah I -- becoming martyrs are you look at the world school of the world. If you look at the world scroll them very missing out we've got something good here let's live with that let's enjoy it. Despite illustrate a -- out of about it and -- -- That way I understand what you're saying and we talked about before asking John -- 6177797937. It's not just. It's not just like the people who like abandon where they don't want you like their band because they -- like the -- that nobody else likes we talked about before I think that's a huge group of people. Don't like my music I want to be an outsider I don't want my band to be the most popular but with a sport you want to be a little bit more popular because you don't wanna be in the outside you wanna turn on ESPN and see the 24/7 coverage they're giving to the NFL right now about your town about your team if -- Bruins fan and they're going to the Stanley Cup and you wanna see nonstop. Coverage of your team and for the most very earliest public ESPN is still what people want. They see you're not gonna be -- Daniel -- people watching -- is gonna have a contract that they want -- -- not talking about you have to understand the dynamics. But if there -- just not going to be the place they want ESPN what is the marketplace OK what's your friend's name mister president to step between India who's the guy with not nick. Our way and if -- Are so if it's a perfect example. Of over sensitivity. While it is if WE I think this qualifies as hockey talk they got a long way to know. What you -- we're not saying it's hockey talk when hockey comes up there are certain there are many ways for hockey to come up we are not saying. Right here are on January whatever today's date is on on January 24 we're not saying this is our hockey talk in so we're gonna. Talk just talk about Gammons and Jack Edwards yeah. -- -- Jack Edwards. He's not -- just -- every opportunity. To -- if it's almost like. You're looking for somebody who was gonna offend you. There there probably a hundred people said this is why I love hockey. Maybe one of them is in the media what may be one of them has a following similar to Peter Gammons. Did Jack lookout for the one. They've offered -- but I mean I can still see why would be upset over somebody saying it's a minor sport especially somebody who holds as much weight is Gammons doesn't stop stop looking for the critics the critics are going to be -- regardless as we know how mobile you can always know well we don't want to always a teenager calls we'll do it next rockaholic WEEI. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I asked her the -- -- all. All I ask what they -- The most humble I don't know what he's been. TJ good job -- absolutely right. Get right in there. Can take any flak from Jack Edwards or Peter Gammons hall of fame be damped. Go check out the pot man rush WEEI dot com I like him. Here's the -- here's the thing people are saying you know that hockey hockey fans are being the kind of a leader or not it's a quote it's -- now. Hitting a little too close to. It's about gay imitating a little too close to home when he says that the miners were crickets and partner. I think that it's too close to home in this town hockey's not minor in this town hockey right now is arguably the second biggest sport in the city. I think in general across the country it's it's a legitimate argument. It's hockey wanted to but they're still four major sports has it been replaced by golfers have been replaced by NASCAR's awkward it's an acquired -- but a lot of people outside looking in the south from the sun belt nobody wants to acquire he said in this town right now yes ten years -- -- in this -- right now he's my exact comments. That it's problem number two or three Yemen has an argument now. Our -- it's football baseball. It's upon baseball then goes than hockey -- basket. In this town. And then in the in the rest of the country. It maybe it may be basketball. Over hockey all right I mean it is and I Allard MIR are saying maybe. Because I can't just judge it by. Your focus on ratings can trust. I can't I don't judge it by that. ESPN has a contract with the NBA so if you wannabe. If you want to be noticed by ESPN one. What are the odds of Israel -- a contract with college football pro football Major League Baseball. The NBA. Not a hockey. -- Why are you looking for that validation. We're probably not coming just based on the number. -- but I think and across the point people don't all think that mean you're right but I don't think everybody understands that and thinks that way and so I think that he death rays minor sports. It hits close to home to a lot of people because they're worried that hockey is going after -- you're right earlier when you said or what's gonna happen -- talking get a cease to exist. No if -- were minor sport maybe be cheaper to get in it to be able to go to more games. But I I think the part of the aggravation here is that it's close to home for a lot of hockey fans 61777979237. John and Somerset passion. -- I don't stop. Polio when you. Put that process NDP using a dissident that the pop music that was sent out. You don't I'm a senate to a lot of sports rugby and not football or soccer. I would never talk defendant don't like -- Barcelona. There have been a repeat them for about fifteen years. The bottom line is that. If you look at any hard -- rugby or soccer fans and you would think that occupant of that as well. Don't go to the end of the make you believe. That this sport is unbelievable it's a major sports are wonderful sport about -- the world. It is evident that that's true that's what the -- great that's fine but. You have to understand that not. You -- that appealed to everybody. You know I could never -- rugby. In the US unless I let him again. 6 o'clock in the -- blocked -- mission but it but it also privileged to do it. Now with the Internet I can watch I diplomacy -- rugby and the time that I want. -- I think you ought not to jump whenever I think you're hitting on what hockey fans are afraid of I think they're afraid lumped in with the rugby like you understand that probably never been a big sport in this country -- -- -- -- Maybe it should maybe chip and I don't like it but that doesn't mean it's going to be big star -- about it but I think hockey fans are worried that they that the ethnic people in America. Do you hockey is closer rugby. That is closer to jail but there's the view of it -- and then there's a reality still -- perception is if you think it's too close to home and people perceive your sport as a minor. That's one thing but the base of the sport the heartbeat of the sport is in Canada. Canada will not let hockey the National Hockey League die -- in the National Hockey League does die or or as we know it. In teams are not contracted don't have to worry about it Boston. Have to worry about it New York not to worry about it in Detroit. Now Chicago you don't have to worry about it so it doesn't really affect you if there if there are teams that are shaved away from the sport that's actually good thing. Probably. Haven't looked at fort reported right candidate that the heart of it is and camping out with seven of the thirty teams in the NHL camp I know senator I mean I -- look at what -- three teams and what united OK but the heartbeat of hockey where it. It's in can't get -- right I mean it is it is an app that they can have three teams ranked and it's still. The the the senator. But it's not like I mean but again it's not like rugby where. Rugby is being played elsewhere other than the US right -- -- the best rugby league in the country or in the world doesn't come to the United States. -- it's in Europe it's and other current and other countries if not year the best hockey league in the world is still played primarily in games the United States attract and yet people are afraid that it's talked about. Something closer to the -- soccer -- ports. Rugby your Aussie rules football or whatever. -- talked about by people who don't. And it if -- talked about that way it's people who are really into it as much as you are but that's it's it's so easy. To go to. I -- mainstream. -- in the -- mainstream place. And find people talking about hockey the way you want it talked about. Other times I told. Ion that the guy who sits at the right hand of the father Bob McKenzie. And then and then his son MacKenzie son trigger. I always got right there are there got to -- Twitter it's fun and don't worry. This is not 1948. You don't have to wait for somebody to discover you if you're intuit you're in -- hockey and go somewhere. Really not -- to forty about the like ED eight or 98 you need to go -- I'd I'd actually without the in her -- socially how to go that far I don't know what -- eighty -- -- I don't know I don't know why that next year I -- that your I think the way to you have to go back to post war America and -- figured out -- and -- Tony must've been read some areas of dramatic I'd like I don't know. And guys I'm I don't know that there's Edward necessarily extrapolate to all hockey and I think that it can be a little. -- -- -- in the opinion needed didn't know in a note. That's what makes -- great by the way. That's a retrograde economic that's what makes him a great radio -- an event. Remember what it called an -- that silly World Cup. You know right now you're called it and then when I did something about American can appreciate darker look local it's like I. Mean you know -- are Smart -- straight but you know you don't know everything and hurtful. Well Tony I think you pretty much ended this conversation like you're you're absolutely right I think you're right that was just ended there and admitted it -- there's a lot of -- -- some both sides of this debate. I still think that both guys have -- -- themselves pretty poorly with their arguing which is amazing considering how Smart both of them are and how much each of them know about their respective sports in any event Wes Welker has spoken Michael. -- real Wes Welker has focused stuff to the assembled media. You think Wes Welker said anything important. Eating Wes Welker said anything polarizing controversial. -- commented on Bill Belichick -- his cheap shots or anything else. -- your next rockaholic WB yeah.

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