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Ron Borges with Salk and Holley: Patriots still don't have a strong enough Defense to win it all

Jan 24, 2014|

We talk about the end of the season and where the Pats go from here with longtime Pats writer Ron Borges of the Herald.

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What I mean today was bit I was thinking about Borges on my. Who's worried. We get a handle this interview. But a tough days that told you to start off Ron Borges joins us right now be the AT&T ally Iran how -- on. -- rock a Mike and I actually enjoy ads in the and a Mac yet. -- If it's a coincidence that I don't -- How do you feel about Mike -- forget about -- all night that's politically I pretty -- are separate them -- -- -- you know what. I was a lot of nervous energy truck and I -- was tossing and turning I told Michael -- was -- sleep the baby was up my wife got up with the babies I had guilt sleep. I don't you ever have that or not but I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's start here Ron talking patriots because obviously they're not play in this game next Sunday what's the number one reason why why -- the patriots going to the Super Bowl. By Elliott. There. Is no they. -- are wearing all they have that you liked to they had are really want to be -- the -- literally. And if you. We lacked any look at where -- -- -- that's -- And you look at the players who have taken their place. I would argue. They have replaced -- -- I would require -- as good or better than the player he flights until you have some -- back like. And -- again there against the very top. -- they don't hold up. I think more and it got a lot of other people want to beat up a peek at that. -- think the you think they're close. About -- -- they are they close to. Being a championship team not a conference participants. Not a Super Bowl participant do you think they are close to winning the Super Bowl. I don't go I think that -- You know in a situation where. They're good team -- Still elite quarterback. You know we -- you know it's pretty much guarantee at all while black every year. Currently all bubbly young guys. Really aren't a player like our money at it what did he call that he really show a lot last. I bought -- even. At eight. That can change games you know adult are these sort yeah. This guy yeah Cheney. A gap to a career Monty. You very fortunate that you want a -- and I'll read a big difference that they have had. I'm glad that kind of like one. They've had so much difficulty replacing or turning over their defense the -- obviously now we're talking more. About Bill Belichick the GM is supposed to Bill Belichick the coach at least that's what I assume is there or is it just about player valuation. If you think it's about us I know. Type of player. Lack of a risk. That he's willing to take on why is -- you think they've had so much difficulty doing. Well you know this the wrong they're -- -- -- sure but I certainly have started every. Year that. Eight edit -- don't rule out. You know to a point where you end up some guys. All -- -- you look at what -- expect. Right including on Jamie Collins -- Reich is the same story is true about Jamie call. Exactly. Yeah. My body felt like wolf or an -- -- what awhile though you know and thought -- but it got your policy. If you don't listen guys. Too much. What I -- it should change your you know either that or you're going to be taken at -- and the next I think he has. Really -- -- Diocese very seldom repeat themselves. You know it's important. -- the cowboys. But MVP went very don't quite a year or add a lot of the cowboys out and forty some years and now have a again it argued pupil. The kind of scheme that kind of players there or hear an old one through. 04 and a part lateral play like we weren't Eric -- that paper you. Bit scary in dialogue or or both guys are. I don't mind that is by -- like if I always say if I take over business. And I don't do anything that does give them a different management structure and business goes from being mediocre Q. Top three in the world I'm not gonna apologize for. Getting that that inherited talent to figure out how to become champions and really I don't hold that against anybody who takes over business in this six. Are there items and point out that that's where what what the like. Anybody -- that every player completely cover was buried start all of -- -- Do you think can you talk about dynasties. I always look at the 49ers as. The gold standard or close to it 81 and 1998. The it with the playoffs twice and expand. You think that patriots even though they have won a Super Bowl since 2004. Do you think they are forty -- like in there. Their consistency. In their ability to to be in the conversation every year. Sure I mean -- are tonight one item they've won -- a lot of the so that different that -- -- in general has -- bully you back Michael. You know I had to. Get -- that would. Gratefully allowed into. That here there's basically been one sort of dominant. -- -- Protect it. And that our URL like this you know 78 well out -- didn't -- -- those -- and out. But in the end you'll want so yeah they're they're bad that bank certainly the source. There isn't a little bit in the patriots are you talking about. I respect. -- -- the organization. Over the last fifty years. That certainly in that -- now that you want it bad idea that then. I think -- Bob. Well I think I think people off for -- are satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time that makes sense and obviously I think when you point out hey there's been a lot of success here and I was just about the point of back out to you Ron I mean we talked about. A failure or whatever and say well wait a minute they go to the playoffs every single year other than the Mac -- a year any minute -- they went eleven and five. And while the -- division is not in great Michael and I did some of that research a few weeks ago and found the record against the division was essentially the same as it is outside the division during the last few years or even during the entirety. Of this -- so it's really it's not just the division that's putting him in the playoffs each year they still have to be doing some stuff right right. It -- -- doing a lot by the problem here. Immediately. Is that one error trapping and I think. Michael confirmed that -- know when he looks comparable many people around here. If the Eagles and colts don't. You know authorities -- integrated into and out went out there and be able lottery right now -- Not by their coaches as an -- and to opt out of competitive every year. Let's put it straight at you well and same thing. Another key. When you when you decide that a little. -- Well it -- and that's wireless and assault the other day -- -- Robert against Jim Irsay right now because. He makes it sound like winning the Super Bowl. Just what all we only one wine and we got to another one and I want more when he was when he was ripping Peyton Manning. They made it sound like it's easy. To get to the Super Bowl on it's easy to win. Easy to win one or two or three is really difficult thought I'm with you may. You can't just dismiss. A team that participated in the Super Bowl or they only won one they only one Q it's hard to do it but back of the that's that's. Don't brag area Michael -- and that's why I believe it. One of the greatest feats in football history and one of the police recognized. It up all thoughts or your -- there Mary awful has got to win when it's when I mean but it barrel. Pretty -- yeah oddly it couldn't get. As you point out not only did it very difficult to get there you know coupled. It's pretty hard. All you have to do is back there in the activated for its -- I think is under great you're right in the end. When you get that far you -- -- or not you want but what went for all of us. In some alternate version of the world and this would have to be completely alternate version of the world. You were now the next consultants to the New England Patriots Bill Belichick bill bell -- heck is calling Yahoo!. We always expect they would. And he calls you up tomorrow and says Ron. I need your help. I've always I've always respected everything you said over the years I think you're right on -- -- things that I need more of your help. What should I do now what advice would you give Bill Belichick. Well. I think you've got to find some how that you are over -- A play maker and he. -- -- -- You know -- -- type. Not bright idea. Every -- -- our outlook aren't -- -- That it would be a lot of other elements unity. Oh yeah although I did they. Or a pretty hard to find a lot like it there on that report. But you know what -- take that -- got. They don't. Stop trying to do. A Q pat keeping together it. Well maybe -- while. I admit that it pretty good materially. Different about that a guy is gonna change. -- one of those. Iran admittedly. How I'll confess I didn't see it I've heard about it from a lot of techsters who have said. Ron Borges called Bill Belichick a girl on TV you call Belichick a girl and if so what was the context. I call girl I. I got an app like you're not. It. I go directly to. What yet they don't want it I'm. Really. Cripple Wall Street. And a lot. Of oil are probably. It is the award what. I'll sort it but I did not like it. Are just like calling out Welker didn't think it was a dirty dirty hit. I know what the legal. You know believe. It well. Why didn't he do it do you think you did it because he wanted to. He wanted to take a jab at the league that he wanted to could jab at Welker was it both what would you think the motivation one. Are well I think they're a little bit about the -- you learn from -- -- -- Built ourselves. And our -- and actually gave the sport but that's what about the fact there. -- didn't get the block and peace and gave up an hour to thirty point. Well I think -- ought to I think your article what. An example of why don't want players to talk. Because when you like you are. Yup yup I want to force myself when you let your emotions get ahead of your brain. You know as -- so stupid that. And it got to say something that your peers aren't. We all. Talked to a number of his -- Election date field and what. It just what way apple -- And I think again you know they are up. But it upset -- there anger well or at least they keep created. And I'm to be argued it. That in the end -- -- -- done great. I can't let it especially sports. I think that argument. In -- if you look at. Settlement play on the market. -- -- -- Or the second and two different in terms of a lot of time. On the completion vote the same play that same -- Free the other brother it. Well I did it. -- hopefully I haven't gotten hurt -- obituary about. Text message here I don't know the Belichick would accept a kidney from Ron and I really not a lot I -- unloaded a I think he would at least I'd like to think so bigger story there on what we have right now and -- succumb revival talk to get. Are they are Ron Borges via the AT&T hotline -- -- -- elliptical trainer apparently got -- -- the text of the day there -- I need a kidney no thanks now enough for -- you know now that that the -- and look at or anybody else. Does anybody else on the kidney anybody. Anybody anybody out there there backs rockaholic WE.

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