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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question 1/24/14

Jan 24, 2014|

Ending the week in the weird way.

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So can -- now. 793 set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I dot com. It's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. Hey it's Friday Mikey Adams is here Mikey. Are you Mike. -- -- -- try it on your microphone. To get -- -- -- knows how to push below lady -- I don't I don't argue with 300 pound guys sort of which -- -- this. Mike my -- could have what is it that we can make holes. -- -- This can happen. -- objects I guess is guys you've done well in India and kick your ass after the show right line the tickets are running. Just for that covered. -- -- -- will play the cut and told you sick of common item here's by the news that maybe you -- did you try pushing the buttons that we can hear you when you set. Neither one of them Mikey did you hear about it which he has talked and it is Friday. Were you -- It's Friday article wanna start the segment over and here earlier -- the flick that our guy who was in the -- what are. How about this country. -- they sit in Sweden and its ability to be -- -- it is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah I don't like from Gloucester. Thirty years ago. Edit text there earlier looser. And what our licks -- -- -- the -- what he does look terrible. I don't know what's going there but that an ugly suit was not a joke I hope -- think it was a joke -- good effort to really believe that. I think it was Michael I'm gonna guess it was I don't know it's the question brought you by heiress restoration -- stakes in your property or facility -- don't have a cold weather disaster in -- please be prepared contact air at 877461. Level of heiress her. Dot com -- guys who would you rather kick in the nuts. The road out frat boy ain't no little -- or who worked -- in the -- T. I'm with you know little it was it was -- no -- -- it'll hit -- or achievements are all grown up for a do you -- and it will be waived. Points Kindle users and let the prototype which can be fun to hang out there. To really wild ridiculous stupid things that moment -- make it is it appropriate. He. Brought a fraph was a whole lot likelier like back in either -- -- hate to regulate -- questions give me. -- -- -- And then got -- that. Next question thank you very much for. Texas does anyone else believe. Remark he threw mark -- Cole gave the Broncos exactly the information they were looking for an even got about Barney we think about that you buy it now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm probably suggests that chip so passionate sailor -- -- playbook you -- your value goes up our there's a question for any -- whose this'll help put you any better moods of yourself so you're reading. Everybody calls speaking to -- two best rappers of all time -- Do you think many people in that column in the common. -- fools what do you think Busta Rhymes is if not the best live energetic if pop performer -- -- very close to. Busta Rhymes like -- cherry better. And as we use. Certain. Your world it would afford it informed public call I don't give a rats. -- it wouldn't matter which points. -- -- It's helpful to sport for for media and media refuse. To answer the great -- is -- times put that line. And incredible should huge him to a seven years he shows. Who was the best live acted -- Because hip hopper. Like it's a green line. It is not a lot of lot of screaming grow. Faster. Sentiment. That yes they are. By far our little small. It's. Buster Douglas terrorists one. It was on the list. I'll give you the route so but you don't do it -- just. The knowing there. Are. Considered. It because if Oregon seniors -- that featured him. So narrowly defined to introduce a different elements. Tables and he outcasts. To -- Oracle was -- to do English. One and you Wednesday -- from would be you know analyst and use. Well like you have absolutely no interest in being there. Five. Both of them and in concert. And which. Is giving up 26 points to the Broncos awful. When you're sixteen it is what it if you look at it that way. The team and averaged 38 for the season you held twelve below their average and still got blown out did he had to correct him. What you when you watched the game and saw that they were completely unable to stop them it seemed that didn't it. It didn't do it once the first possession of punted again here's the here's the the great thing about it. When you lose your pay preaching -- AFC championship games like that those kind of games. Really remember that keeping the details all the gory details of losing to the ravens you know what the score was last year to final -- -- with the square with new generations ago. It gets better gets better with age Pacifica -- -- that. And it. People. Who is illiterate I mean. Was. Six servers have agreed that it now Yo-Yo. Stop above and also they're always -- there -- faster court. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hip hop group there it would it be they've got range returns to get -- analyze reports about people liking it. Hit profit target -- penalized for having range in depth and -- The fact that the group can do that they had Bob -- and they can play for would've fired. And and and they can do Guns 'N Roses they get penalized but -- -- -- seat in the produce little love songs and writes a the hip hop people follow through. -- -- LL LL sit back days and these guys -- just what do wonder where the ball -- wrote about it in the multi pack comes in recent global back. Why does underwear and you see you. The great question is -- -- could Nancy. Because pro -- where one. So that's. Openness. And they were. What do you like you know wanted to move community. Where you like some kind of -- problems of the having trouble and need one or you throw out and it recently agreed to get your. Marshals. Atlanta confined I don't know -- he couldn't -- and why -- irregular cut. I eat I eat something irregular regular priced regular price of the answers but I. It's kind of irregularities Portland. -- -- due to the -- that's right that's -- -- like -- do the hole and I find them now accessible yet you know being pulled them weird. Marshals telling you we're likely to Max and marshalls and I know they're saying I'm weird -- at a local company so we can do about that we're there for the position for. Pro Bowl this weekend I'm sure everybody's watching. Personal problem you'll see it there watching but everybody will. Second global does essentially the same ratings as the world's injury was first in the draft it was sort. -- -- I guarantee it -- -- second aren't you know the watch him just as we just know rating to be about the same as the as the world's I think it's worth of reserves. He said that very quickly confident of course they can do to re looking at Detroit I've pushed it to see if it was in a row yeah. The two words what's the number one -- hard as we examine Perrier -- not I. But your confidant and a variety -- -- -- to have a cigarette at thirteen and Connecticut you have to actually make -- the room where you get the shakes at that point when I hate Tony I don't -- that that look like yet it was coming up he has topic that he could not be more wrong about what you can tell you around. And call it homework so he could not be moron I Seles are you could not be more wrong about the stick around for my next will be back Monday at two under which it. He's trying to -- its people. Tour you know -- river are you and me.

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