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How many years does Brady have left? Fauria and Mut discuss...

Jan 24, 2014|

Fauria and Mut discuss the Brady window. How many years does the Patriots star QB realistically have left?

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Both all of a year round for me I think the -- -- find a body of -- it is early or are you as saying. -- however many we play twenty games this year so Erica White basically every -- you can't really. It out short cut off -- and I think that's certain -- these that your particular spot. You know it's more like -- my grass and -- like your -- rest a little bit. At that he's a little party you know this was emotional energy that span and -- challenging is that you know get up and down. There really get up for every game and and that you with a bit more -- so I bought it goes on my body goes straight to come out of a lot CNN. You know I feel like well. I just wish we could play -- mortgage. At your quarterback Tom Brady earlier this week with the NC -- united 37 WEEI Christian Fauria. Is -- how's the man who appeared on storm the castle -- game show that actually aired once in 1993 we found the audio. From Christian and Joel have that for you later on in the show great job like Joes are -- our producer. -- track -- that jot down a bad job like Christian not telling us who's on the game show that is actually on YouTube but here's the game show question -- one of the break. I asked everybody what's the window for Tom Brady immediately. Attacks came back at 37937. On the window for Brady is closed already and it's closed all caps exclamation point. Let me ask you. 37 and August. How do you view the window how many years to the patriots have left the Brady is the quarterback Christian. And big -- championship contender. Because of Brady because the office. Is he is long as he wants to play he's going to play so I was late this analogy to this that this is the closest Mikey come to. My experience with an older quarterback hall of fame quarterback which Tom Brady is. So I always used to Warren Moon analogy so. Warren Moon came to Seattle from Minnesota. In 1996. He was forty years old. Day and I was in my third year. So. I remember when he first got there and you start throwing the ball like how good this guy was -- it it. More importantly. How Smart he was as far as getting your byline that correctly you know everybody knowing what to do after having Rick Meyer who was the first round draft Taurasi scored from. John freeze the Brock you're. You name it a week Adam in Seattle. So -- comes -- His first year and he ends up at forty years old. Okay he ends up it doesn't really played -- much his first year because they're really trying to push for the Rick Meyer thing but the next year. He ended up making a Pro Bowl. And he and 83. He had 83 point seven quarterback hurry. He played great she led the league in yards per game passing that your to a 45 he was a million viewers phenomenal and beat out and I'm not gonna compare Tom Brady's arm to warm news -- any better for Beers that are similar but different in the way they approach the game and in how to manage the game. But as far as what they can bring to a team there are dead even. That even I'll take I'll never take anything away from -- -- what they gave -- away from promptly with -- problem and warm home -- he was 44. Kate last three years of Kansas City didn't really play OK I don't think that's the route robberies -- ago when he retires he's going to be done. You got so many more years out of this guy I -- 58 the windows only two or three years I think you're selling yourself a little short. OK so I saw Tom Brady like two weeks ago. And we were doing the shows for crafts sports are doing the whole patriots all access. Do a couple of shows and Brady comes in to kind of shoot something I don't know what was. And I was like you know he's 6465. Is 222 pounds and I didn't know that Thomas like man excuse me. -- public wilted away he's a signal to point to hide it well. I feel great. That's all I need to know I don't idle question that he feels great -- a question that's part of it that but he has to feel great because it. If the older you get. The worst you're gonna feel owed to us by the fact that you can't beat up -- as easily as you used to when you were 25 years. Recovery time you could perhaps more like him but recovery time when you are. You know 21 verses even 31 that ten year difference between what you can put your body through -- recovers verses you know the the age or at and and I bring this question up. It because you you played with -- you -- throw you a chance that seemed throw again this year. Bring it up because if you look at the the Super Bowl right Peyton Manning can become the second oldest quarterback in the National Football League to win a Super Bowl. You're the guys who were 35 or older since the Super Bowl started. Right the first 47 Super Bowls. Who were who actually won age 35 or older unite us are back clunky -- Elway. If -- guys who did it Elway did him back to back years 9798. Dollars and 37 of 38 years since then nobody. Really the modern era of the National Football League if you don't want a quote look at star back in a unitas. John always the only guy to go back to 3738. When they finally got Terrell Davis and changed the way that team walked the only guy 35 or older to actually win a super. I played against -- Denver Broncos teams OK and I remember mediate. Because they were but they were great. -- but. John Elway. Is not nearly as. I guess I did not is not nearly held up as well I think is -- past. We want what John Elway it was stories 730 -- those -- bulls beat you when you secede from run with a knee braces and everything like that. It looked painful I know Brady is not the most athletic guy outcomes are running in the open field. But just the look like it hurts it looks like it hurts John -- went out watch those games okay. Tom Brady I would say probably has a better team around him than most when it comes to take care of his body. What puts into his body. How are we cop faster -- -- he's not sleeping at hyper -- for a hampered -- recorder that -- tiger Papa -- chamber you know disputed J. D. -- yet he's not doing that. I'd do it doesn't need to. Vitamins is a good crew around dumb one of the best in the business name's Alex -- -- last name but you know they -- he's great what he does keeping Tom on the field working out of body. Deepen and into and I know he gets a lot of rest. Regards -- -- has. So I think that needs to play into it when you think about. Mike can invest a lot of money. Any guy it would discredit his freezer right now what -- -- you know -- three years patent any -- money that he -- for the Broncos hope Mike in a second. It -- second. If there were physical at CL a holds up I mean they're not going to be a doctor that says you can't do it. Well that's why I we say three years you've hit the sweet spot for me I think heading -- TB AB 37 by Thomas -- starts. I believe the Brady championship window -- three years age 3738. And 39. And I can still play after that he wants to like you said you keep playing war -- played forever. But at that point he really -- Play plate forever but he was a back hoping Kansas is so you really I can't really count that. Because I was a back up my last two years and it would believe it's much easier being a back up but it is being a starter who. Remove the year you talked about he's 41 years old you know that would be not be the fifth season to be say Brady is -- nearly 37. That would give Brady five more seasons. -- up until 41 to be true championship -- -- Jimmy to quarterback -- contender. I think you'll still be good but -- realistically what you can bank on. Is three more years I think Warren -- Christian. Is a freak of nature -- are far more guys that would get to 373839. They're -- they're skills have deteriorated on the arm strength or moon does. They can't make the decisions anymore can't move like they used to. And are the same guys anymore. We get -- -- -- all want which finally get him on the phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- that there are about to tell me that's very common good I think you KP when you talk about aids and how what effects a quarterback. I think it's important to. To talk to a guy like that figure out -- what are the big impacts you know because you mentioned EF 41 because I'm 42. OK and don't get dale for I think but to make up for my life majority. In and out a there's if I -- -- that we're joke around yesterday about coaching people would receive ministries they hate you given of the year idea. As a mentally of course I -- mentally I can do it physically now -- -- half a it would take some convincing. -- -- -- and when I Wyatt of sign North Carolina. I was in Hawaii for like two months just -- thought it was done. They called the opposite page one play out like. When I get home all work out I'll CL I feel. Off. I was like this is not this is not happening -- for you and I think when you talk about what he gets to forty. Obviously forties always like a big is a big number when it comes to life changing events in OK in my starting over. And keep going -- what do you do with my lives on so forth it's like that. Halfway point out think I'd just assume it a little history. That feel like that's that that's a checkpoint. That's in the mid life crisis kicks in May -- your -- at Justin Bieber Lambeau yeah maybe your dye your hair a little bit more maybe a block up the street you're drinking you're hanging out here Harry here and you're racing your buddy LT Shawn Johnson. Vetoed. Neighborhood Calabasas I don't know. I know there's changes -- calm when you when you and exit that's a big number so if if I'm if I'm playing no hard feelings in my okay. 39 is problem when I should stop. But I am. I'd be here three for Brady got article I think realistically three years I don't I I'll be honest. I didn't see a huge deterioration of his skills this year but the numbers and import just wrote about this I think it was Borges. The numbers across the board were down -- Borges did his that's atlases report card. -- just gave Tom Brady beat for the season which I thought was a low -- based on what Brady. Had to deal with -- given Brady at worst an -- minus I think it's I would give them today because he dealt with receivers that were now lineup be dealt with. Aaron Hernandez and -- -- gronkowski hurt. They -- the -- and the Borges is play he mentions that all the numbers statistically won't worsen they were a year ago he's down across the board and -- initial -- because the receivers but the other point like. Is he ever practice 2010 level I -- realistic I think you have to. I don't think you know what's realistic they weren't uncharted territory that -- gonna start getting better again that he come down to a certain level these receivers the next years gonna have. 2010 MVP type -- year -- -- one way that happens. If the pages do with the Broncos did and put more players around Brady early brisk rate say. Brady makes all these guys better it'd state David -- OK he'll make them better it's -- element fired. Next year. We talk about what's more important defense -- Roth at the one of the reasons people who say offense is more important is because. They you've got to put talent around Brady now the players can't beat score -- Christian at the -- good offensive players sold that. You know not just Brady lifting them up. But it it -- lifting up Joseph Flacco making catches that nobody else makes that makes the quarterback better. It may listen in makes it easier because you know even when you throw bad pass. You know like guys got -- opportunity catch the ball so yeah of course -- what do we all loved to have the best of everything they'll make all elevate my life. So much easier. But it did it normally doesn't happen now wait to talk about the young guys they have chatter was in here last yesterday talking about it. Everything they get a big receiver get this guy get a basket they got voice that got. Dotson he got bigbie got fast. Kimbrel Compton's ended up being a surprise that. I still think he's got long week ago they missed on the tide and that they decide to keep. So. It everything hurt in the pre season and talking to the coaches are talking to the players was OK we have the nucleus now isn't. But again going back -- yesterday. That's not enough. You still need the ball the bold needs to be in the locker room with them in the meeting rooms with them because they're they're gonna make. That the bar is set. Based on what they think he's good. I saw Bob Dotson on boys hey this is good enough Michael to back 1000 Marshall said this is good enough -- to the bars here. -- becomes the ball dude that's what you start. That's not the bar look at the bar is way appears that it circle I'll work hard enough. I need to do a little bit more. -- -- I should stay longer really but I can have this thing it's 5 o'clock or home. Oh it's so it Brady can't beat a guy. To do that he needs support it's like you can't keep yell at the same message -- message eventually there's gonna to now. So they need to they need to hear it. But more importantly they I think they need to see it so I I think it's three years Hubble let's say three years you -- say five year old war mood -- 41 thing Brady I would know she have to get him I'll go for can be here's the thing you always play. Probably one -- two years more than you should. OK so he should probably. Careers -- probably be what would probably be I deal ailment and on top I still feel good payment numbers look good -- to respect me. And I don't wanna be back. So. I'll say three you say three barometer I'm solid three Eid -- safe for. Also for. Pushing five because again. You pushing Bobby 44. But again it's it's always you always go more than you should. The case of some if so please tell me -- -- about Ali re afraid I'm not asking how long do you think Brady's going to play type graphical probably okay I'm asking you what August he -- the championship window when you can break EC's here. There's policies plane. There's the championship opportunity for this team that's Al stamp it out -- -- no crosses count solid. Make it. Like that's it now disagree with that. I think it's three years and then you start -- -- now based on based on what based on the history of the position based on the history of quarterback you national -- -- league camp base that's up from ten years ago you can't look Dan -- stats they compare. To Tom Brady and you look at them nothing that you have to have 47 years of Super Bowls and I got four guys 35 -- will actually want the damn thing. Yeah I think any publicity to the date it that's fine okay you can use that as as a as a benchmark but I think you need DB. A little bit more aggressively to spot on him in particular and how he's made in how it and the quarterback position in general because. I can tell I'm speaking from experience and that's and that's that's only -- I can do when it comes to. Quarterback play. What is the most important thing is it. Cam Newton running around like crazy yeah get some big plays -- -- Russell Wilson you know team managing and getting away on the outside. And having the occasional died drop back pass. That -- that makes a difference. The most important thing. Bar nine is a quarterback OK and Trent Dilfer had this could not throw in the and -- me noticeable was making sure everybody -- lined up bright. Getting your team in the right position. Checks all that other stuff that's the most support the games are won and loss. Based on miscommunication. At the line of scrimmage. A quarterback that didn't know that rolled corner cover three with two seconds left met XYZ they don't know that OK so they don't know that. -- There's there's there's there's there's nothing you can base and also with that. I think what as long as he's here -- healthy their championship Super Bowl caliber team. Let's jump video calls you guys are stacked up on the 6177797937. Ross and Walpole leads -- off today Iran's. Motto hi you doing Ross Goodman or you I -- -- well it's great to talk to Christian and get slot. I agree with Christian not a 100%. And I agree with him. And and what he's making some great points and again I don't listen to show all all this week to talk about opportunities you don't load up. I couldn't disagree -- more because -- in the window is that as open as long as Tom Brady is there. And Christian giving you all the recent debate one that he's talked about he just talked about. Its decision making it -- is -- all the southern got to get stupid overnight. Now I think the decision making is a strength but does he. You get to a point where the guy who's that I -- we all greased the one of the most -- quarterbacks in football right you -- say decision making. I think accuracy is right there with decision making as a quarterback I don't think accuracy. Gets better with age rock -- I can rely on magic at the 3839 -- -- after Puerto. -- -- Our sports on on Tom how I at. Any easy big time into progressive medicine and what he's done to keep self help the absolutely don't want say he doesn't work I think father time at some point catches up and everybody -- think -- next year the year after I'd say. Age forty and beyond after that three year window. Crippled by you may you may in my argument as well. I think the secret -- gonna do what Deborah Broncos did and give him well everything that he needs -- that include deep -- And if you're asking me the -- should do exactly what they've done the last couple years they shouldn't be voting up they should bring bringing units fighting and what that the draft. Or who created -- based -- -- -- get weapons. But they don't need to be getting that deep threat they don't need to begin Anquan Bolden. They need another identical along with gronkowski. You bring back those that too tight end that. The technical role and again. Yeah I I don't I don't think it's that easy you know I attic but it defensively. There's I would rather see them go defense then then really spend money on office we've spent they've had this conversation all week. I keep to -- number one top Marla aside he said he analysts in a week and we've been saying load up. I've not bullets said the work load up my first thing -- said all week is make sure keep to myself article back and quick so it's it's. It's less about how. Actors the and the decision may eighteenth. And everything else it's the whole package it's it's everything that you get. Okay -- so quarterback OK but they don't know where to go with the ball. A some quarterbacks will be brave and courageous but they use it the use it at the wrong time. Are some guys get skittish in the huddle some guys a question mark at the end of the sentence. He doesn't have that so you're gonna get everything you need in a 373830. Not forty year old. -- you need to -- somebody got to TP rating go yes but it only gonna motivate him more Agile and when he's ready. 61777979837. Is your phone number AT&T text -- 379837. We start their today. The window for Brady Christian says the league wants to have the windows along as he's -- three years is a much more realistic -- championship window for Brady we get jerk reaction now. You know it was I would say -- above average in every door open above average is because the person. And what he's done to get their team in the position now. He -- with a couple pro but besides that you can go over separation between the wide receivers in the debate. You know you have to -- -- -- them some credit but. -- the wide receivers in the inconsistent because we've we've known that took command there. With a -- injury Wes Welker leave them like we knew that and you can -- in this game the lack of productivity. You know from the wide receiver. Chris Carter talking about Tom Brady -- -- not a 37 WEEI Christian Fauria in for Lou. Talk a window for Tom Brady 6177797937. You can text us. On the AT&T text line at 379370. Point. I think Q you mentioned that there you think the windows -- he wants to play. I do think we're now in that area of with the next guys -- I don't I don't feel like Ryan mallet is that next guy Ali right now it's gonna sit for three more years. So I'll be honest -- have not gonna be surprised that they spend a draft pick this year Christian. On a quarterback or maybe more likely next year the next couple years spending eight top third top three round pick on a first round. But it top three rounds pick on a quarterback and -- him or at least try to had been as Phoenix got a Tom -- a good organizations do the Packers. Did that first their -- Thousands of first round traffic late the first and a guy who Bruce. Won't even values these proof that he should -- earlier yet remembering amended draft from deep draft pick -- -- And he was all upset Ali he was going yeah was he just had her product out there cal is no good quarterback lot of questions about him and he's now I'd -- taken before -- quarterback in the league right now yeah he's that so and yet the set and bully me Brett Favre. Even until the end did not want to give it up still want to go back -- wanted to job they -- -- blizzard we're done you're not gonna move on we're gonna put his young guy and Ryan mallet isn't a guy okay. I panacea but heck guided the Matt Cassel to do what he did I think he's got the guy -- Residents that the contract window -- I -- If we -- you -- I think three more years writes a -- been here for two or three years already at a got to pay of -- here -- the backup for three more years and then. Probably be the starter to age 2829. There it doesn't make a lot of sense what makes more sense is strapping young guy now for three or four year window. Have him mentor under Tom that have backed -- not to talk about -- -- not ballot I'm just saying but how often does that work. But does it that that's -- Idea it's great plan but now I'm not sure how often it works because. The guy that replaces Tom. Here's the thing you want -- to -- replaces top. The guy that replaces the got to report stopped well you know loaded you have the numbers they Burke for the quarterback. You'll be the guy that replaces the guy replacing Tom for the organization. They helped lot the middle ground they wanna have with the Packers that far. Two Rodgers they wanna have what the 49ers had Montana to Ron Amadon now that they want LT -- Manning. 1 bad year what it in July. Like who got good luck they want that that's what they want that's what -- program -- -- this league that's what you neat yeah. You can't tablet the dolphins had which has -- off until age. Third the eight. It is finally you'll have played eleven games twelve putts out to seventeen picks he's a shell of himself. And the list of all by -- quarterbacks after that is -- disaster they still have not found real allegedly bribed to handle the guy. It took them how many years at all -- okay 199913. Years to find an -- quarterback or so to my point. With all the crap quarterbacks out there and it is hard it is to find a guy that can help you win. You have the guys -- whether he stirred it these forty and he's productive. Look at these 48 he's not throwing it into a team meeting for the defense okay getting interceptions. Thank you have a shot you'll always have a shot now who's to say that the guy that replaces Tom. Is that a seven year vet that's a free agent roles in. Like I'm Matt Hasselbeck OK -- guy who's who have a little bit tread on the tires but he's he's -- he's he's a winner and you can trust of -- alert system he's a leader in god of all of that's a whole other option -- there's no way of knowing that the guy you draft -- -- we know Tom Brady. Secret misty secret meter -- he -- cuddle puddle I it was a we don't tell pop we know he's going to be -- we got to wrap with 100 known as the got to want to replace them and maybe some animosity -- it's kind of keep it under wraps but this is our guy. We draft him he sucks maybe it's possible it got to Clemson. OK maybe it maybe it's maybe it's a quarterback that that hasn't been needs yet. We don't know you think the better route Beagle and free agent got her place radio veteran free agent or draft a guy grooving to wonder Brady my point is. You know which you don't know you got -- you get it. OK you can go through all the easel please come by you go -- a study looked at its gamecube you don't really know how to guy's gonna work until he gets in the building. To assimilate with the crew. And the rest of the guys on the team and you see how we handled real bullet. Here's the list though all right just for get back these phone calls to Marino's finally years 1999. Jay fielder for four years AJ -- -- for -- let me name in the back I'm not doing it justice. Jay fielder and your boy David you're coming up on colossal mistake Jay -- ray Lucas up Jay fielder Brian greasy. Feeling fielder in Rosenfels. Gus Frerotte for fifteen -- -- -- Sage Rosenfels Joey Harrington oh lord -- they call that there is where they messed up Cleo Lemon Cleo Lemon starting seven games in 2008. Chad Henne and then Matt -- Nickel back now. I'm going back go back to uphold -- one case of he had an opportunity they get out raw politics so Culpepper. It was Culpepper and it was Drew Brees yeah he had an opportunity -- -- had a need to breeze coming off a shoulder they were release her. What did it relates doctors said they Drew Brees could throw. Act now and after. Doctors doesn't -- get a bill to throw. Right obviously is that dot I hope that doctors fired but that's their pay to make those -- protect their -- but so it was so they choose Culpepper. He was not dance but that habit that's dealing with the beatle draft the guy you deal with late two injured free agents and trying to guess which one is the right stuff. This isn't it that's why did you go to the draft. Okay fine. Good luck. Okay 88 the draft does not an exact science -- -- -- trying to decide what Culpepper -- drew -- so old so it sent to your point so it's maybe a little bit of both maybe it's somebody in a draft and his older -- -- got -- -- days so you got to hedge your -- you cannot protect just -- US open net so -- young guy. We like -- -- which don't feel like he's mentally ready he's physically ready to -- -- got a whole season. We don't think he's that guy a case or -- the older guy. And kind of bring him in the but there's there's trouble there too you -- have. A cornerback old -- who knows he's just a a gap filler. He's just the guy just keeping the seat warm so you really have to be careful. Who -- get -- get him. You know it it is the guy that's bad that's the quarterback to ways the first round draft pick in -- an older guy that's not gonna work that's Mark Brunell that's Jason Campbell all over. Dollars and -- know that that's why -- -- more boss freeagent lies the draft like you guys are are lined up -- to react to the 617779. 7937. AT&T text like 37. 937 talking Brady's windows that kind of start looking ahead at. It was after Brady all your phone calls first promise next.

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